Product Testing USA Review 2024: A Scam Or Legit?


Read this Product Testing USA review in full and you'll know for sure whether this is a scam or the legit opportunity you've been looking for.

iPhones and Dyson vacuum cleaners sent directly to your door without paying a penny? That's what Product Testing USA promise, but is it a time-wasting scam or a legit product testing site you should go all-in on?

And just in case you're wondering, I am not affiliated with Product Testing USA in any way. I'm just an online entrepreneur who helps people like you avoid dodgy work from home scams so you're free to focus on real money-making programs that pay.

Product Testing USA Review At A Glance

If you don't have time to read the entire review in full, here it is in a nutshell:

If you're expecting a nice, consistent flow of product testing jobs from this then you'll be disappointed with this site; the jobs are just too few and far between with too many people bidding for the same products.

Maybe if you're persistent enough to build a solid track record with them, you might be chosen to complete a review maybe once or twice a year but yes, that's about it.

Want my honest opinion?

There are a lot of people making a lot of money reviewing products, but they're not doing it through Product Testing USA; they're building their own income-generating websites.

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What Is Product Testing USA, Really? is completely free to join and they've been around since 2012.

The good news for Brits is there's also a UK version at and for the Aussies there's

You could potentially become a product reviewer testing new products or a mystery shopper rating your shopping and dining experiences.

In theory the whole process is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Step 1: Select the product you want to test.

Step 2: If selected, receive your chosen product.

Step 3: Test, review and keep your product for free.

While your typical survey sites like Swagbucks and Zap Surveys pay you in cash for your opinion, Product Testing USA simply let you keep whatever product you've reviewed.

Something like an iPhone SE can set you back $400 so that's a pretty sweet deal! If selected as a mystery shopper then you'll typically get a $200 gift card.

As I'm checking the Product Testing USA website I'm given a lot of different options. The product that has immediately caught my attention is the Google Home Mini:

products you can test

If I sign up, test it, answer a few questions then I get to keep it?

Sure, where's the signup button?!

I must say I am impressed – we're not talking $5 toasters here; there's an Apple Watch Series 3 valued at $399 and a SONY OLED HD TV here that's easily worth $2,999.

What Do You Need To Do As A Tester?

Obviously, these guys aren't shipping out free TVs and iPads for no reason, so now I'm interested in what the requirements are. What exactly do I have to do in return?

Joining the site is pretty easy and straightforward; you just fill in the standard forms with the usual contact details and then take a short survey about your interests, demographics and so on so they can match you with relevant review offers.

Once you've done that you can then apply to review any of the products available. When selected you'll be told via email and a few days later you should receive the product in the mail.

Although the requirements might vary slightly depending on the product you're testing and what kind of feedback they're looking for, in a nutshell, you basically try it out for a few days then answer a few questions, give a short written and video review, take a few photos and you're done.

how to become a product user tester

Here's a great example of the kind of video you'd be making:

It's important to have realistic expectations going into this – your chances of being selected for a review are pretty slim. When you take into account there are 1,000's of members all effectively ‘bidding' on the same items, chances are you won't get picked.

I think the Product Testing owners should make this a little clearer on their site because as we'll see here in a minute, many users have high expectations starting out but are then left feeling a little disappointed.

The 2 Most Common Complaints

1. It's unlikely you'll actually be sent anything in the post to review

This is definitely a great side project but it's clear this is not something you can do full-time. They only need one reviewer per product. This means you're competing with 1000s of users for one single offer.

Some members find themselves applying for a whole year and have yet to be given the opportunity to review a product which I understand can be frustrating…

After making a product review available for users to apply, they choose the required number of reviewers at random. You can check their latest chosen reviewers here.

2. Too Many Spam Emails

There are a ton of complaints online by Product Testing USA members reporting they've been bombarded with spam since signing up. So if you do decide to join, I'd definitely recommend not using your primary email inbox!

Product Testing USA says you can opt-out of third-party emails, however, a lot of people claim they're still bombarded with spam even after they've opted out and contacted the company asking for their details to be removed.

Here's a quote from their privacy policy page:

“We may use your email address to notify you about certain offers, including 3rd party offers, other opportunities and provide general updates if you have opted-in.

Emails are sent only to users who have chosen to receive them. At any time, you can notify us to opt-out from receiving these emails.”

So what's really going on here? Is Product Testing USA waving reviewing products as a real work from home opportunity so they get our emails? I definitely think that's a part of it!

We have no idea who is behind this but no doubt about it, they ARE making money by promoting offers out to their email subscribers – people who signed up in good faith thinking they'd be given a chance to earn an extra side income or get free products and instead they're being sold to.

What I Like About Product Testing USA

  • The website is easy to navigate with a good layout
  • There are lots of high ticket items on offer
  • Reviewing and giving honest feedback on a product is something anyone can do

What I Don't Like So Much…

  • It's highly unlikely you'll be chosen as a reviewer
  • We don't know who's behind this program
  • It's better not to use your main email as you'll get lots of spam

Is Product Testing USA A Scam Or Legit?

I think Product Testing USA is probably legit BUT there are a lot of members competing for the same work and they don't pay in cash.

You can join as a reviewer for free and they never claim everyone will get the chance to review, but I do think they could be better at setting people's expectations from the beginning that this is something you can do sporadically at best.

I suspect all those images of iPhones and Nintendos on their website are really there to get you subscribed to their email list so they can promote offers to you. Whether I'm right or wrong about that, this is definitely not something you can rely on to make a full-time income.

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Your Product Testing USA Review

If you have any questions, ask and I will be more than happy to help you out.

What's been your experience with Product Testing USA?

Have you made any money with it and would you recommend this as something worth signing up to?

We'd love to hear from you. Scroll down and let us know!

16 thoughts on “Product Testing USA Review 2024: A Scam Or Legit?”

  1. Ahhhh Product Testing USA. I must say I did sign up for them once. I went to their site daily to check on what products were available. Looking for the new listings so i could be one of the first to sign up for them. Well that got old very quickly. I tried this for a couple of months slowing going a couple times a week to a couple times a month. Not one time did I ever get chosen for anything to review. 

    I did get chosen for something. LOTS OF SPAM TO MY EMAIL BOX. It took a long time for me to me to clear my email from getting all those emails offering me products. I basically had to go through each email that came and click the opt out option until finally they stopped coming. It took time. I even started targeting the email as spam with yahoo so that they were flagged to go to my spam box. 

    I really feel that Product Testing USA is a way to get people’s email addresses so they can sell the addresses to third party spammers. That is how they make their money in my honest opinion.

    Thanks for the post. It was a great read. I think people are looking for a quick buck rather than putting in the effort to build a site and monetize it throught marketing. If someone posts they can show you how to make $4000 in 24 hours turn and run away. It is not that easy.


  2. Hi,

    I’ve tried Product Testing and I must say it is okay when you are actually sent a product to review. But as you say, there are multiple complaints about not being sent anything. And that’s what I found to be true. There is far more money to be made than sitting around hoping you will be sent a free $400 product to review, and your recommendation on creating an online business is far better as that is what I now do to make a living online.

  3. I was approached by them on a hire website. I read this first before trying to apply. If I said no I didn’t receive any emails. No one asked for my social. I signed up for texts that honestly I already receive. So far nothing out of the ordinary for me. I wish I had access to my original mystery shopper and product trial. I just don’t remember the websites I was using during that time. It was over 5 years ago and I knew 100% they were legit.

  4. Most of these companies are information grabbers to steal identities, in one site they actually asked me for my SS#. Screw that. I am not working for them.

  5. I always hear about these type of products and i always wonder what actually happens when you sign up for these type of review product testing programs. I am happy that i was able to read your article and know for a fact that that is most likely what i will not be doing. One thing i do not want are those constant spam emails. Thank you oh so much for putting this out there very helpful information.

    • You are more than welcome Jamiro. While they are those who get the opportunity to test and keep real products, they are very few and far between.

      As Hendrick rightly pointed out, the products they apparantely send out to you to test have already been released so why start testing now? Something doesn’t add up.

  6. I signed up and after 6 months all I got was a ton of crappy surveys to fill out. They just want your personal data that’s all. You dont get to test any products.
    Think about it this way – why on earth would companies pay Product Testing USA to test products when of course they have already been tested long before they are sold?!
    They will sell your data to telemarketing companies across the nation who will harass you relentlessly. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.

  7. I can’t get them to stop sending me these pop-up notifications that drop down on my screen of my phone. I have tried to unsubscribe several times I have sent an email to them that is listed to send if you can’t unsubscribe.

    It’s not working! I hate this company. The message I sent said I would report them but I don’t even know where to report that to

    • Hi Diane, that’s a pain! Out of interest what are the pop ups for? Invites to new surveys?

      Do you have the app down loaded on your phone? I’d recommend deleting that. You can also delete your account by clicking here. I hope this helps. Let us know how you get on!

  8. Thank you for sharing such helpful information. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what programs are real and what are scams. It’s important for people to do their homework and this helps a lot with that. Personally, I’m going to pass on Product Testing USA in order to focus my time on more established and trustworthy programs.

  9. This is something new. I have been receiving a few invitations to check out Product Testing USA and decided to read up about it first. I actually don’t remember signing up for the program so I wonder how they got my email in the first place.

    Despite the complaints, I might give this site a try anyway and see if it works for me. At least now I know that they will be selective with their viewers so I won’t keep such high hopes. Thanks for the info.

  10. This is a great review. I’ve always wondered how these types of things worked. I almost signed up for something like this years ago, but I was reluctant, due to thinking it would probably be a scam. Sometimes I think that whatever legitimate opportunities like these exist probably get a bad rap, due to their downsides, like what you mentioned about there being thousands of people competing to review the same products. That’s to be expected, I suppose. But if you don’t really know how it works, it could look pretty bad. I’m not sure how I feel about doing this yet, but at least I feel much more informed about how it all works now. Great info!

    • I think that’s the biggest issue with Product Testing – there’s just so many people competing to review the same few products. As I say in the review – your chances of actually getting a ‘gig’ are very slim and so checking the site regularly for new jobs, applying and getting nothing could turn out to be a bit of a time-waster.


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