Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?


is wealthy affiliate a scam

Last Update 10th May, 2017.

Today we're looking at is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

In my full 4,880 word Wealthy Affiliate review I go into detail about how you make money online with Wealthy Affiliate and what happens once you join.

I'm going to be going through the pros and cons here in just bit.

But the thing is…

You shouldn't believe a single word I say. I'm serious.

Whatever my experience, good or bad (read more below), I can't tell you if it's what you've been searching for. Only you can decide that for yourself.

I accidentally came across a Wealthy Affiliate review one night back in 2014 joined, created a starter account, completed my personal profile and started with the training. I've had first hand experience of what WA teaches and the process of making money they use.

So the question today is “Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or the real deal?”

I get asked this question a lot. So much so, I thought it worthy of me giving a full answer once and for all.

So if you're considering becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you'll want to read this first…

So is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? Let's find out.

Owners: Carson & Kyle
Price: Free; $19/mo; $49/mo

What is Wealthy Affiliate all about?

The cold winter's night I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was desperate

…desperate to change my life, desperate to find an online income so I could quit my call centre job. Desperate to take control, to see my dreams become a reality.

I'd just been conned out of so much money with scammy ‘blackhat systems‘ and I was ready to do whatever it took to make serious changes.

With Wealthy Affiliate it's free to join which I was thought was unusual I thought, but at least I didn't have anything to lose.

I was very skeptical to say the least! I talked with a few people in the live chat area and completed the first couple of lessons, including stating what your online income goals, but still, my guards were up.

I wasn't about to be fooled again and I was checking everything out to find out if this thing was legit or just another make money online scam.

I Was Surprised By How Active The Community Was

One of the first things that struck me once inside the member's area was how active the live chat and question and answer areas were.

People even added my as a friend (yes, it's just like Facebook!) and posted welcome messages to my wall.

Everyone seemed really friendly and helpful. Real people, helping real people.

I liked it…


What Wealthy Affiliate Teaches You

affiliate marketing training course

New members are directed to the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course to get started your online business.

The training is excellent. Really. Not just what they teach (I'll tell you in a sec), but how they teach it. Each lesson comes with fresh videos, written tutorials. What I loved about it was that is was step by step.

You could track your progress as you worked your way through the course and the assigned tasks at the end of each lesson mean you're building your business as you go through it.

Perfect for people like me who never had any experience of running any online business.

How You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

Let me say off the bat – Wealthy Affiliate is not a multi-level marketing scheme or a pyramid scheme.

What they teach you is legit – the Wealthy Affiliate training shows you how to start a website (for free) on any topic you want. You then learn how to attract website visitors and turn your blog into a money making machine.

wealthy affiliate process for making money online

When I first joined the Wealthy Affiliate program, I was only checking it out to see if it really was possible to make money online. I had almost given up hope.

Two years on, I never thought I would still be a member, upgrade to premium and be earning over $6,000 with my first website alone.

The Faces Behind Wealthy Affiliate

carson-kyleWay back in 2005, Carson and Kyle, a couple of young guys from Canada started Wealthy Affiliate on a shoe-string budget offering databases of high searched keywords for Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

As successful online entrepreneurs, they saw countless people fall victim to so-called get rich quick schemes and wanted to create an online community to help teach others how to be successful by following their blueprint.

Over the years Carson and Kyle have developed Wealthy Affiliate into what it is today – an online training portal and community. They’ve already helped thousands of people just like you to be successful online.

I think it’s good to know Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 10 years and has more tools, training and support for people serious about building a long-term successful online future than anywhere else online.

Today you’ll always see Carson and Kyle helping people in live chat, giving feedback and replying to comments. I’ve personally messaged them on more than one occasion and always got lightning fast and friendly response.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam? What Do Wealthy Affiliate Members Have To Say?

I don't blame you for being suspicious. No, in fact it's probably healthy.

I have been scammed so much in the past, I was highly skeptical when I first joined, but it didn't take me long to see the value of what I had just got my hands on.

Wealthy Affiliate isn't a get rich quick scheme but it is a real way to build a solid and successful (and profitable) online business.

Here's what Wealthy Affiliate members had to say:

“Wealthy Affiliate let you join for free just so you’ll have an “in” on what exactly goes down within the community before you put your money down.

They provide you with 2 free websites, free starter training and tons of additional training resources and blogs. You’ll have the ability to ask any questions you wish plus you can get your hands on the 24/7 live chat access.

We all are familiar with the saying, “If something is too good to be true, it probably is.” I believe W.A. is the exception to that. Wealthy Affiliate is simply not a scam.”

– Wendy @


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Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam? The Final Verdict.

thumbs upWealthy isn't a scam. It's legit.

My experience of launching and building several website business as a direct result of going through the training here tells you that.

I make money money online, not by scamming people or spamming friends and family on Facebook.

I make money online by blogging – blogging about things I love, topics I'm passionate about.

I love to help people and I love to make money.

With Wealthy Affiliate I get to help people AND make money! It doesn't get much better than that!

So whatever your passionate about, whatever hobby or interest you have, honestly, don't think about it, don't read any more reviews – with Wealthy Affiliate you already have everything you need to get started.

Tools, expert advice and help, community support, free websites and hosting, top notch training – it's all here waiting for you.

You just need to take action.

Are you ready?

Create Your Free Starter Account Now.

Oh and just one more thing – my promise to you is this: I WILL HELP YOU personally to make your all important first sale.

I'm ready if you are!

how to make money online

It's Time For You To Start Making Serious Money Online!

To Your Online Success!

What's been your experience with Wealthy Affiliate? Do you have any other questions about Wealthy Affiliate? Drop me a comment and I’ll respond ASAP!


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