What Is Dollar Zip: Is Dollar Zip A Scam? [Review]


what is dollar zip a scamDollarZip.com is an oddly named site that was created in March 2017 that claims to provide members with a way to start earning money online from day one

But what is Dollar Zip exactly and can it be trusted? Is Dollar Zip a scam you should steer well away from a legit way to start your online earning career?

In this unbiased review you'll find answers to all these questions.

What is Dollar Zip exactly?

Dollars Plug is just the latest in a long line of post linking scams to dupe unsuspecting victims with big promises of quick and easy cash.

They have an inactive Facebook page with fake reviews but trust me when I tell you the only one making money here is the scammer who created this site.

I suspect it's the same con artist behind them all because in every case these scam pops up the website layout is almost exactly the same.

Compare DollarZip.com with the Dollar Saw scam website and you'll see what I mean:

what is dollar zipWherever this scam rears its ugly head it's always with the same fake earnings claims, same terrible spelling and grammar, same crappy logo and the same cheesy images.

Every time they say the same thing – all you have to do is share the referral link you're given to promote the website and get paid every time someone clicks on the link and signs up.

If this all sounds too easy to be true that's because it is. Nobody ever gets paid from these sites even when they've reached the $300 threshold.

Dollar Zip makes money for the scammer but you get nothing

People looking for shortcuts to make money online are more than willing to believe they can make $1000s per day just by posting spammy links across social media.

Add onto the fact Dollar Zip is completely free to join and people think they've got nothing to lose, but they couldn't be more wrong…

By getting people like you and me to hand over our emails and passwords the scammer makes money in 3 ways:

1. Sending you SPAM emails promoting other phony make money online programs

Users complain of their inboxes getting flooded with spam after signing up to Dollar Zip. All the offers promise the same thing: get rich overnight with a single click of a mouse with no work required.

Every time you buy in to any of these get-rich-quick schemes the scammer takes his commission.

2. By selling your email address to other spammers

As I said before, DollarZip is just one of at least 2 dozen websites that are all identical. All of them have people who still think they're going to get paid for sharing the links and promoting his websites to their family and friends.

Let's say each site gets 10 new sign ups a day – times that by 24 websites and you've got yourself a nice steady flow of 240 fresh emails each and every day.

The owner of Dollar Zip can then take these email lists and sell them on for $100s at a time to the highest bidder.

3. Identity fraudsters can try to access your financial accounts

This is the most troublesome part of the Dollar Zip scam. When you sign up you give the site your email address and you choose a password. Most people just use 1-2 passwords for everything – Facebook, PayPal, Gmail and so on…

Since we have no idea who is behind this site and no way of finding out where they're based, we have no way of finding them should the worst happen.

My advice: stay away from this scam and do not give them any of your private information.

Is Dollar Zip a scam? Yep it definitely is!

Just like the Pay Each Month scam, Dollar Zip targets those of us in sometimes very desperate financial situations. When we're struggling financially we're far more likely to believe what we want to hear.

While this site makes big claims about how much you can earn you shouldn't believe any of it. You will only waste your time, flood your inbox with spam and potentially put yourself at risk.

Dollar Zip makes money for the owner but the people signing up and promoting it make absolutely nothing.

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I hope you found this Dollar Zip review helpful and if you have any questions about anything, you can leave a comment below or send me a message through this contact form here.

Here's to your online success!

2 thoughts on “What Is Dollar Zip: Is Dollar Zip A Scam? [Review]”

  1. Hi there. I just finished reading your article about Dollar Zip and thought I would just drop you a quick comment to say thanks. I’m sure this review will help a lot of people to make an informed decision before getting involved with this scam.

    Seems like dollar Zip is just another fake system that joins the line with hundreds of others. I can’t believe how many scams are out there these days.

    Isn’t it about time that we had some way of policing these fake sites and scam artists that seem to be the only ones making money online these days??

    • Hey Andrew,

      Yes this scam artist is running dozens and dozens of online scams. Just today I found out about a new site called Job Zipo – again, the same website template and the same lies that ensure people promote his scams for free. 

      I agree, it is really frustrating because as soon as you expose one scam, another one pops up in its place. My best advice? Whenever you come across a site that you suspect is not legit, go ahead and report it here.


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