Is Legerweb A Scam Or Worthwhile?

is legerweb a scam

I am willing to try anything (within reason) if it means more money in my pocket at the end of the day.

That’s why I’ve been trying and testing paid survey sites recently. I want to find out what works and what doesn’t so I can help point you in the right direction.

In this review we’ll be asking:

Is Legerweb a scam, a time-waster or legitimate money maker?

Let me be honest with you, paid survey sites usually fall into the “not worth it” category because they pay you just peanuts per hour and take up too much of your time.

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Oh, and before we get into the review, you should know I’m not in partnership with Legerweb in any way so I’m free to say what I see in an effort to help you to avoid the dead ends and get to where you want to be.

What is Legerweb?

what is legerweb

As far as first impressions go, doesn’t look like a scammy site. I like it, the landing page looks professional and trustworthy enough and there’s no spammy ads or cheap gimmicks going on.

From the homepage I can already learn a few things about Legerweb. For one, they say you basically earn money for answering surveys… which isn’t surprising as Legerweb are a survey site. Two, I learned they’re Canadian-owned but open to U.S. residents too.

On their FAQ and About pages I found out they have 400,000 members to date and have paid out a total of $26,506,551 since 2004.

I also learned that Legerweb gives you a couple of options; once you get to $20 survey dollars you can cashout to have the money put into your PayPal, or if you accumulate 20 air miles you can enter your air miles collector number and have them added to your account.

Nowhere on the site could I find any information about how many surveys there are or how much money you can make with Legerweb. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for them to give you at least a rough idea of how much you can expect to earn.

So at this point, I decided that there was not much else to do, except for to try to sign up.

So that’s what I did.

Signing up for Legerweb

The initial sign up form is pretty simple, you just have to enter details like your name, email, date of birth, gender and your province/state.

legerweb review

Then you’re taken to the dashboard area…

It looks like before I can see what kind of surveys are available and how much money I can make I’m going to need to fill out 7 pre-surveys first.

signing up to legerweb

Though this seems tedious, I guess it’s better to give them your personal details, family situation details etc. now because one of the biggest complaints for wannabe survey takers is when you get blocked out from a survey midway through because apparantely you “don’t qualify.”

Saying that, the pre-surveys surveys probably took me 20-25 minutes in total and if I’m honest, I found the questions way too invasive.

They ask you everything about your personal life like: who lives with you, how much money do you earn, what insurances do you have and when are they up for renewal, what vehicles you have, what’s the total worth of any assets you have and so on.

is legerweb a scam or legit

For each survey you’re given $0.50 and 5 entries into the monthly draw so at least that’s something…

legerweb monthly draw

How much money can you expect to make?

After browsing the different tabls inside the dashboard area I can see there’s really only 3 ways to make money or be in for a chance of winning it:

1. Surveys

I know, shock horror 🙂 Unfortunately even after completing all of my profile there are no surveys available for me. Whether this is because of my demographic group or what, I don’t know.

The profile surveys I did take took me 20 minutes minimum and brought my balance up to $3.50.

2. Prize draws

Every month they have two $1,000 jackpots, a $100 prize and 1,000 air miles reward. The more surveys you take (assuming they’ll be made available), the more entries you have.

This isn’t something you can bank on as it’s purely down to the luck of the draw, but with 400,000 members maybe you’d be better off buying a lottery ticket.

legerweb winner

3. Referring friends

It seems the third and final way you make money is by referring your friends to Legerweb. On the website they give you a box to enter your friends’ email addresses. They say you’ll get $1 if someone signs up and completes at least one survey.

Legerweb reviews: what others say

When I’m reading Legerweb reviews from existing users on sites like Survey Police I am hearing the same couple of issues come up again and again.

1. The Legerweb app is full of glitches

The Legerweb app has been downloaded 10,000+ times on Google Play and as you can see, have as many 1 star ratings as 5 stars.

legerweb scam reviews

It seems like the app is full of glitches and technical issues making it unsuable.

If you are determined to take surveys with Legerweb then using the website is your best bet.

2. No surveys available

I’ll be interested to see if I get any email invites for surveys but I doubt it. This is the biggest reason you’re really going to struggle to earn any money at all with this site. It could take you six months or more just to reach the $20 cashout limit.

It may be different for you if you have children or own your house say, but for me this is not a serious money earner.

Businesses who want consumer opinions are starting to turn to Facebook and Twitter to get quicker, more honest feedback meaning less and less surveys available.

Read this review left on the Legerweb Facebook page and you’ll see what I mean.

Survey websites like UTellUs Panel, Inbox Pays and SurveyBods are currently offering just 1 or 2 surveys per month on average and that number is getting less and less.

At $0.25 – $1.00 per survey it doesn’t take a genius to see taking surveys is not a legitimate option to earn extra money.

Is Legerweb right for you?

I don’t think Legerweb is a scam but I don’t think it’s a legitimate way to make any money either. The registration process is long, tedious and frankly, invasive and there’s no surveys to take at the end of it.

When you look at all the so-called paid survey sites out there, you’re very rarely going to make you more than $10 a month, which is why in 2014 I quit taking surveys altogether and learned how to create my own internet business instead.

I followed this free beginners training course that you might want to check out. It’ll show you everything you need to know about making serious money online.

Yes, you’re going to need to invest the time and effort to make your business grow initially, but the amount has the potential to overtake your full-time income for years to come.

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