Is Four Step Marketing Consultants A Scam? Read This Review.

Is Four Step Marketing Consultants A Scam

Four Step Marketing Consultants say they can help you become an affluent and successful online business owner if you take them up on their training.

But what's really going on here?

Is Four Step Marketing Consultants a scam you should avoid or a legitimate work from home opportunity worth the high price tag?

After reviewing hundreds of so-called make money online programs, I know all too well you need to do due diligence before handing over your hard-earned cash.

My purpose in writing this review is to help you do just that. I'll cover what Four Step Marketing Consultants is, how it works, who the people are behind it and whether I think this is a worthwhile opportunity or not.

Four Step Marketing Consultants Review

It's not clear when you land on what the work from home opportunity actually is.

They tell us it's not a multi-level-marketing company, at least that's something. They say there are no products involved and no cold calls to make, but we're still not really clear…

four step marketing consultants review

The only way to find out what this business is really about is to request a free book and DVD which they'll ship to you for free.

As I'm outside of the U.S. this isn't available for me, but I did get access to the online version within a couple of minutes.

You have to go through a 5-minute application handing over your name and email address before you can view the prices, and this is for a reason – as you're going to see, we're not talking pocket change here!

What Is Four Step Marketing Consultants?


Four Step Marketing Consultants comes under LMS Internet Corporation started by Matt Law and his wife Sarah.

Inside the private area they have a video of them both telling their personal story of how they went from bankrupt to launching a very successful online business.

As far as first impressions go, they seem very honest and sincere.

The whole purpose of Four Step Marketing Consultants is to train you to become a virtual marketing consultant for small to medium-sized businesses.

Rather than just give you theory lessons, they try to equip you with a complete system you can follow to set up a successful digital marketing business of your own.

What The Course Covers

four step marketing consultants training course

The Four Step Marketing Consultants training is more than learning how to become a digital marketer; it's about becoming a digital marketing business owner.

They teach students how to outsource almost all aspects of marketing to virtual assistants and professionals.

The training course runs across 5 days and if the testimonials are anything to go by, the training is thorough and well-organised.

They'll cover all aspects of running a digital marketing agency including how to sign up clients and outsource marketing tasks so you can make money offering services such as:

As soon as you sign up, Matt will send you an email teaching series, a Four Step Marketing Consultants software manual, some training videos and a list of recommended reading.

If you're in the U.S. you can look at Matt Law's upcoming training dates and book yourself into a hotel for 5 days or you can complete the course through live video streams. The course is 40 hours in total.

How Much Does The Training Cost?

Starting at $4,995 for 5 days, this training does NOT come cheap!

This means it's going to be inaccessible for most unless you happen to have this kind of money lying around.

Though I'm sure if you apply everything you learn there's a lot of money to be made.

With 4 billion daily internet users and local businesses turning their attention online as a way to promote their products and services more and more, there's no question there's a real opportunity here.

But why set the price so high when there are amazing online courses like Wealthy Affiliate that give you 10 free lessons as a Starter member and 12 more phases of in-depth video training for just $49 a month?

I guess there are pros and cons to online vs. in-person training, but I just can't help question if the high ticket cost is worth it.

Is Four Step Marketing Consultants A Scam?

Four Step Marketing Consultants is not a scam. Matt Law teaches a legit way to start a home-based business, but it's not for everyone.

He's very upfront about the work involved in starting and running your own online business, saying there's nothing worth having that are risk-free and anything worth having is worth working for.

On this, I could not agree more. As an online entrepreneur myself I know there's no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme or easy money. You can earn real money online but you're going to have to work at it to see results.

So do I recommend you dish out $4,995 of your hard-earned money and sign up for the training course?

I think there's real value in it and the training is very well put together, but there are just so many low-cost alternatives out there for people looking to get into digital marketing.

Online learning platforms like Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to create a website, get in ranked in Google, build an audience and monetise it for 1% of the price of the Four Step Marketing Consultants course, there's really no competition.

The four steps you'll learn at Wealthy Affiliate are:

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work process

The best part is you can get started with the beginner's course for free and you can upgrade to premium for $19 your first month.

Get the full info in my SUPER in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Inside the member's area, you'll find lots of successful digital marketers running profitable online businesses ready to share their expertise with you, myself included.

What's Your Take?

Thank you for checking out this Four Step Marketing Consultants review, as always if you have any questions or feedback, scroll down and let us know in the comments and I'll get right back to you.

18 thoughts on “Is Four Step Marketing Consultants A Scam? Read This Review.”

  1. Thanks Simon for your review, it appears to be fair and balanced. I’ve spent a great deal of time reviewing both programs and others for that matter. Here’s a brief summary of what I found.

    Both WA and FSMC are good programs however the cost is what separate the two. Although FSMC offer a lot of training and resources I personally found the cost is a bit excessive. Although I can afford either the License or Virtual training I didn’t find it would be a good investment for me. For what I learned the Licensed program is the only one that comes with continuing education for the price of around $20,000 or if you get a grant it could be half that cost. The Virtual was just under $5,000 and you don’t get a website with it or continuing education.

    In other words you have to get everything with the 5 day training and the resources you get prior and during the training. It concerned me that i wouldn’t have someone to continue to walk me through this major investment after the 5 day training unless i was willing to spend the $20,000. Please don’t take this as a knock against FSMC because Matt and all the other folks I talked to during my evaluation of the programs are absolutely genuine and great people. I just think the WA program allows you the time to learn at your own pace and the investment make more sense as you learn.

    I think if FSMC had a cost model more along the lines of WA I would’ve given them a try but not at the cost they propose.

  2. I have been an internet marketer for about five years. I tried selling on ebay. I also did a ecom store. Selling spy stuff online. I did the affiliate thing. I tried Wealthy affiliate and a bunch of others. I promoted on youtube and set up a blog on google and WordPress. I am not good at writing so it wasn’t for me. Also weathly affiliates ideas of affiliate marketing and seo is dark. Not for me. Then I met Matt. I didn’t trust him because he was nice. I am from the hood, so we don’t trust people. He shipped the package in a shinny green envelope. My wife was like, “no more ideas Dante” to me and then she watched the dvd with Sarah. Sarah loves God and shared how business was hard but God is good. We did the application. Failed the 1st time and then passed the 2nd. I was like no way for $5000. Too expensive for us. In affilaite marketing the most we ever made was $200 in a month and I had spent a ton of time and money without much to show. I emailed Matt and found out about the scholarship. My wife works part time at a church so we could get 50% off. I sent a check in and trained in May of 2016. The training at home was tough because I had to work. But the videos were uploaded each night. I saw Monday and Tuesday live. The training is like 40 hours of mind blowing training. I mean I leart a ton of stuff. Matt lights up everything and is good at speaking. Stories and motivational. No hype at all. Checklist is solid. Software is legit. Matt shows clients, revenues, and everything. 4 days of set up training after thats all recorded too. We got pricing docs, mp3 audio and a bunch more. Way more than he said.

    Am I making a killing? Nope. But I have had 5 clients. The first was $500. Second $800. I had two more for about $4000 each. The last deal was $15000. Boo-ya! Overall, I have made about 24000 in 2 years part time. I got a big deal in the works. It wasn’t easy, but Matt helped me. He also gave us ongoing access to stuff. The license users make more, but pay more too. All I will say is it is legit, you’ll work hard, and you can make a lot if you follow the plan. I don’t write or promote stuff. My team does the work and I make money. It is a business. Real clients and respect. Steady. Good stuff.

  3. My name is Adam – I attended training in Orlando in 2013 with FSMC. They have a lot of new resources available since I went through training. Matt and Sara are stand up people, but I agree that FSMC isn’t for everyone. I’ll share my results as well as a guy I met at training named Tom.

    Before signing up, I had a quick 15 minute call with Matt and I convinced my wife to let me have a shot. There’s no sales pressure to do FSMC and they don’t even have sales people, which I really liked. Matt understands marketing very well and sent us over a book and cd to learn more about the business. Obviously, his angle and approach is unique or his class wouldn’t have been full. My background is in IT and I also knew quite a bit about marketing back then even before starting this business. At the time I was going through a job transition, so it was perfect timing. Though it was a little expensive, I value education and having mentors in my life. I flew out to Orlando from Phoenix to after signing up. Back then I think it was only $3495, but I can’t remember exactly.

    Before we showed up, I did receive the before training emails and also a bunch of other resources from FSMC. They sent us some books to read as well. At that time, they had just changed over from offering a more extensive program to a more general training with the option to upgrade. FSMC paid for almost everything at the hotel. Obviously, we had to pay for the room but they gave us a bunch of snacks, books, etc. It was well done and was nice to be in Florida for a few days. Though it was just Matt doing the class, Sara did come a couple of times to the event. Afterwards, Matt would walk around and hang out by the pool as well. He was exhausted from speaking but I would see him walking around and talking to people. Though we didn’t talk much during the week, he was nice enough and knew the entire class by name by the 2nd day.

    It’s been a while, so my memory is a little foggy. I am pretty sure on the last day of the class, we had the option to upgrade to licensing. That program came with websites, tools, and ongoing support and I believe was about ten thousand dollars. It has been a long time, so again I don’t remember exactly how much it cost. Oddly, it was the best sales experiences I had ever seen. Matt is a really good teacher and speaker and showed us the program without pressure. He was like, don’t buy this if… and went through a bunch of scenarios. He answered questions and showed off the technology. I was convinced I wanted licensing after that as It was really valuable in my opinion, but my wife and I couldn’t agree on a way to pay for it. I don’t know how many people signed up, but I would guess about half signed up. Matt encouraged me by the pool one night to keep family first. Reading Matt’s comments above, it sounds like they don’t offer training at hotels and also don’t do the upsell anymore.

    I can personally say that Matt and Sara are stand up people. Anyone who suggest otherwise, don’t know them very well. During the class, he showed us his clients, deals, and spoke about them in a way that it was clear that he knew what he was talking about. The class wasn’t cheap, but when you consider my return, I’m really happy that I paid for it. The marketing training was very good as well and I still use the resources for my clients today. While I can’t tell you how everyone was doing, I did connect with a gentleman named Tom while I was there. We had beers in the lobby one night after class. Neither of us did the licensing program and we figured we’d stay in touch after class. I lost touch after a couple of years, but he was a beast when it came to four steps.

    Tom was a corporate guy and set up his business pretty quickly. He focused on mostly marketing strategy and bigger accounts. Though I don’t know how much exactly he’s made, I know he had one client paying him over $60,000 per year and he had many other clients at the same time. For me, my largest client was $36,000 a year and my best year was $92,000 in 2017. I haven’t made six figures yet with FSMC, but I’m also doing other things on the side. I learned a lot about SEO and content and also host a marketing blog and podcast. My income for that is another $15,000, so I guess you can say I’m making six figures. I work from home and my schedule is very flexible. I could make more I know, but I’ve gotten more lazy.

    One interesting point was the people who were there. There was the mention of Christians above in a comment. That’s what was unique about FSMC. I had never been to a business conference like this before. Though I’m not a regular church type of guy, I do have that background as I was raised in church. Not that you have to be a christian to do FSMC, but there were a lot of Christians there, which honestly made me feel a little uncomfortable at first. Not because I’m not a Christian, I just didn’t know what to expect. Matt didn’t talk about church or Jesus or anything, it was just weird watching a bunch of people realize how much they had in common. My buddy Tom and many of the others there were people of faith, but also really great people.

    I thought Matt would be more like the Guru type to be honest. I have followed his blog posts for years and his true passion is helping entrepreneurs with marketing. There were a couple licensed consultants at the event and you could tell they had a good relationship. He is also a good Christian guy and I mean that sincerely. I can’t remember the story exactly, but he said something that made me rethink my stance on church. He doesn’t where God on his sleeve. He had a beer with us one night and always encouraged each of us. Nobody and no program is perfect, but I left that week wishing I was going to stay connected with him.

    While I can’t speak for everyone, I can honestly say that had I not met Matt and Sara in Orlando, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. I learned a ton that week and I still look back on that week as a turning point in my life. Of course, i’ve learned a lot since that week, but that was when it all started. I received an email on Friday, which sparked my interest in FSMC. Another Google search lead me here and I decided to read. In Friday’s email Matt shared a video update which also includes him speaking to other consultants about their businesses. – It is sort of long, but you can see there’s a guy name Kirk that shares how he lands a $2k month deal. I have no doubt that there are many other marketers who found there starting point with Matt and Sara.

    I’m sure that some people will bash Matt and Sara for putting themselves out there. That’s the way people are. I’m sure that some people have lost money too and will likely blame FSMC for their losses. Nobody ever wants to take responsibility for themselves. All I can say is that it was a great move for Tiffany and I. There’s no limit to how much you can make if you follow the plan. It takes work and time. Nothing is easy, but it was great for us. Just thought I’d share.

  4. I haven’t met Mat ever but his online training and follow up with me have lead me well. After following most of his advice I landed on my first project. Thank you Matt! I am technologically challenge but since the beginning he said that won’t be an easy journey. That has been my experience. God’s grace has enable me to stay focus working four days a week building my business, studding, and committed to my family. I recommend to YOU to follow Matt’s advice hoping in God. You will see the fruit at it’s due time. Praise God I don’t have to reinvent the tires to move my business. Matt did for me and gave me a blue print to follow on building HC Marketing Systems.

  5. Jeremy,

    You say that Four Step Marketing is approximately a third of the cost of Agency Growth Secrets. What exactly is the pricing? Is it less than 6k or is it more? Matt’s cost at Four Step Marketing appears to be 18k to be licensed? Are there ongoing costs with either program? Come on dude what does it cost to make this 100k a year. Because the ROI is what matters right? I look forward to your answer, thanks!


  6. Hi Jeremy, it’s great to hear your experience of Four Step Marketing Consultants and I thank you for sharing. I haven’t come across Agency Growth Secrets before but I’ve made a note and will definitely do a thorough review of it in the near future. You’re a fine example of what can be achieved in the online business world with the right training and work ethic.

  7. I Don’t see $4995 as being that high for everything Matt provides. I just started looking into it myself and may very well go that route later in the summer. I once spent $20,000 for a franchise selling a college marketing program to high school athletes. Of course we have all read about McDonald’s franchises going for more then $1 million. It’s all relative to how much money you have and what you’re looking for, and then of course using what you learned to go out make a lot more money than what you spend.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Jeff, it will be super helpful to my readers I’m sure. Just to re-emphasise, I’m not saying that the FSMC course is not high value, just that the average Joe doesn’t have $5000 laying around for a training course and there are more economically viable options out there like Wealthy Affiliate.

  8. $4995 is just for the basic course. The licensing model which includes a whole lot more is around $20k! Matt Law is a stand-up, honest and hard-working guy by all accounts. I have not been able to uncover one negative comment from anyone regarding his business practices. Definitely worth taking a look at but only if you are serious and can focus and dedicate your time and resources to making it happen for you.
    I opted to not sign up but not because of anything negative about Matt or the program. I just don’t have any disposable income right now.

  9. I am a part of the Four Step Marketing Concepts members. The price listed is a very basic version of what is offered. You do get what you pay for. If you become a fully invested member of the 4 Step plan you get a lot more than just the training. You get on-going training. You get hundreds of tools that you can use in your business and tools that if you buy on your own will cost you hundreds of dollars a month to maintain. Matt and Sarah are legit and their process is legit, however it is not for everyone. Neither are roller coasters and thrill rides. But if you are a hard worker and want to be self employed in a business/family that is full of Christian business men and women that are all willing to help and cheer on your accomplishments you need to look in to this business idea deeper.

  10. Hi Everyone,

    This is Matt Law, founder of FSMC. I saw this post and wanted to comment on it. First of all, you’re welcome to try Simon’s Affiliate program. From what I know about Affiliate marketing and Simon, he both understands SEO and affiliate marketing… That’s why you’re here today. I’d also like to say that I know some guys who do very well with affiliate marketing and it can be a legitimate business.

    However, I want to be clear on a couple of things if you’re researching our business model. Simon, hasn’t gone through our program and isn’t one of our consultants. Secondly, it isn’t just a five-day course… There’s actually a lot more to FSMC than just collecting money from our students. Here’s what’s now included in our program with a bunch more coming. Keep in mind that not all of this is even documented on our sales pages.

    a. Pre-Training Video Course
    b. Pre-Training Books
    c. Pre-Training Software Guide (100 Pages)
    d. Pre-Training Tech Definitions
    e. Pre-Training Emails – (19 In-Depth articles)

    Training Week
    a.40+ Hours of Training
    b. 250+ Page Manual
    c. 3 Sets of Consulting Questions
    d. Call in or Email in Q&A
    e. Video Recording of Training
    f. Audio Recording of Training

    Post Training
    a. Complete FSMC Post Training Membership Area
    b. 16 Hours of Post Training Set-up with Matt & Team
    c. 37 Page b2b marketing plan
    d. 15+ Sample Proposals
    e. Hours of Bonus Training
    f. FSMC Pricing Guide and Excel Pricing System
    g. Watering Hole Guide
    h. SEO Ebook Offer
    i. Mini Four Step Marketing Book Offer
    g. Lifetime access to the FSMC resources
    h. Lifetime access to the FSMC Summer Event (2 days on location)

    I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things, but this is our basic program as of January 2018. However, in the next few weeks, we’re releasing as well as a ton of new resources in 2018. The point is, FSMC delivers value. It isn’t for everyone, but those who do FSMC do well. Yes, you have to apply to do the program, but that’s because we want you to be successful. We don’t have any salespeople or an affiliate program, which is why you won’t find much about us online. We are also a small program and smaller company. However, I know every single one of our students’ names. We practice what we preach too. I’m a marketing consultant. We have real clients and even today I’m finishing up a marketing plan for a new client.

    Our program is expensive for some. But with one client easily being worth $25K+ per year, we deliver a serious bang for your buck. Though you’ll find a few posts about us online, you won’t find students dogging our program. Why? It’s because the program provides real value and it works! You won’t get rich quick. You will have to work. But you can build a very solid business with real support and with real clients. You can read more about how we help clients through our book on Amazon. You can pick up a copy here (Not an affiliate link) 😉

    Regarding the pricing, did we mention we provide a free training class almost every month? There’s also a scholarship package available and in 2018, we’re going to give away a full scholarship to two people for each of our two training programs. In 2018, we’ll also start giving away a percentage of each of our client’s revenues and each new student’s purchase towards our 501c3 which helps nonprofits with their marketing.

    With that said, FSMC isn’t for everyone. Actually, all business models take work and time.

    • Hi Matt, thank you for sharing your unique perspective with us. I don’t think this Four Steps Marketing Consultants review would be complete without it. It’s especially helpful for readers to know exactly what’s included in your program and I thank you for taking the time to share this extra information with us.

      Just to reiterate, from everything I’ve seen about how you run your training and your business, you are ethical, honest and no doubt people who can afford the course will get a lot out of it and go on to be very successful.

  11. Dear Lord. $4995 dollars? You must be kidding me.

    I don’t care how great their training is, that is total exploitation. You have to be insane to pay that price (even if they run legitimate business).

    However, I have read your Wealthy Affiliate review! That program seems promising. Success stories are very motivational.

    And the most important thing, the price seems reasonable.

    After reading your post about Wealthy Affiliate bootcamp, I can see that training includes nearly everything as Four Step Marketing consultants (except maybe Mobile app desing and web design) for $49!

    So, I think I am going to check out Wealthy Affiliate instead!

    Thanks for the review!

    • Hi Miroslav, as I say, the high ticket price might mean the training isn’t for everyone but I’m not saying it’s not worth it. I’m sure some people have been very successful with it and the owners seem very genuine, passionate and organised.

      Hey, I’m so happy you’ve decided to check out Wealthy Affiliate, send me a message in the member’s area and I’ll follow you so you can find me if you need anything. I know you’re going to love it 🙂

  12. Given the detail of what’s included in the Four Step Marketing Consultants 5-day training program to establishing your own marketing consulting business, the price appears reasonable. 

    This type of business does not necessarily have to be internet based. Many local small businesses could use a marketing consultant to improve their profitability. Your review did not include any mention of follow-on training or support. But I think that is necessary for someone trying to set up a consulting business.

    • Thanks for your feedback Glen, as far as I know Matt Law personally provides after-sales support and help to get your up and running whether you go for the training or licensing option. 


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