Vinted App Review: Will Vinted Make You Minted In 2021?

Vinted Review

Hi and welcome to my Vinted App review where I’ll run through the pros and cons of Vinted so you can decide whether or not it’s worth downloading.

I’m always interested in different ways to make money online and recently came across the Vinted app which says I can do exactly that by getting rid of clothes in the wardrobe I haven’t worn in months.

This is the first time I’ve never seen an app that specialises in selling clothing. This is good news because if you’re anything like me, you’ve got a ton of clothes somewhere you will probably never wear again.

Since the dawn of the internet, eBay has been the king of buying and selling your unwanted stuff but honestly, eBay can be very time-consuming, so it’s high time we had more apps competing in this space.

In this Vinted app review I’m going to be looking at what it’s like as a seller and most importantly, see if it has real earning potential. In a word, I want to find out if Vinted can make you minted!

If you have any experience selling with the Vinted app then I’d definitely like to hear from you, leave us your own Vinted app review in the comments below. 🙂

What Is The Vinted App?

Vinted is an app that focuses on buying and selling second-hand, or as some people prefer to say, ‘pre-loved’ clothes.

It’s available for download on Google Play and iTunes or PC users can go to the website.

Vinted started because Milda Mitkute, a software guy, had the idea after talking to his friends in a Lithuanian bar. It started in Lithuania, then went to Germany and the Czech Republic.

Today it has 12 million buyers and sellers from all over the world and with 11,000 new members or ‘Vinters’ joining every day.

When I opened up Google Play to check out the rating I have to be honest, I was impressed. It has over 25,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating, which is exactly the same rating as eBay and the Mercari app.

vinted app reviews

Their tagline is: “Sell & Buy Preloved Clothes.” but people also use the app to swap clothes which is an interesting twist.

But what really got my attention with this app is the fact it’s completely free for sellers. There’s no listing fees or selling fees meaning you get to keep 100% of what you earn. (no catch). This is because buyers pay a $0.70 fee plus 5% of the item cost price.

3 Steps To Clear Your Wardrobe And Sell Your Pre-Loved Clothes On Vinted

Take a few photos of what you’re selling (or a video) and upload, add a description, set the price and choose a parcel size.

1. List An Item For Sale (It’s Free)

The Vinted app is really good at giving you suggestion along the way, especially if you’ve never sold with the app before.

make money selling on the vinted app

Using hashtags will help give you more exposure and reach more potential buyers.

2. Reply To Questions As Quick As You Can

Vinted is like a buying and selling app and a social app combined so be ready to answer questions and let the buyer know when you’ve shipped the item etc.

3. Once You’ve Sold An Item, You’ll Receive Your Payment

As soon as an item is sold you can withdraw your funds into your PayPal account. Vinted will send you a shipping label by email you’ll need to print out.

And that’s it!

Another cool thing about Vinted is that you can select ‘vacation mode’ which hides all your items at once you can hide specific items.

I really like the interaction in Vinted, potential buyers can message you directly with questions and can make you offers.

Here’s a video from a successful Vinted seller giving some helpful hints and tips:

Now Let’s Take A Look At Some Common Vinted Complaints

1. The App Is ‘Glitchy’

Every app will have the occasional bugs and glitches to deal with, especially after a major update. I genuinely believe the Vinted app developers are trying to improve the app’s user experience but it looks like there are still a few fixes that need to be ironed out.

vinted app reviews

2. Customer Support Seems To Have Gone Downhill Lately

When you’re dealing with private buyers and sellers, at some point things will go wrong. This is when you need Vinted moderators to step in and help resolve the issue.

Unfortunately a common theme when reading Vinted app reviews on sites like SiteJabber and TrustPilot is a lack of support.

Just as eBay has PayPal disputes where they step in and make a judgment call when there’s a conflict, I think Vinted should put something like this in place to help both sellers and buyers alike.

vinted complaints

So, Will Vinted Make You Minted?

As a money making app, Vinted is perfect for clearing out your wardrobe and getting rid of those ‘pre-loved’ clothes you don’t wear anymore.

You could make a few extra dollars a month by doing this and I think anything that puts money into your pocket is a bonus.

The Vinted app is definitely easier to use than the eBay app and as long as you’re honest in your listings, respond quickly to buyers and ship the items out as speedy as possible, you could well make a couple of extra bucks each month and that’s nothing to be sniffed at!

If however, you’re looking to build a more serious income online then unless you have a whole warehouse of clothes you no longer wear, Vinted isn’t going to be able to help much with that!

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6 thoughts on “Vinted App Review: Will Vinted Make You Minted In 2021?”

  1. I was a seller on Vinted, for roughly 2 weeks. Everything I posted to sell Vinted removed. Why? Whatever reason they could come up with.
    1. I was accused of being a commercial seller. ( because my bbn items are handmade by myself, new and without tags)
    2. I was accused of reselling my items ( how can I resell what I personally handmade and listed for sale?)
    3. They also accused me of copyright infringement ( claiming that my photos were stolen off the internet because I used a white background)
    4. Also accused me of selling items that didn’t belong to me personally, that I was selling them for my family and friends

    Vinted treated me like total CRAP. The DEFAMATION of Character and the slander was inexcusable. I would never recommend this company to anyone who wants to sell online.

  2. If you are a seller ,yes ,go for it, sale what you can, you can even get away scamming someone,!
    but if you are a buyer ,you don’t have much to stand on ,no protection.On ten items you buy 5 are OK if you lucky, the rest have had smell of perfumes in them most of cheapest terrible brands, the items are unwashed .Some you can buy as new stated with a labels looking as new , however they are faked added, some with a safety pin on a price tag, not as original you would expect or even superfluid . You can complain make a claim against the seller ,bit only if the seller accept the return you can post it back ,if not you stuck, and if the buyer accept the return you will pay a big postal fee charge the double of what your existent buyer postal fee.
    It’s worth the hassle, I say no ! It’s best to live a life out of trouble and don’t be scammed. One scammed me by placing lady jacket on a man site, vinted refused to uphold my claim against the seller, this was the final scam, enough it’s enough


  3. Seems like you have been paid to write a positive review.
    You even point out of the problems users are having with this site and total lack of customer support….but then you go on to say its “perfect for selling”
    What a lot of rubbish !!

  4. Trouble is, their TV adverts says ” sell it” ( as they put it ) ” ‘ for free ‘ “. If i’m selling it, then i want paying.
    I’m not giving my stuff away !!

    • Hi Pete, I’ve just rewatched some of the Vinted ads (including this one) and I think what they’re saying is the app is free to use and there are no selling fees. They would make money by adding a “surcharge” on the buyer’s side.

      So don’t worry, you can sell on Vinted and keep 100% of the revenue.

      Hope this helps! ????


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