Juan Ads Review: Can You Really Make Money Clicking Ads?

Juan Ads Review

Juan Ads say they can give you the opportunity to earn money simply by clicking your mouse, but can you really make decent money clicking ads?

In this Juan Ads review, we're going to look at how good of a moneymaker this really is and whether it's a scam or legit.

I've seen many so-called work from home opportunities like this before so I knew I had to investigate further and find out what Juan Ads is really all about.

And just so you know: I am not affiliated with Juan Ads in any way.

I am just an online entrepreneur who's trying to give the best tips and advice to help readers like you make money online.

Juan Ads Review At A Glance

About: We're told Juan Ads is an advertising company. In reality, it's just another MLM.

Price: $47 for Premium membership.

Pros: Nothing.

Cons: Pyramid scheme, not sustainable, low income potential.

Verdict: Juan Ads is a scam. It's a pyramid scheme that pays $0.16/hour. A total waste of time.  


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What Is Juan Ads Exactly?

JuanAds.com launched in Manilla, the Philippines in 2008. They have the Juan Ads app but it's pretty useless.

Calling itself “the number 1 fastest growing Network Marketing and Advertising Company in the Philippines.” you already know it's about way more than just clicking on ads…

Basically, Juan Ads is a networking marketing company (or MLM) disguised as an advertising agency. Read this review in full and I'll explain why…

As a money-making opportunity, this pays almost nothing – just $0.001 per click. So if you're looking for real ways to make money online, I'm sorry this isn't it.

Juan Ads Review

To find out exactly what is happening with Juan Ads I decided to sign up and see for myself…

Go to the website and it asks you to register without telling you anything about what you're actually registering for:

what is juan ads about

I decided to go ahead and click the Register button. Next up was a screen with a bit more information and a simple form you need to fill out.

Already I see there's 2 levels of membership – free and premium:

Juan Ads reviews

Once I filled out my name, email address and password, I confirmed I wasn't a robot and agreed to the terms of service (maybe I should have read them first?)

I clicked on the register button expecting to go to the next screen but then an error showed up…

Apparently I needed to enter a sponsor's name so I just entered the first random name I could think of and finally, I was inside the member's area!

juan ads membership area

At this point it wasn't clear where I should go or what I should do, just the UPGRADE ACCOUNT tab was flashing.

Finally, I found ‘Online Jobs' in the left-hand side menu so I went ahead and clicked it and it bought some PPC (pay per click) jobs.

Now hopefully I can try to earn some money…

ppc jobs

I clicked on the first ‘BitMiner' ad which just showed a blank screen. I then had to wait for 10 seconds until I was told I earned $0.001.

The second ad I clicked on was for a poster printing company, I had to look at this screen for 20 seconds:

get paid to click on ads

For the next job I clicked on LounJ and had to look at their Facebook page for 20 seconds. That earned me another $0.001.

I've spent a minute doing this and earned a ridiculous $0.003. I'm not getting rich anytime soon!!

This is just 3/hundredths of a dollar. So I would have to do this for 6 hours straight to try to get to $1. How can anyone call clicking on ads like this a legit way to make money?!

The Truth: You Need To Recruit

It's now clear Juan Ads is not about making money clicking ads; what they really want is you to upgrade to the premium membership so they make money off of you.

Once you've paid ₱900 (or $47) to become a premium member then you can start making money by signing up other people who will pay ₱900 so you can make a commission.

juan ads is a pyramid scheme scam

Nobody is making money with the ads, it's all about getting a commission from the membership fees.

Watch this Juan Ad video presentation and you'll see recruiting is all they talk about:

Can You Really Make Money With Juan Ads?

Yes, but not by clicking on ads. You'll have to lie to recruit your friends and family by telling them this is a real and legit side hustle so they'll upgrade and you get paid.

People sign up because they like the idea of making easy money but then you're pushed to sign up for the premium membership and told to sign others up to do the same.

Just like Forsage, Copy And Paste Ads and Clicxads, Juan Ads is the perfect definition of a pyramid scheme – where the opportunity is selling the opportunity with no real products.

Wikipedia says a pyramid scheme is: 

A business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme.”

This is exactly what they do at Juan Ads.

A Filipino lady called Juny went ahead and paid for the Premium membership and I think she said it best:

“Yes, I can do the fast track, I can invite people to join and sign under my referral, that’s the fastest way to earn more.

But NO, I don’t have the heart to lie and make false promises only to redeem my loss. I am not alone on this sentiment, I wish all aspirants to think twice and study how the system works.

If you think the scheme works for you then you may go on, but then again, consider your referrals. Listen to your inner voice, are you willing to help them the best way that you can?

If not, again, I have one more word for you… are you happy with your earnings while your referrals are striving to earn a $0.001?”

Are you willing to deceive people into joining so you can make a one-off commission?

I know I'm not!

Is Juan Ads Legit Or A Pyramid Scheme?

Honestly, I won't be using Juan Ads again – working 6 hours for $1 is not worth it at all!

That's just $0.16 per hour!

Paying people $0.001 to click on your ads is pointless. The people viewing your ads are only doing so to try to make some money and are not interested in whatever product or service you're trying to sell. There's no reason for companies to use Juan Ads.

Really the only way to make money with Juan Ads is by recruiting others into the same pyramid scheme and do you really want to promote a scam to your family and friends to try to make money? I do not recommend you go down this path.

If you're serious about making money online then you can't waste your time clicking on ads for $0.16 an hour. Instead, you could be better using your time to build a real online business for yourself.

Training courses like Wealthy Affiliate are ideal for beginners because they show you step by step how the process of making money online works and turn you from a newbie into a successful online entrepreneur.

Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here to find out more and get started.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate and I make more than $7,000 online. Follow in my footsteps and you can do the same.

13 thoughts on “Juan Ads Review: Can You Really Make Money Clicking Ads?”

  1. Thank you very much for your review. This is an eye-opener for us work@home persons looking for a legit way to earn. I tried to access the juanads.com website, but it won’t open anymore. What a waste of time!

  2. I tried the premium membership as well. I dont want to refer any friends so I just went for the clicking the ads part of it.

    Initially, Juanads was giving me 50 clicks a day. It was really just for passing the time. but when I got to $5, I wasnt able to get on the website daily bec of some other matters. Eventually, I wasnt able to get on at all for a couple of months.

    When I tried to log in recently, the website was just giving me 5 clicks. I thought just give it a few days and 50 clicks will come back on. Its been over a week now and its still 5 clicks.

    Long story short, not really a good investment. The repetitive process is mind-numbing just to get to $10 in order to withdraw

    • I appreciate you sharing your experience with us, I know readers are going to find this helpful.

      As you say, the so-called Juan Ads opportunity is extremely repetitive, time-consuming and pays out less than $1 an hour.

  3. Hello Sir Simon. I’m really thankful that I had read your article. I feel the concerns within you. You know what? As of now, I’m busy creating my page where I am planing to upload many facts and advertisement about JuanAds so I could invite all my fb friends most especially those who are looking for extra income from online jobs.

    I was interested on JuanAds because I can even Earn thru free membership and I’m sure, what my invites also likes is the same with me. It’s a good thing that I have not yet started inviting. And you saved me from my fb friend’s hate if they found out that it’s not really an income but a waste of time and fooling others..

    • Hey Isabel,

      Yeah that’s the thing: they make themselives look like a legit job opportunity but clicking on ads is just a cover for the fact that Juan Ads is a pyramid scheme where you really make money by signing up for their membership and promoting that same membership to others.

      If I’ve saved you from time, trouble and embarassment then all I can say is writing this Juan Ads review was very worthwhile.

  4. Hi, Simon. Although I have never come close to even visiting the Philippines, just by reading early in your excellent article the description of how this online “program” can allow a person to make money, it represents an exact replication of so many similar scam opportunities found in North America.

    I mean I truly feel sorry for an individual, (who out of a high level of desperation) seeking to earn real money through the act of clicking on ads. Are you kidding me?

    As you stated, clicking on a single ad earns an individual only fractions of pennies, added into the fact that time would be wasted as the person is forced to sit through watching advertised junk which he/she could care less.

    As you also stated looking at this scheme, (again similar to programs found in the U.S. and Canada) the only way to build any level of income is by twisting the arm of other silly individuals getting them to join and placed in one’s downline. It adds up to an illegal pyramid scheme no matter how much lipstick you paint on the pig with no real product associated with the program.

    Making $1 ever six hours is so far below minimum wage pay here in the U.S. that it’s not even funny, but instead tragic that any person would look at it as a legit way to make money online.

    Finally, I liked your last bit of advice, Simon. Stay away from this opportunity offered by Juan Ads.


    • Thanks Jeff, as I shared in this Juan Ads review – this is just not a legit business model. Companies have no interest in paying for their ads to be shown in front of uninterested clickers, there’s clearly no value and therefore no purpose or incentive for them to do this.

      And yes, for the poor people who sit their clicking on ads for hours at a time just to earn $0.16 an hour. I tried it for 10-15 minutes and already I was bored and could see it’s not worth it!

  5. I’ve always wondered about these sites that claim to pay you for clicking ads. I’m glad I read this because I will also be staying FAR away from Juan Ads!

    On the other hand, I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for over a week and I’m absolutely LOVING it!

    They teach you everything step-by-step, which is great for the absolute beginner like me!

    Thanks again for an awesome exposé of an easy-to-fall-for pyramid scheme!

    • You’re welcome Alex! Yeah the clicking on ads part is just a fake way of convincing others that Juan Ads have an actual business model other than promoting Juan Ads. They don’t and Juan Ads is just a pyramid scheme that makes money by selling Juan Ads memberships.

      It’s great to hear how you’re getting on with Wealthy Affiliate, after reviewing dozens of onlien programs these have my highest ever rating so far. Just stick with it and who knows where you could be in say a 6 months or a year from now. Every success to you!


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