Is Instant Income At Home A Scam?


Instant Income At Home has a wonderful story to explain how it came to be.

It was created by a lady who goes by the name Anne Williams who was lucky enough to be in a meeting with Mark Zuckerburg and Bill Gates.

I kid you not!

She claims she heard them talking one day about a loophole in social media and now she's sharing their secrets with you so you can earn $200,000 in a year. (You just have to pay $37 first!)

If you think this sounds too good to be true, you're right.

Is Instant Income At Home a scam? Yes it is. There's no magical automated system that's going to make you money around the clock and in this review I'll be telling you everything you need to know so you can avoid this scam and start making real money online without the hype and gimmicks.

Let's get to it…

Instant Income At Home review

The Instant Income At Home ‘system' is a poorly made website with a couple of embedded YouTube videos that are designed purely to get you to hand over your contact information and hard-earned cash.

The person narrating these videos is supposedly Anne Williams though I think this is a made up name. She promises you a system that will make you $50 to $100 a day on the internet “doing every day things you already do like posting, sharing and liking on social media websites.

Thanks to her meeting with Mark Zuckerburg and Bill Gates (I can't even keep a straight face typing this!) she was “let in” on this secret and ran out of the meeting room to set up this automated system that pours money into your bank account.

Clearance level one

To give you the impression what she's telling you is top-secret, the site has two clearance levels. Clearance level one is what you see when you go to the front page of – just a sales video from YouTube, an email entry form and a disclaimer.

The video is so outlandish and ridiculous I don't know where to start. It has no substance whatsoever – just lots of empty promises of fast and easy money with no real how-to of how you'll be making this money or how the system instant income at home a scam-2

At the end of the first video Anne Williams promises you $500 if you enter your email and go to “Clearance level 2”. I already know this is a scam at this point but I'm going to play just to show you what a farce this it.

Clearance level two

After inputting your email you're taken to another page with the second video promising you access to the ultra secret, social media-busting Instant Income At Home system.

If I hoped this video would skip the bull crap and get to the point I was disappointed…

In an attempt at a not-so sophisticated psychological trick, Anne encourages you to start saying “Yes!” to things (including handing over your hard-earned wages)

There's a cheesy countdown going from ten to zero. You're told you can earn $3,000 this week, $7,000 the next and $200,000 by the end of your first year.

Just to show how “insanely powerful” the Instant Income At Home system is, you're told you've earned $247 in the time you've sat and watched the video.

instant income at home review

What Anne Williams is trying to sell you

Hit the sales button under the video and finally we're getting somewhere. Now you're asked to pay $37 to get access to a post linking scam.

You're told if you share her links on sites like Facebook and Twitter that you'll earn $10-$20 per referral. Now she's got your contact and financial information she wants you to help her get other people's too.

Do not fall for this common internet scam.

what is instant income at home

Is Instant Income At Home a scam? Yes, here's why:

Easy money at the click of a button

An hour a week. Click the button once to activate the automated system and watch the money pour into your bank account.

Any site that tells you you can earn money by doing nothing is lying to you. Simple as that. This is a common scamming tactic aimed at manipulating your emotions and getting you to buy in.

Fake scarcity tactics

You're told there's only 100 places and it's first come first served. Giving a false impression of scarcity is something scam sites like this one do often.

It's intended to evoke a sense of panic so you give her your credit card details quickly without thinking too much about it.

There's no $500

What happened to the $500 she promises you in the first video? No one, nowhere has ever seen the $500 you're promised.

In case you haven't realised already – nothing on the website can be trusted.

$37 is just the start of it

As I say the $37 access fee is just the beginning, from there you will be forced through many up sells & you could see yourself parting with hundreds of dollars before you even gain access to the system…

Just like the Automated Daily Income scam I recently reviewed, one you hand over the $37 you're going to get cold calls and spam emails pushing you to pay $10,000's for a massive pyramid scheme scam called MOBE.

I'm begging you – do not go down this road! Hundreds of people have gone bankrupt as a result of buying into MOBE at the progressively more expensive levels. The only way you can even attempt getting some of your money back is by conning others into the same scam.

It's all in the disclaimers

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see this insightful disclaimer:

“The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system. The Easy Internet Plan does not guarantee income or success, and examples shown in this presentation do not represent an indication of future success or earnings. The company declares the information shared is true and accurate.”

At least their disclaimer is honest – you'll not make a penny with this system!

What's interesting though is it refers to ‘The Easy Internet Plan' and not Instant Income At Home…

A common scamming ploy when a site starts getting too many complaints is to shut it down then copy and paste everything over to a new site to allow the scam to continue.

This is yet another massive red flag and another reason you should stay well away.

Here's a real way to make money online

Let me tell you something: you don't have to fall for internet scams like these. They're hyped-up, worthless scams that take your time and your money.

People desperate to make easy money online fast will bounce from scam to scam because the truth is there is no automatic, push-button system that will spit out profits for you around the clock.

As a successful online entrepreneur myself currently earning at a minimum of $6,000 per month online I can tell you it is possible to be successful through the internet. What scammers won't tell you is it takes time and effort to get there.

If you're serious about building an online income, you're ready to invest into the right training and to put the work in to make it happen check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here to find out more about the free beginner's training that will get you started on the right track.

Thanks so much for reading this Instant Income At Home review. 🙂

If you've ever been involved in this scam or others like it, go ahead and share your feedback with us in the comments. If you have any questions at all, ask away and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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