Smart Profit App Review: Do The Smart Thing And Walk Away!

Smart Profit App Review

I'm gonna go ahead and guess the reason you are reading this review right now is that you came across some spammy looking email in your inbox and landed on the Smart Profit App sales page.

A guy calling himself Robert Fisher tell us his Smart Profit App is:

“A BRAND NEW and *insanely profitable* money making method that can help you generate a whopping $1,595 a day!”

Supposedly you can start earning money within 30 minutes of signing up…

If you think this sounds too good to be true you'd be right. After exposing 100s of internet scams (and occasionally stumbling across real money-making programs) I've learned how to spot the phoney from the legit.

So is Smart Cash App a scam or the real deal?

Here's what I found out.

Smart Profit App Review At A Glance

About: Smart Profit App is a bunch of low quality PDFs about affiliate marketing.

Price: $37 plus a shocking $471 for 3 upsells.

Pros: There are none.

Cons: Robert guy isn't real, the upsells numerous and expensive and the training severely outdated.

Verdict: Smart App Profit is a rehashed scam you'll learn nothing useful from.


0.5 Star Rating NEW

What Does The Smart Profit App Member's Area Look Like?

Inside the members’ area, you’ll find a couple of short videos with a few random eBooks thrown in for good measure, all based loosely around how to make money as an Amazon affiliate.

It looks a little something like this:

smart profit app members area

Basically what you’re paying for is a bunch of outdated PDF files that only cover what you need to know to become an affiliate marketer in very general and vague terms.

There's no step-by-step guides or over-the-shoulder training here that's going to turn you from a newbie into an affiliate marketing pro.

smart profit app training

The core of the training is a 48 page eBook which, as you can see, is not going to give you the in-depth action plan you need to get up and running. While there's a lot of money to be made with Amazon, it's just not possible to learn all there is to know in these few short pages.

The training is also seriously out of date. Things change very quickly online so you want to make sure you're getting up-to-date training, not this recycled rubbish.

You'll notice the eBooks and videos make reference to something called the ‘Smart Money App.' I'll tell you what that is in a second.

There is an email address for when you get stuck, but that's it as support goes.

Can You Make Money With Smart Profit App?

You're never going to pay $37 and learn how to make $13,127 per week starting from today as the title of the sales page says.

It's not as quick and easy as they make out because to be successful online you need to master the art of getting your website ranked in Google, building an audience and finding relevant products you can promote to start earning affiliate commissions.

There's a learning curve and it takes time – but if you have the drive to succeed and you're willing to put in the work then you can absolutely achieve great things.

There’s Hope

It’s a pity that you can’t get to where you want to be with Robert Fisher's Smart Profit App. Don’t let that dishearten you though, especially if you’re a newbie.

This 100% free beginner's course will take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process of building an internet business from the ground up so you can start to generate serious money online and take your income to the next level.

You'll learn this simple, yet powerful 4 -step method:

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work process

Plus, you’ll get access to a whole community of successful affiliate marketers (myself included) where you can ask questions, bounce ideas around and get the support you need to make it happen.

4 Reasons NOT To Buy Smart Profit App

1. We Have No Clue Who ‘Robert Fisher' Really Is

We don't even know if Robert is a real person because we know absolutely nothing about him.

If Smart Profit App was a legit system that showed people how to earn life-changing amounts of money, then why would you not stand proudly by your program?

Why would you hide your true identity behind a cloak of anonymity?

2. Smart Profit App Is Just An Old Scam Resurrected

We're told in the sales video that this is a brand new system – this is not true.

How do I know?

Because I've seen this exact same program before, many times in fact. Smart Profit App is just a clone of the Smart Cash App and Fast Cash App…

Here, take a look and compare the member's areas of all 3 programs and see if you can spot the difference:

why smart project app is a scam

The names may be different but we're being fed the same hollow promises of fast and easy cash and the same worthless PDFs every time.

3. Beware: Smart Profit App Comes With Upsells Galore

Whoever the real guy is behind this program, their aim is to squeeze as much cash out of you as possible.

Once you're a fully paid-up member you'll be encouraged to pay out extra for 3 high-priced upsells:

Upsell 1: Smart Profit App 2.0 ($197)

We are not told what this upsell is exactly, except that it will “cut your learning curve and turbocharge your earnings”

Upsell 2: Smart Profit Pro ($177)

Again, we are only given very vague information but we're told to buy this upsell and earn a whopping $10,000 a day.

Wow – that's $3,650,000 in a year!

Upsell 3: Smart Profit Social ($97)

Last but not least, this third upsell promises to show you exactly how to earn $100,000 a day.

I'm not smart enough to work out how much that is per year but it's definitely a big number with lots and lots of zeros…

4. Smart Profit App Delivers Tired And Outdated Lessons

This is by far the biggest reason I can't recommend Smart Profit App Profit to aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself because if you're not getting up-to-date training then to say this severely limits your chances of success is an understatement.

The affiliate marketing strategies and techniques that worked in 2015 simply do not get you anywhere now and the online world is constantly changing faster than ever.

Too often I've seen program creators like this Robert Fisher guy (whatever his name is) find a bunch of trashy eBooks online that are donkey's years old, slap a new front cover on them, throw them together and call them a ‘course'.

Then he has the barefaced cheek to try charging you $37 for them: don't fall for it!

Is The Smart Profit App A Scam?

While there's a ton of money to be made as an affiliate marketer, this isn't the training that's going to get you there.

Robert Fisher's Smart Profit App is the same-old hyped-up junk that uses a deceptive sales page to play on your emotions.

You're duped into handing over $37, thinking you're buying a guaranteed $1,595/day system only to be given a few PDFs and told to get on with it. For these reasons, your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

Talk To Me!

Now you've read this review in full, what do you think about the Smart Profit App that's not even an app?

Is it worth paying $37 for a few lousy downloadable PDFs, especially when there's so much better affiliate marketing training out there?

Have you ever been scammed into paying for outdated crap like this? Is there a program or product out there you think we should review? Scroll down and let us know in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Smart Profit App Review: Do The Smart Thing And Walk Away!”

  1. Thanks so much for this revealing review. It’s an eye opener to me. I nearly fell victim to that scam.

    I beseech you to kindly make a review on ‘Palm Beach Research Group’. Website:


  2. I was just gonna say this looks exactly like the Smart Cash App scam that was circulating on email a few months ago…

    • Yep – welcome to the never ending game of cyber whac-a-mole where just as you expose one scam site, another pops up in its place!

  3. I like that your review is straight to the point. I’ve been looking at a few different ways to make money online and read up on many products, taking the time to find out about them and they keep you wondering until the end, if you should buy the product or not, wasting so much time. I am very busy every day and do not need to waste time. 

    Thank you for this great Smart Profit App review, this just isn’t worth it and I will take a look at your better alternative. 

    Keep up the great work you do!

    • I guess you could say I’m a say it as you see it kind of guy, no need for fluff when you can just cut to the chase 🙂

      I don’t label programs as scams easily either – it’s a big accusation to make but in this case I think it’s completely warranted.

      Sounds good Myrna, let us know how you get on.

  4. Wow,

    Thank you for this post.  There are just so many scams out there and it’s hard to figure out what’s what.

    It’s sad that the information provided is out of date not not kept up.  I’m skeptical of any product who’s only support avenue is an email address.

    Why is it that people don’t really show or identify themselves?  Most likely because they’re shady.  Add to that that this system is basically just a knock-off of so many others before it and it’s just a money grab in my opinion.  I love your comparison of 3 that look identical except for the title image, LOL.

    Too many red flags for me.  Thanks for the info man.


    • I couldn’t agree more and I appreciate you letting me know this review was helpful – I aim to please!


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