Auvoria Prime Review: 3 Ironclad Reasons To Say “No!”

Auvoria Prime Review

Welcome to my review of Auvoria Prime and today we are going to check all the nooks and crannies that surround this business model. Is Auvoria Prime a scam? We’re going to find out.

I must say when I initially did my research, Auvoria Prime seemed promising to me until I dug deeper and saw on the red flags. I’m going to share them with you so you can decide for yourself if you should steer clear from this money-making opportunity. (I would!)

Before anything else, just a quick disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of Auvoria Prime. I think I made that clear when I said I’d steer clear from it.

Auvoria Prime in a Nutshell
Auvoria Prime Review

Product Name: Auvoria Prime

Product Description: Trading Education and AI with a touch of Ponzi Scheme


Auvoria Prime offers trading-based education and AI for anyone who wants to take a dive in the trading market. It is actually a reboot of Eaconomy (which I’ll discuss more later in this review).

It basically offers to teach you how to trade and at the same time make you recruit others in order to earn from the training packages. It’s a classic Ponzi scheme. I’m waving a huge red flag here I think you see that.

  • Transparency - 30%
  • Value For Money - 15%
  • Sustainability - 0%


  • Transparency


  • Shady background of the management team
  • Linked to Ponzi schemes that flopped
  • Unproven AI capacity
  • Expensive package
User Review
89% (1 vote)

Before diving into the shady background of the people involved in Auvoria Prime. I’d like to give them a little credit by telling you about their website.

Auvoria Prime Website

When you land on their homepage you’ll be greeted with the words: “equips people all over the world with the education and tools they need to maximize their Quality of Life”

They’re basically saying that with the help of their tools, your life gets better. Who doesn’t want that anyway? But you know, it’s just a bunch of fancy words to get you interested. Classic bait: appealing to the emotions.

And then when you head on to their About Us section you’ll get to see the people behind the company. If they’re aiming for transparency here, they’re doing a good job. I personally do not trust a company that doesn’t tell me who I’m handing my money to.

I also checked their socials, there’s ongoing interaction in each so we can say that these faces and names are not just masks they wear.

Auvoria Prime Executives

Added to that, there this guy named Stephen Vettorel, he’s the chief market analyst. Legit traders need to have licenses from regulatory authorities like FINRA to provide securities. He’s making himself pretty credible by adding his qualifications there.

His LinkedIn profile seems pretty solid too with all the credentials he has.

Auvoria Prime Chief Market Analyst

Hopefully he’s not lying with this one or his credibility will come to a glorious crash.

Risk Warning

Unlike other money-making opportunities that are creating so much hype yet end up under-delivering which leaves everybody frustrated, Auvoria Prime has a risk warning.

It tells you all about the risk Forex trading entails and makes it clear that they are not doing the trading for people, they are just providing tools to help you out.

They’re mainly under-promising so you don’t end up expecting that a magic machine will make you tons of money.

Judging from these points, Auvoria Prime is doing well in making themselves reliable and trustworthy.

Otherwise, this is just a tactic to make them seem legit and credible when the real goal is duping more people into the system.

I’m pretty convinced this is what they are really doing. Just read on to know why I say so.

Shady Executives Background

If you’ve done some reading before getting to this review, you’ll probably notice that many say that Auvoria Prime is a reboot of Eaconomy.

Why is that?

Auvoria Prime’s Chief Network Officer Sal Leto was Eaconomy’s Vice President of Operations. Shortly after Auvoria Prime launch, Eaconomy filed a lawsuit against them.

Sal Leto also promoted OneCoin that ended up with a lot of legal issues. After OneCoin flopped, he switched to iPro Network that also ended up being sued by the SEC for a $26 million pyramid scheme. Not just that, he’s also linked to Silverstar Live that had to pay up CFTC with $75,000, very expensive.

Other than Sal Leto, Joshua Phair, Auvoria Prime’s chief financial officer was Eaconomy’s consultant in 2019.

Bill Wynne, Auvoria Prime’s Chief Technology Officer, also held the same position on Eaconomy.

To me, this looks like Eaconomy’s people decided to get off the sinking ship and made a ship of their own which is a matter of time that will also have the same fate.

More to that, Auvoria Prime’s Director of Compliance, Mariska van de Langenberg is also a former executive of another sinking ship 5 Star Signals. This company is a pyramid scheme offering unregistered securities.

Now if these are the people behind a business I am planning to get myself into, I’d think twice. Sure a leopard can change its spots but how do you know that these people did so? For me, the dodgy track record of these executives blew off the credibility I initially had when I checked out their website.

And it’s not like it happened just once, it happened thrice!

If I’d choose a money-making opportunity, I’d make sure its legit and that it’s going to stick around for a very long time.

Auvoria Prime Products

1. Ainstein Package- $267/month

Quite expensive and is it just me or are they trying to name this package after the famous scientist?  If so, I think they’re trying to imply that you’d be a smart guy if you buy it.

The problem with this is, it’s not available in the US. Like come on! The US has one of the biggest trading activities in the world and you don’t make it available there? This is clearly a red flag because this tells me their dodging some security regulations.

2. Airis Package- $39/month

Claims to use Forex charts and AI to detect potential market breakouts.

3. Alexander Package- $267/month

Claims to identify and take advantage of market trends.

Seriously, with something that costs this much, it should be able to deliver; there’s no point in buying these tools if it fails to give returns. And mind you, you can’t take that against the company because they made a disclaimer at the outset.

To me, this is just them squeezing cash out from a person and cleaning their hands in case it doesn’t yield the expected result. And mind you, there’s no proof given of how effective the bot is. It can just be rubbish wrapped into a seemingly useful system to make money for you.

If it was legit AI, they should have bothered to explain how the AI algorithm works, which will make it a lot credible.

Compensation Plan

It’s quite complicated so here’s a complete guide.

But basically this is what they’re offering:

You can earn a commission from the recruits (which you really have to make) as long as you maintain a subscription yourself.

The monthly subscription is not cheap. Of course, if you want to make it easier for your pocket you will have to make recruits to relieve the weight of the cost of the subscriptions.

And it’s a classic Ponzi scheme where they use the payment of new recruits to pay off commissions and bonuses. No new recruits, no more incoming funds. Then it’s time to expect another reboot because this isn’t earning anymore.

What I Don’t Like About Auvoria Prime

1. Shady Executives Background

2. Expensive Subscriptions

3. Ponzi Scheme

I don’t like it because I’m not going to earn from it. It’s just a total waste of time. Even if it pays up for some months, it can’t assure me it’s going to stay for long. So this is just a lousy investment to make. And an expensive one at that.

Just take a look at these trading scams: The Millionaire Biz Pro, Instant Income Code, and The Kiwi Method. See how Auvoria Prime is like them.

Is It A Scam?

Yes it is! I’m pretty sure I’m not taking back those words anytime soon.

It’s muddled with people with shady background who to me is making a hobby of rehashing old schemes to try and lure new unsuspecting ones.

Plus, its income primarily comes from recruits and when that runs dry I think you know by now where everything is headed.

Bottom Line

Do not get fooled! Sure they make everything seem legit, how else will they bait people in? It may seem promising but it’s no more than a total SCAM!

You’re not even sure the AI works, add that to the disclaimer they give so that you can’t run after them if you don’t get any substantial ROI.

Personally, even if I can earn a bit from this, when I know the people working behind it cannot be trusted. I’d rather not waste my time on it. It’s not really beneficial as a long term money-making opportunity.

Plus with the monthly subscription, you’ll just end up gasping for breath so that you can keep up with the cost.

I tell you, IT’S NOT WORTH IT.

Instead, affiliate marketing is my top recommended business model for anyone to make money online.

It’s not risky like trading, it doesn’t have complicated compensation plans, and you can choose to work with multiple companies.

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