Browse N’ Bank Review: Branson Tay’s Latest Scam Exposed!


This is a review of Browse n’ Bank, an affiliate marketing program offered by Branson Tay sold through WarriorPlus.

I started this review with an open mind, trying to see the pros and cons and who it might be useful for, but the more I dug into this product, the more it made my blood boil and I’ve ended up writing more of a why Browse n’ Bank is a scam investigation.

If you want to know:

  • What Browse n’ Bank is all about
  • If you can trust Branson Tay
  • What you get inside
  • How you’re supposed to make money
  • If Browse n’ Bank is worth buying

Then this Browse n’ Bank review is going to give you a lot to go on.

Let’s get to it.

Browse N’ Bank Review At A Glance

About: Branson Tay’s Browse n’ Bank system claims to give people a 100% foolproof way to make $374.32 an hour browsing sites like Netflix and YouTube.

Price: $17 discounted to $15, plus 6 upsells totalling an extra $805.

Pros: None I can think of…

Cons: A lot of upsells, unclear refund policy, Branson has a history of scamming and it just doesn’t work.

Verdict: Browse n’ Bank is overhyped and missold. It’s impossible to make the money they claim with the ineffective and deplorable methods they teach.


0.5 Star Rating NEW

Browse n’ Bank is the type of nonsense program that comes from the desk of Branson Tay every couple of weeks or so.

Want my honest advice?

Please don’t fall for this worthless get-rich-overnight crap and unsubscribe from Branson Tay immediately.

If you really want to earn an income online, you’ve got to break free from the mindset it’s super fast and easy. This might be a bitter pill to swallow for most, but follow the right program and put in the effort and you WILL experience the results you’re after.

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Who Is Branson Tay?

Branson Tay (aka SirBranson) is an internet marketer and YouTuber who, in my view, has a history of selling questionable products and services online. He’s the mastermind behind Browse n’ Bank who claims he “got paid $4,000+ to basically be a couch potato.”

It appears Branson has a real knack of “accidentally stumbling” across:

  • Top money-making secrets
  • Underground loopholes
  • Guaranteed autopilot profit systems

His YouTube channel, with 579,000 subscribers, has a lot of making money videos with clickbaity titles like “Make $57 In 5 Mins!” and “Earn $3,000 On Google ($200 Per Search)”.

Sadly, the videos seldom live up to the hype…

branson tay youtube

Browse n’ Bank is just the latest of Branson Tay’s eight low-quality products each promising easy money for doing nothing.

Here’s Branson’s WarriorPlus profile:

is Branson Tay a scammer

Browse n’ Bank has so far been rated 3 out of 5 stars, which is slightly higher than his 2-star average based on 759 customer reviews. His refund rates must be through the roof!

Oct 2021 Update: Browse N Bank is now rated at a measly 2 out of 5 stars after 153 reviews. Branson has already moved onto his next get-rich-quick scheme called Type4Cash, also currently reviewed at 2 out of 5 stars.

Is Branson Tay a scammer?

is branson tay a scammer

What Is Browse N’ Bank?

Browse n’ Bank is Branson Tay’s latest get-rich-quick scheme that promises to show you how to get paid $374.32 an hour “fooling around” on sites like YouTube and Facebook.

Here’s how the program is described on

why browsenbank is a scam review

The program launched on the 6th of September 2021 and is sold through WarriorPlus.

After 22 months of research and development, Branson says he’s come up with the world’s first easy, reliable and crazy fast online income system you can use to make $100s an hour:

  • Scrolling through Facebook
  • Messaging friends
  • Watching Netflix
  • Watching YouTube videos
  • Catching up on the news

We’re shown amazing success stories from beta testers who have apparently banked $70.39 in 33 minutes for browsing Facebook, $145.23 in 59 minutes for browsing YouTube and $95.74 in 42 minutes for browsing Tiktok.

get rich quick scams

But keep reading and I’ll explain why it’s not what it claims to be.

Who Is Browse N’ Bank For?

Browse n’ Bank is primarily marketed at newbies looking for a fast and easy way to make money online. The sales page says things like:

“Since 2015, I’ve helped 25,000+ ordinary folks make their first profit online and I can help you as well!”
“Zero experience or technical skills needed… even total beginners are profiting with Browse n’ Bank…”

Branson also targets people who are in dire financial straits and struggling with debt, hailing Browse n’ Bank as the answer to all their money-making prayers:

“Say goodbye to empty earning accounts! You’ve never been this close to financial freedom… Haven’t you worked your butt off for long enough for zero results? You can experience the thrill of making money online…”
“At last, change your life for the better (No more barely scraping by…)

However, based on what I’ve seen inside the Browse n’ Bank and my years of experience running several successful online businesses, I fail to see how anyone following this system could make enough to cover the signup costs, never mind achieve true financial freedom.

How Does Browse N’ Bank Work?

Forget what you heard in the sales pitch, Click n’ Bank has nothing whatsoever to do with getting paid to watch Netflix or YouTube.

Rather it’s about affiliate marketing; making money online promoting other people’s products.

When done right, affiliate marketing works like this:

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work process

Instead of teaching you the income-generating skills you need to become a successful affiliate marketer, Browse n’ Bank aims to give you automated software for generating affiliate commissions.

Instead of explaining the best strategies to build a consistent income in the long term, they only show you how to promote low-quality Clickbank or WarriorPlus products by spamming links on social media sites.

According to Branson, you make money with Browse n’ Bank in 3 simple steps:

how browse n bank works 3 steps

In practice, this means logging into the dashboard area, clicking the Browse Offers menu tab and looking at sites like WarriorPlus, JVZoo and Clickbank to find affiliate products:

inside browsenbank

Once you’ve found the products you want to promote and got your affiliate links, you’re sent to Browse n’ Bank’s low-grade page builder which gives you basic landing page templates that look like this:

browsenbank landing page builder

Once you’ve done that, you get your link for the page you’ve just created and use a site called Bitly to “cloak” and shorten it.

This is the link you’re now supposed to copy and paste onto social media sites to send traffic to your landing page and get people buying so you make commissions.

You’re told to link your Facebook, Messenger and YouTube accounts so you can use this crappy software to send out spammy links to your family and friends.

This is the revolutionary new method that’s supposed to bank you $374.32 an hour?!

Are you kidding me?!

You don’t need me to say it but I’m going to say it anyway:

This is one of the worst methods I’ve ever seen. No way it took Branson 22 months to come up with this!

You can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing but follow this method and you’ll be spamming Facebook with links to crappy landing pages trying to sell crappy products that nobody wants to buy.

A guaranteed way of making 3-figure daily commissions?

More like a guaranteed way to waste your time and money, annoy your friends and get your social media accounts blocked.

Browse N’ Bank Pricing

You can buy a limited version of Browse n’ Bank for a one-time $17 fee, though expect to pay at least an extra $47 for the Unlimited Premium upgrade to be able to use the program properly.

browse n bank pricing

Unfortunately, Browse n’ Bank is a very upsell-heavy program. There are six upsells all promising even more money in an even shorter amount of time yada yada… 🙄

Upsell 1. Browse N’ Bank Unlimited ($47): What Branson didn’t tell you in the sales pitch is that the “one-time $17 purchase” only gives you a limited version.

Upsell 2. Browse N’ Bank Done-For-You ($297): Apparently the best option for “Anyone who is too busy, lazy or has no time on their hands…”

Upsell 3. Browse N’ Bank Income Multiplier ($97): $500 a day not enough? Buy this, Branson says, and you’ll make $2,500 a day.

Upsell 4. Browse N’ Bank Limitless Traffic ($167): Branson’s diamond source of traffic that’ll give unlimited sales and commissions. “It’s like owning a Virtual ATM Machine!”

Upsell 5: Browse N’ Bank Franchise License ($197): Gives you full resell rights.

Upsell 6: Browse N’ Bank “The Missing Piece” ($97): Why sell a product you know isn’t complete? Imagine if Ikea or Toyota tried shenanigans like this? They’d be outrage!

In total, these upsells cost a total of $805 which in my view is ridiculous when you’re talking about a $17 product. 😳

Browse N’ Bank Discount

Supposedly, Branson Tay once had the gall to charge people $297 a month for this and the $17 price tag is for a “limited time only.”

This is a lie. This program never has and never will be sold for $297 a month.

Go to click off the site though and this pop up comes up offering a $2 discount:

browsenbank discount

If you really want to save money, I highly recommend you DON’T buy the program and look at some alternatives instead.

5 Reasons Browse N’ Bank Is A Total Scam

Here’s where I usually give you a list of pros and cons, but there are so many Browse n’ Bank red flags, I can’t see why anyone would want to waste their time and money on it…

1. Fake Income Claims

Get-rich-quick scams like Commission Machine, Mobile Site Sniper and Click Wealth System draw people in with promises of fast and easy cash. Browse n’ Bank does the same.

Branson Tay says you’ll make ridiculous amounts of money within 12 hours of buying his program. I consider this to be disingenuous and misleading.

It sounds too good to be true because it is. Earning affiliate commissions takes time and this is a product that doesn’t live up to expectations.

2. Fake Scarcity

Branson Tay says you’d better hurry and buy Browse n’ Bank now before the price increases. There’s even a timer counting down the minutes until you’ve missed your chance!

But panic not, refresh the page and the counter resets. It’s just a ruse to trick into buying before engaging brain. It’s always been and always will be the same price.

3. Fake Browse N’ Bank Reviews

Search Google for “Browse n’ Bank review” or “Is Browse n’ Bank legit?” and you’ll get a whole array of overly positive reviews offering you a gazillion bonuses:

browsenbank reviews and bonuses

So why so many fake reviews when Browse N’ Bank is clearly a worthless get-rich-quick scam that doesn’t live up to its own hype?

That’s easy. Branson Tay and his money-hungry affiliates (aka reviewers) use deceptive marketing practices to cash in by duping as many as possible into buying. It’s about them making money selling you this garbage and nothing about helping you make any.

There are some honest Browse n’ Bank reviews out there though, like this one:

4. You’re Paying For What’s Already Free

You can join WarriorPlus, JVZoo and Clickbank as an affiliate for free. You don’t need to pay. Facebook, YouTube, Messenger, these are all free already.

The page builders? You still need to register a domain and pay for hosting, so you might as well just create a WordPress website and build a better-looking page yourself.

I see no reason, no benefit of paying to access what’s already free, which is exactly what you’re doing if you sign up for Browse n’ Bank.

5. You Won’t Make Any Money With Browse N’ Bank

Spamming Facebook with links?

Let’s just say this isn’t an effective strategy you can build your financial future on!

A much better strategy would be to create a website you can get ranked in Google so the right people come looking for you. No link spamming. No chasing. No getting social accounts shut down.

6. Unclear Refund Policy

Over and over, we’re told you can buy Browse n’ Bank with zero risk as it comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee. Yet there’s no terms and conditions anywhere on the site that I could find.

The checkout page shows a refund policy, but it’s very vague:

can you get a browse n bank refund

It states the money-back guarantee is subject to the following terms and conditions but there are no terms and conditions. That means you’re at the mercy of Branson’s discretion if you can cancel and get your money back or not.

Should You Buy Browse N’ Bank?

If Branson Tay really knew how to get paid $374.32 an hour watching YouTube videos, why is he trying so hard to sell you a $17 course?

I can’t in good conscience recommend that ANYONE sign up for Browse n’ Bank, especially when there are so many real courses available…

A Smarter Browse N’ Bank Alternative

If you are serious about making earning online, you need to build a real online business. It’s not like you click your mouse and money starts pouring into your PayPal account.

This free step-by-step crash course will give you the best start »

Your Browse N’ Bank Review

Tried Browse n’ Bank yourself?

Add your review so others can see if it’s worthwhile.

Do you have a question about this program?

Let me know below and I’ll try find the answer.

32 thoughts on “Browse N’ Bank Review: Branson Tay’s Latest Scam Exposed!”

  1. 🙁
    I got two items, a third when the add-on attached to the second purchase popup. You are right not only does it not work but it’s not working if you have to pay every time you click. I’ll forego calling customer service and do it through the card I used which was a Visa. Thank you for your accurate review!

  2. I’m glad I found this review before I parted with my money! I bought his phantom done for you program on 3rd June, paid $297 with PayPal credit and what arrived was so far from what he promised that I was speechless. Support was less than helpful, I asked for a refund but was told I had to prove that I’d tried hard to make it work, with videos and screenshots. Huh? The guarantee said to just contact support for a full refund, no mention of having to provide proof. PayPal told me the purchase wasn’t covered by their buyer protection so I’ve appealed and asked them to look at it again. I’m not going to pay for this crap, he shouldn’t be able to get away with it. People like him make me feel sick,they’re vultures

  3. HI Dennis

    thanks for the heads up i believed this and wasted time and money. to get sold stuff that dies not work there no support there no help its just a waste of time

  4. I was told in order to get a refund for the Browse and Bank I would have to “take snapshots ” of the system not working. How in the world can you do that??????

    Instead today I reached out to Paypal and filed a complaint.

  5. I also believed the promises of Browse N ‘Bank and especially their money back guarantee. The only thing that works is their support, they respond and they are very polite. Unfortunately, will not solve anything. And a refund? Neither at randomly, just pious wishes. It is clearly a scam.

    • Thanks for your review Milan. Yes the support is good for account queries but the customer service agents are not experts in affiliate marketing so they can’t help you earn a dime.

      I’m sorry you weren’t able to get a refund.

      • Jesus! Just love you man. You have it all, God bless you. I’ve once thrown suspicion on this guy, on the issue of how to make money with the googlypay app. He said everything is free but when I checked it was a different ball game. The page is poor, demands some kind of unexpected cash mehn and is scam-looking. Thanks once again, Simon. God bless. More effort to peel off his stinky ass.

  6. I want to earn money online. Haven’t made a dime ever since I started watching Branson Tay’s videos, he is a jerk

  7. Thanks for sharing simon, because I’ve been wondering where are they suppose to get the money from that they are claiming subscribers to their system will earn, is it from Facebook, YouTube, twitter, quora, Instagram or from their pocket.

  8. Thank you very much for this useful information. I was about to waste another $17 before reading your article. Only God knows how many people have fallen into this trap. The internet is full of scams. Browse n bank is one of them.

  9. You could never tell or say all the ugly and dirty jobs these unscrupulous guys are leaving on the web marketing, spoiling it, scamming it day and light on w+ firstly and even jvzzo, Clickbank.
    Of course, it is always to make effort to denounce them properly so that the IM may continue to be attractive with a good reputation.
    Unfortunately, this rat race with all the money they’re stealing from inexperienced are just waiting to die for joining Hell forever. This doesn’t merit the name of human beings. I am thinking to create a website where I will put all their names to protect honest people from such vampires… I am seeing them from my place here, in my country, I feel shame and curse them. I am open to any initiative to build a big worldwide website to make them known to the community. They are, All the same, the “replicators” – remixers and dirty reviewers who are thirsty for money. Let them go HELL,
    God is always HERE
    the day will come where the give back accounts

  10. it is little embarrasing for me to say,but l m also the victim of this “blood sucking money making guru”,my story with this guy goes furder,after l succeeded to made contact with him trough sms and ask him why his product does not work-he told me there is some issues in softver at the moment,but if l send him 100,00 $ he will invest in forex (as he is very expirienced forex broker bla bla) and give me back 2 000,00$ in one week
    can you beleive it,he realy think we are that stupid,l still have those messages in my phone as proof
    Branson Tay is poor guy with out dime in his pocket,small crook and nothing else

      • Hello Simon and readers
        My name is Jae I just recently fell for this flashy advertisement believing the yellow and gold advertisement. Now I have been watching Branson Tay’s videos for a while now and one day this video popped up on one of his channels on YouTube, so after a bit of thought I said I’ll give it a shot. but now I’m 50 years old disabled retired E.M.T. live on fixed income don’t have a lot of extra cash laying around, but still I tried this seeing that I spend time on YouTube, Facebook, and other sites most of the day because have nothing else better to do. Besides the point paid for program got all the same bullshit as was described in this review and now result I did not even get the Browse n Bank dashboard. so, I have been for past four days fighting with them on emails and threatened to report him to BBB also the Attorney General’s Office, also investigated filing a class action suit against him and his company. But need I think at least 4 or more people to file the complaint? This kid should not be allowed to continue to take from innocent people and low-income people who want to try to make a bit of extra change to support their families. He needs to be taught a lesson. If you need to talk further or contact me can be reached a
        anytime any day willing to do whatever to stop him and any others like him who continue to make money off scamming others to profit their pockets with bullshit advertisements. Good luck to all on here in future endeavors.

        P.s. This all has been taking place in past four days since 3/1/2022 to 3/5/2022
        I was giving them till Monday 3/7/2022 then I was going to start trying to take action against him and companies, and really isn’t about $17.00 dollars it’s about priciple and honesty.

  11. I wrote a review to Warrior Plus about the ‘lies’ used by Branson Tay to get his products purchased and how different it is once a person has purchased it. One huge trap and I will definitely be unsubscribing from them all. Yay for the person who is opening a Law suit against them.

    • Good for you Allerise and absolutely!

      You might not get very far with WarriorPlus because, as I say, their wipe their hands clean of any responsibility. They have to really. If they stopped allowing scammers to use their platform, they’d be out of business…

  12. Thank you for this! I was considering paying the $17 cuz I thought, “oh well, it’s just $17, at least I’m not losing much if it’s b.s.” but, I’m so glad I found this before I threw any of my money into the garbage. Ugh. I’m annoyed that Branson Tay, himself, probably has a decent amount of money rolling in because so many people are gullible. It’s disgusting.

    • That’s how they get you in Stephanie! And before you know it, you’ve spent nearly $1,000 on pointless upsells.

      I’m glad you found this Browse N Bank review too but I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you it’s the real deal. Yeah, Branson Tay is a total sell-out, but what do you expect with Jono Armstrong as his mentor? He’s just following the crappy Ministry Of Freedom training which says, even though you know these get-rich-quick scams don’t work, just sell them anyway, it’s “what people want”.

      Stay safe out there Stephanie and let me know if there are any other programs you come across that deserve a frank and honest review! 😉

  13. You are quite right, the figures and facts are too good to be true. I mean if it’s that easy to make money why would people still go to work in the world.
    Dubious promises indeed!!!!!!

    • Exactly mate!

      Branson Tay is doing the equivalent of walking up to you in the street and saying he’ll show you how to make $1,000s a month if you just give him $17 first. If this happened you’d know it was a scam right away!

  14. The hilarious part is that the latest version of this scam I read had Tay claiming that BnB WASN’T affiliate marketing! WTH?!

  15. I am starting litigation against Branson Tay and Warrior plus. It’s time to shut them down. Not only is it a scam, it’s blatant fraud.
    Report to the FBI, report to his social media sites and reach out to me for info about class action lawsuit.

    • Yes I’m supporting you! I’m his victim too. Bought the product from Warriorplus 3 weeks ago and since Day 1 I couldn’t access the site.

      In their site there’s “365 Money back guarantee” but apparently it’s just a FAKE CLAIM.
      This scammer is freely using Warriorplus platform to cheat people out of money and perform businesses that don’t make good on their promises.

      • Sadly, it’s almost impossible to get a refund from WarriorPlus if the vendor doesn’t want to give it. If you paid with PayPal then filing a dispute with them is probably your best course of action.

  16. is there any honest workable programs learnable by a typical person who is not stupid looking for a handout. i am not. if you are honest simon. thank you.


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