Is The Lotto Crusher System A Scam?


is the lotto crusher system a scamDo you believe there's a way to cheat the lottery and increase your chances of hitting the jackpot? If you do then the $97 Lotto Crusher System might be for you.

But before you believe the hype and hand over your money, let's take a look at this system and it's claims.

Is the Lotto Crusher System a scam or a legit way to beat the system? By the end of this Lotto Crusher System review you will know the answer to this question.

What is the Lotto Crusher System?

is the lotto crusher system a scam or legitSometimes known as the Lotto Dominator or the Lotto Crusher Formula, the Lotto Crusher System promises to increase your odds of winning life-changing amounts of money.

It seems the owner has more than one name too; he calls himself Everett Thompson, Winston Everett or Richard Lustig depending on what day of the week it is…

He calls himself a 7 time lotto winner who has finally ‘cracked the lotto code.

Whatever his name is, he claims to be a mathematician/statistician who has spent 2 years looking at patterns in jackpot winning numbers and developing a formula that gives you the best chance of winning the lottery. He backs up his claims by saying he went on to win the lotto 5 times using this exact same system.

Once you fork out your $97, here's how it's supposed to work:

You enter the previous 7 weeks' worth of winning lotto numbers and then the magic future-predicting software gives you the numbers with the highest chances of being picked for that week so you can go out and buy that winning lottery ticket. If only this were true!

You can't change the laws of probability

the lotto crusher system scamYour chances of winning the lottery are 1 in 14 million.

With the Lotto Crusher System your chances of winning the lottery are still 1 in 14 million.

That's right, paying out $97 for this nonsense ‘system' will only make you $97 worse off.

If the guy posing as a mathematician really knew about the laws of probability then he'd know that it's a myth that lottery numbers have some kind of memory built into them and picking certain numbers give you a higher chance of winning than other numbers.

The only pattern you will ever find with the Lotto is that 6 numbers are picked at random each week.

All the lottery numbers have the same chance of being selected at random. Because it's random. So picking a number that happened to be picked last week gives you no advantage whatsoever.

The fake countdown timer is a typical scammy tactic

As I was watching the hyped-up sales video where this guy was telling his dramatic stories, making grand promises quick and easy money and showing pictures of mansions and sports cars, I noticed a countdown timer at the top of the screen.

what is the lotto crusher system

This is a clever ploy by the scammer to add a little but of time-pressure and urgency but visit the site in a month's time and the same timer will still be there, starting from the 2 hour 30 minute mark.

The only people making money with the Lotto Crusher System are the affiliates promoting it

That's right, you'll find tons of fake reviews online from people making the same potential winnings claims to get you to get your credit card out and buy the system so they can take their cut.

Unlike those, I'm not affiliate with this so-called system in any way and thankfully, because you're reading this unbiased review right now you don't have to be one fo those people duped into this very common internet scam.

Is the Lotto Crusher System a scam?

Yes it is, don't fall for it. Lotto has hundreds of reviews from Lotto Crusher System scam victims all complaining the system doesn't work and they can't get there money back.

You'd be better off giving $97 of your hard earned money to a fortune teller.

I really wish there was a real crystal ball with built in algorithms that could tell me next week's winning lottery numbers but it hasn't been invented yet. And if one day, a person finds a guaranteed way to win the lottery, I'm sure they won't need to make money selling it for $97!

Seriously though, if you really want financial freedom then there's no short-cuts, but it might not be as difficult as you think…

Instead of wasting your time and money with scammy products like this you should be re-focusing your efforts on building a real website business for yourself. This is the real way to achieve financial freedom.

The good news is sites like Wealthy Affiliate can show you exactly hw to do this step-by-step with video walkthrough lessons that give you a blueprint of success to follow, great community support and the best (beginner-friendly) website building tools at your disposal.

The best part? Wealthy Affiliate is completely free to try. Check out my full Wealthy Affiliate review here to find out more.

If you have any experience with the Lotto Crusher System go ahead and share your thoughts in the comment below. If you have any questions then do get in touch and I will always get back to you personally.

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4 thoughts on “Is The Lotto Crusher System A Scam?”

  1. This reviewer got it exactly right – if the scammer’s Lotto Crusher System works so well then why is needing to make money by selling the system in the first place?

    It always makes me laugh when you can’t forward the video and are forced to sit there watching pictures of fancy cars and big houses – it’s all hype, hype, hype! So now he’s rich and he wats to give back? Really?? Why not do what other people do and start a charity trust fund or do some volunteer work? But no, he’s giving back by selling his system for a price. How very noble of you.

    Why don’t you find some people in desperate financial situations and give them the system for free, I mean with all your lotto winnings you don’t need the money you make by selling the system do you?

    The truth folks: If it seems to good to be true it’s because it is. Sales of phony systems and methods like this work because folks are both greedy and desperate. Or, just desperate. But, trust me, in sales and ad theory… GREED is worked on as the number one motivator to get the sale.

    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for backing me up, you make some very valid points. Unfortunately scam artists like these know exactly how to press out buttons and whether we’re greedy or desperate, they take advantage of it. It makes me sick to the stomach to think how many people have lost money through this and unable to get a refund, especially when people are just looking for a legit way out of the rat race and trying to put food on their family’s table.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hello Simon,

    Great review on the lotto crusher system. I honestly believed it was a scam right from the start, but after reading your article, you’ve confirmed my suspicions that it is indeed a scam. Like my mom always used to say: If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

    It’s quite unfortunate how lots of people fall for these kinds of scams. They take advantage of people’s desire for money. He probably had to change his name multiple times because he was losing credibility.

    Thanks again for informing us and Wealthy Affiliate seems like the better way to go!


    • Hey Eric, yes you’re right. After reviewing dozens of scams like this, I’ve seen time and time again where scammers will realise the number of complaints and negative reviews against them are going up so they’ll simply rebrand themselves under a new website name and start the same scam all over again.

      I say it’s like playing a game of whac-a-mole – just as you expose one scam, another pops up in it’s place! 


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