The Truth About Insurance Return Checks: A Real Review

Insurance Return Checks Review

Welcome to the only Insurance Return Checks review you'll ever need to read because right here, right now I'm going to answer this very important question:

What are Insurance Return Checks – a program you join to get insurance checks sent to your door or an elaborate scam designed to deceive?

Before we get into things, let me just congratulate you on taking the time to do your research. Fewer people would fall for scams if they did exactly what you're doing now.

And just so you know:

I am not associated with Insurance Return Checks in any way. 

I write this full and frank review as someone who makes a full-time living online to help you avoid misleading scams that leave you high and dry so you can better invest your time into real money-making programs.

Insurance Return Checks Review At A Glance

About: Insurance Return Checks is Robert Baillieul's insurance platform that supposedly gets you a share of the insurance checks the US government gives back to its citizens.

Price: $7 for initial fee, $90 automatic charge after 30 days. Forget cancelling and you'll end up paying $594/year.

Pros: Nothing at all.

Cons: There are no insurance return checks, not upfront that what you'll really be paying is a newsletter.

Verdict: Insurance Return Checks is undoubtedly a scam. You're led to believe you're getting some monetary freebie but in reality they're pitching newsletter subscriptions.  


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Downright Dirty And Deceptive Sales Tactics

You and I both know there's no end of scammy programs out there promising fast and easy cash on autopilot and, unfortunately, Insurance Return Checks is one of them…

The Insurance Return Checks sales page was created by Robert Baillieul and his copywriting friends over at Lombardi Financial to try and hoodwink you into thinking there are checks floating in cyberspace with your name on them and all you have to do is sign up and cash in as they land in your mailbox each month.

what are insurance return checks scam or legit review

In the promo video they tell you thousands of Americans have been regularly collecting these “IRCs”, giving you example after example of people cashing in up to $37K a year:

  • Lawyer Lisa: Her IRCs are bringing her in an extra $37,376.64 every year. That's an average of $3,114.72 per month.
  • Investment Officer Martin: His IRCs bring him in an average of $6,117.60 per month.
  • Ex-US Navy Captain: Gets $1,712.98 from his IRC.
  • Communications Worker Elizabeth: Gets $20,388.48 a year; that’s $1,699.04 a month.

Sounds great right? Sign up and just start receiving checks! However, with this program, not all is at it seems…

Here are 3 dirty untruths these guys won't tell you (but should!):

1. Insurance Return Checks Don't Actually Exist

They say insurance companies are returning millions of dollars to ordinary Americans every year. All you have to do is sign up to Robert Baillieul's ‘plan' to start collecting your checks.

insurance return checks scam

If you think this all sounds too good to be true then you're absolutely right.

Lombardi Publishing's team of expert copywriters are professionals at what they do and they know exactly which strings to pull and what buttons to press.

They don't exactly lie to your face as this would be breaking the law, so instead, they imply insurance companies are ready to send you checks.

They subtly hint there's free and easy money to be made, but of course, this is all smoke and mirrors.

Insurance Return Checks reminds me of the Cash For Patriots scam I exposed recently that dupes you into thinking there's some kind of US government program where you sign up and get ‘Trump checks' sent to your door.

The only difference is with IRCs we're told it's some kind of cashback system from insurance companies. In both cases, the sales pages are highly misleading.

2. They Employ Blatant Fear Mongering Tactics

Less than 5 minutes into the sales video you'll hear an almost state-by-state rundown of how insurance premiums are supposed to be rising by up to 30% in some cases except we're given nothing to back this up.

This is sleazy sales tactics used to scare you into clicking their sign up button and one you shouldn't fall for.

3. They Target The Elderly And Retired

Promising to be the solution to America's apparent ‘retirement crisis', the worst thing about this misleading, manipulative sales page is that Lombardi is intentionally targeting retirees and veterans with their misleading sales pitch.

what is insurance returns checks a scam

I wonder how many hundreds of elderly folks have seen this and, thinking this is a legit program, have gone ahead and signed up.

They'll throw big numbers around, but fail to be upfront and honest and what Insurance Return Checks are and how much money you're going to need to invest to be in with the slightest chance of making these kinds of returns.

What Is Insurance Return Checks Really?

OK, so let's do a quick recap on what Insurance Return Checks is NOT:

  • It's got nothing whatsoever to do with the fact health insurance premiums are supposedly rising.
  • You won't get random checks dropping on your doormat from insurance companies.

There's no ‘secret plan' out there you don't know about where insurance companies are sending people checks for no reason.

So what is Insurance Return Checks exactly?

Insurance Return Checks is nothing more than Robert Baillieul's very clever sales pitch designed specifically to sign you up to his Passive Monthly Income newsletter which gives tips on investing in dividend stocks.

passive monthly income financial newsletter

You basically get recommendations on the best companies to invest in for the best returns, a private members-only website and email alerts telling you when to buy and sell.

But before you rush ahead and sign up, these newsletter don't come cheap:

Click the ‘Order Now' button and you'll be asked to pay $49 for a 6-month trial subscription and unless you cancel, your account will be billed another $297 before the 6 months is up and from there you'll be charged $594 per year.

insurance return checks costs and pricing

You're also going to need to invest a heck of a lot of money to get anywhere close to the kinds of returns they promised in the video and even then it's not guaranteed.

Is Insurance Return Checks A Scam?

‘Scam' is not a word I use lightly but in this case, I have to say that yes:

Insurance Return Checks IS a scam.

If they just came out and said, “Look, if you're interested we've got this monthly newsletter that can help you make money from the stock market. then I'd have no problem, but the fact they deliberately mislead people with fake ass advertising just pisses me off big time.

I'm not the only one saying this either:

Look at other Lombardi Publishing reviews online and you'll find dozens of complaints from people who feel ripped off.

It seems like there's an ongoing issue with Lombardi taking money out of people's accounts even after they've contacted them to cancel their subscriptions.

Lombardi have just a 1.5 out of 5 star rating on

lombardi publish scam reveiws

They're not doing much better with the Better Business Bureau either:

better business bureau reviews

You know what?

Even if I were to start investing in the stock market then these would be the last guys I take financial advice from…

If they're not even honest enough to be transparent with you on the sales page or to honour subscription cancellation requests then what reason do you have to believe they'll tell you the truth after you've handed them your hard-earned cash?

You Don't Have To Gamble To Make Money

One thing they are honest about though is following their advice and investing your money does not guarantee a return. Lombardi's legal disclaimer makes it clear that there's always a risk involved.

Even with the best advice, you should always invest your money with extreme caution and never more than you're ready to lose.

Here's a great video on the pros and cons of investing and some of the risks involved:

However you try and dress it up, investing is always going to be a gamble and while I might dabble here and there, I would never base my whole financial future on the unpredictability of the stock market. It's just too risky for me.

Affiliate marketing is a tried and tested way to replace your full-time income without breaking the bank.

Broken down, the 4 step process to making money online looks like this:

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work process

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Questions Or Thoughts Of Your Own?

Are you sick of being scammed, or almost being scammed by hyped-up products that promise you the earth but leave you disappointed every time?

Have you had any experience with Insurance Return Checks or Lombardi Publishing?

What are your opinions on stock market investing vs. affiliate marketing?

Scroll down and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you!

7 thoughts on “The Truth About Insurance Return Checks: A Real Review”

  1. They send me CRAP like once a month and sometimes twice a month, but they won’t take debit cards, so maybe I am better off than most people

  2. Thank you so much for this article~ I received a direct mailing from Lombardi Publishing. Glad I did my homework before taking any action. Sheeeeesh.

  3. Thanks for your direct and eye-opening review. It does sound like a legit offer at first. I always caution my parents about emails and offers they receive. People are very slick with their words, and their advertisements are appealing. I always tell them to run it by me and let me do some research (or look at reviews first). 

    Thanks for educating us about Insurance Return Checks and I’ll be telling my parents to stay away. 

    • “Slick with their words” is a good way to put it. Older people tend to be more vulnerable to these kinds of sales pitches thinking it’;s some kind of government or official scheme they’re signing up to, I suspect this is why Lombardi target this age group. 

      Thanks for sharing and I’m glad this review has been helpful – your parents are lucky to have you!

  4. Simon,

    Thanks for this article. I’d recently heard of Insurance Return Checks and thought I’d research it because it sounded weird to me. I mean really, you have checks for me, for no apparent reason? Sure thing. Well you have confirmed everything I thought. Now to be honest I just feel sad because this is so deceptive. Especially preying on elderly and retired, that is so low. 

    Thanks for your ideas on affiliate marketing, I’ll be looking into that further. Sounds like a legitimate model. 

    • Hey Melissa, thanks for letting us know your thoughts. Yeah, using weird sales tactics seems to be a growing trend right now with financial newsletter-type promotions. I guess there’s a need to ‘sex it up’ a bit as talking about financial markets can be dull as hell but I think these guys have crossed the line from hyped-up to downright misleading.

      Affiliate marketing is by far my favourite way to make money online, yes it takes work but it’s the online online business model I’ve seen that offers you the real chance at a passive income once you’ve put the work in upfront. I have a website I haven’t touched in 3 years that’s still earning me $3-$4,000 per month for example. 

      If you haven’t yet, be sure to register for the free beginners course that’ll point you in the right direction and give you the best start possible.

      All the best!

      Simon 🙂


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