How To Work From Home By Blogging Your Way To A Full-Time Income

how to start a wordpress blog

Here's the deal…

Learning how to work from home by blogging is the best way to earn a full-time income.

I've been doing it for 3 5 years now. 

Blogging as a hobby has always been popular but it's only in recent times that more and more people are waking to it's huge earning potential.

Work from home mums, retirees and students have found that they can earn money by reaching a potential audience of 4 billion daily internet users (it's rising too by the way) by blogging…

and all from the comfort of their own home.

The internet age is opening new opportunities for people like you and me to turn our homes into an online business centre and are replacing their full-time.

“Today, billions of consumers across the globe are connected to the internet whenever and wherever they go. This poses a huge opportunity for businesses that embrace the internet to reach and engage potential customers in overseas markets.”

Why does this matter?

Because if other people can do it, why the heck can't you? I did.

Through blogging, you can turn that passion of yours into a thriving online business. I started in 2014 and it took me just 12 months to replace my full-time income.

Read how I went from zero to $6,000+ monthly by working from home here.

Why is blogging the best way to work from home?

  • It doesn't take much to get started – Forget rental, storage and shopping costs of conventional business start-ups. An internet connection, laptop, domain name registration and some good affiliate marketing training are all you need to start your money-making blog today.
  • You build a business are your passion – You're going to be working for yourself now and that means you get to choose the direction you want to go in. You can earn money from absolutely every single niche because there are billions of people out there searching every day.
  • You don't need to be a professional writer to start blogging – Successful bloggers come in all shapes and sizes from all walks of life. You don't need to be flawless at grammar to make money blogging. Focus on being yourself and write content that's helpful.
  • How much you can earn from home is limitless – Your online business will be open for trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the truly global high street and there are hundreds of ways to monetise your blog.

How earning money blogging from home works

I started working from home as a direct result of taking the free affiliate marketing training at Wealthy Affiliate. The process of working from home and earning real money works like this:

wealthy affiliate process for making money online

1. Choose an interest

Just think for a second, what hobbies you have? What really gets you going? What's something you can talk about a lot? The chances are you can work from home by building a successful blogging business around it.

I've seen people earn serious money with travel blogs, or websites around on caring for pet fish, home brewing, health or food blogs.

The key is to choose a blogging niche you can write blog posts about and have fun with it.

Did you know, for example, there are 6936 searches each month on average for ‘how to train your dog'?!

Anyone could set up a site, let's say and blog about the best techniques for training your dog to sit, stay, stop. You could also write about different types of dog food, dog walking regimes etc. and earn money by doing it.

The options are endless, though an important step in starting your online business, don't take to long choosing a niche – try and decide on a general area of interest in the next 15 minutes.

Here are some ideas to get you going…


Recommended reading:

2. Start your blog (a lot easier than you think!)


Once you decided on your niche, it's to start your blog.

Consider a strong brand for your blog and a good domain name.

Avoid using hyphens and awkward numbers in your domain and always go for a .com domain name extension where possible.

As our example: is not as good as

Feel free to get creative here. Once you've decided on your domain, it's time to go ahead and register your domain.

With the  SiteRubix website builder, it's easier than ever to start your blog, even if you've never done it before.

With hundreds of free WordPress templates to choose from and 24-hour technical support, you'll have a beautiful looking website of your very own up and running in the next 20 minutes.

3. Learn how to get readers to your site

how to drive traffic to your website

Look, your blog could be the best blog ever created but without traffic (website visitors) you'll ever earn a dime.

The next step in earning from home with your blog is to learn how to attract readers and potential customers.

At Wealthy Affiliate you'll learn exactly how to rank on Google and leverage the power of social media to build your blog's readership.

The more people will find your site, the more you can help them and the more money you will earn.

People search online for answers to questions, looking for solutions to a problem they have. Your job as a work from home blogger is to connect these people with a solution.

This takes us nicely onto the best part…

4. Actually earning money with your blog

how to earn money on the internet

Though there are many ways to make money with your bog, the most profitable way to earn real money is through affiliate marketing.

This where you (the affiliate) agrees to promote the products or services of a third party company (the merchant) in return for a commission.

Commission rates can range anywhere from 3% – 75%.

Joining an affiliate program is free and you can sign up to as many as you like. Good affiliate programs should have good statistic tracking and earnings reports and you usually get paid monthly via PayPal.

The key to uncapping your blog's earning potential is to offer products and services that are:

a) Relevant to your target audience – for a dog training site, any dog training accessories would be relevant, whereas an acne treatment for teenagers wouldn't be.

b) Helpful to your readers – will what you're recommending actually benefit them? If not, then your online business' reputation is at stake. Personally, I only recommend what I have tried myself so I can write a full review sharing my experiences.

c) Free to test drive – I only recommend products or services that my readers can try for free before ever paying a dime. This way they get to make an informed decision on whether or not what you're offering will be helpful and useful.

Here’s a quick video that shows you step by step through how you can get paid from your blog:

how to get paid for blogging

Further reading:

Are you ready to start working from home?


I hope you are starting to see the massive potential of this…

The bottom line?

You really can start today: Wealthy Affiliate gives you instant access to everything you need to work full-time from home.

So what's stopping you? Go ahead and create your free starter account now and start your step-by-step training.

No hype, no scammy spam, just real and honest how-to training and community support.

Questions Or Thoughts Of Your Own?

If you’ve got questions, be sure to drop me a comment below and I’ll always get back to you personally.

I’d love to hear from anyone working from home who's using blogging as a way to make money legitimately online. What advice would you give to anyone just starting out?

4 thoughts on “How To Work From Home By Blogging Your Way To A Full-Time Income”

  1. Hello Simon, thanks for this really wonderful post, I must say I am really excited to have come across it. I have retired form my job for about 2 months now and starting a blog have been my biggest option to making money from home. However I have had challenges on how to start one. Seeing these steps you have given here gives me so much relief and I would love to start the process of opening my own page. Thanks for sharing 

    • That’s so great to hear Chloe, keep us updated with how your blog’s doing . It’s hard work in the beginning but stick with it and you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labour! 🙂

  2. Hi Simon, great post. Well, detailed and excellent explanation of all the parts that are involved with starting your own blog online. What I was wondering, do you just have one blog our have you got multiple blogs on different subjects? Maybe if you do you can elaborate on Simon.

    • Hi Eric, thanks! 

      For beginners, I recommend focusing on ONE blog to start with. Once you’ve got that to the point of earning a consistent income you can then explore other niches. 

      I’ve been a full-time affiliate marketing for 5 years or so and I’ve started successful websites in the church growth, leadership and online language learning niches, so yeah, had experience in a few different niches. 

      Hope this helps! 🙂


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