Is Profiteer A Scam Or Is There Gold To Be Found? [2021]

Is Profiteer A Scam Review

Is Profiteer a scam?

I believe so.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary a scam is:

“A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation.”

So here's the real question:

Are the creators of Profiteer using deception to promote their program and make a quick buck or are they genuinely trying to give you a legitimate way to earn money online?

Let's find out.

Profiteer Review At A Glance

About: Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari's make money online system selling niche websites to make $100/day.

Price: $12.94 plus $248 for 4 upsells.

Pros: None at all.

Cons: Made by serial product creators, uses a content spinner so website won't rank.

Verdict: Profiteer is a lousy scam system. All they give are plugins and a content spinner. You won't have what it takes to sell a competitive niche website.  


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What Is Profiteer?

Profiteer is the brain-child of Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari and has been heavily promoted by affiliate marketers in the make money online niche.

Head on over to and you'll see a long sales page telling you about revolutionary new software you need to start making over $100 per day – for just 15 minutes of work.

is profiteer a scam or legit

It goes on to say you could be earning a time-span as short as the next 24 hours too.

what is profiteer about review

Wow! A pretty bold claim!

I couldn't help but be reminded of the 30 Minute Commissions scam I reviewed yesterday and so many get rich quick scams like it – they promise you the same thing: a lot of money in very little time for doing absolutely nothing.

So How Do You Supposedly Profit From Profiteer?

They say by following the video training and using the website builder to quickly create small niche websites you can then sell on sites like for $97 or $197 a pop.

This is like a twist on traditional domain flipping that was popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

There are many flaws with this type of business model, some of which I'll get to here in a minute, but the main thing being these sites you're trying to sell have inherently no value whatsoever unless you happen to come across a highly sought-after domain name.

What You Actually Get

Once inside the member's area, you'll see a few training videos with a WordPress theme and a couple of plugins.

Follow the lessons and you'll be taught how to create these mini niche sites. They use the WordPress platform to create your websites with a theme and plugins.

what is profiteer scam

You're then given a link to a content spinner so you can copy and paste any old content and “spin it” to trick Google into thinking it's original.

“Article spinning is the process of re-writing an article to create new “original” copies in an attempt to avoid duplicate content issues that can result in a penalty from search engines like Google when article marketing your website.”

Not only is this unethical, it simply doesn't work. Maybe you could have got away with this 10 years ago but Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines have updated their algorithms to detect shady behaviour like this.

To put it simply: you can't get around having high quality, original content if you want your website to be successful.

Feel free to check out my article: How to get higher rankings in Google for more on this.

So these websites you're going to try and sell on Flippa are completely worthless. They have no traffic, no income generation, no original content and no Google rankings.

Profiteer focuses on trying to make a quick buck in the short term but with no long-term view. This is why I can not recommend Profiteer at all – it's just not a sustainable or legitimate way to make money online.

Watch Out for The Upsells!

Did you wonder why Profiteer was so cheap? I mean, the whole $150+ per day system for as little as $12.94! What's with that?

Let me tell you – there are 4 upsells. (Notice they get increasingly more expensive.)

Upsell 1. Done For You Profiteer Campaigns – $37

Once they've got you in the door it's time to squeeze as much cash out of you as possible. Despite claiming Profiteer is as easy as 30 minutes a day to implement, this up sells claims to help you take your investment even further to help you get even more sales and leads.

This always leads me to wonder just how confident they are in the training they've already given you. If it's already got everything you need to know why would you even need to look at buying anything else?

Upsell 2. Advanced Profiteer Tactics – $47

This promises to take everything you've learned in the Profiteer course and take it up a notch to the professional level. If earning $150 within 24 hours wasn't fast and ludicrous enough, Advanced Profiteer Tactics says pay out an extra $47 and you'll start even quicker.

Honestly, they'll tell you whatever you want to hear in the hope you're naive enough to get your wallet out and hand over even more money.

Upsell 3. Set This Up On Autopilot – $67

For those people who believe it's possible to make money online with a single click of the mouse, this system sets the niche website creation on autopilot.

Upsell 4. – Full License Rights – $97

For $97 you can become an owner of the Profiteer system, promote it however you'd like and keep 100% of the revenue.

Now you're starting to see why this is being promoted so heavily by people who have “gone all in” and are trying to make some of their money back.

More Profiteer Reviews

Still not convinced Profiteer is a scam? Look around at other Profiteer reviews on the web and you'll read story after story of people who dived in head first, bought the system and now live to regret it.

Take a look at this complaint from Tom. He paid out for this program and is now warning others to say away:

profiteer reviews complaints
This poor guy couldn't even get a refund.

Is Profiteer Right For You?

Absolutely not! It's yet another scammy product that promises everything but gives you nothing.

Creating sites with no real content, no rankings, no earnings track record is of no value to anyone whatsoever.

My hope in writing this review is that I've shown you enough to convince you to keep your money.

There's a huge difference in someone creating a training product because they genuinely want to help people find financial freedom online and just selling any old thing to make themselves a quick buck.

With Profiteer I fear it's the latter.

People who are always looking for shortcuts never get anywhere and that's the truth. My advice? Forget about get-rich-quick schemes that never work and instead focus your efforts on what will get you actual results.

Affiliate marketing is a legit way to make money online but here's the catch:

It takes patience to build a strong and profitable affiliate marketing website.

If you're serious about building a legit internet business from home then check out this free beginner's training here.

Yes, you're going to have to work your way through the course and apply every action step they give you, but it's well worth it in the end.

6 thoughts on “Is Profiteer A Scam Or Is There Gold To Be Found? [2021]”

  1. Thanks for exposing the scam that Profiteer is. It is clear that you have made so much research to be able to expose this and without the information that you have provided, I would not have been able to know.

    But as somebody who knows a little bit about SEO, I definitely agree that this model is not going to work. Yes, people make a ton of money selling their websites on Flippa, but these websites have been worked on and developed for a period of time, especially to allow income on the website, and then put up for sale.

    That’s how people are making thousands flipping websites. But you cannot just work 15 minutes on a website and expect it to sell for $100. Nobody would be interested to buy a website with no content, no revenue stream and no authority.

  2. First thank you for the insight.I had my suspicions because it sounded too good to be true and I’ve across many a scam before. You’re right they all want to sell you on the idea of a fast buck. Get rich in your sleep. Once they’ve got you on the hook it looks like there’s lot more products they’re going to pressure you to buy.

    I know that without work and lots of writing content,researching etc. it just will not happen.
    Good article and well written I might add.

    • Thank you so much Cathy – whilst people are looking for quick short cuts and willing to believe the hype, there’s always going to be website flipping scams like this around. The sad thing is people who buy into this and don’t see results are likely going to write the whole possibility of making real money online as a pipedream and will never realise the true potential of running an online business.

  3. First thank you for the insight. Everytime I look for a way to make money online I run across scam after scam. I don’t even know what’s real or fake anymore and I’m starting to give up on the whole idea as a waste of time.

    Your right they all want to sell you on the idea of a fast buck. Get rich in your sleep. I’m wanting real training to show me what to do and I’ll do it! 

    • I had the exact same experience as almost every I know has at some point – in trying to find a legit online income opportunity you first have to get past the huge wall of scams that’s put right in front of you.

      Before starting my online businesses I fell for quite a few scams. By far the most expensive scam (that took the most money out of me) was when I came across this guy calling himself a mathematician who told me there was a way to beat the casinos by ‘doubling up’ on your bets on roulette. So embarrassing to admit now looking back…

      The main issue I have with Profiteer is that he has an opportunity to help the many people looking to build legitimate online income streams, but what would he rather do? Sell you this useless hyped-up course so he can get you into his sales funnel and get as much cash out of you as possible. 

      No wonder the make money online niche has such a bad rep… 


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