Is Duty Screen A Scam?


is duty screen a is a site that says you can make money online simply by sharing your link and referring others to their site. But is this site really legit?

Whenever I see sites telling people earning money on the internet is simple, quick and easy alarm bells go off in my head.

With all the work from home scams out there, you can't exactly trust everything you read online.

So is Duty Screen a scam or have you finally found the opportunity you've been looking for?

After doing my research and investigating their claims, you're going to want to see what I've found out.

What is Duty Screen?

It's a free-to-join website that was lauched in February 2017 which promises to pay you every time someone clicks on your referral link.

First impressions: it's a very basic website with no job description whatsoever. There's a basic logo and a register button and that's about it.

what is duty screen

In the top right Duty Screen tell you they've paid out $85,924 to their members just today! I find this very hard to believe.

Click the register button and you're given this form to fill in:

duty screen reviewOnce you've signed up you're taken to the Duty Screen member's area. Instead of a list of job or various tasks to complete, like you'd see with many of those reward and paid survey sites, with Duty Screen you have only one task and only one way of making money – promoting the Duty Screen website.

how you make money with duty screen

How you supposedly make money with Duty Screen

You're given this link and told to share across all my social media account to earn $10 for each person who joins. You're also told you can request payment by cheque or PayPal once your balance reaches $300.

If this sounds odd to you, good, because it should!

Think about this for a second: why are they going to pay you for referring others to the site when they have no way of making money themselves? How are they going to pay you exactly and why are they so keen to get as many people as possible signed up?

The reason Duty Screen give you is this:

 “We are paying you in order to generate traffic to our advertiser's websites. We will get paid from our advertisers for the traffic we bring to them and paid commission to you people.”

The only problem is, there are no advertisers on None whatsoever.

Also, it just doesn't make any sense why you'd pay $5 – $10 for a each referral… Not when you can advertise on Facebook for about $0.25 a click or promote your website on Google for just $0.10 a click.

So something doesn't quite add up here….

What Duty Screen is really after – your personal info

Many users have complained about the sheer number of spam emails they've received after signing up to this site. I suspect the real reason they want you to sign up is so they can start promoting stuff to you.

Duty Screen is just one website of many ‘link posting' scam websites that offer you ridiculously high amounts of money for sharing their links and promoting their website but they never pay out.

I've seen this type of scam many times before and in each case the website logo and layout and hyped-up promises of easy earnings are exactly the same.

duty screen is a scam

These include the Fixed Monthly Income scam, the For Money Only scam and the Cash By Job scam but there are definitely dozens more out there and new ones are popping up all the time.

In each and every case, not only do they never pay you even when you've reached the $300 mark, but they sell your email address on to other scammers and spammers for profit.

Is Duty Screen a scam? Yes it is!

All they want is to get as many people signed up as possible because this means more contact information and more email addresses for them.

Sure, they're good at promising you'll earn a lot of cash in a very short period of time but you will never see a penny of it. The scammer behind Duty Screen makes money off of you by sending you spammy emails with ‘special offers' and then by selling your email on to others.

This is not a legit work from home opportunity and I do not recommend you sign up because if you do, you are putting your personal information at risk.

As I said at the beginning of this review, the internet is littered with make money online scams. But that doesn't mean you can't earn more than a full-time living online. I make more than $6,000 per month online and this program taught me how to do it.

It's called Wealthy Affiliate and it has the training courses, tools and awesome community support you need to become a successful online entrepreneur.

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Do you have any questions about this Duty Screen review? Be sure to add your comments below and I will get back to you personally as soon as I can. Also, if you've ever had any experience with this scam or any others I've mentioned, I'd love to hear from you!

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