AliProfits System Review: Can You Really Make $500 A Day?!

Aliprofits Review Scam or Legit

In this full AliProfits review we'll see if Shawn J's AliProfits System is a legit program showing ordinary people like you and me how to rake in the cash or yet another make money online scam to avoid. One thing's for sure:

Shawn doesn't shy away from making some big and bold claims in his sales video, saying you'll be making $1,000's each day like clockwork.

He even tells us 185 people have made at least $15,938 per month with what he calls his “state-of-the-art income machine” in the last 60 days alone.

I'll be honest, the first impressions aren't that great and I'm gonna guess you were sceptical too which is why you're checking out this review… I mean, who says you can make $2,500 per day on autopilot after just a few clicks?

I am in no way affiliated with the AliProfits System. I write this review as an online entrepreneur who finally found success after falling for scam after scam to help you succeed with a real money-making program that actually gets results.

Aliprofits System Review At A Glance

About: Shawn J's “state-of-the-art income machine” which is an eCommerce store claiming to make you earn $500/day.

Price: $37.

Pros: None we can think of.

Cons: Unknown owner, hired actors instead of real members, false sense of urgency, high risk and poor support.

Verdict: Aliprofits is not an outright scam because there is some training, but its hyped-up claims together with the fact it's on ClickBetter should make you think twice.


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What Is The AliProfits System?

Essentially, AliProfits is a $37 training product with video lessons and downloadable PDF files that show you how to run an eCommerce store by sourcing products through AliBaba and AliExpress you can then sell on eBay, Amazon and Shopify.

But the difference between what AliProfits says it is and what it actually is is about as far apart as the hyped-up video's claims compared to their legal disclaimer.

That is to say, not everything you see on can be believed and I'll show why here in a minute…

What You'll Find In The Members' Area

When you click the ‘Get Access' button you're redirected to the payments page, but before you get access to the members' area you're going to have to push your way past a few upsells…

The first one seems very random to me and it's on the payments page itself – $10 for something called ‘Turbo Server Speed'. No thanks.

aliprofits system upsells costs and prices

Once you've completed payment you're offered another upsell, this time for something called the ‘Tri Money Machine' which costs $197 and apparently this shows you how to triple your earnings.

After skipping that I was taken to the AliProfits main training area which looks a little something like this:

screenshot of AliProfits System members area

Logging into the members’ area you’ll see a welcome message from someone called Daniel (not the creator Shawn J) giving you a quick overview of what's included.

The main bulk of the training gives you 7 video lessons which cover topics like how to sign up with AliBaba, choose the best products to promote and find the right suppliers to work with.

I was actually pleasantly surprised with the quality of the training videos, though they're only 5-8 minutes long, they're presented in an easy-to-understand way and cover the basics of what you need to know.

aliprofits system training modules

They also give you several ‘Cheats and tips' PDFs and a 33 page eBook giving a real-life case study of someone who made a little over $2K in their first month.

Can You Really Make Money With AliProfits?

I've gone through the training and looked at all the Ebooks and while there's some good information in there, I struggle to see how a complete beginner can take this information and turn it into a profitable eCommerce business.

While the videos do a good job of giving you a general overview of the steps involved and nuggets of information you might find useful, there is so much you need to know before diving into this.

Even some of the most experienced drop shippers still struggle to make a profit due to issues that come up that are out of their control like suppliers letting them down, items not getting shipped out on time and so on.

Whatever way you look at it, making money with dropshipping is nowhere near as simple and easy as Shawn makes out on the sales page. According to him, making $1,000's a month is as simple as clicking a button and filling out your details…

can you make money with aliprofits
The sales page paints an unrealistic picture of what's really involved.

While you could make money with drop shipping, you need to go into this with realistic expectations of just the amount of time it's going to take to get your eCommerce store off the ground.

You'll need to source products you know will actually sell, find a reliable supplier then there's order fulfilment, customer complaints and refund requests to deal with.

And don't forget the high upfront costs; you're going to have to buy products and pay to get them shipped from China which means putting a lot of money down without the guarantee of seeing a return.

Is AliProfits A Scam? Kind Of…Almost!

I have mixed feelings about this program because while the sales page gives you completely unrealistic expectations about how quick and easy making money is, there are some useful nuggets of information inside the core training.

Whether or not AliProfits System is a scam, no matter how hard I try I am unable to recommend this if you're an aspiring online entrepreneur just starting out in the online business world for these reasons:

5 Reasons AliProfits Isn't Your Best Option

1. We Have No Idea Who The AliProfits Creator Is

The guy narrating the video calls himself Shawn J but never once shows his face or reveals his identity.

This is a huge red flag because the owner of any credible money-making system would and should be proud to put his face and name to his product, especially if it's giving people the results he says it does.

2. AliProfits Gives You A False Sense Of Urgency

Time and again you'll hear Shawn say “Hurry, sign up now!” before the spots are filled up, but the truth is Shawn will sell as many AliProfits memberships as he possibly can to maximise sales and increase his income.

Try and leave the site and you'll see a popup warning you that if you leave the page you will never be given this ‘once in a lifetime opportunity' again:

false scarcity claims

Except, close the website and go back on it again and it's still there and it still will be tomorrow and next week. This scarcity tactic is to fool you into signing up quick before thinking too much about it.

3. Every AliProfits Member In The Video Is A Hired Actor

Like the China Cash Clone scam and the Home Income Millionaire scam I exposed this week and so many others, AliProfits uses paid Fiverr actors to pose as successful members.

None of the video testimonials you heard is real. They're all from Fiverr actors hired to read from a script. They tell you they’ve made $1,000’s following the program but they just made $5 for lying to us.

Remember Fred who was finally able to quit his restaurant job after registering as an AliProfits student and makes $5,000 to $6,000 per week?

He actually runs a gig on where he gets paid to make fake testimonial videos and read from a script:

is the aliprofits system a scam or legit

Then there’s Alicia the schoolteacher who told us she made $2,587 in her first week all thanks to Shawn and the AliProfits team…

Except, yep, you guess it, she's an actress too, hired by the AliProfits creator to pretend to be one of his students:

fake video testimonials

If Shawn really has 185 students all making more than $5K a week then why would he have to resort to going on Fiverr and hiring paid actors? If this doesn't raise your suspicions then nothing will!

4. There's No Real Support To Speak Of

There's an email address you can write to and wait 48 hours for a reply but in my view, this is nowhere near enough support when you're setting up your first online business, especially when you're putting so much of your own money on the line.

Getting the right support and guidance is vital to your success as you start any business venture, but with AliProfits there's no live chat, no question and answer area, no member's community at all to speak of. Nothing.

5. I'll Say It Again: This Is Extremely High-Risk!

Shawn likes to talk about how you're getting a complete money-making system for just $37 but he's not telling you the whole truth. Dropshipping and running an eCommerce store, while a 100% legitimate business model, takes some serious cash investment on your part and this comes with inherent risk.

Whether it's picking the right products you think are going to sell, paying for shipping or the advertising budget you're going to need to advertise your online store, this is the best option to go down especially if you're brand new to this.

AliProfits Review Final Rating: 10/100

AliProfits is just one of the 100s of dropshipping training products out there and while the video training has its upsides, it’s still way too short and based on a very risky strategy. Add that to the fake-ass advertising and crazy claims of making $500 a day for 30 minutes' work then I'd say you're better off staying away.

Feel free to sign up to AliProfits and come back here and let us know how you get on. At least you’ll be covered by the ClickBetter 60-day money-back guarantee.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but if you’re serious about making money online then check out this beginners course. This is the same course I followed that taught me how to build an online business that now generates more than $7,000 a month.

The best part?

Right now they're open to new members and it’s free to get started.

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Is there a program or product out there you think we should review?

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2 thoughts on “AliProfits System Review: Can You Really Make $500 A Day?!”

  1. Hi Simon

    I have seen aliprofit around and I even thought it was part of the alidropship company. But after reading your review I do realize that this is something completely different. I think their goal of making a $1000 every month with dropshipping is not unrealistic, but you need to understand that making sales of $1000 per month doesn’t mean you make a profit of $1000. Dropshipping is a good business model but it takes a lot of time and money to make it work. 

    And I do not think the training is worth that much money. So, for me it’s not the best option. With suggested choice, one can create a dropshipping store at a very low cost and grow a sustainable business too.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Promising you’ll make $1,000 a month sounds more realistic than $2,500 a day! You make a very good point, oftentimes when they’re showing you the figures they’re completely fabricated, but even if they’re not, the money generated in sales is not profit. I believe the average drop shipper makes 5-10% profit after paying for the product, shipping and advertising costs. 

      Thanks for dropping us a comment and it’s great to hear you found this review useful. All the best 🙂


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