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Wealthy Affiliate for IndiaWealthy Affiliate for India – so what's the deal?

The purpose of this post is to address some of the many questions I've been getting from my Indian readers about Wealthy Affiliate for India.

You can get full details in my honest Wealthy Affiliate review here but please note there are some differences with accessing Wealthy Affiliate from within India.

What we'll cover in this post

  • How Wealthy Affiliate Can Help You Make Money Online
  • Wealthy Affiliate in India specifics
  • Why is Wealthy Affiliate restricted in some countries?
  • Your next steps

How Wealthy Affiliate Can Help You Make Money Online

Wealthy Affiliate is your all in one online business training centre. The training, knowledge and strategies are provided, the website building tools and keyword tools are provides and best of all, you are a member of a helpful and friendly community of expert affiliate marketers.

Let's take a look at the training, tools and community support in detail:

1. Top affiliate marketing training

The Online Certification Course has 5 levels and each level has 10 lessons. The training includes detailed training tutorials and walkthrough videos that will show you how to start making money online.

wealthy affiliate process for making money online

You will learn everything from how to start your own website even if you have never done it before, how to use social media to promote your website and how to get your website onto the first page of Google.

Most importantly, you will learn how to write reviews and helpful articles that will help your readers make a decision about what to buy.

Your website can be based on any topic of your choice and you can send your readers to Amazon using a unique link used to track your sales and stats. When someone you send to Amazon buys something you will earn a commission.

how to start a home business with no moneyI'm using Amazon as an example here because they have a wide range of products available, but there are 100's of different affiliate programs to choose from.

Companies like Nike, Adidas, Apple, Samsung, AirAsia… you can promote any of these and earn money with a website. This is the best way to make money online and you can reach a worldwide audience through the internet.

The training will guide you through the making money online process from beginning to end.

Here's a quick video explaining how you can promote any products. It's best to start each website on one particular topic:

2. Easy and fast website builder tools

how to build a free website for dummies 6Wealthy Affiliate don't just train you, they give the tools to do it as well. They have the easy to use SiteRubix web building platform which is connected to WordPress.

You can build a beautiful, professional looking website in just a few minutes. There are over 2,000 WordPress themes to choose from.

In addition, you have website monitoring software included so you can see when your website is ranked in Google, you can receive comments and feedback on your websites there is an expert technical support team available 24 hours a day.

As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member you can host up to 50 websites on their fast hosting servers and they backup your site daily.

3. An amazing online community of expert entrepreneurs

what is the wealthy affiliate online communityWealthy Affiliate has members from all over the world from every continent.

Some are beginners to affiliate marketing and some are experts and successful businessmen who have already been members since Wealthy Affiliate launched in 2005.

There are live chat areas and comment areas within each course so you can ask questions anytime if you're not sure about anything.

I believe that with this support, advice and help you can be successful online.

Wealthy Affiliate in India specifics

In most countries Wealthy Affiliate over 2 levels of membership: the Starter membership and the Premium membership (See what the differences are here)

Unfortunately the Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership option is not available in:

  • India
  • Philippines
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan

Within the country of India you can still join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member and get full and instant access to everything inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium is $49 per month (approx. ₹3000) if you pay every month. You have the option to reduce this through the yearly Wealthy Affiliate discount.

Premium is $359 per year (approx. ₹23000)if you choose to pay yearly – that's a 36% saving!

Why is Wealthy Affiliate restricted in some countries?

Wealthy Affiliate is a scam-free, spam-free zone. It's a safe space where members can help each other, learn together and push each other to greater levels of success.

Unfortunately, the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, saw high levels of fraud and spamming from India, Pakistan, Nigeria and the Philippines.

They had no choice but to exclude these countries from the free Starter membership in order to protect the very special community inside Wealthy Affiliate.

India has over 1 billion people, with lots of them looking for a real way to make money online so I hope this will change soon!

Your next steps

I understand it is frustrating to not be able to try Wealthy Affiliate with the free Starter membership, but I hope I have given you enough information to be able to make a good decision to join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member.

Wealthy Affiliate is for real, what they teach gets results and you can be a successful online business owner if you sign up today and start the training.

When you join I will come and say “hi!” on your profile and introduce myself because I want to personally help you to build profitable websites.

I encourage you to get access to Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member now to get full access to the tools, support and training – everything you need to be successful at this.

To your online success!

Wealthy Affiliate for India sign up

Do you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate for India or in general?

Please leave your comments below and I will try to get back to you within 24 hours. I am more than happy to help you in anyway I can 🙂


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