Is The Singapore Method A Scam Or Legit?



the singapore method scam

Fake name: Jake Shen

Minimum deposit: $250

Scamming people since: 2016

Overall Ranking: 0/100

Quick Singapore Method overview

I’ve got to give it to the scammer behing the Singapore Method, he's running a pretty elaborate scam and I've no doubt he's making a lot of money from it.

It's the same guy behind the Malay Method scam, the Aussie Method, the Cambridge Method and so many more. The scammer targets potential victims by using their IP address to find your location and presents you with the scam for your area.

The Singapore Method and every other “your country here” type method is set up to look like an automatic, quick and easy way to make money by trading on the stock exchange.

In reality, the bogus trading software doesn't work. It's ‘free to join' but you're required to open a trading account with their unlicensed broker and deposit at least $250 out of your bank account.

This is why they can only give you false hype and empty promises. As we'll see in this review, everything on the website is fake; the video testimonials, the sales script, the stock photos, Twitter feeds and live trading results.

You should avoid this scam at all costs and don't believe their lies – they don't make you money, they just take your money.

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What we’ll cover in this Singapore Method review:

  • What is the Singapore Method?
  • Is the Singapore Method a scam?
  • 7 irrefutable reasons the Singapore Method is a total scam

What is the Singapore Method exactly?

In a nutshell, the Singapore Method lures people in with crazy promises and outlandish guarantees of fast and easy cash. The scammers make money when you deposit your hard-earned money into their unlicensed brokers accounts.

They claim to have created a unique trading software system which can accurately predict the markets. The sales video makes grand claims of automatic money pouring in but of course, we're never given any explanation as to how it works or given any real proof of people making any money at all.

Instead all we get is hype aimed at getting you to sign up ‘before it's too late'. This is typical with work from home scams like this.

According to making hundreds of thousands of dollars a day is a simple 3 step process:

the singapore method review

Back here in the real world, here's what actually happens:

1. The Singapore Method pops up on an unsuspecting person's browser and immediately starts filling their head with lies and deceptive sales talk. A person believes the hype and thinks they have nothing to lose.

2. Once you've given them your personal information, they give you a list of ‘specially chosen' brokers.

3. The scam victim then gets out his/her wallet, types in their credit card information and deposits $250, never to see their money again.

And don't believe the ‘I'll pay you $10,000 out of my own pocket”, you'll never see a penny.

These people are criminals of the worst kind and you can't believe a word they say. When you chec out the site's disclaimer, suddenly all the bold guarantees evaporate, leaving you with no legal leg to stand on.

singapore method review
The moral of the story? Always check the fine print!

Is the Singapore Method a scam?

Definitely. Don't let them anywhere near your wallet.

I'll show the evidence why I know it's a scam in a second because as you'll soon find out, every single thing on the website is a lie.

Although Singapore Method is free to join, in order to follow the ‘system' you're going to need to deposit $250 of your hard-earned cash to their dodgy brokers who make money whether you'll win or lose.

And trust me, you will lose your money because the trading software can not take into account the real trading conditions.

The sales video is makes a lot of bold claims. Jake Shen says things like:

“Can you imagine making hundreds of thousands of dolalrs by this time next month?”

“It couldn't be easier, you just click your mouse a few times, sit back and watch the money start rolling in.”

and my favourite:

“We are not some sleazy internet marketing gurus trying to get your credit card number, so we can make a quick buck and rip you off” – this is exactly what you are!

7 irrefutable reasons the Singapore Method is a total scam

1. This is a copy and paste scam we've seen many times before

brit method scamsIf you're in Singapore, you'll see the Singapore Method scam…

If you're in Great Britain, you'll see the Brit Method scam…

If you're in Canada, you'll see the Canuck Method scam…

Are you getting this? Each scam site uses the same sales scripts, same website layout, same fake video testimonials wherever you are in the world.

The website name and logo are different, but the scam is the same.

2. Jake Shen doesn't exist

singapore method jake shen

Jake Shen is a made up name and the image they use is a stock photo you can find all over the web.

This photo is used for the Malay Method also.

Fake names and fake photos, the truth is we have no idea who is behind these scams.

If this were a legitimate make money online opportunity, why wouldn't you be willing to put your own face to it?

So when ‘Jake Shen' promises you $10,000 out of his own pocket, who do you think will pay you this exactly?

He can't and he won't. It just lies, lies and more lies…

is the singapore method a scam

3. Fake video testimonials from

The promo video starts off with video testimonials apparantely from real people achieving real results, but guess what? These are fake too.

For $5 you can pay anyone on to say anything you want them to say.

This guy (here's his Fiverr account) says:

“I can't get over it. $764,050 in 29 days? This is incredible!”

He couldn't care less if you get scammed out of your money or not, as long as he gets paid.

singapore methodIf the system works so well why don't they share real success stories from real people?

Because we know they can't.

Again, it's all hype to get you to do what they want. Don't fall for it!

4. Fake live third party verified results

what is the singapore method and does it workVerfied by who exactly?

When you scoll down the page you'll find a display box showing live trades.

The only problem is, these so-called ‘live trades' are active whatever time of day or not you land on this page, even when the markets are closed.

That's odd! If this doesn't scream “Scam!” I don't know what does.

 5. Fake Facebook comments and Tweets

can you make money with the singapore methodScroll down a little further and you'll see what appears to be real-time comment and Tweets from people experiencing extraordinary success with the Singapore Method system.

Try to click on the names to see the user's profile or try to drop a comment or a like and you can't.

Singapore Method doesn't even have a Facebook or Twitter account!

There are hundreds of complaints online about people trying to contact these scammers once they realise they've been duped but they're impossible to get a hold of.

6. Hollow promises of easy, fast money

The biggest sign of any scam is the claim they can make you crazy amounts of money with no work or effort required on your part.

Well these guys certainly do that. At one point in the cheezy promo video the voiceover actor says:

“And one of the best parts is after just a couple of mouse clicks, it keeps building up in your account automatically. You won't have to do a single thing other than sit back and watch as hundreds of thousands of dollars pours into your bank account every single month from now on. The money never stops!”

Scammers know exactly what buttons to press to get your attention. They take advantage of your struggles by using your emotions against you.

Why are scams like these so rife online? Because there are still so many people falling for them.

Wouldn't it be amazing if this were true?

Wouldn't we all be doing it?

But don't believe a word of it. A system that automatically spits out cash for you 24/7 does not exist, online or offline.

All this scammer can use to draw you in are empty claims of ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars in your bank account‘ to try and get past the rational part of your brain that knows that really it's not true.

7. Limited time offer!

cambridge method scam reviewI first came across the Singpore Method scam because it popped up in my browser when I was trying to watch a film on Putlocker.

Despite this, the video said this system is ‘by invitation only'.

Whenever you hear things like “Limited time only!” and “Act now – this offer is only available in your area today!” someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

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The bottom line

However tempting the shiny promises might be, know that the only people making money from the Singapore Method are the scammers themselves.

Hundreds of people have lost money through this system by gambling it on the stock market through unscrupulous brokers who do not have your best interests in mind.

Jake Shen (or whatever his name is) has no problem with taking your money and sleeping soundly at night.

Unless you're a professional stock broker or have extensive experience in the markets, you'd have more chances of making money betting it all on a throw of the dice than you would with this defective software.

I hope you've seen enough to stay away from this outright scam. Keep your money where it belongs – in your pocket.

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