Is $500 Cash Club a Scam?

is $500 club a scam

If you’re asking:

“Is $500 Cash Club a scam…”

…it means your suspicions were raised when you landed on their sales page and they asked you to hand over $97 of your hard-earned cash, right?

Let me tell you:

Your suspicions are right on the mark.

In this quick $500 Cash Club review I'm going to show you exactly why the $500 Cash Club is a scam that you should definitely avoid, as well as give you some helpful tips on how to protect yourself from get-rich-quick schemes like this in the future.

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We've seen the $500 Cash Club scam many times before…

That's right. This is one of the worst internet scams that keep rearing its ugly head…

A few weeks ago I exposed the Automated Daily Income scam but the problem is, as soon as you shine the light on one scam, another website that's almost identical, pops up in its place.

500 cash club scam

Each time the scam works in the same way; it promises people who are new to making money online that they can make money fast and easy with no effort required.

It lures unsuspecting victims in with empty promises of easy money if only they sign up for this “secret code” or “magical system” blah blah blah…

Don't be fooled my friend, this scammer has probably doing this for a while and so he knows exactly how to manipulate people in the best ways which is why so many people still fall for scams like these.

I'm just so thankful that you're reading this review and you don't have to go the way.

I'm going to show you PROOF the $500 Cash Club is a scam

Just to show you guys exactly what this is I actually signed up. I know… but I just wanted to show you what happens once you get past the front page. What I want to point out to you are the typical scammy tactics and techniques these guys pull.

This is for 2 reasons:

Firstly, I don't want you to waste your money in this scam (and I'll show you why its a very expensive scam!)

Secondly, if you know the tell-tale signs of a scam you'll be better able to protect yourself in the future.

While I'm on the subject of avoiding scams, you can also check out my post called:

That will show you some common tell-tale signs to watch out for, some of which I'll point out to you now. 

Okay, let me show you why this is a scam you should definitely avoid:

1. Empty promises of super-duper fast cash instantly

In typical scam-like fashion, the promo video goes on and on about how much money you're going to make in the next few minutes without giving you a single clue as to how you'll be making this money and what the work involves.

Because this is a scam, all he can feed you with is hype but never any solid and substantial how-to. He can't give you a working business model or explain to you how the process of making money online works – because he doesn't have it.

He's hoping that by appealing to your emotions, you'll ignore that rational voice inside your head saying its too good to be true.

500 cash club scam or legit

2. Fake Facebook comments

Just under the video are what are supposed to be real Facebook comments from very happy $500 Cash Club members getting real results.

This could not be further from the truth. If these were real, you'd be able to like the comments or add your response. You'd be able to click on the person's name to see their full profile but of course you can't.

Take a look at the image below to see what error message came up when I tried liking one of these bogus testimonials. Honestly this made me laugh!

the $500 cash club scam

The $500 Cash Club scam can only use fake names with fake photos to give you fake testimonials because in reality this scam makes you now money. If it was legit they wouldn't need to make these up would they?

3. Fake ‘limited spots' available

fake countdown timer

As the video plays there's a “Limited spots available” counter showing in the top right that gradually goes down to show the spots are filling up fast.

Don't believe it for a second. You could go away for a week, come back and I guarantee they'd always be spots available.

Why so they do this? It's to give you a false sense of urgency because he really just wants you to click on the purchase button and hand over your $97 without thinking too much about it.

4. Fake news endorsements

Okay, I'll give you one more scam sign to watch out for. On the website you'll see some very well-known news channel logos that make you think the $500 Cash Club has been featured on the likes of CNN and USA Today, Fox News and MSNBC.

It makes the site look more trustworthy, right? It helps give this scam credibility. But look at the screenshot I took from the website:

500 cash club is fake not legit

It doesn't say “The $500 Cash Club has been featured on…” instead it very cleverly says “Work from home opportunities have been featured on…

Did you see what they just did?

This should be yet another sign that you can't trust a single word you read or hear on this website. They are willing to use lies and deception to part you with your cash. This is the very definition of a scam!

I hope by now I've done enough to convince you to stay away from this. Now I want to show you what this site is really all about…

The TRUTH about $500 Cash Club

The $500 Cash Club is just a cover for what this guy is really promoting. And that $97 he's asking for? It's just the beginning of a long and slippery road.

I reality, this website is a sales page for another scam called ASPIRE – Digital Altitude (

In a nutshell, ASPIRE is a pyramid scheme where members pay in at different levels and the people at the top of the pyramid make all the commissions.

They are illegal in most countries and for good reason – you always have a few people at top making all the money while the vast majority end up paying out way more than they ever get back…

aspire digital altitude pyramid scheme.png

If you want to earn more, you have to pay in more. And so the cycle continues. Starting at $97, this scam has taken $10,000s of people's hard-earned money.

The highest level of this pyramid scheme costs $27,000. No, I'm not even joking with you – that's how bad this is!

But of course they start you off at the $97 level and tell you to “go all in” and invest more. Are you not getting results? You need to invest more to go up to the next level!

Can you see just how insidious this is?

It makes me so mad, to think about the hundreds, maybe thousands of people who have believed the lies that were fed them and went all in, even maxed out credit cards and got into debt because of this.

Is $500 Cash Club a Scam? YES!


I hope I've done enough to convince you:

Stay as far away from this as possible.

You can make money online, but you won't do it by joining the $500 Cash Club scam.

I was once were you are now and I understand how hard it is to find real and honest ways to make an income online without bumping into scam after scam like this.

Trust me, no one is immune and I'm slightly embarrassed to admit I've fallen for a few scams in my time to. But hopefully this review has helped you avoid this one.

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To your online success!


What do you think?

This is where I hand it over to you. Have you had any experience with the $500 Cash Club or ASPIRE? We'd love to get your views.

If you have any questions or comments join in the conversation and have your say in the comments area below.

11 thoughts on “Is $500 Cash Club a Scam?”

  1. Thank you for opening my eyes to what this $500 cash club is all about.

    Can’t believe I would have paid $97 only to discover I am being lured into a pyramid scheme, one that I really despise so much.

    I have learnt a lot about how this pyramid scheme works and why it’s never a good way to start a business online.

    imagine investing $27,000 extra, that I never budget for? This product is really a scam and everyone needs to stay away from them.

    Thank you for this great review, you just saved me my hard earned money. 


    • Exactly – bit by bit they milk you for all you’re worth, which is why pyramid schemes (especially high ticket ones) are so dangerous. You are more than welcome and I’m just happy you’ve avoided this one.

  2. Hello, Simon and thanks again for yet another review on a scam we should avoid.  I don’t know what we would do if there weren’t people out there, like you, covering our backs.  

    When I was first looking for ways to make money on the internet I saw a lot of these.  I didn’t know they were scams but something in my mind told me I should avoid them and I am so glad that I did.  They all had the markers that you mention.

    I also happened upon Wealthy Affiliate  by accident during that search and it was then that I learned the difference and started noticing reviews about the very programs I had seen that turned out to be scams or very close to being one.

    “Limited Spots”?  If their secrets are so great, why limit the spots available.  Seems to me that they would want to share those “Secrets” with as many as possible instead of setting limits.  Other than the use as a deception, what other possible advantages could there be?  (Rhetorical question)  I see none.

    I feel sad for these people especially when I know there is another, more sustainable way to make money online.

    I hope many read your post and avoid this scam.  You are doing the world a service by putting this out there for others to find and showing them a better way.

    All the best,


    • Thanks so much Wayne – know you know the typical scam signs to watch out for so you never get scammed again. 

      All the best!

  3. Great article on exposing another online scam from a heartless scam artist.  I have seen his emails and thank goodness I didn’t take the bait.  You’re right that when your nose smells something funny, you need to pay attention.  It’s truly unfortunate that some people who think they can make a quick buck take this guy up on his offer.  All pyramid schemes are by design destined to fail and your graphic is a cold reminder that logic takes over and you just can’t argue with the math!  Thank you for exposing this internet scammer.  Hopefully more people will read your information and avoid being taken.

  4. This is excellent information about an obvious scam. although I am not familiar with this particular scam, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. They all follow the same basic pattern. Makes tons of money with no effort! Really? Where in the world is this possible. It boggles the mind that people fall for this. Obviously, some do, or the scam sites wouldn’t exist.

    The only way to truly make honest money is through hard work and commitment.  I prefer to align myself with programs that tell you from the very start that you will have to put in the time and effort before you are financially rewarded. That’s why many people, myself included, will gravitate toward business opportunities that sites like Wealthy Affiliate have to offer.

    it was much the same format that Site Build It followed, except Wealthy Affiliate is much more in-depth and sophisticated.

    Great post! I hope you get many visitors to this article. It gets a five ***** rating from me.

  5. I haven’t heard of $500 Cash Club, but I have come across the name Digital Altitude on a few occasions and I definitely wasn’t impressed with what they were all about. Did you hear that they were shut down by the FTC a few months ago? It was only a matter of time, but unfortunately another company will take its place and sell nothing but hype and BS.

  6. It’s so weird to read about a product that is in essence Digital Altitude. I was soo close to joining at the very same time that I found Wealthy Affiliate. 

    My sponsor was not there so I basically had to figure things out myself. I didn’t want to buy into the levels just so that I could make more money promoting them to other people. It just didn’t feel right. 

    That was a bad time for me and I’m so thankful that I found Wealthy Affiliate right at that moment. Thanks for sharing and I hope that you can help others from falling into this money sink too. 🙂

    • Hey Marlinda, that’s what makes these schemes so insidious and why they’re illegal in most countries – because they prey on the most vulnerable people in the most difficult financial circumstances by promising fast and easy cash for very little effort. Then, once you’ve invested a little, they’ll push you to ‘go all the way’ and pay out for the higher levels.

      I’m thankful to hear you managed to avoid this one and I wish you all the best!

  7. Hello Simon, thanks so much for exposing this $500 Cash Club scam of a company. I am currently exploring the possibility of starting an online business. This helps me not only with this company but also with companies like this. You helped me learn to watch out for and what questions to ask when considering a new income opportunity. Take care and I wish the best for you and your family. God Bless.



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