TraffixZ Review: Yet More Get-Rich-Quick Crap (A RANT!)

TraffixZ Review

This is a no-holds-barred honest review of Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari's latest money-making software they call TraffixZ.

In this review I’m going to break down:

  • What TraffixZ is and how it works
  • Whether or not you can make money with TraffixZ
  • Exactly how much this will cost you
  • Things I like
  • Things I don’t like
  • And finally… whether this is a scam or legit program

Let’s start with a quick overview:

TraffixZ Review At A Glance

About: Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari's fully-automated commission-making program.

Price: $22 for the front-end product and $662 for 6 upsells.

Pros: This could've worked 10 years ago.

Cons: Already outdated strategy, expensive upsells, hyped up.

Verdict: TraffixZ is a scam. It's a deceptive and highly unethical get-rich-quick scheme. 


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What Is TraffixZ And How Does It Work?

Watch the TraffixZ sales video below and you'll see Jason and Mosh calling TraffixZ a fully automated, self-updating, traffic-sucking, commission-making program for anyone struggling to make money online.

Wow that's a mouthful!

Believe it or not, hand over $22 they promise to give you full access to the software you can use to build an affiliate marketing website that will pay $1,000's per day within hours…

Sound too good to be true?

Because it is!

And I'm going to show you exactly why.

Let's start by meeting the masterminds behind this so-called money-making software…

TraffixZ Creators: Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari

Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari are well-known within the get-rich-quick crowd for their addiction to launching products.

That's right, not a fortnight goes by where these guys aren't launching some “guaranteed profit spitting machine” or other, including a few we've reviewed on the blog like Fast Profit Jacker and Profiteer.

jason fulton and mosh bari internet scammers

Jason and Mosh are a part of a ragtag group of self-proclaimed internet marketing gurus over at Warrior Plus who make a very good living using hype from a ‘burn and churn' technique known as product launching.

They peddle the same old worn-out half-baked work from home scams again and again to people desperate enough to believe their claims and hand over their hard-earned cash.

They make money renaming and repackaging worthless and outdated training to the masses looking for legitimate ways to earn online.

How do they get away with this?

Because if you’re new to making money online it's super confusing! It's almost impossible to figure out which programs are legit, low-quality or just scammy.

But it's gets even worse:

Internet scammers like Mosh and Jason have a whole army of affiliates behind them ready to spam the heck out of inboxes to tell people this latest product really is the answer to all your money-making worries.

These same affiliates make up to 50% commissions which is why you'll see them posting fake positive reviews and offering dozens of extra bonuses.

Rant over.

Now let's get into the specifics of exactly what's included inside TraffixZ so you can decide whether it's worth buying or not.

The TraffixZ Software

At the heart of TraffixZ's “Commission Engine” is the cloud-based TraffixZ software that will enable you to get limitless free and organic traffic from Google with no effort on your part whatsoever which will lead to daily affiliate sales.


Because the software will do the hard work for you. Simply type in a few keyword ideas, click enter and the software kicks in to scour the web for relevant blog posts and video content to fill your website.

You insert your affiliate links and when someone clicks on it and buys something, you'll make a sale and earn a commission.

TraffixZ software demo

The software will automatically send the post's metadata to Google to make sure you get ranked. You'll also be able to connect your Aweber, MailChimp or GetResponse email autoresponder service to build your list.

Here's what a typical TraffixZ website looks like:

Traffixz website example

As you can see here, there's zero branding, zero original content and zero value to your readers.

What's more, I know TraffixZ just launched in April 2020 but I found a ton of glitches and error pages. Hopefully, this is something they're working on finding a fix for.

Can You Really Make Money With TraffixZ?

Technically it is possible, just highly unlikely…

While the idea of not having to create any content yourself can seem like the perfect shortcut, the key element to remember is this:

You'll only ever make money through affiliate marketing when HUMANS read and engage with your content and said HUMANS decide to buy something.

That's going to take high-quality, relevant content, not some random blog post scraped from the internet.

No matter how sophisticated a piece of software may or not be, the truth is you're going to end up with a sub-par website crammed with duplicated low-quality content. Your website could have 1,000's of daily visitors but it will never convert.

Which leads me onto a second crucial point:

However much you want to try to trick Google into ranking your website for certain keyword terms (which is very hard to do in 2020 by the way!), at best it will only be temporary.

Within hours, days or weeks, your website will be permanently blacklisted never to be seen or heard from again and all you've done is waste a lot of time and money with nothing to show for it.

So Who Will Make Money With TraffixZ?

Let's not beat around the bush:

Just like similar products like Explode My Payday and Click And Bank, TraffixZ is solely designed to make the product creators and their affiliates money, NOT you.

How do I know?

Just take a look at the sheer number of upsells (along with recurring monthly fees) you're going to have to shell out for before you're even making a dime:

Upsell 1: Unlimited Profits Edition – $197/Year ($27/Month)

This upsell apparently makes making money online even faster and easier with done-for-you $5 a day campaigns.

Upsell 2: Done For You Money Machines – $197/Year

If clicking your computer mouse half a dozen times sounds like too much work, shell out an extra $197 for someone else to do it for you.

Upsell 3: 100x Conversion Booster – $47

This will add things like DFY pop ups, fake countdown timers and more social proof to increase your conversion rates.

Upsell 4: $1K Paydays – $77

Pay out an additional $77 for some “weird unknown technique” to unlock $1,000/day in earnings.

Upsell 5: Automated Affiliate Profits – $67

Buy this upsell and you're told you get some kind of vague software that gets your site free traffic and visitors within a few minutes.

Upsell 6: License Rights – $77

If you really want to, you can buy the full license rights and you'll be able to promote TraffixZ and keep 100% of the commissions.

That's a grand total of $22 + $197 + $197 + $47 + $77 + $67 + $77 = $684!

Now I totally get these upsells are entirely optional, but it doesn't change the fact I hate upsells.

Especially when, as is with the case with the TraffixZ upsells, they are asking you to pay out even more for what they promised you with their $22 product with no chance of a refund.

It's a complete and utter money grab. They entice you in with a small upfront amount so you buy-in until squeezing you for as much cash as your willing to give them.

Keep your money safe and don't fall for it!

Making money online isn't complicated…

This video will show you exactly how to get started. Tap to watch now »

What'll Happen If You Sign Up To TraffixZ

First off, I'm hoping you don't.

Remember, I signed up so you don't have to…!

BUT if you're hellbent on signing up, here's exactly what you can expect:

You'll create your auto blog, the software will fetch videos and blog posts from across the internet.

In the short-term, you might see a few people visiting your website. But people will come to your site, see it's a shallow site with no real helpful content whatsoever and bounce.

Google's algorithm is more sophisticated than ever and it won't take them long to see you're trying to play the system and blacklist your site.

Your website will sit there gathering dust leaving you with no rankings, no leads, no sales and no further forward than when you started.

And as far as getting help or support goes? I wouldn't count on it.

These guys already have their next 12 or so product launches planned for the next few weeks. Remember they're all about the churn and burn.

It's easier for them to launch a new product a week or so from now with a new fancy name targeting a new set of work from home seekers than it is to worry about delivering on promises and building any kind of customer or brand loyalty.

What I Like

In all honesty, I do think TraffixZ is quite clever at integrating the scraped content with your affiliate links and email autoresponder. I just think it's pretty useless in this day and age, especially after Google's Panda update.

Is TraffixZ A Scam Or Legit?

TraffixZ falls well and truly into the get-rich-quick scam category.

The sales page is deceptive to the core and the tired, old method they're recommending hardly worked in 2010, nevermind 2020.

Stealing other people's content is also highly unethical and is never going to give you the results you're looking for.

Maybe you'll get lucky and make a sale or two, but they will be few and far between. The truth is you'll never be able to turn this into a full-time business.

No matter how alluring software like TraffixZ might seem, there is no such thing as a shortcut to success and achieving true financial freedom online means following the right training, going through the process and putting in the work like everybody else.

What REAL Affiliate Marketing Looks Like

If you're looking for a way better alternative to TraffixZ then you'll love the training over at

Check out my SUPER in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review to see how I started out as a complete beginner but ended up quitting my day job, becoming a super affiliate and earning 5-figures a month. You'll be given an exact formula you can follow to do the same.

Does it take time and work?

Yes it does, because you're building your financial future on a solid foundation and setting yourself up for success for 2020 and beyond. Follow Wealthy Affiliate's tried and tested training and like me and so many others, you will see results.

What are you waiting for?

Create your free Starter account now and start your online business the right way.

Questions? Comments? Sudden Emotional Outbursts?

Are you sick to the back teeth of the never-ending time-wasting scams like TraffixZ that promise you fast and easy online earnings but never deliver?

Did you already sign up to TraffixZ? Let us know what you think about it in the comments – we would LOVE to hear from you! 🙂

If you have any questions at all about this or any other make money online course out there then go ahead, ask me below and I'll be more than happy to help you out.

10 thoughts on “TraffixZ Review: Yet More Get-Rich-Quick Crap (A RANT!)”

  1. I came across this software yesterday and almost tempted to buy it. Now I am glad I didn’t. DON’T DO IT! A $22 product with $197 upsells is just ridiculous.

    • I couldn’t agree more. That’s the way this works though – this set of self-proclaimed internateting gurus make a ton of money from people with crazy sales funnels/upsells like this. 

  2. Wow,this one looks really nice to try out…..i would trying them out because of this awesome review that you have given on them as i was really packed and interesting to read…thanks a lot for sharing this article i know it would be great help to the public as it has been of help to me.

  3. As someone who have been in the make money online field for sometime I can boldly say that this is nothing other than a scam. An online business like any other business needs hard work and patience. Those get rich quick schemes will just consume peoples money with out proving any value to them. Thanks for this review .

  4. Oh thank you so much for reviewing trafficxz! I came across this software yesterday and almost tempted to buy it. I think the old saying ‘if something is easy to get. than it’s not worth in the long run’ apply here. Thanks for saving me from potential scam. I can hardly see any benefit to try their product too. I will check your recommendation. Thanks


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