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  1. Hi Simon, thank you so much for nr 2 invincible series! I was looking for some information about affiliate marketing and I found your website. On one of them I read that you don’t recommend ministry of freedom. I watched Jon Armstrong talking for 2 hours and do you think it is a scam? I am very interested about the invincible marketer so I am trying to choose the best option for me ???? thanks

    • Hi Paulina,

      I’m glad you’re enjoying and getting a lot out of this series! ????

      Jono Armstrong is an interesting character, he’s one of a bunch of guys (including Brendan Mace, Jamie Lewis and others) who are constantly coming out with “revolutionary, never-before-seen” type stuff over at WarriorPlus. Right now he’s running Facebook ads for Ministry Of Freedom but next week it’ll be something else.

      We’ve reviewed a fair few of his products to date and some are better than others…

      The Secret Weapon
      The Lost Code
      The Lockdown Formula
      Ministry Of Freedom

      Go through the comments of those reviews and you’ll see he doesn’t treat people well at all; either he ignores their questions or guilt trips them when they dare ask for a refund.

      After going through several of his courses, I just feel like you’ll be given only part of the puzzle and be told to buy this upsell and that to get the complete information.

      There are way better affiliate marketing courses out there. Way better. Courses like Wealthy Affiliate and Commission Academy, but Invincible Marketer is the best option because it’s going to take you through everything you need to know in an easy to follow, engaging and practical way and Aaron does a brilliant job of laying it all out for you.

      Get the full info in the Invincible Marketer review here

      I hope this helps and I’ll see you on day 3! ????

  2. Hello, Simon! I enjoy your Invincible series and eagerly watch your videos. I am not looking for an easy way to make a lot of money just overnight, no. But what I learned during the last 1,5 years after I started to make a business online, I found out, that a solid and effective long time business starts from your website, used as a blog, with a lot of helpful information for those who will be interested in it attracted by your niche idea. I was told that I should prepare 40-50 articles, not less than 1250-1500 words each, full with the original up to 95% content for Google and other browsers ranking. Such information is able to attract many of those, who are eager to know about the niche products that I decided to promote as an affiliate. After that, I am supposed to work on generating traffic from different sources, free and paid. And finally, all together they should bring the audience, trusting me and starting to buy, using my affiliate links, which I include in the description of my recommended items on my website. I am so much eager to listen to all of your classes. Is it something wrong with what I wrote? I am also one of those, who are so nicely described by the last guy, Jason, with the difference, that I lived already more than 2/3 of my life as I am 70 already. And I would very much like to live a better life and help my family to feel good.
    Thank you!

    • That’s absolutely right Victor and it sounds like you have the right idea. That’s exactly what I do and what Invincible Marketer which walk you through.

      With every piece of content (blog post or video) you’re targeting a specific keyword so you show up in Google and YouTube search results. This is SEO, ultimately. I would say 50 posts is a good starting point but you should pick a niche or topic broad enough that you never run out of things to talk about. These could be answers to people’s questions, reviews or how-to type posts. And yes, I’d say a 1500 word minimum is good. In the Invincible Marketer, Aaron refers to your website as your ‘hub’.

      My recommendation is to start with free traffic (SEO). It does take time but you’re learning your skills… learning how to write with intent, how to get into the habit of writing, keyword research, giving effective calls to actions and so on before venturing into paid ads.

      Are you saying you’ve created your website and added content but are not yet seeing the traffic and sales come in? Are your posts ranking at all? Are they unique?

      Let me know! 🙂

  3. Hi Simon,
    To be perfectly honest, given the previous experiences I have had with trying to establish a profitable business on line and wasting thousands of dollars in the process, my anxiety levels and defence mechanisms were peaked, to say the least, when I stumbled across your first video. I was left curious by the end of that video and decided I would continue to watch your second video to see if there was any further value that I could reconcile with. So far I am maintaining an interest with the content you are sharing. I am still questioning in my mind if this is too good to be true. I look forward to your remaining videos. I hope by the end of them to have the courage to take another leap of faith that will define and harness my future. I have lived two thirds of my life as a slave to the system. I genuinely want the freedom to live the last third of my life on my terms. To be able to help myself, my family, and others would be a priceless acheivement.

    • Hi Jason,

      I’m sorry you’ve gone through this but I know I and many others reading this will be able to completely relate. As I say in the video, it’s really NOT your fault – there are a small but skilled group of serial product creators out there who make a living hyping up half-baked, low-quality “courses” and programs that never give you the full picture.

      90% of them are absolute junk to be honest – you can see our full list of reviews here.

      I’m glad to say you don’t seem to have fallen for the “get-rich-quick” mindset that holds back so many and I would encourage you in that yes, there are a ton of bad courses out there that don’t work, but there are some brilliant courses like Invincible Marketer (my in-depth review) that will actually give you a full roadmap to follow. So don’t lose hope!

      If I can make this work then, absolutely, YOU can too! And I really mean that!

      I’m honoured to be part of your journey to financial freedom Jason and I will personally do all I can to get you started in the right direction. See you on day 3! ????????

  4. Thanks for that even if it seem as to be a little bit difficult. I understand the process but it is still in AV in my haed, even though I will like to know how to actually get traffic and convert it up to the level of $$$

  5. Hi Simon,
    thank you very much for sending me part 2. I think; you are doing very well to gain trust in your program. Now, I still have the Question! How to get Traffic!!!!

    • Glad to hear you ((finally)) got it Sam! Sorry, not sure what happened there! 😉

      Ah, traffic… the lifeblood of any online business! The truth is there are so many traffic sources out there but they’re basically split into 2 categories: free and paid.

      Free traffic is mainly search engine and social media traffic.

      Paid traffic is generating leads via ads you can run on the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Google Ads etc.

      Free traffic from search engines is my favourite all-time traffic source (see my video here) and I usually recommend newbies start off with free traffic sources to begin with because it’s obviously less risky and it’s a good way to hone your skills…

      Writing great headlines, compelling sales copy, tracking and tweaking your sales funnel to maximise conversions. These are all skills you’ll learn inside Invincible Marketer.

      Within the training, Aaron Chen also gives and 2 and a half hour Traffic Masterclass where he covers the whole range of potential traffic sources you can tap into and covers exactly how to measure conversion rates so you can take the guesswork out of your affiliate campaigns and know when it’s going to be profitable for you to get into paid ads and scale up.

      When I say Invincible Marketer covers everything you could possible need to know about running a successful and profitable affiliate business, I really do mean it! It’s the most comprehensive, in-depth course I have ever gone through and I know it’s going to get you to where you want to be.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  6. Affiliate marketing is a tough gig. I mean, if it were easy then everyone would do it! But the truth is that not all affiliates make big bucks. Most of them are just scraping by with enough income each month to pay for their Netflix subscriptions and maybe one really nice meal every once in a while. The reality might seem bleak at first but don’t worry because there is something that can be done about this problem: work hard and commit yourself fully or pursuing your dreams won’t happen. Nobody will help us live our lives except ourselves – so get out there now! Thanks for sharing this video! 🙂

    • Work hard and commit yourself for sure.. but I’ve also found following the right strategy helps! 😉 

      Loving the motivation Pitin, you got this!! 👍

  7. This is awesome! I absolutely love what you have been doing for affiliate marketers! 
    I loved the video and the way you communicate. Thanks for the training. You are incredible!!! 

    I am definitely going to follow you along the way as affiliate marketing is something I am learning to do. I hope to be / and I believe I will be successful one day. 

    • Hey Sunny! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it so far. Stick with me over the next couple of days as there’s a lot more to come!

      If I can do this, then absolutely you can be successful at this too! You just need the right know-how and support and a willingness to stick it out. 

      To your success! 🙂

  8. Hey Simon, this series is awesome. I’m in the learning-language niche and I felt included when you mentioned the learning Thai niche.

    I have seen this model, the “broke model”, in action. It’s as if they are desperate to make a sale. And the results are that people don’t buy in those circumstances.

    Yes changing the approach goes a long way. It’s kinda changing the mood to how we approach our leads. That’s the key. Thank you very much for this series. Very helpful!

    Now, you recommend the value series be delivered in a video format. But could the value series be written content? Are there fewer conversions when providing value to our leads through a series that is written? Or are there other risks in written content?

    • Hey Henry, glad you’re enjoying it and that’s a really cool niche to go into! My wife runs a website aimed at Thais looking to learn a second language and she does very well by following the exact model I layout in the video.

      The big idea is to add more value and be more helpful upfront. That way you build trust, credibility and rapport with your audience. You establish yourself as an authority on your chosen topic. 

      You could certainly achieve this through written content. Here on the blog, you’ll see I have a lot of super high value, helpful content that builds trust, though if you’re looking for the highest conversions, video wins hands-down every time. Your videos don’t have to long or complicated though, just start with 3-5 mins. Grab your phone and start talking. You can improve them over time. 


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