Survey Junkies Review: Another Scummy Internet Scam Exposed!

Survey Junkies Review Scam

Whether you're a college student looking for creative ways to earn an extra income, a stay at home mum looking for a decent side hustle or a pensioner looking to fund retirement, Survey Junkies presents itself as the perfect solution. says you can earn $500-$1,000 a day starting today. If you're eager to start making money from home then at first glance this can seem like the answer to all your money-making worries.

what is survey junkies a scam review

They make it sound like earning incredible amounts of money online is as easy as copying and pasting links to Facebook, but we both know it's never as easy as that.

Is Survey Junkies your dream come true or a nightmare scam you should stay away from?

In this review I’m going to show you exactly what Survey Junkies is about, how it works, if you can make money with it and ultimately, whether it's a scam or legit.

I'm not affiliated with Survey Junkies. As opposed to almost all other Survey Junkies reviews out there, I'm not here to sell you anything and I only write this review to give you up-to-date and accurate information before you sign up. My purpose is to save you from spending money on programs that will never deliver.

My 100% honest reviews serve as a guiding light in the often murky world of making money online for honest folks looking to break free from the rat race and find real and viable alternatives to the 9 to 5 grind.

Aside from protecting people from internet scam artists, I also help point readers towards high-quality money-making programs that you can start for free.

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What Is Survey Junkies About?

Survey Junkies (not to be confused with survey site Survey Junkie) calls itself the “#1 influencer network” that pays generous commissions every time a new referral joins the site through you.

What they actually are though… and what they claim to be, are two different things.

  • SurveyJunkies promise to pay you $2 every time someone clicks your referral link and an extra $15 if they join.
  • They say they'll give you $50 for uploading a testimonial YouTube video.
  • You're told you'll get paid $10 every time you share links to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • They guarantee 15% of all your referrals' earnings for life.
  • And finally, to sweeten the deal, they'll give you $30 just for creating your account.

Add all these amounts together and you could easily make some serious dosh with this site… if what they're saying is true.

ways to make money with survey junkies

I say this because it's not so obvious you'll ever actually get paid.

In fact, if SurveyJunkies is anything like Influencer Cash, Viral Points and Tap2Earn (and I strongly suspect they are) then we are most likely dealing with a scam.

Survey Junkies: A Scam Or The Real Deal?

If you're a regular reader then you’ve heard me say this many times before…

If a program claims to be the ultimate way to earn fast and easy money online then they're probably a scam trying to manipulate you.

Survey Junkies certainly promise that, but there are several other red flags you need to be aware of before you sign up.

The first one is that the Survey Junkies creator is also behind at least a dozen or more scams we've recently exposed here on The Make Money Online Blog.

Notice here the use of the phrase “#1 Influencer Network”:

survey junkies #1 social influencer

Now compare that to sites like NiceCash and Referral Pay and you'll see some pretty striking similarities:

survey junkies vs nicecash
survey junkies vs referral pay

And it's not only that phrase either. Look closely and you'll see the same promise of a signup bonus, same promises of easy money for referring your friends and the same testimonials and payment proof.

That’s because these sites are all copycat sites, part of a bigger network of data harvesting scams designed to extra people's personal data and sell it on for a profit.

Sure, Survey Junkies tries to make itself look like a legitimate rewards site like Swagbucks and they do a pretty good job of it, except for one major flaw:

They never have and never will pay anyone out.

People sign up for their free account and excitedly start spamming Facebook with links believing they're in for a huge payout. It's only when they try to withdraw their earnings they're told their account has been marked for fraud and is getting suspended.

The Dates Just Don't Add Up

Want further proof Survey Junkies is a scam? Look no further because I've got you covered. Under the Payment Proofs tab they show you what are supposed to be screenshots from real members who have received payment.

fake payment proof

Check out this image and you'll notice the fake payment was sent on June 29th 2019.

“What's wrong with that?” You might say.

Here, I'll tell you – according to, only registered their domain and launched the site in October 2019.

surveyjunkies co domain registration information

So either these members earned money by referring others to a site that didn't exist yet or these so-called payment proofs can't be trusted. I think the answer is pretty clear by now.

We're Given Fake Support Email Addresses

So what do you do after you've put all this time and energy into promoting the SurveyJunkies website and they refuse to pay out?

You're given a support email address “” but you needn't bother trying to plead your case with them because a quick email verification check reveals this is not a real email address and anyone trying to contact them will be writing into the abyss.

I believe this is wholly intentional. The last thing this scammer wants us to be bothered and pestered by the people he lied to and owes money to.

Survey Junkies Reviews And Complaints

Remember that promise of $50 for uploading a testimonial video onto YouTube? Why wouldn't you when you're promised bucket loads of cash for recommending it to others?

That's why right now you'll see a lot of positive Survey Junkies reviews from members still believing they'll get paid. They'll brag about how much they've earned so far and give you all the reasons you should join.

The problem is their earnings only show up inside the Survey Junkies dashboard area and that'll never materialise as real money in the bank.

If you’ve been sharing your Survey Junkies referral link on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram hoping for a big pay out, you're not the only one.

In fact, 1,000's if not 10,000's of people who didn't take a second to check out this review are going to see the free sign up, think they have nothing to lose and readily hand over their contact information to an anonymous scammer.

As this site has only just been registered we're going to have to wait a few weeks before the real reviews and complaints start rolling in.

If you remember though, I showed you how Survey Junkies is pretty much a copy and paste of a previous scam site called Referral Pay.

Well, let me give you a glimpse into the future by showing you what the people who went ahead and signed up have to say:

survey junkies reviews and complaints 2

The good news is that now you know so you can skip the time-wasting part and save yourself the embarrassment of recruiting your family and friends into this.

What I Like About Survey Junkies

I think it's pretty obvious by now I have nothing good to say about Survey Junkies and there are zero reasons to join.

If you're looking to get rewarded for completing simple tasks then Swagbucks might be right up your street. You won't earn a full-time income but you could earn an extra $100 a month for doing things like filling out surveys, playing games and watching videos.

And most importantly: Swagbucks will pay you what you've earned.

If you're looking for more substantial income then learn how to start an online business. That's what I did 5 years ago and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

What I Don't Like

  • Hyped-up, unrealistic income claims
  • Fake testimonials
  • Fake payment proof
  • No way to contact them
  • Anonymous owners
  • Real potential of identity theft and fraud
  • They NEVER pay

Where Do You Go From Here?

Even though Survey Junkies is free, I still think this is one of the scummiest scams on the net right now because of the blatant lies and deception they use to lure you in…

Once you're on the inside, the scam continues to ensure you're motivated enough to keep sharing your links and doing the scammers work for him…

You see your earnings going up and you're convinced it's the real deal!

You think “Finally, I've found the answer to all my money-making worries.” and breathe a sigh of relief.

You start to think about those piling debts you can start to pay off and about how you can finally take your family on that holiday they've always wanted. But then the promised payday comes and goes and the money never arrives and you're left bitterly disappointed.

If this has happened to you then I'm so sorry. Some unscrupulous people have no conscience when it comes to taking advantage of your time and your good faith.

As I said earlier, I know exactly what this feels like because I've been duped many times before, not with SurveyJunkies but with other sites like it. By far the hardest thing about breaking through and making money online is getting past all the misinformation that's out there.

You need a clear track to run on, a proven formula that works based on:

  • Your hopes and aspirations
  • Your online income goals
  • Your schedule

So, if you’re sick of the get-rich-quick crap and ready to hustle to make your dreams of financial freedom a reality but don't know where to start then check this out:

I've just finished putting together a step-by-step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it HERE.


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