Where Can I Buy An Affiliate Marketing Website?

Where Can I Buy An Affiliate Marketing Website

You’ve decided to buy an affiliate marketing website so you don’t have to go through the hard slog of building one from scratch?

Smart move.

But where is the best place to buy affiliate marketing websites exactly?

Stick with me here and I’ll show you exactly why HumanProofDesigns.com is THE best place for buying high-quality, income-generating affiliate sites designed specifically to get people clicking your links and maximise your income.

Why Buy An Affiliate Marketing Website?

It used to be crazy expensive to buy a business.

You’d need £3 million ($3.8 million) before you could even think of buying a McDonald’s franchise. Not to mention the 20 years you’re going to have to wait to see any return on investment…

Most people don’t have this kind of money to invest, and why would when you can buy an affiliate website for less than $1,000 that reaches a truly global audience and generates money for you 24/7?

The opportunity to earn big bucks online is HUGE and getting bigger by the day – just take a look at this affiliate earnings trend (in millions):

So forget the bank loans, high-risk strategies, waiting 20 years for a return on investment and thank God we’re in the 21st century!

The old industrial age is behind us, the new internet age is here and the money is there to be made if you’re ready to grab it with both hands.

“The barrier to entry was high. It was expensive and risky. Of course, the payoff for success was big, which was why many people tried.

Unfortunately, many failed.

Today, thanks to the internet, the world is changing.”

– Robert Kiyosaki

Who Are Human Proof Designs?

Humanproof designs review

Dom Wells founded Human Proof Designs (HPD) back in 2013 for 2 reasons:

Firstly, to help beginner affiliates get the strongest start possible.

Secondly, to help already experienced marketers build their website portfolio and grow their online businesses to scale.

Since then they’ve built and sold over 1,100 affiliate marketing websites, written over 26,000 high-quality articles and reviews and researched over 45,000 buyer-oriented keywords.

Here’s Dom to give you a bit more background on exactly what they do and walk you through what one of their sites looks like:

I’ve also written a complete hands-on review of Human Proof Designs where you can see a full breakdown of what you get with every affiliate site you buy.

Choose The Affiliate Site That’s Right For You

Obviously, when you buy an online business you need to know it’s going to generate a passive income for you for many years to come, that’s why you need a site:

  • In a profitable and growing niche
  • Packed full of unique, high-quality content
  • With existing rankings and traffic
  • Built with only the best premium themes and plugins
  • Designed to convert readers into buyers
  • With high growth potential

The great thing about Human Proof Designs is they give you 4 different types of affiliate websites to choose from to fit your needs and budget:

1. Ready Made Affiliate Sites

By far their most popular seller, ready-made sites are built around a well researched, lucrative niche with a ready-to-buy audience.

All of them come with a detailed earnings and rankings breakdown, full technical support and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

2. Custom Made Affiliate Sites

Have a great niche idea but don’t have the time or prefer to leave the website building and content creation to the experts?

HPD’s bespoke done-for-you service is the perfect solution.

Simply fill out the contact form telling the Success Team what you’re looking for and they’ll do the rest.

3. Aged Affiliate Sites

Aged sites are at least 6 months old, have already skipped the Google sandbox and are ready to make you money right away.

Once you buy a site and the ownership is transferred, simply add your affiliate links and you’re good to go.

aged site

4. Authority Affiliate Sites

Authority sites require a big investment upfront but offer the highest returns.

You’ll be given all the training, support and guidance you need to take your new business and online earnings as far as you want to go.

authority site

5 Reasons To Buy A HPD Site

1. No Cookie-Cutter Crap

where to buy turnkey websites cheap

Unlike a lot of the junk websites sold on sites like Flippa, each and every website sold by Human Proof Designs is 100% unique.

They’re built with high-quality reviews and helpful articles centred around low competition buyer-orientated keywords that are designed to get your website visitors clicking on your affiliate links.

2. They’re The Leading Experts

When it comes to making money with affiliate marketing you really only have 2 choices:

Go through the long and painstaking process of building out an affiliate website yourself from the ground up (probably making a lot of mistakes along the way), or leave it to the professionals and fast track your earnings.

Dom and his team of expert copywriters, website designers, niche and keyword researchers have successfully built over 500 income-generating affiliate websites and they know exactly what they’re doing.

They’ve got the process down and they know what works and what doesn’t.

They know how to find popular yet untapped niches, how to write content that converts and how to design websites that do what they’re supposed to.

3. You’ll Find A Wide Variety Of Niches To Choose From

From coffee grinders to angle grinders, from chopping boards to surfboards, browse HPD’s affiliate websites for sale and you’ll discover a whole range of different niches.

So whether you’re interested in the health and beauty, sports or technology niches, the chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for.

buy ready-made turnkey websites for sale

With their article writing service, you don’t even necessarily need to know anything about the niche you’re going into – you can always outsource the content creation part and continue to build out your newly-acquired website with fresh posts.

4. The After Sales Care is Unparalleled

This is where they really shine:

Buy a site and it’s not just a case of them handing you the keys and leaving you to it. You’ll get access to a private members-only group and a whole library of training and resources put together to help you get the most out of your site.

On top of that, you’ll get one-on-one mentoring from Dom and be able to talk to his support team for help or advice. This is a lifetime thing too, so there’s no expiry date on the after sales support you receive.

5. HPD Sites Actually Make You Money

Owning a website and owning a website that actually makes money are 2 entirely different things.

When you’re browsing sites for sale you’ll see Dom gives you a monthly earnings calculator so you can see exactly what the site will earn based on keyword rankings, monthly searches, the click-through rate, estimated percentage of buyers and price of the products the site is promoting.

guide to finding and buying affiliate website businesses

By leveraging the knowledge and experience of Dom’s team and taking advantage of the training resources and aftersales care, both affiliate marketing beginners and experts alike have seen huge returns on their investment.

Check out some of their customer testimonials here.

Have Any Questions?

Whether you’re buying your first affiliate website or adding to your existing portfolio, I hope this guide’s been useful in pointing you in the right direction.

If there’s anything you’re unsure of you have any questions at all, do scroll down and ask me below and I will personally do my best to help.

14 thoughts on “Where Can I Buy An Affiliate Marketing Website?”

  1. Simon,

    I would have to agree with you wholeheartedly when it comes to Human Proof Designs owned and operated by Dom Wells.

    Getting to know Dom in the affiliate marketing world has been a pleasure he has guided me with a few of the problems I have encountered when building my own website.  His websites are professional and unique for those who are wanting the shortcut way of building their own online business.  You could not ask for better support from his team with after purchase problems. Pricing for the websites is cheap too compared to any of the other places you will find selling websites.


    • Hey Susan, I’ve been following him for a few years and been in touch with him several times and he’s a top notch guy. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us and it’s true – buying a HPD site is a great investment.

      All the best!

  2. Hi Simon,

    Thank you kindly for informing us where we can purchase affiliate marketing sites that are not going to cost us an arm and a leg..or even our left nut!.

    I don’t doubt Empire Flippers for second due to their stringent vetting procedure, but sites on there can cost upwards of $20,000 to $30,000 for established affiliate sites!.

    Got to admit I do have my eyes on getting a site custom built for me by HPD due to their price structure, quality, transparency and above all affordability (which aids my ability to keep all limbs and both gonads! -haha!).

    • It’s a smart move Derek! In the past couple of years I’ve bought a few affiliate marketing websites from Human Proof Designs as I fancied trying out a few new niches and expanding my online portfolio. The after-sales care is superb and the quality of work is awesome. They over-deliver every time, honestly couldn’t be happier!

  3. I completely agree with you about being your own boss. I’ve been working full-time building up my affiliate marketing website portfolio for a few years now and I feel like now is the time to start outsourcing.

    You have given me something to think about… thank you!

  4. Wow, this is a really neat concept – I’ve just started exploring affiliate marketing and it had never crossed my mind that you could buy ready-made sites and start earning right away. The one question about this that I do have is: why would someone sell an affiliate marketing website when they could continue making money off it themselves? Otherwise, very neat, and I will be doing a little more research! Thanks!

    • Hey Erika and thanks for the comment 🙂

      In my recent interview with Dom Wells I asked this exact same question. The truth is there are a million more keyword and niche ideas than there are minutes in the day and you’re never going to be able to fully exploit every niche you go into. Dom saw many newbies to the affiliate marketing world struggling to get a strong head start and decided he wanted to step in and change that. 

      Over the years he continues to streamline his website building and content creation platform to the point he’s now built over 1800 affiliate marketing sites.

      Feel free to check out my Human Proof Designs review if you have any more questions.

      I wish you every success in your online career!

  5. At first, I thought Dom is just exaggerating with his claim that he’s making lots of money with his websites. But after learning that he actually listed his sites in Empire Flippers, I got finally convinced he’s a real deal. In fact, if i have the money today, I’d be buying one ready made site from his Human Proof Design company.

    Who’s doubting Dom? Dig deeper, and you’ll see he’s the real deal in providing ready made affiliate marketing sites! (I used to doubt him, but now convinced he’s one good website builder)

    • I completely agree, in this interview for The Make Money Online Blog, Dom Wells lays out the reasons for starting Human Proof Designs as a way to help newbies get into affiliate marketing. I’ve been following him for a while now and I believe he’s sincere. 

      I think the high quality affiliate marketing websites he creates and build, not to mention the after-sales support and training he offers goes to prove that this is a guy who knows what he’s doing and will ado what he can to help you succeed in this field.

  6. I have ordered from Dom before and I will definitely buy an affiliate marketing website from Human Proof Designs again. He has a built up a strong team around him and he always delivers on time. I love the fact he takes pride in his work too and that shows in the quality of his sites.

    • Thanks for sharing Sara, I couldn’t agree more as this has been my experience too. This is why I recommend Dom and hs team for anyone looking to buy done-for-you affiliate marketing websites 🙂

      I also love the after-sales care and training he provides to ensure people get the most out of their new websites.

  7. Hi Simon, thank you for this information on buying affiliate websites. As Amazon continues to grow into a behemoth online retailer, becoming an affiliate and building niche sites with targeted content continues to prove profitable. Your experience here is obvious and your recommendations are sound. For anyone who wants to jump in with both feet and not overthink everything, your way is the best way to get started!


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