how to start a wordpress blog for freeLast Update 23rd September, 2016.

Welcome to the ultimate step by step and beginner friendly guide on how to start a WordPress blog for free with SiteRubix.

Never started a blog before? Fear not.

SiteRubix makes it INSANELY easy to create a WordPress blog with their “one click WordPress Installation.”

What’s a one-click installation?

It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Press a button, and bam – You’ve got a blog.

start a blog with siterubix


Need me to walk you through it? No problem!

Keep reading below for the step-by-step tutorial I put together just for you.

What Exactly Is SiteRubix?

SiteRubix is a powerful hosting and publishing platform originally created in 2007 to accompany the affiliate marketing training at Wealthy Affiliate. (Highly recommended if you’re starting your blog to make money with it)

SiteRubix is 100% free and you get 100% access to all the free themes, plugins and the same benefits as a WordPress blog.

Your SiteRubix blog is yours to own forever (or until you decide to delete it) and you can use it to set up a blog on any topic you wish. It will also remain totally free.

One website builder like SiteRubix is Wix and on your content they display 2 advertisements for Wix itself, making your website look cheap and doesn’t give you full control over the content and look of your blog.

SiteRubix WILL NOT EVER place any ads on your website.

As well as free domain registration you get 24 hour support, site health monitoring and daily backups to name a few.

Here’s how to start your WordPress blog in 4 foolproof steps:

If you’ve answered the question of what to start a blog about and you know your reasons for wanting to start a blog, let’s dive straight in.

1. Pick your domain name

(The following images are screenshots I’ve taken from SiteRubix so you can see exactly what to do. Open up SiteRubix in a new window and follow along.)

Your first step is choosing a domain name for your new blog and making sure it’s available.

Actually, you are really selecting a sub-domain as your site is part of the domain. It will look like this:


2. Choose the type of blog you want to create

In this how to tutorial we’re looking at how to start a free WordPress blog so choose the free option.

(It’s worth noting that if you want to transfer your site to your a paid domain at any point you absolutely can.)

start a wordpress blog for free with siterubix step 2

3. Choose a name for your blog

The name of this site is The Make Money Online Blog. You want to pick a name that represents what your site is about.

You can change this at any time.

how to start a wordpress blog for free name

4. Choose your WordPress theme

Now to the fun bit – picking out a look for your blog.


wordpress theme options

Themes are design layouts that give your website structure and visual appeal. With SiteRubix, there are literally tens of thousands to choose from.

Once you have found a theme that you like you can preview it or just select it.

5. Launch your blog

how to start a blog for free with wordpress launch

Click the ‘Build My Website Now‘ button, sit back and watch as all the work is done for you.

Your Blog is now LIVE

Go ahead, you can now type in your domain, and you’ll see your newly created WordPress blog.


Wow — that was easy right?

What do you do AFTER you’re done installing WordPress? Take a look at ‘How To Make Money With Your Blog‘.