JackedATM Review 2021: 7 Reasons I Wouldn’t Use It

JackedATM Review

JackedATM is posed to be the “secret to lazy profits in 2021” promising as much as $600 in daily income on autopilot. You’re told it’s like “withdrawing cash without a card” in under 60 seconds. This review will reveal why you need to take a step back and think about what’s really happening. 

Most reviews on JackedATM you’ll find online are positive ones. But there’s a reason behind it, all of them are promoting the software. 

So I’ll give you a breath of fresh air and tell you everything all the other reviews are concealing from you from what it really is, how it works, the cons I found with the methods, and if it’s a scam or not. 

I’ll also show you a better solution that’s going to help you reach your online income goals. 

JackedATM Review At A Glance

About: Jason Fulton’s JackedATM is an automated software you can use to take advantage of other people’s websites to show your ads.

Price: The front-end software costs $14 plus $475 for upsells.

Pros: Comes with 100-day refund option.

Cons: There are a lot of loopholes in the methods taught.

Verdict: JackedATM is a low-quality income system that will only work if you have tons of social following and knows a lot about trending content.


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What Is JackedATM? 

JackedATM is a cloud-based income software created by Jason Fulton and Seun Ogundele sold on WarriorPlus. It was launched just last September 11. It claims to “ethically hack” other people’s websites or content to pitch your product ads. 

Jason Fulton is a serial product creator, his products are either outright scam or low-quality so I don’t really think knowing those about him will help you trust him.

Some of his other products are:

As for JackedATM, he described it as an “underground-but-perfectly-legal-loophole” to earn cash out of other websites. 

We’re told with the help of this “push-button” website, you won’t ever need to create an email list, spend for paid traffic, waste hours learning and creating products, make videos and ads to earn an income. 

They even say that by applying the system, you become a trusted authority in your chosen niche, be able to earn from top-selling products, create a massive list of subscribers (ironically they earlier said there’s no need for this), and ultimately make a sustainable income by doing eCommerce. 

BUT there’s always a reason I always take sales page hype with a grain of salt. It doesn’t always turn out to be the thing they promised to add that to the fact Jason doesn’t come off a clean slate. 

The Cost To Getting JackedATM

The front-end costs just $14 but the upsells go up to a whopping $475! 

JackedATM Order Details

To get you to buy the upsells, he’ll tell you can only unlock JackedATM’s full potential by having all the upsells. (like always) Honestly, the cheap front-end was only a ruse to get you to spend for the add-ons where Jason really earns from. 

Here’s a bit of idea on what each of those upsells are:

Upsell 1: Unlimited/ Platinum ($37)

This upsells supposedly gets you unlimited done-for-you campaigns, so you won’t have to make one yourself. It also includes a geo-targeting system so you can redirect visitors to a different page using their location and tracking tools.

Unfortunately, this will only be useful once you really prove you can get people to click on your “jacked” link which will be highly-highly unlikely. (I’ll explain more on this in the next section)

Upsell 2: Done-For-You ($197)

This supposedly gets you 20 done-for-you campaigns which I don’t think you will need if you already bought the 1st upsell. 

Also, these campaigns will be the same one each taker gets, so your ad won’t be able to stand out making this pretty useless.

Upsell 3: Auto-Passive ATM ($77)

This upsell claims to get you a done-for-you self-updating video site that you can monetize with Google Adsense. BUT unless you get tons of traffic to those videos, you can’t make money out of it from Google Adsense.

Upsell 4: Done-For-You Buyer Traffic ($97)

This is said to get you “guaranteed real human traffic” without really giving you proof to validate their claim. And if they really are human traffic, there’s no mention of it being targeted traffic so you can end up with uninterested people who won’t stand a chance to convert. 

Upsell 5: Done-For-You Franchise ($67)

This basically gives you the right to sell the software yourself. BUT again, unless you prove you can really make money using it, you won’t be able to convince others to buy. 

Making money with these upsells is largely circumstantial and when you realize how it really works, you’ll be turning away from these. 

How JackedATM Works

Essentially, JackedATM creates an advertising overlay on any website then generates a link you can share on your social sites for others to see those ads.

Let’s say you use the blog: How To Become An Affiliate Marketer in 2021. You get the blog link and input it in JackedATM, it will create a link for the same post with your ad campaign on for a few seconds (covering the whole blog page) once people visit it.

This would imply you’ll have to know what people are searching the most so you can create an ad for a website with a lot of people visiting. They’ve promoted Buzzsumo as a website to find “viral” content to use but there’s no proof yet it’s viral enough to increase clickthrough rates. 

They’ve summarized all the steps in 3:

1. Copy And Paste

Choose a website or content you’d like to put your ads on, copy the link, and paste it on JackedATM.

2. Monetize

Mix and match offers with done-for-you campaigns.

3. Unleash Traffic And Profit

Tap on the “real human traffic” and wait for takers to earn commissions. 

Looks easy right? Now let me take you to the members’ area and see if you can still say so. 

JackedATM Members' Area

As you can see, there are a lot of elements around so it can be quite confusing if you’re a beginner, so I’ll try to explain those to you to see how JackedATM really works. 

The table of the upper portion is supposed to be monitor how your ads are faring. 

Under it where you can see “Paste a long URL” is where you paste the link of the site you want your ads to appear on then you’ll be generated a link you’ll use to share on social sites. 

The problem is, the generated link won’t make any sense so you’ll have to use an URL shortener which more work on your end. You can find this tool under the “Tools and Integrations” tab but still, it doesn’t eliminate the fact you’ll be in for more finger-lifting. 

There a small drop-down button on select an option where you’ll choose what ads you want to appear. 

Then the table in the bottom most is a list of the sites you’ve added ads on. 

If you look on the left where all the tabs are you’ll see “Archived Links” and “Expired Links”. This is where you’ll find all the links no longer active. 

Then there’s the Ads Builder which is pretty self-explanatory. It houses the pre-made campaigns and offers you’ll use.  

Then I’d like to tell you more about the monetization tabs which are: Redirect Ads, Content Ads, and Msg Ads. 

Redirect Ads are timed ads that completely overlays the whole page for a few seconds. But logically, you won’t want to be pressured to make a decision about an offer randomly thrown to your face. You’ll just most likely wait for it to disappear. 

Here’s the kicker:

Some websites have ad blockers so when people click on it instead of seeing the ad, they’ll see a blank page. I’m pretty sure when you see something like this you’d immediately exit the page with complete disinterest.

This also means all other links you share in the future will be ignored losing your shot to make money completely. 

Content Ads on the other hand are like the ads you’ll see at the side of the page. Don’t get me wrong these kinds of ads are profitable BUT in JackedATM’s case, you have to be extra careful. I clicked on one JackedATM ad on weight loss, guess where it redirected me? To JackedATM’s sales page. 

JackedATM Ad Unrelated Redirect

When people realize your ads are misleading, bye-bye goes your credibility and future income potential. 

MSG Ads are pop up ads with a message icon to make you think a personal message is waiting for you to read it. But because these types of ads are a trademark of spammy ads, you’ll hardly be interested in clicking in on it. 

JackedATM MSG Ads

Below the ad tabs, you’ll see one for Training but it only has one video that’s barely 15 minutes long I’d hardly think you’ll be able to learn how you can make money from JackedATM in below a quarter of an hour. 

All it ever teaches you is how you go can around the members’ area and really nothing on how making money online works, things Wealthy Affiliate can teach you about. 

The funny thing is, JackedATM is said to be a “game-changer” but really, they have nothing to bring into the game. 

You see, you won’t really be able to hijacks websites and put your ads on them. What you can only do is create a different link going to the website which has your ads on and share it on social networks.

This is going to be a problem because:

1. Why will people go to your link if they want to visit a specific website when they can directly do so by Googling it?

2. Sharing it on social media will mean you need to have a large following for people to notice it. Unless you have it, those links will be completely ignored.

3. You’re basically spamming people by creating a different link towards a website and forcing it on them. There’s no value to what you’re doing so people will hardly be interested in clicking those links.  

Additionally, one product they are promoting is Push Button Profits, a low-quality product that will ultimately ruin your credibility.

Another kicker:

Aside from social sites, JackedATM is teaching you to get traffic from Cashcow, a scammy program to get you tons of IG followers. Well, what does promoting a scammy program tell you about JackedATM as a whole?

Here’s a video to debunk more of JackedATM:

7 Reasons I Wouldn’t Use JackedATM

  • Basically a spammy ad-generating software.
  • The system is completely hyped up but fails to deliver.
  • Unethical methods taught won’t work.
  • Promotes scammy tools like Cashcow.
  • The owner has a shady history with digital product creation.
  • Training given is useless.
  • Disclaimer disproves every income claim. 
JackedATM Disclaimer

Is JackedATM A Scam?

No, JackedATM is not a scam, but almost. It does provide the ad-generating software but the methods employed are unethical and sharing it on social sites will get you nowhere unless you have a large audience. (which also endangers your credibility if they came across the misleading ads)

I don’t recommend you even trying it even if it offers a 100-day money-back guarantee because when you process for a refund, you’ll be bombarded with other offers instead of bringing you back your money nice and smoothly. 

Where Do You From Here?

Here’s one fact in making money online: THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES.

You have to learn the ropes from scratch yourself so you’ll have total control over where your business is headed. 

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online but it’s not as easy as how JackedATM portrays it. 

If you really want to know how you can reach your income goals, learning everything from Wealthy Affiliate is the direction you should drive to. 

You won’t only get step-by-step training but also access to other affiliate marketers who are ready to rally on your side whenever you need help.

You don’t even have to shed a buck to get started!

If you want to learn more about how Wealthy Affiliate can help you, head on to this tell-all Wealthy Affiliate review and see for yourself. 

What’s Your Take?

Did you notice all the baloney hype on the sales page? Were you also initially impressed with JackedATM but ended up disappointed when you realized how it really works?

Share your thoughts is the comments section below. 

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