10 Hot Money Making Website Niche Ideas for 2017


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Last Update 25th March, 2017.

Looking for untapped niche markets for 2017?

Want to know what the best niche for blogging is?

To help you, I want to share ten HOT money-making website niche ideas I’ve discovered recently.

Choosing what to start a blog about is a question I get asked the most from people launching their online business.

And it should be. It’s important – it can make the difference betwenen making a lot of money or none at all.

What makes a hot niche HOT?

When I’m looking for niche website ideas I have 3 criteria:

1. Is it a popular niche?

You could be a pro money making blogger or an affiliate marketing expert, but take a wrong turn down a niche that’s not being searched for and that beautiful website of yours won’t get many visiotrs and you won’t make much money.

Google trends gives you a powerful insight into the top and rising trends

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