Is Wikaniko A Scam Or A Legitimate Business Opportunity? [Full Review]

Wikaniko Review Is Wikaniko A Scam

Hi and welcome to my Wikaniko review!

Chances are, you’ve been approached by someone in Wikaniko telling you that you can live a healthy lifestyle while making good money at the same time.

So, is Wikaniko a scam?

Let me tell you upfront, it’s NOT a scam. Wikaniko is a legitimate Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business selling eco-friendly products.

Since it’s a legit business, should you sign up and give it a shot?

In this Wikaniko review, we’ll take a closer look at the pros and cons to help you decide if becoming a Wikaniko distributor is right for you.

And just so you know, I’m not affiliated with Wikaniko. I’m just an honest guy on the outside looking in, doing my best to give you truthful and unbiased information on the best ways to make money online when you need it.

Wikaniko Review At A Glance

About: Wikaniko is an MLM selling eco-friendly products from herbal teas to cooking untensils.

Price: One-time fee of £24.95 and monthly website fee of £4.95.

Pros: Has lots of products, affordably priced.

Cons: Low success rate.

Verdict: Wikaniko is legit but MLMs are not for everyone; if you don’t have good face-to-face selling and recruiting skills then you could end up spending more money than you make.

What Is Wikaniko?

Wikaniko (as in “We Can Eco“) was launched in 2008 by husband and wife team, Trevor and Karen Blake who wanted to make green, eco-friendly products available at normal everyday prices and help protect the planet.

They’ve got a wide range too, available exclusively in the UK with free delivery to your door.

Their products include:

  • herbal teas
  • men’s shampoos, soaps and deodorants
  • sunscreens
  • multivitamins and supplements
  • scented candles
  • pet care supplies
  • gardening supplies
  • skincare and makeup
  • cooking utensils
  • … too many to name them all!

I’d recommend you check out and browse the shopping section.

what is wikaniko review

Trevor and Ken Blake saw a gap in the market for eco-friendly products at reasonable prices, so they stepped in and built a network marketing company that allows others to get in on the action.

Here’s a quick video from a happy customer giving a quick run-through of her favourite Wikaniko products:

I’m certainly no eco-warrior, but I’d like to think I’m doing my bit for the planet and the idea of buying greener products that are more family and environmentally friendly really appeals.

You don’t need to be a genius to know there are hundreds of harmful chemicals in most kitchen and bathroom cleaners, all of which you’re spreading around the house and breathing in.

I think most people with young children and pets would love to start using greener products around the home but the higher prices usually put people off.

wikaniko - the eco friendly mlm

After browsing Wikaniko it’s clear that their products are not only safer and greener, but they’re also cheaper than what you’d find on the supermarket shelves. Perfect!

What Is The Wikaniko Opportunity?

Wikaniko’s mission statement is:

“To help anyone regardless of their finances, circumstances, education or background to create a secure financial future for themselves and the people they care for.

We will accomplish this by rewarding people to help protect the planet that we live on and to make the world a better place to live.”

So let’s get into the nitty-gritty! Can you really make money with this thing?

Wikaniko is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company and from everything I’ve seen, the owners have really tried to empower distributors to create a business for themselves by giving them access to a wide-ranging, reasonably-priced product line, low start-up costs and an easy-to-understand compensation plan.

MLMs like Pink Zebra charge up to £200 for a starter pack but with Wikaniko you only pay a small one-time fee of £24.95 to get your website set up for you along with your online store, get access to the member’s forums and training courses.

There’s a monthly website fee of £4.95 which some people might not like, but I think this is well-priced to cover your website domain registration and hosting as well as pricing/product updates.

The distributor support looks pretty good too.

The Wikaniko website says:

“When you have registered as a distributor, you can even avail yourself of a one on one Skype or phone session with the owners of the business to find out how to get the best from Wikaniko!

They have made a fortune from network marketing, and they are willing to share their tips and ideas with you.”

I really like the fact they give you training and support. With most MLMs, the amount of help you get is entirely dependent on the kind of person who sponsored you into the company which explains why 98% of all network marketers fail.

This video gives you a brief overview of the Wikaniko business opportunity:

2 Ways To Make Money With Wikaniko

1. Direct Sales

Whether you sell Wikaniko products face to face, through your website or through auction sites like eBay and Amazon, once someone buys a product you order it at wholesale price and sell it on.

The difference between wholesale and the recommended retail price is around 20% so that would be your profit margin.

The only downside to this is you’re going to have to organise packaging and shipping yourself and 20% isn’t that great with most direct marketing companies giving a 30%-50% commission rate.

On the plus side, because they have so many product lines to choose from, you could either promote them all or narrow down and find a niche for yourself.

Crazy about aloe vera? Just promote the aloe vera range.

Into make-up? Host make-up parties and stream Facebook live videos demonstrating the organic make-up and skincare range.

Want to start a website giving advice on everyday household cleaning? Use it to promote Wikaniko’s Astonish range.

As an independent distributor, it’s up to you how you want to generate sales, so get creative and think a little outside the box to get yourself more exposure : )

2. Recruiting Others Into The Business

is wikaniko a pyramid scheme

You can also earn commissions from sales the people you’ve recruited generate (up to 8 levels down).

This is known as the Group Volume Commission (GVC).

Wikaniko has a level-based commission structure with qualifying sales and recruitment criteria for each level, starting with the Distributor level and going all the way up to National Team Leader.

wikaniko compensation plan

To view the full Wikaniko commission plan click here (PDF).

The higher your level, the higher the percentage you earn and all you have to do to qualify for GVC is buy a minimum of £48’s worth of products per month.

Is Wikaniko A Scam?

The truth is most MLMs (also known as product-based pyramid schemes) are scams. They use underhanded tactics and exaggerated claims to sign you up but that’s not what I see here.

Yes, Wikaniko’s commission structure rewards you for recruiting others, but it’s clear their emphasis is on the great priced products which is why Wikaniko is the first multi-level-marketing company I’ve ever recommended.

What stands out to me is the fact the owners have set Wikaniko up in such a way to make it as easy as possible for a beginner to become successful within this business.

The training, the vast array of items available, the low start-up costs, the simple compensation plan all add up to make Wikaniko a legit home business opportunity.

This doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed success, no one can promise you that. You’ll still need to be good at sales, marketing and recruitment to make any decent money from this, but with Wikaniko I believe you’ll be building on a strong foundation.

“Wikaniko gets my highest mark of 9 out of 10. (In 14 years of reviewing business opportunities, 9 out of 10 is rare. I’ve never rated anything at 10 out of 10 because that would mean it’s a dead cert and there is no such thing as a dead cert in business.)”

– Business Opportunity Watch

What I Like About Wikaniko

  • Low start-up costs
  • Great products at reasonable prices
  • A simple and easy-to-understand compensation plan
  • Good support
  • Distributor training provided
  • Taking care of the planet has the feel-good factor

What I Don’t Like So Much…

  • You have to buy the products upfront and hope you can sell them at the recommended price
  • You have to deal with the packing and shipping yourself
  • Limited to the UK market only

Should You Become A Wikaniko Distributor?

Ultimately this is only a decision you can make but I hope this Wikaniko review looking at all the pros and cons has helped make that decision a little easier.

Personally, I don’t like face to face selling and I definitely don’t want to be pestering my friends and family trying to get them to join my team which is why if I were a Wikaniko distributor I would go down the online route.

When you sign up you’re given your own website you can share on social media to help drive sales and get new recruits. The only problem is everyone’s website is identical so there’s no reason for Google to bring up your website in search results.

In the digital age, using the internet to widen your reach is a very smart move because even with the best products there’s only so many cleaning supplies and organic tea boxes you can sell to your close circle of friends.

Parties only work if you have a network of friends with money in their pockets. Network marketing only works if your friends are interested in joining business opportunities.

So why not get your website working for you and generating orders and leads for you around the clock?

Sites like can teach you can learn how to market your business online and get tons of people to your site and adding items to their cart.

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work process

Internet marketing is my speciality, I’ve been running several successful online businesses for the last 5 years now and helped 100s of beginners do the same.

Check out my full Wealthy Affiliate review to find out more.

What’s Your Take?

Have any experience with Wikaniko? We’d love to hear about it!

Do you have any questions about Wikaniko I haven’t answered here?

Be sure to leave your comments below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out!

5 thoughts on “Is Wikaniko A Scam Or A Legitimate Business Opportunity? [Full Review]”

  1. I’m not sure about Wikaniko but Trevor and Karen Blake have another website in which they claim to be helping people increase their income absolutely free of charge. Well, I invested with Trevor Blake and I put all of my life savings into the investment, and few months later all of my money just disappeared from the account. These people are not trustworthy and make their money by making you lose your money. I have taken legal action against them and hopefully I will be able to recover at least a portion of what I had lost and I had to learn the hard way that nothing in life comes for free or cheap and people who claim to be helping others with their finances, just see us ordinary people as a means to increase their own fortune. in any case, I’d stay away from this pyramid type of business

  2. Hi Simon,

    I have stood at the door of Wikaniko many times and the only reasons I have not become a Distributor are:

    (1) Normally like to liaise with, but most importantly I do not want to use Paypal. I can pay cheque, cash via a post office, credit card by phone, so payment up front but alas not Paypal – yes bank standing order for the monthly dues – just don’t like Paypal.

    I still want to join Paypal keenly and respect Trevor, Karen and family – one of the reasons for wanting to join them.

  3. I appreciate your honest review of Wikaniko. Personally, I have nothing against MLM as I’ve tried this with different companies before. Wikaniko is just like the other MLM companies I signed up with that promises success for as long as you work hard to sell their products and recruit “down lines.”

    But is this something I would recommend? No! Simply because I did not succeed. I cannot recommend something that did not work for me. After trying with 2-3 companies, I decided MLM is not for me.

    But I know some people who are making money selling health and beauty products as well as recruiting others to join her team.

    • Hi Alice, thanks for sharing your experience. I think it’s something you can be sucessful with but you have to be good at selling and good at recruiting. The stats don’t lie and the fact 98% of people fail in network marketing means you’ve a 2% chance at being successful. Not great odds for sure!

      But as you say, some people do succeed and I think that’s great. One thing I would say is if I were going into MLM marketing (which I’m not) then WIkankio would be at the top of my list of companies to join.


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