Panel Station Review: Is Panel Station A Scam Or Legit?

Panel Station Review Is Panel Station A Scam Or Legit

In this Panel Station review, we'll be asking:

Is Panel Station a scam, a legit moneymaker or a waste of time?

Why am I writing this review now?

A reader just asked me what I thought about The Panel Station survey site as a way to make money online and it didn't take me long to realise I'd have to work 70+ hours a week just to get close to the $70 mark.

I get tired of survey sites giving people the impression taking surveys is quick and easy and if someone manages to earn $5 a month they should be grateful, so I decided to do a bit of digging to find out more.

I am not an affiliate for The Panel Station. You'll find most Panel Station reviews are from people looking to make money by signing you up – this is not one of those.

What Is The Panel Station?

The Panel Station is an India-based rewards program that was launched in 2008 by Praveen Gupta. Today they boast a membership of 2.7 million from all around the world.

You can sign up on or download the app on Google Play and iTunes.

The concept is simple: companies are looking for consumer feedback to help them improve and develop their products. You accumulate points by answering questions and once you reach 3,000 points you can get gift cards or a cash deposit via PayPal.

The Panel Station Review

After reading all about it I decided to give The Panel Station a try to see if you can really make money with them or not.

I went over to the website and clicked on “Sign Up!”

Then I was asked to fill out a standard form with my name and date of birth, city of residence and employment status.

I confirmed I wasn't a robot, ticked that I'd read the Terms and Conditions (I didn't, but maybe I should've) and hit the submit button.

After that I just needed to confirm my email, checked my inbox and there it was straight away. Seems straightforward enough so far.

panel station sign up process

Immediately after I was emailed with my login details I headed over to the member's area to start earning some money (or so I thought).

And then I hit a brick wall – first time into the member's area and I was told: “There are no surveys for you at present.”

Not exactly a great start…

the panel station review

I thought I'd try answering the poll, maybe that would open up some surveys but it just thanked me for my reply and nothing else.

Perhaps it's because I'm in the UK? Maybe there would be some surveys available if I was in the US? I have no clue.

I wanted to give you an example of a survey and try it out so I could give you an idea of how long it's going to take you to get to the minimum 3,000 point cash out limit, but as you can see there's nothing I can do.

So I've just wasted 10 minutes signing up, handing over my personal information and confirming my registration for what?

How Much Can You Realistically Earn?

For me, this is a straightforward answer – if there are no surveys your chance of making money is nil, nada, nothing!

Nichole over at says she made 3,000 points in a 3-month period, but she was never able to pay out (see the common complaints below)

3,000 points equates to just $5.

So let's say there are surveys available in your area all the time and you qualify, $20 per year is about the amount you can expect to earn – so this is definitely not something you can full-time.

Plus, it's going to take up an awful lot of time to work towards that 3,000 point limit. Seems to me like it's just not worth the time and bother, especially when there's a lot of better ways to earn money online.

Panel Station Reviews: What Others Say

Poking around the internet I found other Panel Station reviews clearly showing there are a lot of very unhappy members.

After reading dozens of complaints, here are just a handful of issues that keep coming up again and again…

1. Completing Surveys Then Told You Don't Qualify

I can't think of anything more frustrating than spending 30 minutes trying to give your best answers in a survey to finally reach the end only to be told you won't be getting paid due to an app glitch or you don't meet the criteria.

Here are just a few of the many Panel Station complaints found on

the panel station complaints

As is the case with many paid survey sites, instead of asking you more questions at the sign up stage so they can send you surveys you're eligible for, they ask you to do pre-qualifiers each time and at the end of it you probably won't qualify.

These frustrated users on ComplaintBoard complain about the qualifying process:

is panel station a scam or legit

The end result is you're basically working for free and after investing a lot of hours into this you could find yourself with nothing to show for it.

2. They Find Excuses Not To Pay

Probably the complaints I've seen coming up the most are from angry users who had their accounts suddenly shut down for no reason, usually right before they reached the minimum 3,000 points withdrawal limit.

These reviews left with are very typical:

is panel station a scam

Is Panel Station A Scam?


Is It Worth Your Time?


I'm not going to call The Panel Station a scam but it's certainly not worth my time and I won't be logging in again.

I've been reviewing a lot of paid survey sites recently to see if I can find the best one for my readers. Up to this point, Swagbucks is coming out on top though at best, all you can earn is an extra $20-$30 per month.

I'm trying to find out if survey taking is something you can do to earn money online full-time but so far the consensus has been that taking surveys is a lot of hassle, time-consuming and offers very little pay.

On average taking surveys pays between $0.25 – $1 per hour…

For this reason, The Panel Station has more users in India than anywhere else. The currency exchange makes it more worthwhile for someone living in a third world country.

At the end of the day, there's a lot of people wasting a lot of time filling out pointless surveys for peanuts and I just don't get it. Especially when more and more people are waking up to the fact that you can start a successful internet business from the comfort of your own home.

This is exactly what I did in 2015 and I've never looked back. Now I make $7,000+ per month and if you take the same training I did, you can be the proud owner of a profitable and successful online business too.

If you're serious about making real money online check out my TOP-RATED program here.

Have Your Say

I hope you found this Panel Station review helpful. If you've had any experience with this survey site I'd love to hear from you.

If you have any questions at all about making money online then leave your question below and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

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