1Q App Review: Is 1Q Legit Or Is 1Q A Scam?

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1Q App Review Is 1Q Legit Or Is 1Q A Scam

The 1Q app caught my attention when I was browsing through survey apps so, but with very mixed reviews online I knew I had to download the app and check it out for myself.

By the end of this 1Q app review, you're going to know if 1Q is a scam or a legit app worth investing your time into.

Just to be clear: This isn't a sponsored post and I have no connection with 1Q. I’m just an honest guy on the outside looking in, doing my best to make sure people find truthful and unbiased information about the best ways to make money online when they need it.

What Is The 1Q App?

what is 1q

1Q stands for ‘1 question' and that's because this isn't the kind of survey app where you spend hours taking long, drawn-out surveys…

With 1Q it's a single multiple-choice question you need to answer for $0.25 or $0.50 a pop.

People pay for 1Q to gather information from polls that they create, and 1Q pays you a small portion of that money to answer polls.

Another stand out feature is you get paid instantly. There's no points-based system and no talk of gift cards – its just money deposited directly into your PayPal account.

You can download 1Q on Google Play or iTunes. You can earn through 1Q.com too but it's best to download the app so you can get text notifications when new questions come in.

1Q App Reviews

Whenever I'm judging whether an app is worthwhile, one of the first things I look at are the user reviews and 1Q has some pretty decent stats:

1Q has over 500,000 installs and a 4.4-star rating after 23,000+ reviews.

1q app reviews

4.4 stars is impressive but like every other app out there, 1Q isn't without it's glitches. So I went ahead and gave the 1Q app a try.

You have the option of signing up with Facebook which is quicker so I went with that.

is 1q legit

I was asked to fill out a few details like my address and phone number. You'll also receive a text with a PIN to confirm your mobile.

The app asks you what kind of questions (they call them askverts) you'd like to receive – ones for $0.25 or $0.50. Obviously, we'd all choose more money but by selecting $0.25 you're going to get more questions sent to you.

When they said you only have to answer one simple question they weren't kidding. It really is that easy. Here's an example of questions you might be asked:

1q review
what is the 1q app

I earned $2 over the course of 7 days. Whenever I got a text notification I opened up the app and answered right away. It really only took a few seconds – I only wish they had more questions so I could've earned more!

I love the simple way the 1Q app is designed – it's easy to navigate and the questions are a piece of cake. It's up to you whether you want to save up your money and cash out later or just withdraw each time.

Once I got to $2 I requested a transfer of funds to my PayPal account and credit to 1Q where its due – I got the money in my account within seconds!

If you're wondering if 1Q pay out, here's some payment proof:

do 1q pay out

Overall I really like this app, I like the fact there's only one question to answer so its not time-consuming, the app is easy to use and they do pay.

My only issue with 1Q is as a money maker its passive and straightforward but I averaged at 1-2 questions per week. I wish there were more questions available because this would be a great way to earn money, but I guess this depends on where you live and what your demographics are.

If you're solely relying on 1Q then at $0.50 a week you're only going to be making $25 a year so on its own its not much at all.

If you're a fan of survey sites then using 1Q alongside the likes of Swagbucks and Opinion Outpost will help your earnings accumulate.

Common Complaint: Too Few Questions

By far the biggest thing users have an issue with is the lack of questions available…

The companies who use 1Q to conduct market research for them are looking for feedback from specific groups so some people will be sent more than others.

These companies are only looking for a certain number of answers as well which is why you're probably going to want to answer as soon as you get a notification.

My 1Q earnings average at $1/week so we're definitely not talking about replacing your full-time income here, but to be fair to 1Q they never promoted themselves like that.

1q app reviews

What I Like About 1Q

  • They send text notifications when new questions come in
  • Multiple-choice polls are a quick and easy way to earn $0.25
  • They pay you instantly
  • No minimum cash out threshold

What I Don't Like So Much

  • Not so many surveys available
  • Limited earning potential

Is 1Q A Scam Or Is 1Q Legit?

1Q is definitely NOT a scam; they're free to join, its easy to earn a bit of extra pocket money and they do payout.

If you're looking to make a few extra dollars over the course of a year then this app gives you an easy way to do that. If you're looking for more substantial earnings then this won't cut it for you.

I've reviewed a lot of these make money online apps and one thing they all have in common is they all have a very limited earning potential. $25 a year is better than nothing but to make a big difference to your bank balance you're going to need to download hundreds of apps like this and that's going to be time-consuming…

Want my advice?

Instead of spending hours filling out surveys, you'd be better off investing that time to build an online business for yourself that will generate a real income month after month.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to create this blog post about 1Q. I just recently found out about this app and was eager to see if it was legit. I’m happy to say that 1Q is 100% legit. I had gotten a question and answered and straight away money was sent to my Paypal account. However the only downside that I found was that you have to answer quickly or the question expires. I didn’t know that and missed that little bit of money. Nonetheless, this is a decent app if you want to find a quarter every now and again.


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