Is Data Dollars Pro A Scam? I Don’t Trust The Creator!

Is Data Dollars Pro A Scam

If you came to Data Dollars Pro thinking you will find a way to make a living from home, I suggest you read this review first before taking your wallet out.

Better yet, keep it safe in a double-locked safe for the meantime.

In this review, we’re going to find out if Data Dollars Pro is a scam, a low-quality opportunity, or a mere hyped-up scheme. 

You see, overly hyped schemes can easily rub off on people who don’t have much experience in the online sphere or on someone in dire need of money. Mind you, these are the scammer’s favorite kind of people.

If you don’t want to fall for the “hundreds of dollars income” booby trap you should read this review right down to the end. 

Data Dollars Pro Review At A Glance

About: Data Dollars Pro is an eBook about how to make money with data entry.

Price: $37 for the eBook and $47 each for 2 upsells. $131 in total.

Pros: Has a 60-day money back guarantee.

Cons: Uses fake testimonials, hyped up sales pitches, and doesn't give much value for its price.

Verdict: Data Dollars Pro won't deliver its income claim because it's just an eBook with generic data entry tips. If you want sustainable income online, this won't be enough.


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What Is Data Dollars Pro?

Data Dollars Pro is a ClickBank product by Jenny Lewis (or so it’s who she claims to be). It’s an opportunity claiming to make you money by doing data entry jobs. She claims you won’t need any special skills to start making the money roll in.

Here’s the kicker:

Data Dollars Pro is no more than an eBook on a step-by-step process of how you can make money with data entry. The funny thing is, the information you’ll find in the eBook can be found for free if you just Google it. 

Data Dollars Pro eBook

It’s no secret system invented by an online marketing genius that can help you exploit online money wells. ITS JUST A BOOK, NO MORE, NO LESS

The sales video will make you feel otherwise. It says you can generate hundreds of dollars per week just by harassing your keyboard every day. 

The truth is:

You’ll need more than Jenny Lewis’ eBook to make money online enough to put food on the table, not just mere candy. 

Granted, data entry can help you make some side income, but it won’t be enough to make ends meet.

Honestly, the eBook content is just utter tips on how you can type faster and how you can find data entry jobs in other platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Like I told you earlier, you can just find these for free off the internet and even on Youtube if you prefer a video tutorial. 

As for Jenny Lewis, I don’t think she really exists. It’s a mere pen name to hide the truth of who really is behind this scheme. 

Here’s my thing on people who don’t really reveal themselves:

How can you trust they will help you make money when they don’t reveal who they really are? I mean time and again I’ve said this kind of move is a common tactic by scammers to hide their identity. When it’s time to run, they don’t have a baggage to hold them down. 

Overall, the owner, the income claims, and the sales video are mere exaggerated claims of what you can get from Data Dollars Pro. 

How Does Data Dollars Pro Work?

I hope you’re just reading this part because I said you have to read right down to the end to know the truth and not because Data Dollars Pro has somehow lured you into trying them out. 

First, you have to buy the product for $37. Somewhere in the middle of the process, you’ll be slapped with $47 PDF entitled “Multiple Streams of Income” and another $47 for “Quick Cash Machine”. AKA the upsells. 

Data Dollars Pro Price

Come to think of it $37 is not much for an eBook IF AND ONLY IF it can give you the information you can’t find for free off the internet. Otherwise, you won’t get your money’s worth. A total waste of $37!

Add just a few more dollars to that amount, you can actually start a legit money-making business. I’ll tell you more about it later on. 

Don’t forget about the two $47 upsells. All in all, Data Dollars Pro will lumber $131 off you!

Now here’s where I got annoyed most:

Data Dollars Pro will make you feel you’ll be working on the platform itself to make money. In reality, they’ll just refer you to freelancing job sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

So why do I have to pay for Data Dollars Pro in the first place, right?

Plus, Data Dollars Pro will also paint you a picture of data entry as the perfect solution to your cash needs. The truth is, you can’t really earn much for doing simple tasks like data entry.

Anyone can easily do it, there’s no demand enough to pay much for it!

The reality is:

If you’re considering freelancing as a money-making option, you’ll need the skill to scale your income enough to keep the light on.

You can be a writer, a social media manager, an email marketer, and so on. You need to have a skill not everyone has so you’ll stand out from the crowd of people wanting to make money online

So, here’s my point: data entry is just good for a few extra bucks but it can’t provide you a monthly income. 

What I Like About Data Dollars Pro

I won’t bury Data Dollars Pro completely, they still a few good points you should know about.

1. You Can Learn About Data Entry

Data Dollars Pro still was able to keep one promise: to give you an idea of how you can make money with data entry. The material is still useful, though it’s not worth your money. 

2. There’s A Refund Policy

A lot of Clickbank products have a money-back guarantee and Data Dollar Pro is one of them. If you’re not getting what you expect inside the eBook, there’s a 60-day provision to process a refund. 

What I Don’t Like About Data Dollars Pro

1. Scarcity Tactic

The sales pitch includes a tactic that pushes you to buy before the stock runs out. It says there are just a few digital copies left so you have to grab yours before its gone.

The scarcity angle isn’t all wrong. If you pay for a physical seminar or a hardbound book, this can be true. I won’t say the same thing for digital products though. 

The truth is, the scarcity banner is just a mere widget. Don’t fall for it. Even if you refresh the page, you’ll still have the same number of copies available. 

2. Fake Testimonials And Images

Jenny Lewis’ photo itself was just a stock photo, so are the pictures of people in the testimonials.

Data Dollars Pro Stock Images

Here’s what I think about fake testimonials:

The only thing they could ever say is how fast they make an amount of money. They can’t explain how they did it and what part of the product helped them specifically. 

When so-called testimonials can’t explain these parts, most likely, it’s no more than a shammy bunch of words made to deceive you. 

3. Overly Hyped Sales Pitch

The product can only deliver a tiny portion of what it promises, just the eBook. As for helping you find a job, you have to do it yourself. The best they did was point you to the sites you can apply to. 

4. Product Is Pricey

Initially, you won’t think you’ll be spending much. But then there’s the upsells and fact that the content of the eBook can be freely found on the internet. Totally not worth even a cent!

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Is Data Dollars Pro A Scam?

I’d say it is. The fake owner, fake claims, and the low-quality eBook you get is not in any way near to what Data Dollars Pro is trying to make you expect. 

It’s just a mere bubble getting bigger and bigger with each fake claim and fake testimonial. In the end, when you finally hand down your hard-earned money, it will burst. 

Even if it’s legit, I still won’t be recommending it to you. $131 is not a small amount and I doubt you can earn that back easily from doing data entry jobs. These kinds of jobs are only paid in cents!

You’re not even assured you’ll find a job right there and then! Upwork and Fiverr are marketplaces which means you’ll have a lot a competition to think about. Long story short, it’s not a good way to make money. 

Data Dollars Pro Bottom Line

Data Dollars Pro pictures hills and valleys but ultimately fails to deliver. So, if you start fantasizing about going to your dream vacation, buying your own luxury car and house, Data Dollars can’t help you.

If you really want to make money online, there are other ways you can try.

I suggest you try affiliate marketing. It helps you build your own business from scratch by teaching you the ropes of the business.

What I like about it is you’ll be promoting products you’re going to be personally interested in. You also won’t be left alone to learn things on your own because it includes a training program.

It does involve a little cost of $49/month but once your website is up and running, you can get back your investment. 

Another great thing about is you’ll be earning not just for a month, but for the long term, even when you’re away from your computer.

If you want to test the waters out, you can check out the first 10 free lessons. To know more about how you can make a monthly income out of affiliate marketing, check out this Wealthy Affiliate review. 

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What Your Take On Data Dollars Pro?

Do you think it’s a worthy investment to make or are you better off trying out something else? If you have more question about affiliate marketing, feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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