Is The Malay Method A Scam?

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is the malay method a scamFake name: Jake Shen

Minimum deposit: $250

Scamming Malaysians since: 2016

Overall Ranking: 0/100

Quick Malay Method overview

In this review you're going to see exactly why the Malay Method by Jake Shen is a scam that can not be trusted. I'm going to show you why everything about their website is fake and how they take your money and you end up worse off than when you started.

It's free to join (Yes I actually signed up for this crap) but you're going to need to deposit $250 from your account to one of their unlicensed broker's account and this is how they make money from you.

The Malay Method claims to be able to “make you tens of thousands of dollars in the next few days” through the advanced Malay Method software that can accurately predict the markets and tell you when to buy or when to sell.

As you'll see, these dishonest brokers they send you to have had several court cases filed against them.

The truth is no computer software can predict when trades are going to go up or down. Don't be fooled by the lies they're telling you – there is no such thing as a quick and easy way to make $100,000s online where you just sit back and watch the profits roll in, not here in the real work.

Hundreds of people have lost money so far with this internet scam and I don't want you to be the next victim. So in this Malay Method review I'm going to show you exactly why the empty promises and hype can not be trusted.

You can make money online, just not through the Malay trading system. It is possible for you to create and thriving online business if you're ready to learn and put in the work.

If this is something you're interested in doing, check out my number one recommended make money online training course. It's 100% free to get started.

I believe that with the right know-how, the right tools and community support you can build a successful and profitable online business for yourself.

What we’ll cover in this Malay Method review:

  • What is the Malay Method?
  • Is the Malay Method a scam?
  • More Malay Method reviews

What is the Malay Method?

According the the website, Jake Shen has created state of the art trading software that will make you hundreds of thousands of dollars through trading binary options on autopilot.

Though they claim to have created a unique trading software system and their salesy video makes a lot of grand claims of automatic money pouring in to your bank account, of course we're never given any real explanation as to how it the system works or given any real proof people like you and me are making any money from it.

All I see is hype and deceptive tactics used to get you to sign up and hand over your deposit.

Apparantely making hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next 30 days with is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

the malay method review

Back here in the real world, this is how the scam really operates:

Step 1 – You get a pop-up from Malay Method and you hear all the fake video testimonials from paid actors about how much money they're (not) making. You hear the $10,000 guarantee and are duped into thinking you have nothing to lose.

Step 2 – You have them your email and telephone number so they can spam you. Then you're redirected to deposit page which is the OptionStatsGlobal list of unlicensed brokers.

Step 3 – You then take the credit card out of your pocket and give them your money, never to see it again.

the malay method reviewsBut what about the ‘I'll pay you $10,000 out of my own pocket” nonsense?

If you check the fine print at the bottom of the page (stick with me and I'll show you), you'll see this actually means nothing. You'll never be able to get a penny back.

malay method system
What happened to the hundreds of thousands of dollars you said I was going to make?

The Malay Method scam in partnership with OptionStatsGlobal have received hundreds of complaints.

Believe me when I say these scammers are the worst possible kind and the only way to get your money back is to fight them in court.

Is the Malay Method a scam?

100% yes!

Now I'm going to show you why Jake Shen doesn't even exist, how I know with confidence the video testimonials are completly bogus and why the Malay Method system is definitely a scam.

They can make all the empty promises they want, they can say you'll be a millionaire by this time next month but when you see the facts, you'll know exactly why you should stay away from them.

If what I'm about to show you can't convince you, nothing can!

7 sure signs the Malay Method is a scam

1. Malay Method is just one of a long line of scams we've seen before

brit method scamsThe Malay Method scam is just the latest internet scam that's specifically targeted at Malaysians.

There's also the Singapore Method scam, the Cambridge Method scam, the Aussie scam and so many more depending on where you are in the world…

In every case, the scam name and logo are different, but the video testimonials are the same, the promo video script is the same and ultimately, the way they take your money is the same.

2. Jake Shen doesn't exist

is the singapore method a scamJake Shen, the guy in the video who promises to guide you through how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars is not even a real person.

It's just a fake name with a stock photo you can find all over the internet.

Jake Shen only appears in the Singapore and Malay Method scams. In all the other scams they use other photos and other names.

why malay method is a scam

The truth is, no matter how much I dig, we still have no idea who the real culprit is behind these scams.

One thing we can take away from this though is: if they're giving you fake names, using fake images and bogus guarantees, do you really think they're going to give you $10,000? Not a chance!

3. Fake video testimonials from

The promo video stars with so-called success stories from people who have made $1000's with this system. Not only are the same videos used across all of the _____ Method scams, but they're not legit.

If you want to set up an internet scam you just go over to the Fiverr website and pay someone $10 to do a fake testimonial for you. They'll say whatever you tell them to.

The promo video features a very well known Fiverr seller who specialises in fake video testimonials who goes by the name of Jordan831.

Sorry to call you out mate, I know you're just doing your job, but this scam is ripping 100s of people off and it needs to be exposed.

singapore method
Remember this guy? He apparantely made $764,050 in 29 days.
4. They can't show real results so they make fake ones up

malay method review 2017Any legitimate system of making money by trading binary options would have real results from their members to show as proof this stuff works.

You won't find any real success stories or real results on their website but they can't give them to you.

When you scroll down the page you'll see what's supposed to be real-time results from people using the system.

And they use the word ‘verified' so it must be legit right?


And you can try this out for yourself – go into the website on a weekend or late in evening and you'll see the results still coming through even when the market is closed.


5. Fake Facebook comments and Tweets

malay method reviewCarrying on in the same vein, scroll a little further down the page and the scammer gives you some more false proof in the form of Tweets and Facebook comments…

Again these are completely fake. Not only do Malay Method not have a Twitter or Facebook account, but when you click in the names or try to reply to a post, you can't.


Because it's just a computer generated loop that repeats itself every 30 minutes.

6. Even the live chat agent uses a fake image

Whilst researching this company a live chat box popped up in the bottom right hand side of my screen.

I thought it would be interesting to see what they had to say for themselves when I told them I was exposing them for the scam that they are in this review.

First thing I noticed was yet another stock image – even the support agent for the brokers they send you to are fake.

Is anything on this site real?!?

is the malay method a scam or legit

You can read my full conversation with the scammer below but let's just say they didn't have much to say for themselves, despite defrauding hundreds of people out of thousands of dollars.

7. OptionStarsGlobal are a group of criminals who call themselves brokers

The Malay Method might be free to sign up to but you're going to need to deposit $250 with one of their brokers to follow the system.

So who does Jake Shen recommend for you? OptionStars Global.

These are a group of unlicensed, blackhat brokers who are well-known for presenting themselves as professionals and then ripping you off.

There are so many complaints about them online but here's just a couple of them…

optionstarsglobal scam


“Option Stars Global are certainly a very shady broker. As of May 2016 this broker has an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against them and the FPA actually discourages traders from investing with them unless this is resolved. 


The Option Stars and OptionStars Global scam brokers work together. After some research I discovered that this particular broker is in fact NOT registered and they are playing some scheme bouncing traders from the registered broker to the non-registered one.


The complaint filed is for upwards of $40K CAD that was kept from trader and followed by his account being suspended. Only the remaining $13K CAD was returned and account was closed without explanation. From the looks of it, this guy has invested more than $70K CAD into this broker!”


So why are people still falling for this scam despite all the evidence? Because people don't do their research.

If everyone would just took a step back to think about the opportunity presented to them and spend a few minutes researching the company, they'd be able to see it for what it is.

Unfortunately most people don't.

The idea of a system that generates instant cash around the clock is such a wonderful thought (if only!) and they really want it to be true so they convince themselves it is and by then it's too late, they've fallen victim to an internet scam. but now you know the truth, so you don't have to.

What did Malay Method scammers have to say to defend themselves?

Honestly, not much…

When I confronted these scammers outright to give them a chance to defend themselves, they said… nothing.

I mean, what can you say when you know you've been ratted out?

You can read my live chat conversation below but what's clear here is they won't think twice about squeezing you out of as much cash as possible and trust me, they won't lose sleep over it.

the malay method system

3 More Malay Method reviews

There's no a single postive review of the Malay Method online, that should tell you something!

Here are 3 video reviews from 3 different bloggers, all of them agree you should run as fast as you can AWAY from this complete sham.

1. Malay Method is a Scam!

2. The Malay Method SCAM WARNING!!

3. What is The Malay Method? Caution Advised!

The bottom line

However tempting ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars per day' might sound, know that these are empty promises from the worst kind of scammers.

They promise to make you money but just take your money instead.

There's no such thing as computer software that can accurately predict the financial markets, if there was everyone would be doing it.

I hope I've shown you enough to convince you not to go ahead with this. If this Malay Method review saves one person from falling prey to these criminals then it'll be worth it and I'll be happy.

As I said before, this doesn't mean that you can't make money online, you just won't be able to do it this way. If you are looking for serious ways to earn money online through building a legit online business then check out my top recommended program here.

It's where I got started in 2014 and I make well over $6,000 a month now. I'm not going to say it's easy or fast because it's not, but it does definitely work and the work you put in upfront will pay off for years to come in the future.

The best part?

It's completely free to get started. Click on the button below to find out more.


wealthy affiliate review


Do you have any experience with the Malay Method you'd like to share? I'd love to hear from you!

Also, if you have any questions at all be sure to ask below and I'll be more than happy to help you out however I can.

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  1. I read about a lot of bad and life shattering comments. I just want to implore people to be careful. There are a lot of fake brokers out there and real ones to. There are also fake recovery agents and real ones. Most are out to get your money while some are really out to help you get back on your feet. I am a living witness. You can reach me on my gmail at nick.whiteley77 or on Facebook or Quora as Nick Whiteley.


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