Learn How to Become an Affiliate Marketer in 2021


make money with clickbankHi, I’m Simon and I’m going to show you the best FREE affiliate marketing training online so you can learn how to become an affiliate marketer in 2021 and beyond, as fast as possible.

I’ve been an affiliate marketer for the last 5 years and a pretty decent one at that. I had a lot to learn at first – I mean I started from scratch.

Seriously, I never did anything like this before, I was a complete beginner.

But I did it! (read my full story here)

After 12 months of making the decision to become an affiliate marketer, I quit my day job and moved from the UK to Thailand to become a full-time volunteer.

I’ve never looked back.

Why does this matter?

Because if I can go from knowing nothing about affiliate marketing to owning 3 successful money making blogs and earning $6,000+ per month – you most certainly can too.

So how did I do it? Most people say it’s because I like talking, so that translates into my blogging. Sure this might be a part of it but what it really comes down to is these 3 things:

1. The right training

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer Online in 2017After getting scammed a couple of times I accidentally stumbled across a site called Wealthy Affiliate.

I decided to give it a shot and created my free starter account and I’ve been a Wealthy Affiliate community member ever since.

I owe all of my success in affiliate marketing to Wealthy Affiliate. It’s hands down the best affiliate marketing training for beginners I’ve ever seen.

For more details on exactly what’s covered in the training courses with video and screenshots – check out my full 4,880-word Wealthy Affiliate review.

The right training and know-how are vital if you want to become a successful affiliate marketer. The affiliate marketing world is a dizzying place and it’s easy to be overwhelmed if you don’t know where to start.

Most people resort to taking tidbits of info this training course or that affiliate marketing program and wonder why they don’t see results.

It’s because you need a single track to run on, a step-by-step affiliate marketing course, designed specifically for beginners, that’s going to take you by the hand and guide you through the steps of becoming an affiliate marketer.

free affiliate marketing training

2. The right support

the best web hosting serviceIn becoming an affiliate marketer you’re undoubtedly going to doing things you’ve never done before.

Even with the best affiliate marketing training, there will still be times you’re not feeling quite sure, need feedback or just wanted to bounce ideas off of someone.

Wealthy Affiliate is far more than affiliate marketing training – it’s an online community of affiliate marketers all helping one another succeed.

This is why it’s unparalleled to anything else there and my only recommendation if you’re looking to become an affiliate marketer.

There’s live chat, question and answer areas, private messaging.

This means you can ask questions and get answers fast. You can be mentored by some of the most successful affiliate marketers in the industry; people who have already done what you want to do and can help you achieve the same levels of success.

Bottom line? 

Give yourself the very best chances of success by reaching out and asking questions. Make sure you get the right support when you need it.

3. The right work ethic

how to write a blog post quickly fastOne of the biggest mistakes aspiring affiliate marketers make is quitting too early.

Some quit because they just don’t understand the process of making money online.

Some quit because they get stuck and have no one to reach out to.

But I see many aspiring affiliate marketers quit because they’re not willing to work at it – they’re just looking for a quick fix.

Here’s the deal:

Building a successful and profitable affiliate marketing business takes time and energy.

I can’t emphasise this enough: breaking the get rich quick mentality will be the biggest help if you’re seriously wanting to become an affiliate marketer.

Becoming an affiliate marketer is becoming an online business builder and building on or offline business takes work.

For me, I wanted it badly enough to work at it until I started seeing results. It’s why I completed the action steps at the end of every lesson and why my blogging portfolio earns me over $6,000 every single month.

Find out exactly how to become an affiliate marketer without the hype. Get the step-by-step training, tools and support you need and build your online business the smart way.

There are more reasons to become an affiliate marketer in 2017 than there has been at any other time.

And today I’ve shared with you how I did it – I’m not saying this is the only way but it works.

If you follow the steps above, you will start seeing results within the first 3 months. Within a year, you’ll be an affiliate marketing pro.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions about becoming an affiliate marketer or experiences to share, I’d love to hear from you – be sure to leave your feedback below.

5 thoughts on “Learn How to Become an Affiliate Marketer in 2021”

  1. Thanks very much Simon. I’ve been scammed so often, I checked out China Cash Clone forthwith and found your review.
    I started Wealthy Affiliate’s courses a while back but had to give it up due to lack of funds.
    However, I haven’t given up, and I am still going at it. You may check out my website which is still in it’s initial phases.
    Please give my regards to Kyle and Carson.
    I am hoping to see them again soon.
    And I am very taken with the work you are doing to warn people and put them on the right track.
    Kind regards,
    Kobus van Zyl

  2. This is a very interesting read. I am so glad that with Wealthy Affiliate I have been able to to do online affiliate business and I am on track. I am excited mostly about Wealthy Affiliate and its training videos and walk through. Anyone can start a business and this is where I am planning to retire from my day job and engage fully in my online businesses. Kudos for the good job.

    • Thanks Emmy, it sounds like your affiliate marketing journey is going great so far. it can take a few months of consistent effort before seeing results but it’s definitely worth it!

      I wish you every success! 🙂

  3. I agree, that working in the world of affiliate marketing, well any online business for that matter, requires a good work ethic.

    You can have all the training and the tools in the world at your disposal but if you don’t have the drive to work hard and be committed, then you’re going to fail.

    I’m also an affiliate marketer, but have not been at it for as long as you have; only 9 months. But like you said, when you start from scratch, it is a hard road, but one that is the most rewarding in terms of perks and finances.

    • You’re absolutely right. The biggest reason people don’t experience success in the affiliate marketing world is because they give up too easily, too early. When I set up my first affiliate marketing business I had to learn a lot about self-discipline and self-motivation because before that point I had always had a boss watching over my shoulder.

      The challenge isn’t getting the training, I’ve laid out the best training program in this post, it’s the willfulness to see it through, even if the results aren’t immediate. You have to keep pushing through knowing that one day soon all of your efforts are going to start paying off.

      I guess this is the difference between an employee mindset and a business owner mindset. It’s a mindset you’re going to have to change in order to get the results you ultimately want. It’s easy to say I have this goal or this dream but it’s the action you take that makes all the difference. It’s what you apply that gets results. Yes it\s hard at times but see it through and it’s more than worth it. Financial freedom, being the captain of your own destiny, your own boss, this can be anyone’s reality if they’re willing to put in the necessary work.


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