Is LEO A Scam? My Review Will Help You Figure That Out

is leo a scam

First it was Legerweb, then Leger Opinion Surveys and now it's LEO.

Whatever you want to call it, in this review we'll be asking:

Is LEO a scam, a time-waster or a legitimate money maker?

I am willing to try anything (within reason!) if the end result is more money in my pocket. That's why I've been trying and testing paid survey sites recently; I want to find out what works and what doesn't so I can help point you in the right direction.

Because let's be honest: while there are decent sites out there like Swagbucks, most paid survey sites fall into the “not worth it” category because they pay peanuts per hour and take up too much of your time.

If you're ready to start earning a legitimate and steady income online then you should definitely check out my free 4 day video series here.

Oh, and before we get into the review, you should know I'm not connected with LEO Surveys in any way so I'm free to say what I see in an effort to help you to avoid dead ends and achieve your online income goals.

Leo Review At A Glance

About: Leo is a Canada-based survey site but is available for residents in different countries.

Price: Free to join.

Pros: Legit, have the option to get rewarded with cash or air miles.

Cons: Has lots of glitches, no surveys available at times.

Verdict: Leo is not a scam. With no surveys available all the time and with the little reward value for each one, you won't make a sustainable income from this.


0.5 Star Rating NEW

What Is LEO?

what is LEO surveys a scam or legit review

As far as first impressions go, doesn't look like a scammy site.

I like it, the landing page looks professional and trustworthy enough and there are no spammy ads.

From the homepage, we can already learn a few things about LEO:

1) You earn money for answering surveys – not surprising as LEO is a survey site.

2) They're Canadian-owned but open to US residents.

On their FAQ and About pages I found out they have 400,000 members and have paid out a total of $26,506,551 since 2004.

I also learned that LEO gives you a couple of options; once you get to $20 survey dollars you can cash out directly into PayPal, or if you accumulate 20 air miles you can enter your air miles collector number and have them added to your account.

Nowhere on the site could I find any information about how many surveys there are or how much money you can make with LEO. I don't think it's unreasonable for them to give you at least a rough idea of how much you can expect to earn.

At this point, I decided that there was not much else to do, except to try to sign up.

So that’s what I did.

Signing Up for LEO: An Inside Look

The initial sign up form is pretty simple, you just have to enter your name, email address and a password:

Once you've confirmed your email you're taken to the dashboard area…

It looks like before I can see what kind of surveys are available and how much money I can make I'm going to need to fill out 7 pre-surveys first:

signing up to legerweb

Though pre-qualifiers might seem tedious, I think it's better to give them your personal details now so they can match you up with better surveys in the future. One of the biggest complaints from survey takers, in general, is getting blocked out from a survey midway through because apparently you “don't qualify.”

Saying that, the pre-survey surveys probably took me 20-25 minutes in total and if I'm honest, I found the questions way too invasive.

They ask you everything about your personal life like:

  • Who lives with you?
  • How much money do you earn?
  • What insurances do you have and when are they up for renewal?
  • What vehicles you have?
  • What's the total worth of your assets and so on.
is legerweb a scam or legit

For each survey, you're given $0.50 and 5 entries into the monthly draw so at least that's something.

How Much Money Can You Make With LEO?

After clicking on the different tabs inside the dashboard area I can see there are really only 3 ways to make money, or be in for a chance of winning it:

1. Surveys

I know, shock horror! 🙂

Unfortunately though, even after completing all of my profile, there are no surveys available for me. Whether this is because of my demographics I don't know.

The profile surveys took me 20 minutes and brought my balance up to $3.50.

2. Prize Draws

Every month LEO have two $1,000 jackpots, a $100 prize and 1,000 air miles reward. The more surveys you take (assuming they'll be made available), the more entries you have.

This isn't something you can bank on as it's purely down to the luck of the draw, but with 400,000 members maybe you'd be better off buying a lottery ticket…

legerweb winner

3. Referring Friends

It seems the third and final way you make money is by referring friends to LEO. On the website they give you a box to enter your friends' email addresses and promise $1 every time someone signs up and completes at least one survey.

LEO Reviews: What Others Say

Read LEO reviews from existing users on sites like Survey Police and you hear the same couple of issues come up again and again.

1. The LEO App Is Full Of Glitches

The LEO app has been downloaded 10,000+ times on Google Play. As you can see, has more 5-star ratings than anything else:

LEO scam reviews and complaints

On the whole, people are happy with the app, but there is the ocassinal glitch to contend with.

If you're taking surveys with LEO then using the website might be your best bet.

2. No Surveys Available

I'll be interested to see if I get any email invites for surveys but I doubt it. This is the biggest reason you're really going to struggle to earn any money at all with this site. It could take you six months or more just to reach the $20 cashout limit.

It may be different for you if you have children or own your own house say, but for me, this is not a serious money earner.

Businesses who want consumer opinions are starting to turn to Facebook and Twitter to get quicker, more honest feedback meaning fewer surveys are available.

Survey sites like LEO, UTellUs Panel, Inbox Pays and SurveyBods are currently offering just 1 or 2 surveys per month on average and that number is getting less and less.

At $0.25 – $1.00 per survey it doesn't take a genius to see taking surveys is not a legitimate option to earn extra money.

The Bottom Line: Is LEO Right For You?

I don't think LEO is a scam but I don't think it's a legitimate way to make money either. The registration process is long, tedious and frankly, invasive and there are no surveys to take at the end of it.

When you look at all the so-called paid survey sites out there, you're very rarely going to make you more than $10 a month, which is why I quit taking surveys and started an online business instead.

I followed this free beginners training course you might want to check out. It'll show you everything you need to know about making serious money online.

Yes, you need to invest time and effort to make your business grow initially, but eventually you can replace your full-time income.

11 thoughts on “Is LEO A Scam? My Review Will Help You Figure That Out”

  1. I have been with Leger for quite some time now and When I reach the 20000 pts I always get $20.00 Amazon gift card. I have used these to pick up quite a few,
    items from Amazon using my points from Leo. There have been a few problems with their website but when I email them about it they always correct it. I find them very fair
    and enjoy doing their surveys.
    Rick Magee

  2. It’s a scam, I’ve been trying for over a month to get my rewards. They push their deactivate account harder than rewards.

  3. Took me six months to reach the $20 payout threshold and then my lousy account is deactivated. Is it a coincidence this happens just days after I request payment!?? To this day I have not received a dime of my earnings nor do I expect too, the site is not (not anymore anyways) legit and should be avoided at all costs.

    • I’m sorry to hear that John and I can feel your frustration. Sure doesn’t sound like a coincidence to me and if LEO are actively going out of their way to deactivate accounts to avoid paying their members what they’re owed then that would definitely make them a scam.

      Did they give you any reason?

      Thank you for sharing your experience, I know people reading this are going to find it helpful.

  4. Thanks for putting this review of Legerweb together. Just like you said, it is not so good way to earn money online but I think that some extra cash is not bad at all. One can get enough money from this and invest in something better like training how to make a website etc. It is a very great thing that this platform is legit and not a scam.

    • Thanks Daniel, yes Legerweb is definitely a legit site and they do pay out. The most common complaint is that the surveys have just dried up unfortunately. It looks like their best days are behind them for sure.

      • Hi
        Leo is legit i have used it for many years to pass the time and once in a while i get $20.00 check and buy lottery tickets with it – as a retired senior it gives me something to do.
        As for legit – i have used what was called Leger web before and think it was changed to Leo over the years – i just today got a 20.00 visa prepaid card i can hardly figure out what to do with it – called them and they just confirmed my address which they already have – and said i need a pin number – and can use it in my bank machine????? If you read the small print on the back it charges you for every little thing on the card even after not using it… if you register… this is definitely a scam – i will report it on Facebook and other sites..they guy spoke to was rude and pushy and from another country i presumed… so not legit – and when i asked how i could get a pin he was frustrated and said i told you that is enough he was very rude – i said scam scam and he hung up

  5. At the start I was getting emails telling me about new surveys everyday and I received two $20 checks so it was definitely legit. 

    Lately though, the number fo surveys gradually decreased and now I’d say, for the last 3 months, I haven’t heard a thing from them and the surveys have stopped altogether. 

    Such a shame.

    • Hey, thanks for sharing. I’m hearing this from people across all survey sites as companies use social media to get feeback from consumers directly, meaning ‘middle-man’ sites like Legerweb are now redundant. 

      If you’re serious about making decent money online then check out this training course I followed that earns me $7,000 a month. It’s completely free to get started and it’s a much more worthwhile way to earn an income online.

      Any questions, just ask! 🙂


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