The Club Heist Scam: What You’re REALLY Buying Into

club heist scam review

Hi I'm Simon and welcome to my Club Heist review.

I'm here writing this because a couple of days ago I came across this email in my junk folder promoting Club Heist as a $200,000 per week system:

the Great Heist scam review

I thought the “THAT CARE” part was rather touching, didn't you? 🙂

And I thought that since I'm probably not the only one getting this email, here we are.

Based on what I found out about this latest scam to hit inboxes across the country, this anonymous scammer has a lot of explaining to do.

If you're even slightly tempted to hand over your hard-earned $9 to this guy then I strongly urge you to read this Club Heist review in its entirety and then tell me what YOU think once you're done.

Sound good?

OK, let's dive into things here and figure out exactly what we're dealing with.

Club Heist Review At A Glance

About: Club Heist poses to be an online money making machine when in reality it's just a 6-page PDF.

Price: $9.

Pros: Nothing.

Cons: Hyped-up claims, MO is the same with other scams.

Verdict: Club Heist is definitely a scam. There's no such thing as get-rich-quick when making sustainable income online. Avoid at all costs.  


0.5 Star Rating NEW

Club Heist's Bizarre Sales Video

If you click the email link you ‘re sent over to which looks a little something like this:

what is club heist about

Hit play and you're presented with a 3-minute presentation. If you loved the video so much the first time around or you haven't seen it yet and want to know what you're missing out on then crack open the popcorn, sit back and enjoy because here it is for your viewing pleasure:

The anonymous narrator starts off by painting some dark, apocalyptic picture about how we're all about to be destroyed by the biggest economic collapse the world has ever seen.

A global financial crisis is on the verge of lifting its ugly head. Jobs will be lost, marriages will fail, families will be ripped apart. His words, not mine.

Yep, sure, and planes will fall out of the sky as a meteor speeds towards the earth…

What's the solution to all of this?

Paying $9 and becoming a Club Heist member of course!

If you ever wondered what fake ass advertising looked like, here's what the Club Heist scammer says about his secret money-making method:

the great heist scam advertising
making money

Come on lad, don't undersell it!

OK, I've had my fun but let's get serious for a second because this review is all about helping you avoid get-rich-quick scams and find make money online training that works.

Here's the deal:

The dramatic voiceover and hyped-up claims are all scammy and downright deceptive sales tactics used to try and convince you this is a legit training program that's going to bring you financial freedom…

Except it's not. Get inside the member's area and you're destined for disappointment.

Club Heist Is A Cloned Scam I've Seen Before

The moment I paid up and logged in I knew I'd been duped and it was time to take full advantage of ClickBank's 60-day refund policy.


Because whoever the Club Heist creator is (and we really don't know who's behind this because he's chosen to keep his identity a secret) is a serial scammer running dozens of scams across the internet simultaneously.

Club Heist has the same voiceover, same sales pitch and same website layout as a couple of other programs I've already reviewed on the blog:

The China Secret scam and the Shanghai Club scam (link to my reviews).

Take a look and compare the Club Heist, China Secret and Shanghai Club members areas and see if you can spot the difference:

club heist scam
The Club Heist Members Area
club shanghai scam
The Club Shanghai Members Area
the china secret scam
The China Secret Members Area

This guy makes a living out of conning people into falling for his BS. As soon as reviews like this start popping up and the complaints and refund requests roll in what does he do?

He shuts the scam site down, copy and pastes the website over to a new domain and slaps a different name on it so he can start his scheme all over again.

The Quality Level Of The Club Heist ‘Training'

I need you to understand I use the word ‘training' here very loosely and without wanting at all to offend real training.

Seriously though, one of the worst feelings in the world is getting excited after listening to a hyped-up sales video, deciding to go all in, only to log in for the first time and be bitterly disappointed.

That's exactly what happens to every single person who falls for the Heist Club scam – you're promised a virtual money printing machine and end up getting a random set of outdated 6 page PDF files to download.

club heist training
club heist ebook PDF

This lazy scammer can't even be bothered changing the eBook title from “The China Secret” to “Club Heist”.

Sloppy work.

Everything you find in the Club Heist ‘training' area is stuff that's been circulating the internet for at least 3 to 5 years and it's seriously outdated.

To give you an example, there's an eBook about drop shipping on eBay except in 2018 eBay updated their policy and no longer allow drop shipping on their platform.

Not only that though, but it's also a complete mishmash of different so-called money-making strategies all thrown together. One 6-page eBook talks about investing in cryptocurrency, one talks about eCommerce and another talks about how to make money as an Amazon affiliate.

It's all just very scattered and confusing, only covering topics in very vague, overarching terms with no actionable steps you can take to actually make a difference to your bottom line.

Think Club Heist Is $9? Think Again

What you may or may not notice as you're on the checkout page is that the $9 initial ticket price is just a ruse to get you through the door and what you're actually signing up to is a monthly $37 membership subscription.

club heist cost and prices

You're paying $37 a month for the privilege of being thrown a couple more rehashed eBooks per month.

But it gets worse:

If you've ever paid for low-quality affiliate marketing training in the past, it's highly likely you've been hit with upsell after upsell as you try and access the training you just paid for.

Club Heist is no different.

Upsell 1: Club Heist – $197

Upsell 2: The Crypto Millionaire's Calendar – $147

Upsell 3: The Heist Profiteer's Society – $97

At no point are we given any details as to what these are (I'm guessing just more PDF files) except that they promise to do the exact same thing as the product you just bought.

This is the downward spiral anyone who joins Club Heist will be caught up in – being constantly squeezed to hand over more and more cash over for this upsell or that upgrade in the hope of making more money in a shorter period of time, except it just never gets you the tangible results you're looking for.

Final Club Heist Review Rating: 1/100

Club Heist is definitely one club you DON'T want to become a member of. If you made the mistake of giving this guy your email then unsubscribe. If you were foolish enough to pay for this worthless out of date crap, contact ClickBank and get your money back immediately.

club heist is a scam

There are some excellent online business training platforms out there but Club Heist definitely isn't one of them, but don't lose hope. After reviewing over 400 different training programs I outline exactly why Wealthy Affiliate gets my highest rating so far in my full hands-on Wealthy Affiliate review.  

Just forget all the nonsense about getting rich overnight because success never works like that. Stick to the training, put the time and effort in, refuse to give up and you WILL achieve the financial breakthrough you've been looking for.

Tell Us What You Think

At the beginning of this review, I asked you to tell me what you thought about Club Heist after you've read the full review. Have I done enough to convince you to stay away or I still going to go ahead and sign up?

If you have any thoughts, comments or questions, be sure to scroll down and get in touch below. I hope this review has been a real eye-opener and as always, stay safe out there!

5 thoughts on “The Club Heist Scam: What You’re REALLY Buying Into”

  1. I can only say as I sit here shaking and unable to hold back my tears any longer THANK YOU!!!!

    I am somewhat embarrassed but never ashamed for being scammed by in my opinion mentally deranged human beings who prey on what may possibly be the last of someone’s hope, drive and in my case desperate need to earn an income.

    I have recently been scammed by a company I did my homework on and could not find a shred of evidence not to trust I’d be compensated for my on demand performance that I may add cost me out of pocket expenses I did not have and became more and more demanding as the month went along causing everything else to be affected but I pushed forward and did even more than I was required as that is my nature. With company contract and assurance from manager I was doing very well and was about to be offered a step up.

    In the company I learned many years ago from previous scams to keep copies of everything and can not deny always had that feeling way in the back of my mind I just may be paying to work. Allowing my inability to get 48 hours out of day, pride in self dependence refusing to become a burden on the country I love by depleting it’s resources to merely survive when capable of learning to be more of an asset than a burden may just be causing me to become prey to yet another scam once more but shrugged it off as fatigue and overthinking as this was not a get rich over night scam.

    Nope this punishment for working hard even stole the big dream of never being without a meal again.

    I will never give up on myself or teach my children to either and I’m no big cry baby but as I almost called and asked to borrow what to some is just 9 bucks is a great deal to me as I day after day claw out of the last trap exhausting avenues and spending more energy and precious time away from my boys looking for a real honest way to make a living without depleting stealing or hurting anyone yet scam after scam after scam I see and until I read this had come very close to giving up on humanity all together ?

    So please don’t stop what you are doing as it truly is an admirable thing and can honestly say has made a dramatic difference in my world. Thank God for leading me here to know there are still a few good people left in this tangled web!!

    • Thank you so much for sharing Meranda and you’re absolutely right – there’s no shame in being lied to, the shame only belongs to the people going out there and deliberately deceiving people out of their hard-earned cash.

      I know in the past I fell for my fair share of scams and it’s easy to look back and say “How did I not see that?!” but when you’re they’re in the moment and you’re desperately looking for a solution to your money worries I guess we believe what we want to hear. The scammers behind Club Heist and others know this and take full advantage of it.

      I really appreciate your encouraging words and don’t worry, I fully intend to expose as many scams as possible, as well as show people the real ways to make money online. Comments like this make my day so thank you again for letting me know how much this review helped you.

      Take care and stay safe,


  2. Thank you for warning unsuspecting newbies of this underhanded scheme. For may years I too was victimized by similar con artists. But like you, I have discovered Wealthy Affiliate,  the training, web hosting and support are top quality. The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the free test drive. I encourage your readers to begin their online business success today, by clicking the link provided above.


  3. Oi vey! I ran across a few scams like this before finding Wealthy Affiliate. It’s easy to get caught up in the promise of it all.  maybe it’s just me, but I could smell the “get rich quick” scam a mile away. Transparency is key, and if this person who is setting up multiple of the same lazy schemes can’t bother to give me their name and background, I’m not buying it. 

    • Exactly Haleigh, if a product creator is not willing to put his own name and face to his product then the first question we should be asking is why the hell not? This is a huge red flag from the get-go.


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