High Ticket Siphon Review: What Brendan Mace Is Not Telling You.

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High Ticket Siphon Review

Hi and welcome to today’s review of High Ticket Siphon. Brendan says you’re “seconds away from hijacking 1,000,00 million visitors instantly and turning free traffic into high ticket commissions”. 

As if! You actually have to pay for the “free traffic”. I’ll explain to you why in this review. Basically, this system, claiming “$1000s in a daily commission like clockwork” is merely another churn and burn. 

Brendan says this changes the game for anyone, but I’ll give the reasons why you shouldn’t even dare to play. 

I’ll tell you:

  • What Hight Ticket Siphon really is
  • How much it costs
  • How it’s supposed to work
  • The reasons why you shouldn’t buy this
  • If it’s a scam
  • And a wayyyy better alternative you should definitely consider

Stick around so you don’t get funneled to the wrong direction. 

High Ticket Siphon Review At A Glance

About: High Ticket Siphon is a broken-link-finding software you can supposedly use to siphon or redirect traffic to your offers and earn from it.

Price: The front-end costs $12.93. There are also 4 upsells to spend on, costing $528 in total and domain cost of at least $10 per year.

Pros: There are none.

Cons: The traffic method used is unlikely to get you traffic and even it if does, it’s not guaranteed to be buyer traffic.

Verdict: High Ticket Siphon is a very unethical way to generate traffic. Getting buyer leads and making money from this is highly unlikely.


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What Is High Ticket Siphon?

High Ticket Siphon is a broken link finder created by Diego Hernando but peddled by Brendan Mace. It’s supposed to find broken links on YouTube and utilize those links for offers you can earn from. 

It’s said to be beginner-friendly, get you unlimited traffic, and huge commissions. Brendan also says the best part with this software is, “you only have to do it once and it runs hands-free in the background. A typical way to describe the all too common plug and play software. 

The sales page says it’s 3 standout features are:

1. DFY from start to commissions. (another way to describe a get-rich-quick scheme)

2. Truly passive because there’s no need for ongoing effort.

3. Utilizes untapped traffic with unlimited traffic potential.

Here’s what I find funny though:

It calls traditional make money online methods like content creation, learning about software like keyword research tools, and taking time and effort to gain traffic as BS.


Content creation and hard work in gaining traffic remain to be vital elements in a sustainable online income. 

Of course, Brendan puts hard work in a bad light because he promotes the High Ticket Siphon to be the “laziest 4 figure payday model”. 

Is The Income Proof Even Real?!

Brendan also says it’s reliable and proven to work but not an inch of proof is given. 

Can’t the income proof screenshots serve as proof? Uh no.

It’s outrageously similar to what you’ll find on Beast Funnels’ sales page, so it doesn’t prove anything!

High Ticket Siphon Fake Income Proof

Just The Latest Product From A Serial Product Launcher

If you’re not familiar with who Brendan Mace is, he’s a serial product launcher peddling “new” products almost every week. Not a month goes by without him launching a digital product. 

If you check on his older products, most of it has been shut down and High Ticket Siphon will follow suit in a year or two. 

Since his products are short-lived, you can’t really expect to get the support you need. If you contact him for help, your hair will grow white waiting. 

I’ll let you in to a little secret:

High Ticket Siphon is merely a dumb-down version of two of Brendan’s older products My Profit Jacker and Equinox. 

I’m not saying those two are worth your buck, but My Profit Jacker offers more features making it slightly better than High Ticket Siphon. 

Still, the traffic method promoted in this software is very sketchy so personally, I wouldn’t waste money on it, much more with High Ticket Siphon. 

How Much Does High Ticket Siphon Cost?

The front-end software costs $12.92. Although “not required” but “highly recommended” you’ll also be asked to spend $528 for 4 upsells. Since you’ll be buying the domain names of the broken links, you’ll also spend $10/year for each domain. 

Here’s a little bit about the upsells.

Upsell 1: Pro Edition ($37)

Removes all software restrictions. Limited or not, it’s still highly unlikely you’ll get traffic with this.

Upsell 2: Complete $1,000 Daily System ($197)

Adds a system claiming to land you high ticket sales. If High Ticket Siphon doesn’t work, this won’t be any different.

Upsell 3: Limitless Traffic ($197)

Supposedly puts your link on the main sales page so Brendan can direct the traffic to your offers. But you’re not even sure the main page generates lots of traffic.

Upsell 4: License Rights ($97)

This gives you the right to sell the software. Until you can prove it works as promised, you won’t get anyone convinced in buying this from you. 

The bottom line, these upsells are pointless.

How High Ticket Siphon Works

In a nutshell, High Ticket Siphon is supposed to find broken links on YouTube videos with big traffic. You then redirect the broken links to the big money pages pre-built in the software (this will be your offer) by buying the domain. 

You just then hope and pray someone notices and clicks on them.

Most of the links you’ll find are extensions of the main website. For example, a website owner added a page to his website but no longer uses it, that will be the broken link you’re supposed to find. 

But then again, most websites are still active even if they have inactive pages so you can’t buy its domain. You’ll end up spending hours looking for broken domains/links to purchase. I’ll show you what I mean as I tour you inside the members’ area. 

On the tabs list, you’ll first see one for training. 

You’ll get 3 training videos. 

1. Teaching you how to search for broken links.

2. Teaching you how to buy the domains for those broken links

3. Teaching you how to use the domains you bought redirect them to your offers. 

Basically, you’ll just get taught how to set things up.

Then the second tab supposedly helps you find good keywords to search on YouTube. The downside is, it only gives you keyword suggestions and no stats like how many people search for it and so forth. 

High Ticket Siphon Keyword Research

Keywordtool.io or Small SEO Tools works better because it gives you more keyword details for something that’s free. 

Then you’ll have the domain search tab to find broken domains from YouTube videos. It will generate a list of videos that supposedly has broken links when you search for a particular keyword. 

As an example, here are 2 of the videos you can find on the search result of “email marketing” keyword:

High Ticket Siphon Old Video Results

As you can see, one was uploaded in January 2019 and the other in July 2018 so they’re’ quite old. 

The worst part is:

When you check the description box for those videos, there aren’t any broken links!

Apparently, only those highlighted in blue supposedly have broken links. I don’t really get why they show up in the search results. 

High Ticket Siphon Domain Search

If you don’t know about this, you’ll end up spending hours checking each video for broken links which is a complete waste of time. It’s very time consuming for something claiming fast results. 

But then again when you check on the ones highlighted in blue, you won’t find any broken links either!

This broken link finder doesn’t really work as promised. It’ll take you ages to find high-traffic videos with broken links. 

If you create your own content, you can use your time better. 

Anyway, if you have any success finding a good video with a broken link, you’ll see in the big money pages tab you’ll be merely redirecting those broken links to Brendan’s churn and burn webinar about making money online and whatnots. 

High Ticket Siphon "Big Money Pages"

So, if you find a video about health and wellness, fitness, or pet care, for instance, your pitch will be totally unrelated. 

People definitely don’t want to watch a fitness video then find a link on the description box about a money-making webinar. It doesn’t just make any sense. 

Most likely they’ll expect a fitness-related suggested link in a fitness video. It will totally be misleading when they open it and find your money-making pitch. You won’t get them interested; you’ll get them annoyed. 

The thing with pitching an offer to people is: you first have to build a relationship with them, unless you do so, it’s highly unlikely they’ll give your pitch a shot. 

Another thing:

If the YouTube creator finds out you’re taking advantage of his videos, he can simply take the link off the description box which means no more traffic for you. 

Using High Ticket Siphon’s traffic method can work, but the chances are next to none. 

Why? Because you have to think of:

1. The user’s intent in watching the video.

2. How old the video is.

3. If the domain is copyrighted. Even if you can legally buy it, you can get in trouble for using copyrighted ones especially for a YouTube channel creator with a large following. 

Think about the cost too.

If you successfully find 10 broken links, this means you have to buy 10 domains. Each domain can cost $10/year, that’s $100 per year. Maintaining it will be very costly. 

You don’t even have any return of investment guarantee especially because the money page looks too spammy to get anyone interested. 

7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy High Ticket Siphon

  • The income proof in the sales page is fake.
  • Uses scarcity tactic to force you to but before you can think twice.
  • The method used is too time consuming.
  • It’s unethical.
  • It’s highly unlikely to have good traffic results.
  • Can be expensive especially of you have to maintain a lot of domains.
  • It doesn’t guarantee any income. 

Is High Ticket Siphon A Scam?

No, High Ticket Siphon is not a scam only for the reason that you get a software which has some functions. But it’s leaning towards becoming a scam because the method used is unethical and the claims made are very misleading.

You won’t be able to generate buyer traffic with this. If you really want to learn how, you can watch our traffic video:

If you want step-by-step training on traffic and on making money online in general, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to know. 

Where Do You Go From Here?

Laziness won’t get you anywhere. Income systems like High Ticket  Siphon promoting gimmicks like “laziest 4 figure payday model” are mere rubbish. 

It’s only telling you what you want to hear but not doing what you want to happen. You’ll be left completely disillusioned. 

Here’s a timeless fact in making money online:

You need to invest time and effort to build your online business. High Ticket Siphon leaves out telling you this truth, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t.

Ditch the lazy shortcuts and learn how you can really build a sustainable business with Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll be taught what’s required of you from scratch. 

The good thing is, knowing how things work yourself will make you have total control over your business, something High Ticket Siphon cannot give you.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to lay the foundations of your business up to putting all the furnishing as it were. 

You even get the help of other experienced and successful marketers!

If you want to know more of how Wealthy Affiliate can get you closer to your online income goals, check out this in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review and experience it yourself. 

What’s Your Take?

Were you surprised by how unethical High Ticket Siphon’s traffic method is? Were you disappointed with how little potential it has? Share your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section. 

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  1. Brendan Mace, I’ve paid for a Set and Forget system from him and never received anything, so I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.


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