Is Easy Insta Profits A Scam? These 5 BIG Red Flags Say So!


If you ask me, “Is Easy Insta Profits a scam?” I gotta say “Yes it is!” and in this thorough review I'll show you why.

This is not something I say lightly and neither do I have anything to gain by doing so.

I'm just someone who finally found a real way to make money online after being caught in scam after scam and now help others do the same.

Easy Insta Profits Review At A Glance

About: Easy Insta Profits is a make money online opportunity that requires posting on Instagram to earn $1,300.

Price: $17.

Pros: Nothing.

Cons: Get-rich-quick scheme, part of a larger network of scams, fake name, fake testimonials, doesn't deliver.

Verdict: Easy Insta Profits is an absolute scam. There are just too many red flags.


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What Is Easy Insta Profits?

Great question! Let's start with what they're claiming to be vs. the reality of what they actually give you.

Buy in and you get access to a short video training course that promises to teach you how to make money (a lot of money) by posting on Instagram.

Most people find out about the program by watching the long sales video narrated by a guy calling himself Mike Richards over on

Watch it and you'll hear things being said like this:


Huge and outrageous claims are made throughout the video. You're shown screenshots and success stories of how much money people are supposedly earning by following this system.

Quick side note: Is it just me or did anyone else find the narrator's voice incredibly annoying? It literally gave me a headache! Either that or I'm drinking too much coffee…


Here's the biggest promise of all: “Make $1,300 per day from your phone!”

So me let see if I've got this right…

They're saying if I pay them $37, they'll then show you how to make $1,300 a day. Wow! Not a bad deal at all.

That's $9,100 a week or a whopping $474,500; almost half a million dollars a year!

Honestly, where do they get these numbers from? It seems they're just plucking them out of thin air.

And what do they say it'll take to start earning ridiculous amounts of money?

Just your smartphone, 2 thumbs, an Instagram account and 20 minutes a day.

what is easy insta profits a scam review

You couldn't make this stuff up!

In case you've got your wallet out and poised to give them your credit card details because you think this is the Aladdin's cave of online opportunities, let's just take a step back for a second to see past the gimmicks to see what's really going on here.

I'm not overstating when I say you can't believe a single word this guy says.


Because he's a paid spokesman using a fake name.

Don't believe me?

Read the disclaimer at the bottom of the site and they tell you outright!

easy insta profits fake pen name

Here's a good rule of thumb to live by: always check the fine print!

If you did, you'll also know they say you should watch the sales video “for entertainment purposes only”.

Please do not take anything you see on Easy Insta Profits' website seriously.

The Easy Insta Profits “Training”

The Easy Insta Profits training (and I use this word loosely) consists of 13 short 5-minute videos which cover:

  • How to set up an Instagram account
  • How to create eye-catching pictures and posts
  • How to add affiliate links
  • How to build a following so you earn affiliate commissions

Just over an hour's training to learn every aspect of making money with Instagram is hardly going to scratch the surface.

Yes, there's plenty of people out there (especially fitness enthusiasts) who are very successful on Instagram but they'll tell you there's a lot more to it than simply setting up an account and posting a couple of times a day.

This program is severely lacking when it comes to giving step-by-step coaching and support. Aside from promises of easy and instant cash, you're given no real-life examples and no teaching of any substance.

How Much Will Easy Insta Profits Cost You?

This is interesting. The initial price we're given is $37, but try to click out of the website and this pop-up jumps out at you offering you a new lower price of $17:

Did you see what just happened? This scammer just made a schoolboy error and exposed himself at the one also behind the Tube Profit Sniper scam! Sloppy work!

Beware The Many Upsells!

Ever wondered why they offer a supposedly miraculous $1,300 a day system for as low as $17? It's so they can hit you with the more expensive upsells later on.

It's a common tactic used by scammers and salesmen alike – they get you to buy in at a modest amount so once you're already invested they can try to push you down their sales funnel and persuade you to upgrade to more of their products to “help you get the most out of the system” and “double your profits”.

The upsells here are worth more than $700 in total. That's a far cry from the initial $17.

Take a look at their affiliate page and you'll see they encourage affiliates to promote this scam via email so if you came across Easy Insta Profits through a spam email, now you know why.

easy insta profits affiliate program

Will Easy Insta Profits Make You Money?

The short answer is no.

The only people making money here are the unknown creator and affiliates who shamelessly peddle this scam for a 60% profit share.

We're told there's only 4 things you need to make money with this training:

  • A smartphone or some device to connect to the internet
  • An Instagram account
  • Free 20 minutes a day
  • A PayPal account so you can get paid

The truth is it takes a lot more than this to make even $1 on Instagram, nevermind $1,300 per day.

The most successful Instagrammers out there will tell you making money through Instagram is not easy and it's not quick.

Before you buy the course you're told you'll be given “a secret source of laser-targeted traffic” that'll have you making money in no time. In reality, this is nothing more than automated bot software that follows people so they follow you back.

Rather than helping you make money this will get your Instagram account BLOCKED.

Can you make money through Instagram? Yes.

But only through building a solid brand, fostering real relationships with your followers and offering relevant, helpful products that your audience are interested in.

There are 1000's of people earning a full-time income through Instagram but rather than paying for Easy Insta Profits you can more useful resources online like:

Why Easy Insta Profits IS A Scam

After reviewing 100's of training courses all promising a path to true financial freedom, I've become adept at spotting the sure-fire signs of a get rich quick scam.

Here are 5 of the biggest red flags I see with this program that all undoubtedly point to the fact Easy Insta Profits is a scam.

1. The Name ‘Easy And Instant' Gives Us Our First Clue

Any ‘bulletproof system' or ‘newly discovered code' that tells you earning money online is fast and easy is more likely than not a complete scam designed to trigger your emotions and get you to buy-in.

We all understand building a profitable business in the offline world takes time, a certain level of skill and a lot of hard work, but for some reason, many people fool themselves into thinking this doesn't apply to the online space.

The truth is, success (and money) follows those who start an online business, get the right training and are resilient enough to push through.

2. Easy Insta Profits Is Part Of A Larger Network Of Scams

I've already shown you parts of the website where the scammer forgot to change the name from Tube Profits Sniper to Easy Insta Profits, but there's more…

In the last few weeks I've come across a number of internet scams that I believe are from the same person, such as:

Take a look at these screenshots of a few of the sites I've just mentioned and you'll see what I mean…

To refresh your memory, here's what the Easy Insta Profits website looks like:

easy insta profits website

Now compare that to The AZ Code scam

reviews complaints

And finally, here's what the Kindle Sniper site looks like…

scam or legit review

Notice any similarities?

All these scams have:

  • A catchy headline promising you huge lumps of cash
  • The flag of the country you're watching the video from
  • A sales video full of hype and sales gimmicks
  • A form for you to enter your name and email
  • A $37 price tag for a low-quality PDF file or short videos

And finally, what all these scams have in common is that the owner is more concerned about making a quick buck than giving you high-quality training that will actually help you become successful online.

Speaking of the owner…

3. Mike Richards Is A Fake Name (We Have No Idea Who The Real Owner Is)

The guy who put this training together and tells us he's earning $40,000 a month by following the techniques he'll teach you doesn't want his identity to be known.

There's one single reason for this – he doesn't want to get caught.

You see, if this was a legit, value-packed training course you'd expect a proud owner to stand beside it and be the face for his own product.

But when you're fooling people into handing over their money knowing full well what you're giving them in no way matches your sales pitch, it's best to stay anonymous when the complaints and negative reviews start rolling in.

4. Fake Video Testimonials

Remember those video testimonials from members about how their lives have drastically changed thanks to the Easy Insta Profits system?

Yeah, like everything on this site, they're fake too.

Because scammy products don't have real success stories, they need to revert to sites like to pay actors willing to say anything you want them to say for $5.

fiverr testimonials

In the fine print you'll see them blatantly lie about where these video success stories have come from, though they're careful to say you shouldn't expect to get any results.

fake testimonials

5. This Over-Hyped System Will Leave You Underwhelmed

At the end of the day, what will you see for your $37? Just 11 short 5 minute videos on how to create an Instagram account.

Sure, they'll tell you what you're wanting to hear, they'll show you pictures of fancy cars and big houses but in the end you'll realise this is all nonsense and deception.

The truth is the videos have very little value whatsoever, with just very generic information about getting started on Instagram you could easily find yourself doing a quick Google search.

Is Easy Insta Profits Right For You?

Only if you believe in get-rich-quick schemes. Seriously though, I hope I've done enough to convince you this 65-minute video training is not how you're going to learn how to make your online income goals a reality.

There's no short cuts, no overnight success, no system out there whatsoever that will make you rich, you're going to have to work at it and put in the effort.

A Better Alternative?

You absolutely CAN make money through the internet but only by establishing an online brand, building a following, publishing high-quality content and offering products and services that genuinely help your audience.

Want real step-by-step training with expert support?

Check out this free beginners course here.

It's where I got started 4 years ago and I earn a full-time income every month. What they teach works!

Apply yourself and you will see real results and secure your financial future.

To your online success!

4 thoughts on “Is Easy Insta Profits A Scam? These 5 BIG Red Flags Say So!”

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for your review of Easy Insta Profits. What bugs me the most is the use of actors to get false testimonies! It is beyond me! 

    I just don’t understand why there are so many scammers out there targeting innocent people to get their money. They wouldn’t dare walk up to someone in the street and steal money from their purse but this is exactly what they are doing with this group of scams.

    Well, keep up the good job!

    • I agree with you. The real issue is people’s ideas about making money online. Scammers think you can only make money by scamming others and the scam victims think you should be able to make money fast and with no effort.

      They are constantly on the lookout for the next ‘shortcut to success’, the next ‘revolutionary technology’ and thus, fall for every scam that pops up in front of them.

      Take a look at 13 Ways To Avoid Work From Home Scams for tips on how to protect yourself online.

      If we can educate enough people to realise earning an income online is only done by following a legitimate business model then it won’t be long before we start putting scam franchise owners like this one out of business. The sooner the better I say.

  2. Hey Simon,

    Thanks for putting together this review. I know that Instagram is turning some heads recently as more and more people use it to further create brand outreach and ultimately make more money from their online businesses.

    In fact, a friend of mine has recently been selling products on their Shopify store by using Instagram to post pictures of the products and then collecting email addresses and sending invoices using some plug-in that they found.

    Thank you for also sharing the three make money through Instagram links that you did, but I was wondering if you have any recommendations for additional training that could help me develop more of a following for my brand by using Instagram?

    Do you recommend using the paid ads that Instagram offers through Facebook? The reason I ask is that I have been told by others that if you purchase advertising even once that it is much harder for you to rank organically inside of Instagram.

    While I don’t know if this is necessarily true, I do know that at one time this was the case on Facebook. The moment that you paid money for an ad, you watch your organic reach declined drastically almost overnight.

    Thanks again for taking the time to put together this review and I look forward to hearing back from you on my questions.


    • Hi Tony, personally I’ve never paid for ads on Instagram but if done right it could be a way to increase your reach. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest also have paid ads available. I have heard similar stories about people using Facebook ads and they too lost organic traffic after starting their first campaigns.

      I like to focus on Google Ads just because I much prefer search engine traffic compared to social media traffic. People clicking on my Google Ads seem a lot more engaged, stay around for longer and are much more willing to buy in in my opinion, because my ad would only show up after a targeted Google search. My feeling is that people browse social media sites much more casually and so you have to warm them up first.

      You can definitely learn how to build your online brand on social media through the training inside the Wealthy Affiliate community. That’s also where I learned how to run successful Google Ads campaigns.

      The key to running any ads is to optimise your campaigns to ensure you’re earning more than you spend. You can fine tweak your ads, trying different images, titles, call to actions and so on once you’ve got some data and increase your conversion rate from there. 

      It sounds a little scary and tricky but with the right training and practice it doesn’t take long to master. Once you’ve got it down you can then rinse and repeat for as many times as you like, whenever you like to earn a nice profit.

      I hope this helps, let us know if you have any other questions. 

      All the best and wishing you every success,



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