How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?


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wealthy-affiliate-reviewIf you're thinking about joining Wealthy Affiliate, before you do it's probably a good idea to get the facts before you dive in head first.

So let's take a look at what the program teaches you about making money online and find out exactly how long does it take to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate doesn't claim to be a get rich quick scheme

Is Wealthy Affiliate a guaranteed way to get rich quick at a click of a mouse?

No. They only teach real online business.

Can you make serious money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Absolutely yes.

In the next 5 minutes you'll know exactly how you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate and how long it'll take you.

Before before we get into the juicy stuff let me just say:

1. You can replace your full-time income with Wealthy Affiliate. There are 2.3 billion people using the internet daily, whichever direction you take online, there's a huge and growing potential customer base. Hundreds of Wealthy Affiliate community members have made enough money to quit their job. Myself includedit took me just 18 months to say goodbye to the call centre days forever.

2. You can be a complete newbie and still be very successful with Wealthy Affiliate. If you've got any previous experience with building an online business or blog, great, but everything you need to know to start earning a consistently growing online business will be revealed to you as soon as you become a community member.

3. Success is not a single giant leap. Instead, it's a series of small steps taken consistently in the right direction. This means that everything you do now, and every step you take will contribute towards your personal success in the future.

What do you learn about making money online at Wealthy Affiliate?

Let me start by saying it's not about ripping people off, it's not a dodgy pyramid scheme and it's not about harassing your family and friends to make a dollar.

It's more to do with guiding you through the steps to building an actual online business. I go into more depth about what WA is here in my 4,880 word full Wealthy Affiliate review.

Regular readers of The Make Money Online Blog will know Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommendation when it comes to earning passive income online. And for good reason: it's the exact place I started. 

Here's a video walk-through from the first lesson of WA's Online Entrepreneur Certification Course covering the process of making money online:


The Wealthy Affiliate training will guide you through how to start your first blog (Yes – building a website is required as the foundation you'll be building your online business on)

From there you'll learn how to drive traffic to your website, how to monetise your site and become a successful full-time blogger.

Here's the simple breakdown:

wealthy affiliate process for making money online

How long does it take to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Two years after joining Wealthy Affiliate I receive at least $6,000 per month, whether or not I actually do any work.

How much and how fast you make money, will all depend on the efforts you put in at the beginning.

What you need to keep in mind as you fill out your website with helpful and useful content is that it takes time for Google to trust your site and start to seriously rank you in their search engines results.

Before you start making money, you're going to be building your website (all covered in the first few lessons) and learning how to put your site in front of readers using social and search. Without a website, without content, and without traffic, the fun making money part doesn't happen.

So how long, realistically, will it take you to make serious money with Wealthy Affiliate? It's an important question to ask before starting a new business venture.

But this is a tricky question to answer, I can't predict the future but I can share what happened to me, the results I got and offer my advice on how to fast track this process…

  • After three months I made a grand total of $5 after spending $100. Blown away yet? : )
  • After two weeks after becoming a member. I made an unimpressive $1.25 but I was ecstatic this thing actually worked.
  • After six months I earned approx. $200 and spent about $300. I worked my butt off too, but things were starting to go in the right direction, slowly but surely…
  • After celebrating my first year at Wealthy Affiliate I'd invested $600 into my online business and made (investment included domain and hosting and paying my Wealthy Affiliate membership fee at a monthly rate)
  • After 18 months I was making $4,000 a month and my income was growing consistently. I finally decided to quit my full time UK call centre job and make the permanent move to Thailand (a long-term dream of mine).

In the first year I learned so much about how to create and build successful blogs, build an email marketing list, how to use social media and build real and strong relationships with my readers.

If I had quit at the three month or six month mark I would not be where I am today. Simple.

How long before YOU make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Who knows. It could be a month. It might be a year, maybe even longer.

How long before you see results? It's hard to say. But I know that people who stick around long enough start to see the results of their hard work manifest in rankings, traffic, and sales.

How serious are you about earning a full-time income online? How much time can you put into this thing? An hour a day in the evenings and on Saturdays?

What I can say is that even though working now to make money in the long-term might not be exciting, but it is real and life-changing. I can attest to that.

How much does the Premium Wealthy Affiliate membership cost?

There's two pricing options to choose from:

1. Monthly Premium – membership is $19 the first month (if you take the 59% Wealthy Affiliate Discount and decide to upgrade within the your 7 day FREE trial) and $47 a month thereafter with no minimum.

2. Yearly Premium – membership is $359. This represents a huge $205 discount! This works out at just about $29.92 per month; less than $1 a day!

Here's a Starter vs. Premium Membership comparison.

The really nice thing about Wealthy Affiliate is there's no pressure. You can do what I did and start with the free Starter account, test drive Wealthy Affiliate for yourself and make any decisions from there once you've started building your business.

After 12 months I decided to go for the cheaper yearly option because I knew I'd be a long-term member so it just made sense.

Further down the road, you might want to consider this option, especially because you should be making a steady monthly income at this point.

It's good because it's not only cheaper but instead of looking at the monthly withdraw from my Paypal account and wondering, “Do I really want this?”, I could focus on what mattered…working for the results I wanted.

Here's a really cool video from a guy who puts it better than I can about the mindset you should have going into this:

[alert-note]“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

― Earl Nightingale[/alert-note]

The best time to start is now

So please don't look at Wealthy Affiliate like a get rich quick nonsense scheme or a millionaire by midnight solution; it's an online business training centre and community of online entrepreneurs.

The amount of money you can make is limitless if you're willing to follow the training and complete the tasks assigned at the end of each lesson, reach out and ask for help when you need it and are committed enough to see it through.

Sound fair enough?

So if you're ready to start on your online business journey, create your FREE starter account here and head over to the Get Started Training.

Over the next few days you're going to be well on your way to learning how making money online works and building on a solid foundation – once you have these things in place, you are going to be able to create as much success as you want online.


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