Your Dream Websites Review 2022: A Nightmare Of A Scam!


Hi, and welcome to my Your Dream Websites review! If you're here to find out if Your Dream Websites is a scam or a legitimate online income opportunity then you've come to the right place!

One thing's for sure, Jake makes a lot of promises in the video. He says:

“I'm going to turn your system on by clicking my mouse a few times. Believe it or not, it's as easy as that for me to start making you money!”

But what about the so-called ‘live proof'? Is it really possible to make £135 in 5 minutes or $1,000 a day with all the work done for you?

Do Jake's promises hold up or is he a total blagger ready to tell you anything to convince you to hand over your cash?

Let's find out!

Your Dream Websites Review At A Glance

About: Your Dream Websites is a low-quality sales funnel claiming to help you make $1,000 a day online quickly and easily with minimal effort.

Price: $37.

Pros: Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Cons: The website is not secure, the owner is elusive, rehashed scam, cookie-cutter and done-for-you sites don't work.

Verdict: No one makes money with this (their words not mine!) and there are a ton of red flags. Your Dream Websites is a nightmare of a scam you'll want to avoid at all costs.


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Calling this program ‘free' before charging $37 is just one of the many contradictions you'll find here.

They use outright deception to market their product as a “fast and easy way to make $1,000 a day” while their very own disclaimer says nobody makes money with this program.

Get involved in this scam and rather than being a dream solution, you'll find out it's nothing but a nightmare you wish you'd have stayed away from. 

What Is Your Dream Websites?

Land on the Your Dream Websites sales page and the first thing you'll see is a big banner across the top of the screen that reads:

“Copy my free weird trick to make $1,000.00 starting today!”

Under that you'll see this video:

If we're to believe every word of this video, ‘Jake' wants to partner with you to give you his done-for-you system that'll make your financial dreams come true.

He claims he's made $4 million in the past 4 years with a secret little trick he now wants to share with you. 

Jakes says pay $37 and you'll be able to clear your debt, quit your job and achieve true financial freedom.

He promises to do all of the work for you; his websites make all the money, so just create your account and Jake will take care of the rest.

All you have to do is check your account stats a few times a week to make sure your money is coming in.

At the beginning of the video, Jake creates a ‘live' account (it's a YouTube video so obviously it's not live!) and shows you the balance at zero:

what is dream websites review

5 minutes in and Jake goes back to the account again, this time to show you how much you've made with his system already on autopilot:

your dream websites scam fake

This isn't ‘proof' at all! It's just a cheap marketing trick designed to make you think you're actually going to get something back for your money.

Think about it this way: if Jake's got this automatic money generating system that can generate $1,000's a day then why is he selling it to you for $37?

He expects us to believe the reason he's asking you to pay $37 is not that he needs it, but because he wants you to ‘show you are serious.' 

Yeah right…

Can You Make Money With Your Dream Websites?

No, you can not make money with Your Dream Websites because they give you no products to sell and no way of selling them. Instead, he gives you a cloned website you're supposed to use to promote Your Dream Websites.

First of all, a system that says you can make money by selling the system is nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

Secondly, the website you'll be given is exactly the same as the one given to 100's of other people who have been duped into paying for this system.

As there's nothing unique about your site, it has zero chance of ranking on Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines and getting traffic. In fact, search engines will likely mark your site as having ‘duplicated content' and blacklist your site as spam. 

You won't make a penny with this so-called copy and paste money making system, but you don't have to take my word for it. Check out the disclaimer found at the bottom of the Your Dream Websites website:

The Easy Internet Plan?? Oops!

Not only do they come out and tell you straight that you're not going to make any money (?!!), we also see that whoever put this site together forgot to update the program name from “The Easy Internet Plan” to “Your Dream Websites”.

Schoolboy error!

I'm about to show you that Your Dream Websites is just the latest of many scams to come from this guy – trust me, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

What I Like About Your Dream Websites

1. There's a 60 day money back guarantee

As this product is sold through ClickBetter you are automatically covered by their 60-day no-questions-asked refund policy.

2. Their Check Out Button Isn't Working

Whether this is a temporary glitch or a sign this site's not going to be around much longer (sites like this never are), try to click on the Buy Now button and you get an error message.

This is brilliant news because it means hundreds of people aren't going to lose $37 to this guy, no matter how hard they try to hand it over.

It's like someone getting ready to burn a pile of their own dollar bills but can't quite light the match.

Is Your Dream Websites A Scam?

100% yes, Your Dream Websites is a scam. The testimonials are fake, the website is not secure, we have no idea who the owner is and this is just the latest in a long line of scams.

Clearly, the reality doesn't match the hyped-up income promises and bare-faced lies…

Their very own disclaimer says nobody makes money with this program!

There's no real business model here – any ‘system' where the only way to make money is by selling the same ‘system' to others is nothing more than an illegal pyramid scheme and should definitely be avoided.

5 Signs Your Dream Websites Is Nothing But A Nightmare Of A Scam

1. Is NOT Secure

Head on over to the websites and instead of seeing the usual safe padlock sign, you'll see this warning message:

You'd think someone making websites for a living would make sure his websites were secure, right? Not this guy.

The site is not encrypted which means you're at risk. Any passwords, email addresses or credit card information your enter on the site could be accessed by online hackers. 

2. We Have No Idea Who ‘Jake' Actually Is

When someone professes to be able to make you $1,000's a day but chooses to hide behind a cloak of anonymity, loud sirens should go off in your head.

The truth is we have no idea who is behind Your Dream Websites. Sure, Jake can make all the empty promises he wants, but when it doesn't work out there's no way of contacting him.

3. This Is A Scam We've Seen Too Many Times Before…

Most people don't realise that internet scammers like Jake don't just run one website, they run a whole franchise of scams at the same time. 

There is nothing new about Your Dream Websites. 

If you've seen the promo video you'll see success stories from members who claim to have made $1,000's in just a few days after buying the system.

The creator of Your Dream Websites is the same guy behind scams like Massive Internet Profits, The Easy Internet Plan and Profit With Our Sites. 

How do I know?

Watch the promo video and you'll notice none of them ever mention Your Dream Websites by name, not even once. This is because these people are nothing more than paid actors hired to say whatever this scammer wants them to say.

Do a quick search on for ‘video spokesperson' and you'll see a whole load of people willing to read any script you give them for $5.

your dream websites is a scam
Spot the difference?

I'll show you something else too:

Click on the YouTube logo on the bottom right of the embedded video of the site and it'll take you to the original video uploaded to YouTube.

It's been uploaded to a channel called Profit With Our Sites – yet another scam in this scam franchise.

As I've mentioned, Jake says you're going to make easy money with his system because he's going to give you a done-for-you website.

But cloned or ‘cookie cutter' websites are completely worthless. 

where to buy turnkey websites cheap

All you get is a single-page website crammed with duplicate content and no reason for Google to ever rank them. No Google rankings mean nobody will visit your site and you'll never make any money.

And yet scams like Passive Profit Pages, Bulletproof Profits and Mobile Site Sniper try sell you on the idea these copy cuter websites are the answer to your money-making prayers. Don't fall for it.

5. Done-For-You Isn't Always Good For You

Whenever someone tries selling you on the idea of buying a done-for-you system, be extremely cautious. While you could think it's easier to make money in the short term, you're setting yourself up for inevitable failure.

By putting your future source of income into someone else's hands you're putting everything at risk if it shuts down (which sites like this do often).

As you don't actually own anything and can only earn commissions by selling Your Dream Websites to others when the site disappears you're left high and dry

This is not the way to secure your financial future!

The only exception is when you're outsourcing the building of a completely unique affiliate website. Human Proof Designs is a great example of affiliate outsourcing done the right way.


Because the websites you buy from their teams of writers and website developers come with 100% unique content meaning they'll be ranking in Google and generating free and organic traffic.

A Better Way To Build An Income Online

If you're looking for a legitimate way to make money online then the best advice I can give you is to forget about get-rich-quick schemes that are full of promises but never get results.

In 2014 I decided to build a real online income for myself through affiliate marketing. Fast forward to today and I'm making more than $7,000 per month.

I do this by creating websites around topics that I'm interested in and getting them ranked at the top of Google search results so I get a stable, daily flow of free and targeted website visitors.

This means I never need to pay for advertising and I don't need to sell anything or recruit anyone ever!

There's no upfront investment needed either. My total monthly expenses are less than $30 a month and that includes my training, website domains and hosting, everything.

The best part?

The step-by-step training platform where I got my start has a free beginner's course so you can see how it all works without paying a penny.

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What's Your Your Dream Websites Review?

Got any questions at all about starting to earn online?

Scroll down and ask away and I'll do my best to answer 🙂

12 thoughts on “Your Dream Websites Review 2022: A Nightmare Of A Scam!”

  1. Please tell me is their an online company on the internet that makes people multimillionares? If there is an online company that makes people millions, please tell me what website too go to!?

    • Not companies exactly Lee, though there are online income generating methods like affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, freelancing, local SEO and so on that you can build a very profitable online income stream from. Which one you choose will depend on what your skills are and how much time you’re willing to put in. Check out my top picks for the best courses I’ve come across so far.

  2. I am so incredulous at times how some people in the world can be so selfish and heartless that they would knowingly, willingly deceive people into giving them money and continue to rob others, time & time again.

    How do these people sleep at night?!!

    I’m with Wealthy Affiliate now and thankfully I’ve received nothing but aid and great vibes from everyone there the whole time I’ve been with them, which is over a year now.

    Thank God there’s at least ONE site that’s legit!

    • The honest answer is I just think they don’t care. To us it’s deception and manipulation, to them it’s just ‘good marketing’. That’s my best guess.

      I’ve reviewed Wealthy Affiliate here on the blog (link to my full review) and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s one of the highest rated training platforms out there and in my opinion it’s the best training for beginners looking to get into affiliate marketing.

  3. Thank you very much Simon for your Dream Website review.

    I really can’t believe that people still fall for internet scams like this. Thanks for pointing out that this is just one of many internet scams that claim the exact same thing. There are ways to make money online but I have learned to  never trust anyone online who claims that you will make a ton of money without putting in a lot of work. There are good sites out there that can help you learn how to make money online but you will still have to put in the work.

  4. Good afternoon Simon,

    When I started reading Your Dream Websites review, I thought but only for a split second, what a nice title.

    Soon it became clear that the title might be nice but that is about it.

    Live proof with a YouTube video? How bad can it get, really ridiculous. To get a copy/paste website to then be blacklisted for duplicate content, I cannot believe people fall for this? 

    Anyhow, one more scam put in the limelight. Thank you for warning everybody for this  “dream” and saving us a big headache.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Thank you Taetske and you’re welcome. I guess after reviewing 100’s of so-called get-rich-quick programs it gets easier to spot the typical signs of a scam

      Unfortunately, people are still falling for scams like these, otherwise they wouldn’t be popping up all over the web on a daily basis. I guess some people desperately want the dream of easy, automatic cash to be true.

      As I always say here on the blog “Do the > live the life”, meaning yes you absolutely can make a very lucrative living online but you have to put in the work first. Nothing in life comes free and you only ever reach your goals by taking massive action to turn them into reality.

      All the best, and stay safe online!  

  5. Hi Simon:

    There are so many shysters promising to help a person make an income online. Thank you for the tips and tricks that they do to look out for. I agree $37.00 might not sound like a lot of money but fall for more then one scam and this number can quickly add up. 


  6. Hi Simon! Thank you very much for alerting us concerning “Your Dream Websites”. I like the contrast you point out when you say it really is a nightmare!

    I approve your statement that any platform that entices us to make money selling by selling the system is nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

  7. Hi,

    I came across this scam in my gmail inbox but I know now to stay away. Also, thank you for your tip on avoiding ‘cookie cutter’ websites, I hadn’t thought of these websites as bad but I understand now how they don’t help you get good Google rankings. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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