Is Paul Mampilly A Scam? A Fake? A Fraud? Or The Real Deal?


Is Paul Mampilly a scam, a fake or a fraud? That's the question I'll try my best to address in this post.

Online reviews are very mixed:

Some people claim Paul Mampilly is a total fraudster, while others swear by his Profits Unlimited financial newsletter and say he's the real deal.

Calling anyone a scammer is a strong accusation to make but sadly, when it comes to learning how to make money online there are plenty of con artists out there who will do anything to get their hands on your cash.

Everything here is my opinion and I'm not getting paid to write this review. I simply say what I see to help readers avoid scams and discover money-making programs that work.

Who Is Paul Mampilly, Exactly?

Paul Mampilly started investing back in 1991 as a hedge fund manager, managing multimillion-dollar accounts for Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank and ING.

He's been featured on the likes of Bloomberg TV and Fox Business News talking about how he made a lot of money on Wall Street.

As a research assistant and professional speculator, he says he learned how to spot stocks that were about to go up and identify trends so he knew when to sell:

“With a starting investment of $50 million, I managed to generate a 76% return in a two-year period, growing that investment to $88 million … but even more impressive was the fact that I achieved this during the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis.”

According to Paul, a real defining moment in his life was when, in the aftermath of the 2008 market crash, he made the decision to relocate to Raleigh, North Carolina.

“I grew tired of the pace on Wall Street and of making money for only the top 1%. Now, I’ve shifted my focus to helping everyday people make money on their investments.

As a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, I specialize in helping Main Street Americans find wealth in growth investing, technology, small-cap stocks and special opportunities.”

Paul claims that rather than spending his time making the rich richer, he now shows everyday, ordinary people like you and me how to make money buying and selling stocks.

He does this primarily through his Unlimited Profits investment newsletter where anyone can sign up, pay the yearly fee of $47 and get Paul's recommendations on what stocks to buy and sell.

Here's a video interview with Paul Mampilly giving advice to beginners on trading stocks:

Is Mampilly's Profits Unlimited A Scam?

A lot of people say Paul Mampilly's Profits Unlimited is a scam, and to be honest I kind of understand why…

profits unlimited

Just like Zach Scheidt's Cash For Patriots Program and Robert Baillieul's Insurance Return Checks, they use a lot of hype and cheesy sales tactics to promote it. Critics accuse them of misleading potential subscribers by promising them a sure-fire way to unlimited wealth.

Paul is not afraid to make big and bold claims when promoting his newsletter. Just take a look at this screenshot from the Unlimited Profits website and you'll see what I mean:

profits unlimited scam by paul mampilly

Putting all the hype and sensationalism aside for a moment, for me the most important question is:

Does Paul actually know what he's talking about and will you benefit from taking his advice?

Let's take a look at some stats:

If you joined Paul's newsletter when he started it in June 2016, took action and invested in every single stock he recommended until the present day, you would have more winners than losers.

More importantly:

Paul's recommended stock picks (mainly in the technology market) outperformed the market overall.

Has he made mistakes that meant people taking his advice lost their money? Yes, but because he's right more often than not you'd still come out with a profit.

Paul Mampilly Reviews: What Others Say

On Paul Mampilly's Facebook page he has a total rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 after 162 reviews.

Paul Mampilly scam review

Again, the reviews are very mixed:

Make money: you'll love him and call him a genius.

Lose money: you'll hate him and call him a scammer.

The Good:

His raving fans say Paul is a professional whose skills and experience have helped them become financially free.

The Bad:

Some people say Paul doesn't know what he's talking about and uses too much hype to promote his newsletter.

The Ugly:

Paul's worst critics accuse him of making more money off of his subscribers than he ever made trading stocks.

Is Paul Mampilly A Scam Artist?

In my opinion, Paul seems like a genuine and legit guy with a proven track record, but I agree he should tone down the salesy promotions.

I suspect those who call Paul Mampilly a scammer are angry they followed his recommendations and lost their money, and I totally get that.

I'm no stock market expert but here's what I do know:

There's always a risk when trading in the stock market.

Sometimes stock prices go up…

And sometimes they go down…

That's just the nature of the beast!

paul mampilly scam review

To Paul's credit, he never claims investing is ever risk-free and though he makes every effort to give the best recommendations, results are never guaranteed.

This is why you should never invest money you can't afford to lose!

At the end of the day, I think you'll do better with the advice of an investment expert who's worked on Wall Street than trying to figure out which stocks to choose on your own, especially as a beginner.

Final Thoughts On Paul Mampilly

Though I've dabbled with buying dividend stocks in the past, I've never seen it as more than a side hustle because, even with the best advice, your income is never guaranteed. It's never been something I was willing to base my entire financial future on.

That's why I decided to start my first online business in 2014. Today I have several websites that generate a passive income for me all year round, and that's thanks to websites like Amazon and Google.

Anyone can do this:

You simply create a website that gets ranked in Google so you have a regular stream of daily visitors coming to your site. You can make money with ads, affiliate marketing or selling your own products. There's no end of ways you can make money online once you know what you're doing.

Here's the beginner's training course I followed that enabled me to quit my old day job and buy a one-way ticket to Thailand.

Whatever your income goals are, I know that with right training, guidance and support, you can get to where you need (and deserve) to be.

What Do You Think?

Is Paul Mampilly a scammer or the genuine article? If you've ever signed up to any of his newsletter subscription services I'd be really interested to get your take on this guy.

If you have any questions about generating a passive income online, message me in the comments and I'll be more than happy to help any way I can.

55 thoughts on “Is Paul Mampilly A Scam? A Fake? A Fraud? Or The Real Deal?”

  1. Hey, Simon!
    I’m a stay at home dad with absolutley no income and my wife’s teacher salary isn’t quite enough to cut it and with my lack of time to get a real, in place, low paying job in a global pandemic I can see myself spending my evenings getting into both stock investing and website management stuff. But, that brings me back to the whole low to no income that I find myself in. I want out of it!
    So, with that in mind, would you say that there’s an average cost to getting a website started or are there just far too many variables to get into in a comment section. I understand the potential for lucrative moves that can be made but I also know it always takes money to make money. Is it possible to get an idea of what I need to start before poring over video testimonials from random whoevers and long, drawn out explanations of what I’m about to learn before learning anything about how much it costs to learn about something… oh my! 😉
    I realize that no income is no place to start but things can always change!
    Anyway, thanks in advance and for your seemingly genuine article/review regarding this Paul fella. Have a great day in this crazy world!

    • Hey, Jamison!

      Thanks for reaching out and I totally get it. I think there are a lot of people in the exact same position. I’m just glad to hear you’re being proactive and doing something about it.

      You have time right now and that’s a great position to be in! 🙂

      The good news is making money online is really quite simple and your question easy to answer (it just reminds me of how the ‘gurus’ like to make it seem way more complicated than it actually is!)

      I would recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate as a free Starter member. That’ll give you access to the first course (10 lessons) of the 7-course core training.

      Included within that is a free .com domain (and hosting) and the free version of the Jaaxy keyword tool.

      Honestly, it’s unlikely you’ll make money on the free membership alone as it is merely designed to give you a taster of what’s to come so you can decide if is definitely the direction you want to go in and whether or not to upgrade to Premium.

      Premium is $18 the first month and $49 a month thereafter, or $495 paid yearly.

      Honestly, other than that, there’s nothing else you need as everything is already included. You can use the free version of Canva for your images/logos/graphics as I did and GeneratePress is a brilliant free and easy WordPress theme I highly recommend. It’s also the theme used in the training so it’ll be easier to follow along.

      It was only after running a 5 figure per month business for 5 years that I started to invest more into my business like paying for a full-time writer, investing in premium themes and tools etc., but you really don’t need them when you’re starting out!

      I’d say the real issue of whether you can make this happen or not is your diligence and organisation…

      Can you set aside an hour a day to create content (blog posts or video)? It does take a few months before you start to see the traffic and sales come in. Can you keep at it for 2-3 months before the results start rolling in?

      This is the real barrier to entry!

      If you can then you’ll surpass like 90% of people and go on to be very successful!

      I hope this helps paint a clear picture of what’s needed both time-wise and money-wise. I just wanted to be open and honest about what’s involved so you can go into this eyes wide open! I’ll be on hand every step of the way too to get you to your first all-important commission.

      Here’s a link to my personal Wealthy Affiliate profile where you can hit me up anytime.

      I’ll hopefully see you inside the training area! 😉

      • Hi Simon
        I joined profits unlimited in 2019 and then rapid profit trader 2020 and recently this year bought his small cap service, so far my portfolio is up 100% in just over two years, even with the recent correction so I really appreciate Paul’s guidance. He is very honest and not all his picks win but over all I am doing way better following his guidance than I was before I found him online. He is not a scam. Timing is everything. If you join at the top or as things are going down, losses are inevitable but over time if you keep strong hands as Paul puts it you win big. It took me two years to get to a place where even with a big 30% plus correction I was still up and feeling good about my investments. I am very grateful to Paul Mampilly. He changed my financial life and I needed the gains to survive covid as it took my business out. 2020 was amazing for Paul’s recommendations, they went through the roof!!! Susie

  2. Typical Wealthy Affiliate B.S. Fake review.

    At least we know you can’t be trusted, so thanks for that!

    This is one of the BEST investment newsletters online, period, and for you to recommend the sh*t stain on my shoe that is called “wealthy affiliate” just shows you don’t know shit about fuck (seriously, I guarantee I make more than you from investing on Pauls Tips alone), and ONLY care about making your weak $39 commission from people that join it via your affiliate link.

    • Good morning to you too James! 🙂

      I’m glad his newsletters are working for you. Really, that’s great news!

      I don’t know what you think I said that wasn’t fair and balanced here but I hope you have a good week lol

  3. Anybody who says Paul Mampilly or his Profits Unlimited Newsletter is a SCAM clearly does not follow his simple “Rules of the Game” investing strategy.

    – Don’t go all-in on one stock…create a portfolio of at least 5 stocks.
    – Equal weight your investments…invest an equal dollar amount in each stock.
    – Build your positions over time to take advantage of market fluctuations.
    – Don’t hesitate to buy a higher-priced stock, because you may only be able to buy a few shares
    – Keep some cash in your account as a psychological safety net to ride out the inevitable volatility in the market.

    He explains in great detail why he is suggesting a certain stock. He also sends ALERTS suggesting another stock to buy, which he then explains in the next newsletter in great detail, or sell to take profits and rarely has to send an alert to sell a stock to preserve capital for a better trade.

    Since I joined in June of 2018…2 1/2 years my portfolio is up 116% and I have taken out $40,000 in that time to enjoy life.
    You question the value of a $79 subscription, you’ll spend more than that on a steak at a great steakhouse!

  4. I am here to tell you…

    Paul Mampilly is not a scam.

    He does have creative advertisements however if you follow the rules of the game he lays out, you will have nice gains.

    I’ve been investing with his recommendations since Dec 2016 and I am up over 62K in gains.

    This is no BS, I am a simple subscriber to Paul’s Profits Unlimited program.

    The people I see who are negative and think he is a scam are people who go all-in on one recommendation. That is the worst thing to do. Like all the others online, he can be wrong from time to time and he will tell you and admit when he has made a bad call.

    To be successful in investing you must take the time to learn some basics. Educate yourself first then begin to slowly enter the market.
    Word of caution… investing in the markets is not for the weak or those who don’t have the extra income they could afford to lose.

    You can’t sell or buy at the first hint of some news article. Study the companies, understand their strategy and their potential for growth or being an industry disruptor.

    Markets are volatile….. if you don’t intend on having a strong hand then stay out.

    During the recent drop due to covid, my accounts were down by over 50%. Talk about worried and truly disappointed. However, I had confidence in the companies I was invested in because I had done my homework.

    As an example, I purchased shares of Wayfair at $139. Then the Rona hit and the markets tanked. Wayfair dropped all the way to ~ $42 per share. I could have sold but I knew Wayfair was strong enough to come back. So….. I had a strong hand and stayed in the game.

    Wayfair is way up now and continues to grow.

    • “Creative advertisements” is certainly one way to put it lol! 😛

      Seriously though, anyone thinking about subscribing to any of Paul Mampilly’s newsletters is going to find this feedback super valuable and I thank you for sharing your experience.

  5. I am really confused now. I lost a lot of money with coronavirus and I want to try to make up for it. Now I question Paul.. and signed up for another called Shadow Pools, which cost me money. It’s about 5G. They talk for hours and you sign up and pay and I still don’t have the name of the stock for 5G which is supposed to blow up on Aug 6th. I am going broke now. I need help

    • I lot of these newsletters are super hyped-up. Paul Mampilly and friends are very good at marketing and are well-known for cross-selling numerous newsletter subscriptions.

      It sounds like you’re not getting what you paid for. Is there any chance you can get a refund?

  6. Hello Simon, thank you for your review on Paul. Upon visiting your website, I started looking into Wealthy Affiliate and am intrigued.

    I am a pilot for the airlines but have days, if not weeks, off at a time. Do you think I would be able to do Wealthy Affiliate as a side gig?

    Also, I noticed this article you published didn’t really have a definitive answer on Paul, but was able to drive traffic, like me to your website. Is that the basis of Wealthy Affiliate? Thank you for your time.

    -Lauren H

    • Hi Lauren,

      The quick answer is yes, absolutely!

      When I started out at Wealthy Affiliate in 2014 I was working full-time in a call centre and just used any spare time I had in the evenings and weekends working my way through the video training and followed every action step. I made my first commission (a whopping $1.20 lol) but I was crazy happy because after wasting A LOT of time on worthless scams I knew this process worked and I just had to keep going.

      By the end of the year, my online income was more than the income from my job so, as I like to say – I kissed my boss goodbye, booked a one-way ticket to Thailand and I’ve never looked back!

      Since then things have just got better and better. Last year I smashed my goal of making more than $1,000 in a day and in Feb 2020 I met Wealthy Affiliate owners Kyle and Carson on an all-expenses-paid trip to Vegas.

      As you can see, it’s by no means an overnight thing, but the sky is the limit in terms of how much you can earn and at Wealthy Affiliate you’ll have everything you need to make it happen. Work hard at it, use the training as a roadmap to follow and you WILL get to where you want to be.

      When I’m writing reviews I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt but after reading so many of the comments here I may have been too generous…

      Wealthy Affiliate will give you a simple 4-step process on how to create income-producing websites around any passion, hobby or topic you are interested in that get ranked in Google and other search engines so you get free and daily traffic. They then show you all of the ways you can monetise your site, either through affiliate marketing (my favourite!), ads or promoting your own products/services.
      The possibilities are endless!

      Take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate review to get all the ins and outs, but one of the things I really like about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can join as a free Starter member and test out the whole platform without getting your credit card out. And even if you do decide to go premium like I did, it’s only $49 a month. That’s pretty good in my view which is why I continue to stay with them.

      I hope this helps give you a better picture of what to expect, please feel free to hit reply if you have any questions or leave me a message on my WA profile here.

      I look forward to working with you and hope you have a great week! 🙂

  7. I purchased a subscription a few weeks ago. I have not had one recommendation since purchase and I am unable to get a refund. On many occasions they will contact me to buy an extended service. I need my money back.

  8. Paul is different than the others. Yes, a subscription is required but you can’t get financial advice for free. That’s life. I’ve purchased stocks from his recommendations and today I’m up $3500.00 in two weeks. For a $79 annual subscription I think it was well worth it. I’m quite cautious regarding investments because I like most folks work hard for my money. I also like to save money. Paul cautions against just investing and walking away. You MUST follow his guidelines, one of his number one rules is to spread out the $$. Invest in the majority of stocks etc. equally. That way if there are losses in one the ones that gain override the losses. This makes total sense.
    I’m happy so far.

    • Hi Caroline,
      I also just signed up for his Profit Unlimited,
      On 3/22/20. it s that the one you signed in too? I watched their videos and see they re professional and I do trust on them even I have not won any.
      I still confused how to get the information about his recommendation about which stock to buy and sell. When ……

      They sent so many emails, but must of them just I introduce the new program and services so confusing .

      So as your experience, can you please show me how and where I can get his recommendations ?

      Thank you so much Caroline !


      • I have two of his subscriptions and both allow you to see his portfolio in detail. Sign up for the text alerts on when to buy and sell. Do not buy if it’s been months since the recommendation, you may have missed the opportunity and could lose.

        For the comment, “I lost over 90% on his INTERNET OF THINGS Recommendation. I think he is paid to promote stocks!” The guy is referring to his recommendation to buy STM which I bought and made a nice return. He recommended the stock at $5.99 and today it trades at $22/share. Definitely not a loser.

        Last week I bought an option (KBH) on his recommendation and got an 80% return in 3 days. Also bought another (W) and 50% in 4 days.

  9. The best advice I have ever heard is this: If it’s too good to be true, than it’s probably a bunch bs; and of course there’s this: there are no free lunches.

    IMO, that’s the best advice to follow.

  10. Hi, I am a subscriber to Pure Income with Banyan Hill. Chad Shoop/Pure Income recommends stock to sell puts on. I am in my second year and am very pleased with the results so far. My wife and I both have accounts that we make transaction in. Our first year, we made around 9% in each account. This year hasn’t been quite as good, we’re at 6%.

    After this year’s subscription is up, we plan on going for a third year.

  11. I’d be curious to know how his picks compare vs. the overall market, as it sounds like he’s operated in the longest bull market to date. If you have more (US Large Cap) stocks that have gone down vs. up in this time period, it’s simply awful stock selection; I’m not at all surprised that people have seen outsized returns.

    Also Adel – passive income is from investment income, not earned income from running a business. It’s usually in the forms of interest and dividends paid from an investment portfolio of stocks and bonds, or being a passive investor in real estate ventures.

    • I read through his offer. You have a typo in your piece that is misleading. His pricing is $47 per year, not per month. (There are also pricier options of 79 and 129 per year for expanded information.) No idea if he is any good, but thought I would mention that.

      Also, a few people in these comments sound uncomfortable with technology. If you are not comfortable with reading your email and clicking on links, then online investing might not be your best choice. (But if you haven’t gotten any emails, check your junk folder, and if still nothing, call the number on their website and talk to somebody!)

  12. I’ve been in Profits Unlimited and Extreme fortunes since the very beginning. I can tell you I have made much more than I have lost by a substantial amount. My portfolio as it stands today has numerous stocks with over 100% gains. Most of the people that lose money with his stocks do so because they don’t follow his rules of risk management. He tells you to spread your bets, equal weight your positions, and avoid buying only low dollar stocks. He gives you good advice on how to be successful, but at the end of the day it’s up to the subscriber on whether or not he wants to take it.

    • Hi Michael,
      I m also using Profit Unlimited now but I don’t receive any email and alert about trading as the program said .

      Could you pls show me how to get that information . Thank you so much Micheal!

  13. Mampilly’s new promo video describing a $37 TRILLION dollar boom in the tech industry is too easy to figure out …. it’s the future, and current, development in AI. Anyone who follows future tech development (and general next industry development), can easily figure this out. Mampilly’s scam is to tell you about this growing industry because you are probably too lame an investor to really be in the market to begin with, and just want to follow the so called “Get-Rich-Quick” route …. which rarely works out for the average retail investor.

    Just sign-up (start an account) with a top name on-line brokerage firm, and use their on-line research and resources to self-educate yourself on stock picks and good investment choices.

    Anyone who is going to be in the market as an investor, or make money investing needs to DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH …. plain and simple!

    • Hi Karen,
      That is great advice. Could you please to share me the website with I can sign up and find out that information

      Thank you Karen!

      Tiffany !

    • Hi Karen,

      I agree and disagree.

      Yes, any independent investor should take responsibility for their investing and do their own research. I did that my first 12 years investing and relatively tracked the market indexes like the S&P 500. After the 2008 crash I subscribed to the Motley Fool Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers newsletter and began to beat the S&P 500 by substantial margins. I still lost money on some investments, but I made much more than I lost.

      I added Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited newsletter to my reading list in 2017. After 18 months I used some of the substantial profits from those picks to subscribe to several of his other newsletters such as the now, Secret Portfolio and Rapid Profit Trader, then finally I spent 20k on a lifetime Inner Circle membership. I did this with profits taken from that initial Profits Unlimited subscription for $79 USD. Over 2020, I have raised my overall portfolio worth by over 130%, beating the S&P by over 100%. At 51, I am on track to be ready to retire next year based on Paul’s advice. As an English teacher, being able to afford to give my children a great education is priceless. I am spending so much more time with my wife and children than when I was constantly side hustling to make a little extra money.

      I still check Paul’s and the Motley Fool’s picks against my personal goals, investing preference, and corporate ethics. But getting input from professionals who research this full time and have proven results, why wouldn’t a person do that? I began to make money because I learned from professionals whose track records spoke for themselves. Take a look at Profit Unlimiteds or the Rapid Profit Traders’s past results and see for yourself.

      Yes, the FOMO and cheesy advertising from most of these companies goes against my grain, but when they have proven results? I can put up with it.

      Best wishes to all for success in your investing journeys.

      Regards, Allan

  14. A year and a half ago I was “hypnotized” by the “saint” guru Mampilly who helps people in the street to become a millionaire by following his advice.
    After enduring watching several videos I decided that it would be a good investment to be able to access such accurate forecasts, so as a fool I subscribed to the “lifetime” option of $ 454. As I operate with my platform, I wanted to know what were the wonders that they were going to propose to me. But I realized that I had bought only the right to enter a supermarket, where they sell their products for one to invest there. So I wonder why I paid a subscription?
    Today I see for example a post by Ted Bauman, where he says he has a defensive stock that beats the SP500, but it turns out he doesn’t say which one it is. Then I go to a link on the page about marijuana stocks, and it doesn’t say what they are. In summary I feel cheated and this page is not useful in the least.

    • Thank for the opposing comment.

      Funny how “Simon Crowe” never responds to negative, or less than total positive feedback on this blog. Makes one wonder how much he is getting to promote Mampilly on his site?

    • Enrique:

      Your right, most, if not all, of these type of guys who say they have the best get-rich-quick stocks, never do. They only direct you to some obvious stock, or category, that everyone pretty much already have heard about.

  15. I invested in Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited, True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes almost since they started. It’s been a great experience and I’ve made a great return on investment. I’m looking at my portfolio right now and see stocks with %total gains per stock of 51% 145% 148% 9% 236% 20% 14% 40% 181% 105% 42% 81% 70% 95% 85% ……. the list goes on. How could anyone be disappointed ??? Those are just a few. Definitely a 5 star rating for Paul Mampilly.

  16. “If you joined Paul’s newsletter when he first started it back in June 2016 and taken action and invested in every single stock that he recommended until the present day, you would have more winners than losers and be in profit.” Sorry, but this is an intentionally vague statement. If instead I placed the same amount of investment in low cost index funds, I would also be in profit. The unanswered question is, would I have been in a lot more profit buying Paul’s services. I think not.

    • You make a great point Jon and I tend to agree with you.

      Since writing this I’ve read a lot of complaints about the aggressive sales tactics used to get people to buy in to other Banyan Hill newsletters. This kind of reminds me of the California Gold Rush where the people selling the picks and shovels made more than the miners ever did. I suspect this is exactly what’s happening here.

    • Hi Jon, I have no affiliation with Banyan Hill and don’t recommend most of their services and don’t like their advertising.

      However, through Paul’s services, specifically Profits Unlimited, Rapit Profit Trader, Rebound Profit Trader, and Extreme Fortunes I have beat the overall S&P 500 by 250% over the last year and a half. Investing in index funds would have given me substantial opportunity cost and I would not be retiring next year.

      Good luck to you.


  17. This is really cool. I am so glad that you are giving your honest opinions on these online programs that claim they can make you money because there are just so many scams online. It makes it hard to tell the legit from the fake. Too many times newbies get on the internet searching up ways to make money online and all these scams op up and just take advantage of their ignorance. I know this because I was that newbie to fall in the trap of a scam and still don’t know how to make money online. Do you have any recommendations? Great review, definitely going to post this on Facebook page so others can benefit as well. 

  18. I think it’s important to keep in mind that people will always have positive reviews before they get the actual results back.  As one of the screenshots suggests, Paul ‘feels like someone to trust’.  That being said, many of the con artists of the internet have to fall back after a few months when enough people catch on.  Just by an overview of the operation that is being done, I’d have to assume that Paul is the real deal, but it’s hard to execute his plans properly, creating the posts calling it some sort of scam.

  19. I responded to pauls latest get rich project and here is what went down they got my c card info. sent me three e=mails blowing more smoke. I called the number they gave me then said they had no information on me and then she said this this other outfit had ran my card I had ever heard of oxford club . So if any one has a number i can reach Paul thanks in advance . Mack Roden

  20. I bought in to Profits Unlimited
    promotion code P190V548
    and have not recieved anything as of to date 5-29-19
    Please let me know when this information will get to me.
    David l. Mayes [cell number deleted]

    • Hi David, I’m sorry, you’ve commented on an article that’s telling people to stay away from Paul Mampilly and any of his products. If you are looking for a refund you are going to need to contact them Profits Unlimited or Agora Financial directly.

      All the best,


    • Hi Adel, if you start an online business and put in the work upfront can achieve a monthly passive income like I and so many others have done. To get the ultimate guide and walk through, check out this step-by-step beginners training and you’ll see how anyone can be successful if they set a goal and take massive action on making it happen.

      If you have any questions along the way, you can reach to myself and 1,000’s of other online entrepreneurs within the community.

    • I subscribe profits unlimited last year, no idea about trading! during my first month stocks I bought are down, so frustrated and cancel my subscription with no problem!

      BUT, after learning what is trading all bout, I called them again and subscribe back. And bought share recommended from Profits unlimited (Paul mamphilly), not all! For DDD stock alone I doubled my money. It’s the right timing when you gonna buy the stock. Those recommendations are all his great picks, remember volatility is there.

      I’m a happy Paul follower after understanding what is market and trading all about! I keep my eye on his recommendations! And when great news come and price is right that’s the time I buy, whether buy as a stock or by option . Reading and learning is important. He’s not a scam!

        • I forgot to mention that the PROFITS UNLIMITED is a long term portfolio, like months to 3 years.

          So find a good timing of buying his picks.
          Some of his stock I have is down right now though. But with my own research also, I do hold them (Long term) !


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