Club Shanghai Review: Read This And Never Get Scammed Again

club shanghai review

As someone looking for a way of making money online that actually works, in this Club Shanghai review I will answer a few questions you're probably asking yourself right now.

Things like:

  • What is Club Shanghai exactly?
  • Can you make money with Club Shanghai?
  • Is Club Shanghai a scam not worth bothering with or legit?
  • What is the single best way to make money online?

Obviously, you have turned to the internet to research – which is why you're here reading this Club Shanghai review!

If you're short on time and want to get straight to the heart of it – here's what I found out in just a few short paragraphs:

Club Shanghai Review (Quick Overview)

club shanghai scam

Product Name: Club Shanghai

Website: (now shut down)

Created by: Jermaine Jones (not his real name)

Price: $7

Upsells: $1,000+


In my view, $7 is a lot to pay out for a couple of crappy eBook PDF files the owner has found somewhere online and rebranded to make us think he wrote them himself.

All you're getting here is low quality, recycled trash that's been circling the web for years. People struggle to give it away for free.


Because it doesn't work!

Club Shanghai is nothing more than a blatent scam that pushes people into buying expensive upsell after expensive upsell. There's nothing here of value or even remotely trustworthy.

It seems the Club Shanghai owner has been very busy recently – just last month he released the China Secret scam. With the exception of the fake name he uses, the claims, layout and upsells are identical.

It honestly doesn’t get much scummier or scammier than this and I definitely do not recommend wasting your time with this money-sucking scam.

Want my honest advice? Keep your $7 and buy yourself something nice with it.

Rating: 3/100

Recommended: No

Table Of Contents

What Is Club Shanghai? The Bizarre Claims

When you go to all you see is a single sales page and sales video with very little information on it. No legal disclaimers, no contact details and we have no idea who the owner is.

This is the first big red flag!

what is club shanghai

The video is narrated by a guy who calls himself Jermaine Jones, and he certainly doesn't shy away from using hyped up sales tactics to get people clicking on the buy it now button.

Here are just a few of the crazy claims:

  • “This is the best $7 you've ever spent in your life!”
  • “I'll show you how I made $128,538.50 in just 13 clicks!”
  • “This is a paint by numbers system even a 3 year old can follow!”
  • “You've stumbled across 2019's only profit generating goldmine!”

Jermaine says he worked as a online business journalist until he discovered the ‘game-changing' Shanghai secret that is in a ‘class of its own' that completely changed his life.

He doesn't take all the credit though, saying he discovered these instant money making secrets through two geniuses call Steve and Warren…

the club shanghai scam

He says the website is closing in 2 hours and that ‘limited positions remain' because they're only allowing 100 beta testers to join the program.

So far, this site's been up a month so I know this is total bullcrap.

Shanghai Club: Discover The Secrets Of A Facebook Messenger Spamming Millionaire

What's the revolutionary profit busting method?

Spamming people on Facebook Messenger.

Yep, really.

Jermaine says if you give him $7 he'll teach you the secrets to profiting through messenger apps. He says messenger apps offer the biggest money making opportunity because owners of the Chinese WeChat app made $40 billion last year.

how does club shanghai work

If you think this all sounds the biggest pile of hyped-up nonsense you've ever heard, you'd be absolutely right.

‘Messenger marketing' isn't actually a thing and I can guarantee there's no-one out there (least of all this guy) who's making $100,000's sitting at home spamming random people on Facebook Messenger.

And who is Jermaine Jones, this messenger spamming expert, anyway?

We have absolutely no idea.

All I know is that's not his real name and he's the same guy behind Club Heist and The China Secret scam where he says he's making $28,432.22 a day. In that sales video, he goes by the name Robert Walters.

It's painfully obvious we can not trust a single word this guy says. All we see on the Shanghai Club website are lies and deception with zero substance.

The Truth Behind Club Shanghai's $7 Price Tag

Learning how to make $128,538.50 with 13 clicks of a mouse for $7 seems like bargain, right?

Jermaine says his partners, Steve and Warren, left it up to him to decide how much he should charge

Adding a sense of urgency to the sales video, Jermaine says that “time really is of the essence” because once he's recruited the first 100 people into his beta testing group – the $490 discount will expire.

Let's say you just happened to stumble upon an absolute goldmine of an income opportunity, a proven method that really did have the potnetial of turning you into a multi-millionaire in the space of a few months.

How much would you charge for this life-changing information?




More than a measley $7, right?

So you might be wondering:

Why exactly is this guy giving away his best secrets for virtually nothing?

In a word – upsells.

It's All About The Upsells Baby!

Low quality, scammy products like Funnel X ROI, Smart Money System and Instant Email Empire all have upsells, but the Shanghai Club has more than most…

Once inside the members area you'll be hit with a long line of ‘irrestible', ‘must-have' upsells and upgrades all dangling the golden carrot of even bigger earnings in an even shorter space of time.

Whoever the owner is knows that by charging a low fee to begin with, he can get more people to sign up and send through his sales funnel where he will do his best to milk you dry.

Sign into the members area and you'll see 3 out of the 5 menu options are links to other products you'll have to pay more for.

club shanghai scam by jermaine jones members area review
The Club Shanghai Member's Area

Upsell 1: Insider's Circle ($197)

Upsell 2: Crypto Millionaire Calendar ($97)

Upsell 3: Profit Booster ($77)

That's a total of $371

It gets worse:

The whole members area is literally littered with upsell after upsell at every turn.

There's cryptocurrency upsells… ecommerce upsells… on and on it goes.

If this guy can find a scam to promote, you can be sure he'll add the links to the members area.

The Training: An Outdated 80 Page eBook With Even More Hidden Upsells

There's a download button for the Club Shanghai guide which is a PDF file. Download it and you'll see it's actually called FB Chatbot Secrets.

The Shanghai Club owner has just bought the reseller's rights for $10 then repackaged it as his own.

Keep in mind this is the core of Shanghai's training and it's nothing more than an old PDF file full of very general information you can find by searching Google for free.

club shanghai training ebook pdf

But it turns out it's no mistake Jermaine is getting you to download this – the FB Chatbot Secrets bundle has 3 more upsells embedded within it.

This means every time you click on one of his links and buy one of these services and products, he's making even more money out of you in way of a commission!

Here are the 3 upsells (One Time Offers):

fb chatbot secrets review

3 more upsells at $37 a pop is an extra $111 on top of the other Club Shanghai upsells at $371 which gives us a China Secret upsells, a combined total of $482.

And remember, Club Shanghai is being packaged and sold as a $7 scomplete system! What a con!

Can You Make Money With Club Shanghai?

No you can't.

Partly because the training is a joke – just rehashed PDFs being sold as ‘an amazing money making system in a category of its own'!

Talk about hype.

Talk about a huge letdown!

And partly because if you try and follow the training you're going to find yourself paying out $100's more than you expected and the training doesn't actually get results.

What's the bottom line?

The more you believe in this system the more money you will lose.

The purpose of Club Shanghai isn't to help show you how to earn money online at all – Club Shanghai is a system designed purely to generate money for the anonymous owner.

Here's Jermaine describing Club Shanghai to affiliates he hopes will start promoting it. Notice him bragging about the number of ‘killer upsells' unsuspecting scam victims *cough* Club Shanghai customers will be pushed into buying:

Club Shanghai Pros

Because Club Shanghai is being sold through Clickbank, it's covered by their 60 day no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

That means you have a chance of getting the $7 back you paid for the crappy PDFs.

Club Shanghai Cons

Unfortunately any upsells you buy into will not be covered by the same money back guarantee.

Is Club Shanghai A Scam?

Club Shanghai is not a legitimate way to make money from home, it's a scam and you should avoid it at all costs.

Let's do a quick recap of the facts:

  • The Club Shanghai owner tells you a cock and bull story then hides his real identity.
  • You're promised $100,000's/day for doing nothing.
  • The main ‘training' is an outdated eBook.
  • The members area is littered with dozens of higher-priced, worthless upsells designed to squeeze as much cash out of you as possible.

Club Shanghai won't be around for long, scams like this never are. I can not say it strongly enough: This program is a complete waste of your time and money.

You'd be far better off investing your energy into building an online business that actually generates a profit.

Check out this step-by-step beginners course instead.

That's the exact same training I followed to make $7,000+ per month. and the best part is you can get started without getting your wallet out.

Questions Or Thoughts Of Your Own?

Are you sick of being scammed by products like Club Shanghai?

Have you tried so-called make money online programs and ended up just disappointed or even worse off than when you started?

Scroll down and send me a message in the comments below. I'll be more than happy to help anyway I can.


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