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Last Update 10th May, 2017.

how to create a free blogIf you're looking for how to create a free blog and earn money online, the good news is it's never been easier.

I just thought I'd try and make it one step easier with this simple beginner-friendly guide on how to create a free blog.

Free blogging platforms like SiteRubix have made creating a blog easy and simple.

 (And yes it's 100% free.)

Now the hardest thing you need to do is choose what to blog about!

Once you've got up created your first free blog, you can focus your efforts on the fun stuff like attracting readers and making money.

Excited? Let's get you started!

What would you like your free blog to be called? Grab your free domain here:

With SiteRubix It’s Easier And Simpler Than Ever To Create A Free Blog In The Next 3 Minutes.

The site you're on now was made with SiteRubix. Actually, all of my sites are.

Right now I’m going to show you how to create a free blog – don't worry, it's super easy and fun.

Without any installation or downloads, technical knowledge or website building experience, your first blog can be up and running within the next few minutes.

Here’s exactly how it works…

What Is SiteRubix?

SiteRubix is today’s easiest, fastest and most powerful hosting and publishing platform created for beginners. Initially created for members of Wealthy Affiliate – it’s now gone public.

Domain registration, transfers website health tools are all included.

How Does SiteRubix Work?

SiteRubix uses the open-source WordPress software to help you create your blogs. The entire process can be operated right on your internet browser – meaning no downloads or installations are needed.

Here is the simple 4 step process to create your free blog:

1. Choose The Type of Site You Want

It’s completely up to you: if you’re beginner, select the ‘free SiteRubix website’ option to get started.

2. Choose A Name for Your Blog

What do you want your free blog to be called? What topic will your website be based on? Check availability and register your free domain.

3. Choose A WordPress Theme


wordpress theme options

Here’s the fun bit! Select or theme for your website. A theme you pick will be the template for your free blog. Don’t worry too much about the colours or images at this point – all these can be changed and customised at a later date.

With SiteRubix there are thousands of completely free themes to choose from. Find one you like and with a simple click – it’s yours.

4. Create Your Blog

So you’ve picked a name and theme for your new free blog – now you’re ready to go online! You’ll immediately receive a secure password so you can log in at anytime. You can change the password to one that is easier to remember.

Understanding Website Performance

One of the best features of SiteRubix is that you can check SiteManager at any time to see exactly how well your blog is doing. You'll can keep an eye on your blog's health.

1.WordPress version: From here I can ensure you have the latest version of WordPress installed.

2. Monitoring: With SiteRubix it’s reassuring to know your blog is protected against malware and hacking. Your site is also backed up and you can open an IT support ticket at any time. I have always received a friendly and helpful response within 3 hours.

3. Numbers of posts/pages: You can see the number of posts and pages you have on your blog. The more good quality content I create, the higher my Google rankings will be.

4. Approved/Pending Comments: From here you’ll be able to see the number of comments your blog has received and is a good way to measure visitor engagement.

5. Google index: SiteManager will let you know once your blog is indexed in Google search engines.

6. Site Health: Gives you a quick general overview of how well your site is doing based on the following factors:

As you can see, this blog is pretty well optimised for the most part, except that I need to improve on my ‘Publishing Frequency’.

So now I know, I can focus my efforts in creating more quality blog content.

How Much Does SiteRubix Cost?

Just to re-emhasise: You can create your blog (actually two if you like) on SiteRubix for FREE.

It costs you NOTHING to set up a sub-domain website on SiteRubix hosting.

The free version comes pre-installed with some essential plugins that are helpful for website optimisation and protection. If this is all you’re looking for – go ahead – get started and make a beautiful website!

But there is an additional 2nd option available for you too. If you would like to transfer your website to your own custom domain then you’ll want to sign up as a premium member.

For example, let’s say you register and after a year you want to transfer your site to then this is an option.

This is something you might want to consider further down the line once your website is established and already generating an income.

If you like to build your website on a custom domain, the easiest way is to check the availability and register a new domain a name at SiteDomain, within the SiteManager area of SiteRubix.

Reviews: What People Say About SiteRubix

The “Site Health” feature is a helpful indicator to guide website owners on how to go about fixing their site problems.

Websites built on SiteRubix do very well in Google rankings.

Unlike other sub-domain companies, the free SiteRubix don’t restrict monetisation activities on your website.

So now you know how to create a free blog, are ready to create your own?

If you haven’t done it yet – register your domain here:

Have fun getting started in your blogging adventure!

Once you've got your blog set up, take my free 10 day Make Money Blogging email course and learn the many ways you can earn money with your blog.

To Your Online Success!

Do you have a question before you create your free blog? Leave me a comment and I’ll respond ASAP!

8 thoughts on “How To Create A Free Blog And Earn Money”

  1. Great article! creating a website used to be so difficult back then, but now it has become so much easier and affordable. As someone who as always wanted to start an online business, but been afraid to with so many scams out there, wealthy affiliate seems to be different. How active are the members? Thanks!

    • It’s hard to describe, you have to see it for yourself but as soon as you get inside the members area of Wealthy Affiliate you’ll see members answering questions, getting feedback on their blogs and helping one another out – it’s a real community of online entrepreneurs!

  2. I always find that my ideas dry up after the initial excitement of building out a blog – I sort of go dry with content really fast!
    This Wealthy Affiliate bunch you cover here seem to be pretty legit but how much time and effort do they put into helping you out with your content creation? I really need some help in that department !

    • Hey Chris, you’re definitely not the only one…

      I think a part of that is choosing the right topic to start a blog about in the first place. It’s super important you choose a topic you’re genuinely interested about so that you can keep going for the long-term.

      I also see many people make the mistake of choosing a niche that is so super narrow that there’s an upper limit on the blog posts you can write about it. The rule here I think, is to be narrow enough to be unique and yet broad enough to never run out of things to write about.

      The community at is super helpful and friendly – take my word on this! If you’re ever stuck for ideas, just shout out, ask a question or chat in the Live Chat section. Message me in Wealthy Affiliate anytime you like, I’d be more than happy to help.

      At Wealthy Affiliate there’s a whole course on content creation (see course 5). The training will teach you how to come up with post ideas using the Jaaxy keyword research tool and how to come up with a writing strategy for the next 6-12 months.

  3. Very detail and well put together blog! I like the simplicity and how the page flows. The pictures and graphics are also very helpful and well done. After reading through and clicking on the links, it seems simple enough to encourage me to create my own blog!
    This would also be a page I would recommend to a friend or share on my Facebook page!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Very well detailed topic you have dissected here and i like the way it sticks to the point.
    The idea of owning a website for the first time can be overwhelming but yet in fact it is quit simple to do if you have the right information.

    And i think this post had a good justice to that here.

    Thanks for sharing this and i hope all folks out there who are reading this, especially the newbies will find this useful and implement same.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re very welcome – I spend a lot of time making my brain work hard to try and give as many helpful tips and tools as possible so it’s good to know it’s helping : )


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