What Is Dollar Saw – A Scam Or Legit? [Dollar Saw Review]


what is dollar saw dollar saw reviewIf you sign up to DollarSaw.com they'll give you a $25 joining bonus and they say you can earn $10 just for getting someone to click your Dollar Saw referral link.

Sign up is free, they give a unique link that you can share all over Facebook and Twitter and you can watch you earnings pile up.

They say they've paid out over $90,000 to members today alone but what is Dollar Saw exactly?

Is Dollar Saw a scam to be avoided or the legit online opportunity you've been waiting for?

I'll cut to the chase: Dollar Saw is a scam and one I've seen many times before. Read this Dollar Saw review in full and I'll tell you exactly why…

What is Dollar Saw?

what is dollar saw scam or legit reviewDollarsSaw.com is a website that was launched in February 2017. We don't know who is behind it and there's no contact details to be found anywhere.

There's no legal terms and conditions, earnings disclosure or privacy policy – pages a legit website always has.

If you register (and I don't recommend you do) then you're taken to this screen here:

dollar saw reviewThis is where you find your unique link you're then supposed to use to spam your Twitter followers and Facebook friends with.

Let me quickly tell you why paying someone $10 every time they refer someone makes no sense:

Firstly, there's no way of this site making money simply by having no members. There's no advertising and no other revenue streams.

Secondly, if I wanted to promote any one of my websites I could create ads on Google for $0.10 a click or on Facebook for around $0.25 a click – it's simply not a viable option to pay someone $10 every time someone clicks on a link.

The only reason you'd say you're paying $10 a click is to lure in people looking for super fast and easy ways to make money online. Offer ridiculously high payouts for doing next to nothing and theyll always be people who fall for it.

And in case you're wondering, as you're sharing your link and recruiting your family and friends into this scam you will see your balance go up, but Dollar Saw will never pay anyone, even if they've reached the minimum $300 limit.

How do I know this?

Because the Dollar Saw scam is an exact replica of the Dollars Plug Scam, the Duty Screen Scam and many, many more.

Now let me tell you how this scammer really makes his money…

Dollar Saw: A scammer's dream come true

When people see Dollar Saw is free to join they immediately hand over their email address without giving it a second thought. It's free right so what do you have to lose? The answer is A LOT.

The reason Dollar Saw was created (and the dozen or more so other sites exactly like it) is to collect as many email addresses as possible.

When you sign up you also have to enter a password. This poses 3 potential risks:

1) Bucketloads of SPAM

As a result of giving them this information you open yourself up to receiving bucketloads of spam.

You'll find your email inboxed quickly starts receiving flods of emails telling you about ‘special offers for today only‘ and ‘the once in a lifetime money making opportunities‘.

2. Your email address will be sold to the highest bidder

The criminal mastermind behind this scam franchise will also make money by selling lists of 1,000 – 10,000 email addresses at a time to whoever will pay him the most.

Each website acts as a honey trap which attracts a nice and steady flow of fresh new email addresses daily. Dodgy internet marketers and scam artists alike will more than happyily pay a good price for a new list of contacts.

Once your email gets onto lists like these the spam is relentless and you may find yourself having to abondon your inbox altogether.

3) The potential of identity fraud

Spam is annoying for sure, but it's not dangerous. The thing you really have to worry about is the potential for scammers to access your email, PayPal, social media accounts and internet banking information.

When you sign up to Dollar Saw you're asked to input a password. The reality is most people only use 2-3 variants of the same password for everything.

Now your email address and password is in the hands of these scammers, you're potentially opening yourself up to all kinds of identity theft and fraud. .

If you've already signed up to Dollar Saw I'm not saying this is what will happen and I hope it doesn't, but at the same time it is a very real risk.

The worst part of this scam is how it gets you to do all the dirty work

With fake promises of getting paid, the owner of this site gets all of his marketing and promotion done for him. By promising you $10 a click, most people don't realise he'll never pay out until they try and withdraw funds for the first time.

Not only that but by spamming Facebook with these dodgy links you're actively recruiting your family and friends and putting them at risk.

I'm not the only one saying this either…

[alert-note]”Hundreds of users of these websites have complained that they are unable to cashout even though they have reached minimum payout threshold. 


They claimed that they are continuously asked to complete more surveys, which is a trick used by the scammers who own the website, to continue to have their victims generate revenue for them.  they will never share the money they have earned. 


These scammers will continue to use the same website under different website names. So, if you stumble upon a website looking like the one above, please do not register or take part in any activity on it.”

– OnlineThreatAlerts.com[/alert-note]

Is Dollar Saw a scam? You bet it is!

If you've found yourself on the Dollar Saw website my best guess is you're looking for ways to earn money legitimately online. It's clear by now this is not the best route to go down.

Dollar Saw only makes money for the scammer while you do a his dirty work and never see a dime.

If you've already signed up to Dollar Saw try not to kick yourself about it too much. We've all fallen for a scam or two at some point, I know I have. I know it's hard to discern what's a scam and what's legit especially when you're new to online business.

The most important thing is to learn from it, know the scam warning signs to lookout for so you can better protect yourself in the future. Yeah this is a scam but there are hundreds of ways to earn a real income online out there.

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If you have any questions, thoughts or comments, be sure to leave them below! 🙂

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