What Is Blogging And How To Make Money With It?

Last Updated 8th May, 2017.

how to start a blog and make money online in 10 easy stepsHere we’re looking at what is blogging and how to make money with it?

I started blogging with no idea how to make money with it.

Making money wasn’t even on my mind if I’m honest…

I just saw it as a good way to talk my interests (I like to talk a lot).

But there’s a world of difference between blogging as a hobby and blogging as a business. (More on that in a second)

I only learned how to combine blogging with making money in March 2014 when I accidentally stumbled across WealthyAffiliate.com.

I created a free starter account and started going through their training courses. They gave me two free websites so I could experiment with what I was learning and see the results.

My breakthrough when I made my first sale just 2 weeks later. I made a lousey $1.20 but I didn’t care – everyone in my house was sleeping and there I was dancing aroud my bedroom in my pyjamas.

I shared my success story with the Wealthy Affiliate community…

how to make money blogging

I was ecstatic because though I was following the training, i was naturally very skeptical, but I was also desperate so I kept going.

That first $1.20 proved to me what I was doing was right and I saw my whole life before me change before my very eyes and I just needed to keep going…

I made more sales more often; what started out as a slow trickle grew into a daily and consistent flow of sales. My income grew and grew. Money was being deposited into my PayPal account on a monthly basis – and as I scaled up what I was doing, the money grew with it.

What happened from there is a complete life change – I transitioned from quiet village life in England to the life of my dreams living and travelling around south east Asia.

Why does this matter?

Because I make money blogging and you want to do the same.

So what is a blog exactly?

Simply put, a blog is a website where you can write about any topic that interests you, build a readership who trusts your advice and if you learn how to monetise your blog, it can be a full-time business.

A blog can inform and educate, entertain, trigger conversation and change the way people think. A blog is an online platform for you to express your creativity, share ideas, educate, entertain, trigger conversation, change the way people think. They’re a way to build relationships with people and give you 24 hour access to an international audience.

Blogging is a tool to talk about your passions, hobbies and interests, make money doing it and help make a difference in people’s lives – it doesn’t get much better than that.

What to blog about to make money?

the best web hosting serviceYou can make money blogging about absolutely any niche or topic because there are billions of people searching Google everyday.

Once you’ve made the decision to start a blog to make money, choosing what to start a blog about is the next step.

The best way to come up with ideas for your website is to think about your passions, hobbies and interests. Think about the problems you could help people solve.

Here are 10 untapped money making website niche ideas.

You can turn almost any topic idea into a proftable niche website. niche-ideas make money blogging

If you sign up to my 10 day Online Business Builder course I’ll help you to choose niche that’s best for you.

How to make money blogging

how to earn money on the internetEveryday more and more aspiring entrepreneurs are tapping into the enormous earning potential of blogging as a business.

There are literally hundreds of way you can make money with your blog. They all involve picking a topic, creating your blog and getting readers.

Here’s the 4 step process I follow to make money with my blogs:

wealthy affiliate process for making money online

It’s important to say here that I’m not talking about making money as a freelance blog writer on other people’s blog; making money blogging means creating and building your very own blog.

This is when you’re not just a blogger but an you’re an online entrepreneur. Your blog is your online business that will give you an income stream for years to come.

I earn $6,000+ per month from my blogs, it’s growing steadily and I haven’t finished yet! I won’t try and tell you it was easy, I’ve worked my butt off to get to where I am now but there is a step-by-step process you can follow.

If you’re serious about making serious money blogging, enter your email below and you’ll get instant access to the tools, training and support you need to succeed… IF you’re determined and willing to put in the work.

The most important thing is to start! Enter your email below and let’s get this done!

“The longer you’re not taking action the more money you’re losing.” – Carrie Wilkerson

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