What Is The Best Internet Marketing Training For Beginners?


The conversation normally goes something like this:

Newbie: “What is the best internet marketing training for beginners?

Me: “That's easy, it's Wealthy Affiliate by a mile.


There are tons of make money online programs online and probably hundreds of internet marketing training courses.

In the process of looking for a real way to make money on the internet I tried a lot of  training courses and programs. There's a lot of scam and downright shoddy programs, but it's only Wealthy Affiliate where I've seen life-changing results.

The massive online community of internet marketers, the interactive internet marketing training courses, weekly live webinars and awesome beginner-friendly website builders add up to make Wealthy Affiliate the best internet marketing training for beginners (by far).

Best of all, you don't even have to take my word for it! Join as a Starter Member and you get to test drive the training for free.

What we'll cover in this post

How Wealthy Affiliate turned me into an internet marketing pro

how to become an internet marketer

The only reason I put my name to and recommend Wealthy Affiliate is that I've gotten results first-hand and seen incredible life-change because of it.

I think this is the most important factor when looking to become an internet marketer – what is the program that will get the best results?

And by results I mean a thriving, profitable online business that put money into your bank account.

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My 3 years' experience with Wealthy Affiliate: successes & failures, challenges & set-backs

Before I share some of my results, I need to say that when I first started the training I was really ready to learn.

It's important to know that this wasn't some half-hearted attempt to earn money online for me. I searched for years and was stupid enough to get scammed more than once.

So when I found Wealthy Affiliate I knew this was the real deal. There was no hype, no up-sells. It was just simple, practical training that made total sense to me. It was a business model I knew I could follow and because of my passion, I knew I could do well.

I totally immersed myself in the lessons, watched every video tutorial and completed every action step along the way. I also asked lots of questions. I was hungry to learn, hungry for life-change.

Within the first week I had my first website live on the web. This was a major milestone for me because I'd never done anything like this before. It was at the two week mark I made my first affiliate sale. I was ecstatic and shared my success with the community…

how to make money blogging

That first sale turned into a few sales a month, then a dozen sales a week until it become a constant stream of daily commissions coming in.

Twelve months later internet marketing had become my main source of income. I decided to take control of my life; I handed in my notice, waved goodbye to the call centre life forever and booked a one way ticket to Thailand. I've been here ever since.

wealthy affiliate success story

Today I make more than $6,000 a month as a direct result of applying the internet marketing training. When I started I was a complete beginner, but if you follow the training you can definitely get the same results.

7 reasons why Wealthy Affiliate is your best option

1. It's created specifically with beginners in mind

Let me just say this: Wealthy Affiliate is way more than affiliate marketing training!

I started my internet marketing journey as complete beginner who knew nothing. Even if you're brand new to this game, Wealthy Affiliate can help you because, even though education is at the very heart of this this, it's way more than just a simple training program.

The training walks you through the process of understanding how money is made online, building your first website and making your first affiliate sale in a step-by-step, in an easy to understand way.

The helpful community means you can ask questions and get answers – this is vital especially if you're beginner! There's always going to be times you're unsure or get stuck, but with Wealthy Affiliate you don't have to get discouraged or feel stuck because help is always on hand.

The state of the art tools and resources mean you've got everything you need to be a success all under one virtual roof.

Every day members inside Wealthy Affiliate are writing their first posts, getting their first email subscribers, making their first commissions. It's a place where everyone helps one another to succeed.

2. Wealthy Affiliate is the biggest community of internet marketers online

The Wealthy Affiliate online community

The Wealthy Affiliate online community of over 800,000 active members is a friendly and helpful group of real people building real online businesses. It's a nice mix of newbies and experienced internet marketers alike which means you can learn from them.

Every day you'll see people sharing their success stories, getting help , discussing ideas and you can get in on the conversation.

You've heard it takes a whole village to raise a child, I say it takes a whole online community to train an aspiring internet marketer. Feeling stuck? Reach out? Got questions? Ask and get answers. Want to bounce ideas around? Get feedback.

You don't have to go it alone, you don't have to sit there feeling stuck, you don't have to stay unsure, you don't have to get discouraged and quit because help is always at hand.

3. The internet marketing training is the best I've ever seen

The affiliate marketing training courses are interactive and fun. Everything you need to know if thought-through ahead of time in this systematic step-by-step training. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson, building your knowledge and skills as you go.

More than just theory, there are action steps assigned to each lesson which means you build your first affiliate marketing compaign as you work through the course.

Wealthy Affiliate have been around since 2005 and over that time they've created hundreds of helpful and practical training modules covering everything from website building, email marketing, video marketing, search engine optimisation and keywords to increasing engagement and conversions.

what do you get with the wealthy affiliate premium membership

New members get started with the Online Certification Course which guides you through how to create your own website and make money in 4 simple steps:

wealthy affiliate process for making money online

Step 1: Choose an interest

Turning your passion into an online business is what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. The training will help you choose the best profitable niche for you based on your interests, hobbies or areas of expertise.

Step 2: Build a website

Once you've got your idea in place it's time to create your first website! The interactive lessons and walkthrough videos show you exactly how to choose and register a domain name, how to get ideas for content and optimise your site for search engines.

Step 3: Attract visitors

Leveraging the power of social media marketing and top Google rankings, you'll learn how to attract swarms of visitors to your website and build a loyal following.

Step 4: Earn revenue

The making money part! Wealthy Affiliate will show you the best ways to monetise your website and catapult your referrals to unleash a steady and growing stream of sales and commissions.

In total, the Online Certification Course has 5 courses (levels) with 10 awesome lessons in each which will give you a competitive advantage over other affiliate marketers in your chosen niche.

Everything you need to know to reach your potential as an affiliate marketer is here. It's this training that took me from beginner to a full-time pro.

what do you learn at wealthy affiliate

4. Getting support is INSTANT

When you're starting out on a new venture you need all the help you can get. This is why there's live chat, question and answer areas within each course and private messaging all at your disposal.

There's also a technical support team which means any queries about your website get cleared up quickly. They respond within minutes with expert help and advice. This is just unheard of!

Co-founders Kyle & Carson can always be seen helping newbies get started and giving their expert support to the community. It's fair to say they are both very hands-on and committed to helping you achive your online income goals.

The point is, whether you want to join in the conversation, add to the discussion or get a quick reply on a burning issue, you are always just one click away from getting support.


5. Wealthy Affiliate's SiteRubix platform takes website building platform to a whole new level

Welcome to 2017 when creating and building out websites is easier and faster and simpler than ever before.

SiteRubix is state-of-the-art website creation software that delivers the absolute fastest website experience for website owners and visitors. It takes website building to a whole new level.

Here's an example of a website being built from scratch in 1 minute 9 seconds!

SiteRubix includes:

SiteRubix easy fast simple website builder

Site Health: You can check how well your website is dong in terms of Google ranking, engagement (comments) and speed.

SiteSpeed: A faster website means a better user experience and higher Google search rankings, which will result in more traffic to your site and the more money you can make. SiteSpeeds switches gears and puts your website into sports mode!

sitespeed with Wealthy Affiliate
free ssl with wealthy affiliate

Free SSL: SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and without getting too technical, it transfers your website over from http:// to https:// making your website safe and secure for users.

Other web hosting services charge up to $100 for this but at Wealthy Affiliate it simply comes as standard.

Site Domains and Hosting: You can host up to 50 websites on free or paid-for domains. It's also easy to have your website transferred over to Wealthy Affiliate hosting.

Hosting also includes 24/7 access to the technical support team and daily website backups, meaning you can be reassured that your internet marketing websites are in safe hands leaving you to forget about the technical aspects of your sites and focus on building your business.

WordPress: Each and every site you build using the SiteRubix web building platform comes fully set up with WordPress already installed.

Important note: If you have no clue what I'm talking about when it comes to website building, don't worry, you don't need to. Just rest assured knowing your websites are in expert hands! 🙂

6. You can test drive the Wealthy Affiliate experience for free

The sixth reason I recommend the Wealthy Affiliate internet marketing training to beginner learners is because you can try out the training and community for free and see if it's what you're looking for.

When you join as a Starter Member you'll be able to dive into the training courses, interact with the other community members and start earning your first affiliate commissions.

You have the option to stay as a Starter Member or upgrade to a Premium membership. Most people love the Wealthy Affiliate experience so much, that once they see that upgrading is a no-brainer. The choice is yours.

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My full and honest Wealthy Affiliate review

The Differences Between Starter & Premium Memberships at Wealthy Affiliate

7. They run laps around the competition

I've been a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate for the last 3 years and I've seen a lot of changes in that time. I know in 5 years the community will look nothing like it does now.

The thing I love about this training platfom is their total dissatisfaction with the status quo. Unlike all the other outdated internet marketing training programs, Wealthy Affiliate are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

And it's all to give you the best chances of success. It's why they don't just teach you lessons, but they put the tools in your hand. The help, the training, everything you need to become a full-time internet marketer is all available for you in one place.

Wealthy Affiliate is what you make it

Have you ever heard this saying, “You get out what you put in“? It's so true.

I've just given you free access to the top internet marketing training found anywhere online.  I've given you the outline of the training, tools and support you're gonna need to become a serious internet marketing pro.

But here's the deal:

With everything you need instantly available at your fingertips, what will you do with it?

Learning internet marketing is more than just the money (the money's great!) but it's about having the freedom to redesign your life. And the only way to start living the life you know you want is to start with your first step forwards and giving it your all.

It is important to note that this is not a get rich quick scheme as it takes time, hard work and dedication to build your business and achieve any level of success. But if you really buckle down and work hard, your success will come.'
Jay @ AffiliateResources.org

Here's my promise to you: if you apply yourself to the training, take action on what you're learning and ask for help when you need it, you will be successful in achieving your money goals. 

Your determination and persistence will make you unstoppable. Fight for your dreams and make it happen.

Start today, create your Starter profile here and watch the first lesson and see for yourself how much money you can make through internet marketing.

Tell us your thoughts/experiences

What do you think? What are your experiences and results with the Wealthy Affiliate internet marketing training platform? I'd love to hear from you!

Got questions? Share your comments below, I reply to each and every one 🙂

10 thoughts on “What Is The Best Internet Marketing Training For Beginners?”

  1. I too searched for years for a legitimate way to make money online and got scammed a couple of times as well!

    Two weeks in and already made your first affiliate sale, that is impressive, wish I had the same story but I guess everyone’s success rate is different!

    All that matters is the time invested and your drive for success!

    • Yeah I won’t tell you some of the work from home scams I fell for because it’s too embarassing!

      Wealthy Affiliate only teach real online business and it was such a breath of fresh air when I found them.

      There are actually tons of ways to make money with a website but affiliate marketing is the best way because as I say, there’s no products to buy or ship, no expensive rates – all the customer service and shipping and payments side is dealt with by the merchant (3rd party) who you’re referring people to.

      Yes I made my first sale in two weeks, you can read about it here. The funny thing is, I did a book review, someone clicked on my link to Amazon to buy the book… but the commission I got was for a fruit juicer. That’s a good thing about Amazon, you get paid for whatever they buy, regardless of whether or not it’s what they originally clicked for 🙂

  2. Wow i can’t believe how much you have made from affiliate marketing! Congratulations dude!

    I am new to affiliate marketing and I am encouraged to hear about your progress.

    Hopefully when I have been working for 3 years I will be in the same position.

    Do you intend to settle in Thailand or travel on to other places?

    • Hi Craig, this is why I love affiliate marketing so much! I only wish I’d discovered it before 2014! Thanks, it comes through the right know-how and lots of hard work.

      Wealthy Affiliate can give you the best internet marketing training for beginners but it’s YOU who has to then take that and make something with it. I get such a buzz from starting a new website with a blank canvas and building it into a thirving and profitable online business. I’m really not a businessman but an artist 🙂

      I moved to Thailand 2 years ago and I’m here for life, it’s my home now! I love what I do, volunteering as a missionary for the church and working with the slum kids. I think I’ve got the best “job” in the world!

      Stay the course Craig, reach out and get help when you need it, don’t skip through the lessons and complete every assigned task before moving onto the next. Remember why you’re doing this and take little steps each day to get to where you want to be and whatever your dream is, there’s no doubt in my mind that you can and will!

  3. Excellent writeup on one fantastic website, Wealthy Affiliate is the absolute best training around to make money online. If you are reading this comment, and are still thinking of joining Wealthy Affiliate, then I say give it a chance, try the free membership, you will not be disappointed, they are the best training to start an online business on the entire Internet by far.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself! Become free Starter member and start the internet marketing for free. It really doesn’t get better than that.

      Thanks for sharing Mike!

  4. Hey Simon! Your story is very inspirational. It is amazing to hear that you made a sale within the first few weeks. That’s awesome! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Wealthy Affiliate, and I’ve just joined, thank you for the recommendation, I’ll let you know how I get on. Keep up the good work, and glad to here you are doing internet marketing full time.

    • Hey Brandon, welcome on board!

      Yes for some members they don’t make their first commission until after one month or even three months, but for me it was 2 weeks. I was so excited, not because I was rich (the commission was only a lousy $1.20!!) but it confirmed for me that this internet marketing thing worked and all I needed to do was continue through the through the training and keep doing what I was doing. Trust me, you never forget your first sale!

      I hope you love the internet marketing training as much as I do and I know you’ll learn a lot from it.

      See you inside the members area, send me a message or leave me a comment on my Wealthy Affiliate profile if there’s anything at all I can help you with 🙂

      To your online success!

  5. Hi Simon! I have been trying to learn to earn money online and you don’t know how hard I’ve been trying to find a place or good internet marketing training that is legit. I just recently became a member and I totally agree with you especially the part where it is very good for beginners because I myself have started Wealthy Affiliate knowing absolutely nothing and found it really useful and learnt a lot from it!

    • Hi there! It’s great to hear from you! Thanks for sharing your own experience and confirming what I already know – Wealthy Affiliate is the best internet marketing training for beginners – by far!

      There are exciting times ahead of you that’s for sure – stick to the training, ask for advice and guidance when you’re feeling stuck and invest the time and energy into making your business grow.

      I wish you all the very best – you’ll be an internet marketing pro in no time! 😉


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