Private Cash Sites Review: This One Stinks Of SCAM!

private cash sites review

Hi, I'm Simon and welcome to my full and frank Private Cash Sites review!

Right here, right now we're going to figure out if the Private Cash Sites System is a scam to stay away from or a legit money-making opportunity you should grab with both hands.

Reading a review like this is by far the best way to stay safe online, and I commend you for taking to the time to see past the hyped-up claims and get to the truth.

I am not an affiliate of Private Cash Sites. I know there's a lot of fake Private Cash Sites reviews on Google and YouTube right now with people saying this program is the best thing since sliced bread, this definitely isn't one of those.

I started four years ago with one aim:

To expose get-rich-quick scammers and help people discover a tried and tested way of working from home.

That being said, here’s a bite-size version of my Private Cash Site System review:

Private Cash Site Review At A Glance

About: Private Cash Site is said to be an affiliate program that'll help you make 3-5 figures daily.

Price: $47 for the front-end, try to exit and the price goes down to $37 then $17. Plus $260 for upsells and funnel builders.

Pros: There are none.

Cons: Fake sales video claims, expensive, it's a lousy rehashed scam.

Verdict: Private Cash Site is an old scam given a fresh lick of paint, its marketing strategy also shows great contempt for the people they dupe.  


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What Is Private Cash Sites About?

Go to the Private Cash Sites website, play the sales video and you're instantly bombarded with screenshot after screenshot of ClickBank earnings, clips of people sipping champagne on the beach and dramatic background music.

You'll hear a lot of bold claims and big promises… whoever's behind this really will tell you anything.

The Profit Cash Sites System is just the latest of many programs promising a done-for-you sales funnel that'll have $1,000's pouring into your bank account after just a few minutes and very little effort.

private cash sites scam review

A Sneak Peek Inside The Member's Area

When you enter your name and email then hit the button to ‘claim your spot', you're taken to a second page with another video…

join the private cash sites system

This one goes on about how fast and easy it is to set up and start to seeing those commissions coming in…

can you make money with private cash sites

Next, click the ‘Add to cart' button and you're taken to the payments page to enter your credit card details.

They say you get Private Cash Sites for $47, but try clicking out of the site and you'll see a pop-up giving you a discounted price of $37, try clicking away again and you can get full access for just $17.

Once inside the member's area it's immediately apparent the whole site is littered with upsells – this is never a good sign, especially when you've just paid money in good faith thinking you're getting a complete system.

what is private cash sites

What exactly do they teach you in the training videos?

They tell you the best way to make money online is to sign up to‘s affiliate program, create high-converting landing pages and buy email solo ads to drive traffic to your offers in the hope of making some sales.

I have to say, there's nothing new about this old idea. I've lost count of how many times these tired, worn-out methods have been repackaged and sold as ‘brand new methods'..

Each time, they get people's hopes up and absolutely fail to deliver.

What I Like About Private Cash Sites

I guess there's the handy 60 day money back guarantee.

If you made the mistake of buying this product, at least there's a good chance you can get your money back.

4 Private Cash Sites Dirty Secrets Exposed!

1. The Sales Video Is Full Of Fake Ass Claims

Listen to the narrator calling herself ‘Felicity Sandman' (fake name) and she'll tell you a whole host of hyped-claims and empty promises.

Let's quickly go through and pick apart the three main claims one-by-one:

Private Cash Sites Is: “A Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing System”

We're told this is the make money online course you need to become a very successful and profitable affiliate marketer andf that you're lucky to be one of the chosen few.

You're lucky enough to be one of the special, chosen few who has now has a chance at breaking out of the rat race.

They promise their program is your best chance at breaking out of the rat race and you'll start to see the results in just a day or two, after less than an hour's work.

It gets worse:

Then she really turns the emotional manipulation dial up a notch saying you'll never have to worry about your mortgage or credit card bills again and that this system will prove life-changing.

The thing is:

This isn't a done-for-you system…

Yes, they give you a sales funnel you can use to spam the masses with links to scammy ClickBank products, but what they fail to mention is before you can expect to make a single penny from this method, you're going to have to risk more money upfront by paying out for expensive ads that rarely convert.

According to them, the best paid traffic method is solo ads – where you pay someone with a lot of email subscribers anywhere between $0.35 – $1.00 per click to send out your offers to their list.

You'll Be Making Money: “Selling High Quality Products”

Ocassionaly I come across the odd training course on ClickBank like Wealthy Agency that turns out to be legit, but these a few and far between.

Most of them are very similar to scams I've exposed in the past like: Profit365, Club Shanghai and Million Dollar Replicator.

In fact, I'd say at least 90% of all ClickBank training products in the make money online space are nothing but junk designed to make the people promoting them money – not the people buying them!

Yes, you absolutely can make money with ClickBank, but you have to very careful about choosing the right products to promote. Recommend a dud and your reputation could be tarnished for good. Flogging any old scam for a quick buck is never a good long-term strategy.

Private Cash Sites Is: “A Brand New Method”

They tell you to set up a landing page and pay email spammers to send your links out.

What's so new about that, exactly?

This is one of the most outdated and risky ways to try and generate commissions and it simply doesn't work.

The majority of emails will never make it past spam filters, those that do rarely get looked at. The people on these spammer's lists are bombarded with so much spam on a daily basis, that the chances of them actually opening your email, clicking your link and getting their wallet out are slim to none.

2. Private Cash Sites Will Cost You A LOT More Than $47

First, there's the upsells you're going to have to contend with… here's a quick overview of those:

private cash sales system upsells pricing
“Let's start printing cash” – The money-hungry Private Cash Sites owners.

Then you'll have to sign up to and pay either $97 or $297 a month for your landing pages….

clickfunnel prices

After that, Then you'll have to pay out $12 – $66 per month for tracking tools over at

clickmagick prices

Then there's email email swipe campaigns. They recommend you use solo ad vendors from sites like and where you can expect to pay $100's per campaign.

3. This Is The Same Old Scam Given A Fresh Lick Of Paint

The con artists behind Private Cash Sites are responsible for a long line of scams includingthe Explode My Payday Scam and the aptly named Greedy Mentor scam.

private cash sites vs greedy mentor vs explode my payday scams
The unholy trinity of Triad Excel Marketing scams.

These scam franchise owners have to come up with catchy new names to peddle their recycled training videos because once the hype dies down and the complaints start rolling in, they shut up shop and start again under a new website.

That way they can dupe a whole new set of unsuspecting victims and keep their cashflow running.

4. It's Blatently Obvious The Private Cash Sites' Owners Only Care About ONE Thing

The lady narrating the sales video calls herself Felicity Sandman, but in reality she's nothing more than a hired spokesperson.

The real owners are the guys over at Triad Excel Marketing and I can tell you they only think in terms of dollar signs.

Their only purpose is to squeeze as much as much cash out of you as possible.

Why else do you think Private Cash Sites comes with so many upsells?

To give you an idea of the utter contempt these guys have for the people who believe their claims and hand over their hard-earned cash, take a look at this screenshot taken from their affiliates page:

the private cash sites scam review

You really don't get scummier or scammier than this.

Is Private Cash Sites A Scam?


Yes without a doubt.

Let me ask you a question:

Why do you think the guys at Triad Excel Marketing put this training course together?

Is it because they love to help people become financially free?

If it was, then they wouldn't use a voice actress with a fake name to hide their real identity, they'd be honest and upfront about the real costs involved and certainly wouldn't treat their scam victims *cough* customers with such vile contempt.

Private Cash Sites is a blatent scam and I will I will lose no sleep tonight for saying that.

Stay away from Private Cash Sites, stay away from Triad Excel Marketing and anyone else promoting their scams.

A Much Better Money-Making Alternative That Actually Works

If you really want to find true financial freedom then you need to forget about scammy schemes like Private Cash Sites. They're ultra-hyped up and will never, ever give you the results you're looking for.

You deserve better than this!

Here's the truth:

There is no such thing as a shortcut to success. There's no mysterious and magical software floating around in cyberspace somewhere machines that will trigger floods of cash to hit your account.

For those of you reading this who still believe there is, you're an internet scammers favourite kind of person. They'll keep throwing the hooks and you'll keep biting every single time.

The only program that's been successfully teaching aspiring entrepreneurs how to launch profitable website businesses since 2005 is Wealthy Affiliate.

They are the ultimate all-in-one training platform with beginner-friendly website builders, step-by-step video lessons and top-notch support that will show you exactly how to make daily commissions the right way.

You don't need to pay out for advertising and you don't need to earn a living promoting scammy ClickBank products. This is a real business model that anyone can succeed with.

Follow their free make money online course, take massive action and the results will follow.

Will you have to put in the effort?

Yes, but it's totally worth it!

Questions Or Thoughts Of Your Own?

Are you sick of being scammed, or almost being scammed by hyped-up products like Private Cash Sites? Have you tried so-called make money online programs and ended up disappointed or even worse off than when you started?

Scroll down and send me a message in the comments. I’ll be more than happy to help anyway I can.

5 thoughts on “Private Cash Sites Review: This One Stinks Of SCAM!”

  1. Hi Simon, thank you for your review of private cash sites. There are so many things out there and very confusing while some are like a trap. Offer one thing to get credit card information and then come up with something else. I guess the goal of every business is to make money but honesty about what the business is all about makes it a more lasting one. Some people jump into online business not because that is what they really want to do but because of other circumstances and events of life that offers no option for them. Seeking online marketing platform and then running into scams after scams could be devastating. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice and honest review there on private cash site

    I feel pity for those who have fallen victim to the private cash sites system, not knowing the amount of money they will lose eventually in the system.there are many systems that pay and work at the beginning and this makes majority not to take note of the red flags in the program.

    The wealthy affiliate program really works, you can check the site for free and also they will teach you all you need to know and be successful as an online affiliate marketer.

    • Thanks for sharing, I’m in agreement. 

      I thank you for checking out this review, the very fact you’re here shows you had your suspicions and your gut instincts were dead right. 

      All the best to you.

  3. Hi, very good and informative review about Private Cash Sites Review. Actually, your ratings of this online business opportunity are unimaginable poor, it really isn`t a good idea to join in! As you mentioned, the big promises of big money are not something what it would be reliable and there are so many fake claims in a sales video… Anyway, you made very good and helpful review, thanks for sharing with us!

    • Hi Luke,

      It all comes down to who you can trust and these guys have proven time and again to be the very last people you want to take advice from.

      Second-rate training I can tolerate, purposeful deception I cannot!


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