Is The Field Agent App A Scam Or A Nifty Side Hustle?

Is The Field Agent App A Scam Or Legit Review

Right now I'm on the hunt for apps you can use to make money wherever you are with just a smartphone.

When I came across the Field Agent app I knew I just had to check it out. In this Field Agent app review I'm going to be asking:

What is the Field Agent app, how does it work and is the Field Agent app a scam or a legit way of earning some decent money?

Let's get started!

What Is The Field Agent App?

Field Agent is a gig app that's been around since 2010 is open to anyone aged 18 or older. They started in the US but they're now available in the UK, Canada, Germany and Australia.

You can download the app on Google Play, iTunes or go to

The jobs they ask you to do is pretty easy, 95% of the jobs involve going into a local store and taking pictures of products on display so the companies can see if they're displayed correctly, they're in stock, got the right price tag etc.

The good thing about the Field Agent app is there's no minimum withdrawal limit and once your job is done you can request a withdrawal with Pay Pal or Dwolla.

Let's have a look at their quick stats:

field agent app review

I'm impressed: over 100,000 downloads and an overall 3.6-star rating out of nearly 3,500 reviews. I've definitely seen a lot worse!

field agent app reviews

The app does a great job at telling you exactly what it's about: you download the app, look at the map for jobs nearby, accept a job and complete it within the time given and get paid. Simple!

is the field agent app a scam

It sounds like the type of jobs they'll have you doing are simple and pretty easy really. But what I'm really interested in is if Field Agent is a legit way of making some real money.

I figured the only way to find out is to download the app and test it for myself…

Field Agent App Review

Here's the standard sign up form, nothing too intrusive here…

is the field agent app a scam or legit

After signing up I was asked to complete my profile. I guess sometimes they are looking for specific groups of people to complete certain jobs.

is the field agent app a scam or not
is the field agent app safe legit

These were very basic questions and it only took me about 60 seconds to tell them what our household monthly income is, whether or not we have children and so on…

I told them I was happy to take both photos and videos to give me the best chance of finding jobs available.

field agent app

Then I was asked to turn on my phone's location tracker which I did.

field agent app reviews complaints
the field agent app review

And sadly, this is where my journey with the Field Agent app ends, at least for now. After all this I was told there are no jobs available. What a bummer!

Is it because I'm in the UK perhaps? Maybe in the US, you would have a better chance of getting a regular supply of jobs but whatever the reason, this doesn't look good!

Can You Make Money With Field Agent?

It depends on where you live. I think the Field Agent app is best suited for those living in major US cities

If you're living in a small town in the middle of Ohio somewhere you might not make much money with this app down to the fact most jobs require you to go into major stores, and traveling long distances is going to eat into your earnings.

You also have to keep in mind that they don't cover your fuel and other expenses so while you could get paid anywhere between $2 and $12 this is something you need to weigh up before accepting a job.

The amount you get paid per job is pretty decent, the issue with this app is going to be how often you can get work.

It all boils down to this: are you looking for a bit of extra cash now and then or are you looking to make a full-time income online?

If you're just wanting some extra pocket money I'd recommend you download the app and keep an eye out for notifications when jobs come up.

But if you're someone like me who doesn't want to waste their time earning a few cents every once in a while with apps like these then the Field Agent app probably isn't for you.

Is The Field Agent App A Scam?

I really like this app, the branding is cool, the app itself is really easy to use and the sign up process was simple and straightforward.

I definitely don't think the Field Agent app is a scam, I just wish that it had more jobs available in my area.

As I said before, if you live in a major US city and there's plenty of jobs available, you could be onto a nice little part-time earner with this one, but if you're not, it's highly unlikely you'll make any real money.

If you want my advice, instead of making a few dollars here and there with apps like these, check out my TOP-RATED make money online training.

It will show you by far the best way to earn a real income online that I've ever come across. By following the training I created a successful online business for myself and you can do the same.

What Do You Think?

I hope you found this Field Agent app review helpful in your quest for making money online. If you've had any experience with this app or any similar ones I'd love to hear from you.

If you have any questions at all, leave them below and I'll get back to you.

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4 thoughts on “Is The Field Agent App A Scam Or A Nifty Side Hustle?”

  1. I did a couple of jobs for them and one of them required you to purchase $30 in a grocery order. I placed the order, went to pick it up, waited an insane time to get the order and submitted the report. I received an email a few days later saying I wouldn’t be paid because my receipt wasn’t clear. I sent them a clearer screenshot immediately and still refused to pay me for the work. Complete waste of time and my money. Won’t be ‘working’ for them again.

    • This sounds terrible Sally, I’m so sorry you had this experience! Apps like this are supposed to put money IN your pocket not the other way around! Did you ever hear anything else back from them? Any way you can appeal the decision? Stories like this definitely don’t fill me with confidence but I appreciate you sharing your story with us.

  2. Hi Simon,

    I’m always in awe of the creative ideas some genius come up with. Field Agent App is a fascinating business model. I wonder how they make money? Ah, through the photos of field agents, companies can keep track of how well their products are displayed or whether they are priced correctly.

    I’ve learned that products displayed at eye level have the best chance to be sold and usually have high profit margin. In this way, suppliers or merchants can have up to date info on their displayed products. This is brilliant!

    Great service to your readers who are looking to earn some extra cash.


    • Hi, yes so in this case Field Agent act as a middle man between companies looking for ad-hoc workers and the freelance workers who have signed up the app.

      I agree with you, it’s a great idea and a win-win for everyone – IF there are enough jobs to do this full-time which at the moment there just isn’t. I think if this kind of thing takes off then we’ll be seeing a lto fo more of this “Gig economy” in the future for sure. 


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