Last Update 12th November, 2016.

jaaxy-keyword-research-tool-reviewGetting the best keyword research tools is always a very smart move for you and your online business.

Good keyword research tools will push you ahead of your competition.

In a nutshell: keywords are what search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use to rank your website in search engine results.

Using the best keyword research tool is the foundation of search engine optimisation (SEO).

In this full Jaaxy keyword research tool review, you’ll learn why the Jaaxy keyword research tool is one of the best — if not THE BEST keyword research search tool in the industry.

Finding the ranking-boosting keywords transform mediocre blogs and websites into money making machines.

I’ve prepared a super detailed and extensive Jaaxy keyword research tool review that will show you everything you need to know about this amazing online keyword research tool.

In no time, you will figure out if Jaaxy is for you or not. Let’s get started.

the jaaxy keyword research tool review

The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

Price: Free; $19/mo; $47/mo
Training: Top notch
Support: Fast, kind and helpful
Overall Rating: Full starFull starFull starFull starFull star

Final Verdict: Great, recommended

The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Full Review: What You’ll Learn

In this review, I don’t just want to tell you what Jaaxy has to offer – I want to show you.

I’m going to guide you through the Jaaxy’s tools, features, pros, cons and pricing plan options (free option included).

I’ll give you an inside look of exactly how Jaaxy works, what Jaaxy is and how you can use it to bring your blog/website/ads/online business to the next level.

Finally, I’m going to offer you a FREE keyword search on Jaaxy so you can see how powerful it is. This way you don’t have to take my word for it – you’ll be able to test it out for yourself.

By the end of this full Jaaxy review, you should have all the info you need to make an informed decision on whether to go for Jaaxy or not; or, at least, give it a good try for FREE. (When I say “free” I mean… FREE!)

The Online World Of Business Opportunities

As of 2016 there are more than 3.2 billion active users online daily. The opportunities are endless and golden keywords limitless. There are tons of very profitable online business opportunities still yet to be discovered.

The scale of the potential of online business is unthinkable – it’s worldwide and growing.

Think about it: how many customers does a street corner flower shop in your neighbourhood get?

What if that flower shop was located in your city centre? What if that same shop was on the international world stage and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?

Welcome to the world of making money online!

Everyday tens of thousands more people get access to the world wide web. More and more, people make buying decisions and online shopping purchases online.

And the trend is only going one way – UP!

People love the convenience of shopping online; it’s quick, easy and probably cheaper.

Internet marketing is here to stay and for all the right reasons – the internet is a powerful tool. Internet markters have access to powerful stats about customer behaviour and search patterns.

With keyword research tools like Jaaxy, you can see exactly what people are searching for. This is an internet marketers dream! All we have to do then is give provide the supply for the demand, the answers to the questions, the answers to their problems.

For online entrepreneurs like you and me, a keyword research tool is like scanning for gold with an high-tech metal detector.

online business trends

Keyword Rush

Exciting times are for you if you’re an online business owner, if you know how to stay ahead of the game. This is where keyword research comes in.

The competition is fierce for high-traffic keywords with a low number of competing pages. Like you, thousands of other internet marketers are always on the lookout for the best ones. Golden keywords mean free, organic and super-targeted traffic.

Relevant Keyword => Relevant Content => SUCCESS ($$$)

Just as people digging for gold want to use the most sophisticated equipment, using the best keyword research tools give you a massive edge on your competition.

In the information age, knowledge is everything. Your keyword research tool could literally make the difference between your online business/blog/website flopping or thriving.

The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

Now you know just how using the right keyword research tool is to your online business and just how direct the correlation is between targeting the best low-hanging, low-competion, yet high-traffic keywords and how much money you make.

This is where the Jaaxy keyword research tool comes into it’s own. With all the valuable info at your fingertips, it’s just a matter of time before you start getting some serious search engine rankings and the profits that follow.

Welcome to the Jaaxy keyword research tool full review.

What Jaaxy Can Do For You

Jaaxy is an online keyword research tool that helps you find the best keyword search terms – fast. So whether you’re starting building a new niche website or looking for the next post to go viral, Jaaxy can help you.

Jaaxy works by collecting search data from the three major engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) and breaks it down for you in an easy, understandable way. You’ll be able to see instantly which keywords to target.

Unlike Google Keyword Planner, a tool designed specifically for AdWords advertisers, Jaaxy gives SEO marketers like you and me exactly the information we need to get our sites positioned on the front page of Google to ensure high click through rates.

(And before the comments come in, nope, Google Keyword Planner’s “Competition” column does not relate to the amount of competitor sites for a specific keyword. It’s data is extremely limited as it only displays the competition between Google AdWords advertisers for a particular keyword.)

I have a confession to make – I’m obsessed with keywords.

I have list after list of saved keyword lists I keep meaning to come back to. I mean to say, there are never going to be a shortage of great quality keywords out there.

Whatever your niche is, no matter how specific, sure enough you’ll find low-hanging keywords just ripe for picking.

We all know that successful bloggers must write for people, not for search engines (people buy, robots don’t…), but it won’t hurt if you pick the best keywords when you come up with your next blog post. Right?

That’s why I do keyword research every day.

What Jaaxy Won’t Do For You

If you think be clicking the ‘Find Keywords‘ button just once you’ll be handed all of the Jaaxy will hand you ready-made golden nugget keywords – you might want to think again.

No keyword tool will do that. Research is required. Which is probably a good thing…

Can you imagine if everyone with access to a keyword research tool were given the same ten keywords? All of a sudden these low-hanging keywords would be super saturated and out of reach.

Instead of delivering those keywords on a silver-plater, Jaaxy provides you with powerful tools that make the keyword search process much faster, accurate and even fun. Yes it can be addictive! 

All I can say is it’s a good job I can save my keyword lists.

Where Jaaxy Really Shines

Jaaxy is more than just a keyword research tool. Don’t get me wrong, it’s my highest recommended keyword research tool, but there’s a lot of other ways Jaaxy can help you with your online marketing efforts that most people have yet to tap into.

Including but not limited to:

  • Revealing unexploited high traffic website niches
  • Finding high traffic, low competition keywords that make it easy to get instant rankings
  • Showing you how competitive a keyword is
  • Giving information on exactly how much traffic you can expect if you choose a particular keyword and rank for it
  • Brainstorming new niche and keyword ideas – you’ll never struggle with next post ideas again.
  • Building to-do lists for your online business projects
  • Unveiling keyword metrics you can use to optimise your websites for SEO
  • Saving your keyword lists and organising them by topic
  • Helping you decide whether to go into a particular niche or not
  • Searching and buying new domain names and flipping them later
  • Knowing exactly what’s trending and what people are searching for right now
  • Implementing Google’s Instant Alphabet Soup technique automatically
  • Discovering profitable affiliate programs for your site and keywords
  • Showing your site and individual posts current rankings.

Just to name a few…

Some Pros of Jaaxy

The Jaaxy keyword research tool is one of a kind in the SEO keywords industry. It beats it’s rivals by some distance, whilst at the same time, being user-friendly and easy to use.

From my experience of using only Jaaxy across my sites, covering a variety of niches, here’s what I found:

  • It does what it says. It’s self-explanatory
  • It’s super easy to use with a modern interface
  • It’s lightning fast
  • You get super accurate, specific data
  • It’s highly relevant results give you what you’re looking for
  • Because it’s online, it’s PC and Mac friendly
  • It’s responsive meaning it’s mobile friendly so you carry out your keyword research on any mobile device or tablet on the go
  • There’s no software download or installation required
  • You get to 30 free searches so you can try it out for free. No credit card details needed (see Jaaxy’s various pricing options)
  • Updates are done on the back end. You’re always served with its latest stable version and you don’t have to wait for any version update/upgrade
  • Jaaxy uses various sources of information such Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines so you get the best, most up to date keyword data
  • Uses a hub of powerful servers on the backstage to calculate its results in seconds
  • Has good blog and video training available to help you maximise the keyword tool
  • Jaaxy comes with fast and reliable support
  • This tool is useful for all levels of affiliate marketers, bloggers, domain flippers and other online entrepreneurs

The Cons

Like all keyword research tools, Jaaxy has room for improvement. The thing I love about Jaaxy is that the team are always for new way to innovate and stay on top of the game.
Let’s see Jaaxy’s cons:

  • It’s impossible to select whether we’re targeting local or global searches (which can be useful for local marketing purposes)
  • There’s no option to choose the language used by the searcher. Living in Thailand, it would be good if I could research local Thai keywords
  • There are some features that you won’t use so much

Who is Jaaxy For?

Whether you’re a seasoned internet entrepreneur or a beginner, looking to start a blog or already have one; Jaaxy is ideal for anyone who can find value in find out out what people are searching for, what keywords are best to aim for and basically anyone who wants their website to rank highly in the search engines.

Here’s who will find value in the Jaaxy keyword research tool:

  • People looking to exploit a particular niche
  • Marketers looking to make money online through article or content marketing
  • Freelance writers
  • Professional bloggers looking to broaden their readership and blog exposure
  • Domain flippers
  • Site flippers
  • Online/Pay Per Click advertisers
  • YouTube video marketers
  • SEO companies
  • Local businesses
  • People who want to ‘spy’ on their competitors
  • Viral-news website owners looking for new trends to leverage
  • Internet marketers wanting to know how high their sites and posts are ranking
  • Local marketers
  • Email marketers wanting to find hot topics to address on their lists.

Who Created Jaaxy?

carson-kyleJaaxy was created by Kyle and Carson, the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

As usual, they used their ten plus years’ experience in the affiliate marketing industry to create a powerful, easy to use and quality driven keyword research tool after noticing a gap in the market.

It goes without saying that Jaaxy is the only keyword research tool they use and recommend to drive free organic traffic to their blogs and websites.

They wouldn’t put their name and reputations on the line for a tool if there knew it didn’t work, right?

How Good Is Jaaxy’s Support And Training?

Even with the latest cutting edge technology, there may be times you need help, get stuck or have a question. In my experience, Jaaxy’s support is always top notch.

Jaaxy has a fast and reliable support team behind it, ready to give you expert advice and resolve your query within 24 hours. You can expect a helpful and friendly from them when you need it.

And the training? Let’s remember we’re talking about Kyle and Carson here. Famous for their world-class affiliate marketing training within Wealthy Affiliate, they’ve followed suit with Jaaxy too.

You’ll find ample videos and how-to guides at

How To Use The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

When you carrying out keyword research, it’s important to do it right to ensure you get the best out of it.


The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Full Review

Keyword Research Tool

    • Average Monthly Searches: after trying out your first keyword, you’ll instantly see how many times a term has been searched for. This is the total search traffic for that exact keyword on Google, Bing and Yahoo combined. I recommend choosing keywords with a minimum of 50 monthly searches, if your plan is to create content and posts around that keyword.
    • Estimated Traffic: here’s the estimated monthly traffic you’ll get if your site ranks on Google’s top spot. Remember, this is the lowest estimated traffic for those ranks so don’t be surprised if your analytics show you a higher number once you’re ranked.
    • Quoted Search Results (QSR): to test the quality of any given keyword, Jaaxy will give you the QSR. This tells you how many pages are competing for the same exact keyword. Jaaxy uses a state-of-the-art algorithm to determine precise keyword competition within search engines to give you a reliable figure.
      The lower this number is the better. When you’re just starting, aim for the low hanging fruit keywords – keywords with less than 100 competing pages. As your site becomes more established, a keyword with up to 200 and 300 is perfectly achievable.
    • Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI): the simple yet reliable traffic light system shows you a green, yellow or red light depending on the quality of the keyword search term. Red is poor, yellow is good, green is great.
    • SEO Power: based on the previous scores and ranging from 0 to 100, 100 being the highest, this metric tells you if your keyword is good for SEO. It’s an overall rating which gives you an indication of how easy it is to rank for that particular keyword. Always aim for keywords with a score over 80.
    • Domain Search: as a bonus feature, Jaaxy gives you instant info on what exact match domains are available for any given keyword.

On the right hand sidebar you should see:

  • Related Keywords: Jaaxy makes keyword suggestions based on your keywords. Great for generating ideas, this neat feature means you can dig around until you find the best keywords.

Bonus Features of Jaaxy You Can Take Advantage Of:

  • Site Rank: An excellent tool for checking out how your individual posts are ranking or for monitoring your website’s overall health.
  • Alphabet Soup: this technique takes advantage of Google Instant feature to add all letters of the alphabet to your keyword to give you long tail keywords.
  • Saved Lists: As I previously mentioned, it won’t be long before you’ve got more top quality keywords than you know what to do with. Compile your favourite keywords into organised lists for later.
    Keyword lists can be exported in .CSV or .TXT so that you can import them into your favorite spreadsheet application and evaluate them offline.
  • Search History: always available, if you forget to save your keyword lists you can always use this as a reference.
  • Search Analysis: Great for spying on your competition, search analysis shows you the websites and posts that are curretly ranked within the top ten positions of Google, Bing or Yahoo. You’ll find out:
    • how many words are being used on those pages
    • the number of backlinks to those websites/pages
    • title, URL, meta descriptions and meta keywords
    • outbound links
    • Google Pagerank
    • Alexa rank
    • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate Programs: The next step to finding great keywords and creating content is to monetise your blog or post. This search tool finds relevant affiliate programs and products you can promote and earn money from.
  • Brainstorm: A nice feature that helps you overcome writer’s block or those times when you have no more ideas for what niche to go for. It picks the latest trends from Google Trends, Yahoo! Buzz, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers and Twitter Trends.

How Much Does Jaaxy Cost?

Jaaxy has three pricing options: one free starter and two paid plans.
Let’s look at each one in turn:

Free Plan (Price: $0)

It’s a great opportunity for you to test out how Jaaxy works, what it is and to see if it is something you would be willing to pay a monthly fee for. It offers you 30 free keyword searches and analysis.

Try Jaaxy for FREE!

Pro Plan (Price: $19/month)

The Pro Plan has everything you need to start your keyword research (and it’s the one I use). It gives you full, open and unlimited access to all of the benefits I’ve already shown you.

Beginners and experienced affiliate marketers alike can benefit by going Pro.

For $19 a month you’ll get:

  • 3 times faster research (compared to the free plan)
  • Unlimited keyword searches
  • QSR Keyword competition (on demand – it means you have to click a link to retrieve it)
  • Domain availability (on demand)
  • SEO Power analysis
  • Site/Post Rankings
  • Keyword lists
  • Brainstorm feature
  • To-do lists
  • 2 simultaneous search tabs option
  • ‘Spy’ your competitors analysis.

Order Jaaxy NOW!

Enterprise Plan (Price: $47/month)

The most advanced option available, the Jaaxy Enterprise Plan takes the power of the Jaaxy keyword research tool to a whole new level.

This plan was designed with more advanced internet marketers who need to compile huge lists of keywords for their (own/customer’s) blogs and websites in mind.

It has all the Pro plan features and even more:

  • Works 5 times faster than the free plan (if Jaaxy was already fast, it just got even faster, which reduces research time a LOT)
  • Gives you instant competition analysis
  • Shows instant domain availability information
  • Data sorting is now available
  • You can have up to 5 tabbed searches
  • The Alphabet Soup search shows up to 50 results instead of just 15

Order Jaaxy NOW!

Here’s a quick price comparison for Jaaxy’s Free, Pro and Enterprise pricing plans. 

Jaaxy's pricing plans

What Are Low Hanging Keywords?

For those of you who are new to keyword research, if you have no idea what I mean when I talk about find low-hanging keywords, let me just give you a quick overview.

It’s vital that if you’re going to use the Jaaxy keyword research tool to the best of it’s potential that you know what you’re looking for.

Imagine with me, if you will, a beautiful apple orchard. Right in the middle of this orchard a great big apple tree. If you look at it’s branches you’ll see some of the biggest and juiciest apples are out of reach on the higher branches.

Everyone is struggling to get up to the top of the tree.

Only a few people think to about the apples hanging on the low hanging branches. The apples might not be as big but they’re low enough so as to simply reach out and grab.

Apply this to your keyword research and internet marketing and you’ll know that low-hanging keywords are keywords, which might have less traffic, but they’re much easier to rank for because there’s less competing pages.

As I say, as your website or blog matures and gains trust and authority in the eyes of Google, you can start aiming for some of the higher traffic keywords with more competing pages.


In Jaaxy terms, this means you should look for low hanging keywords with less than 300 QSR to begin with. Less than 200 is excellent and 100 is ideal.

Focus on writing helpful, good quality content targeting these low-hanging keywords, start to get traffic and you’ll see your rankings improve.

A Quick Word On Domain Search

Google has changed it’s algorithms since it first launched in September 1998. Many will remember the infamous ‘Panda update’ in 2011 when many internet marketers woke up to see a huge drop in their daily website traffic.

Since then there has been much debate on whether or not Google prefers exact match domains or not. The truth is, I think that if you include keywords in your URL it will help you with your SEO efforts a great deal.

I know people who use Jaaxy just for the domain search feature, and they make a very healthy profit from it. The domain industry is worth a whopping $1 billion industry.

And it’s because just like owning real estate in the offline world, owning a piece of online real estate (i.e. a domain), or buying them low and selling them high can be a great online business opportunity.

If you’re thinking about getting your domain flipping business, Jaaxy should be your tool of choice. Jaaxy allows you to search for available domains right on the spot so you can grab them before your competition does.

Don’t Take My Word For It, Try It For Free

Well, you’ve almost made it to the end of the Jaaxy keyword research tool review – I’m sorry I didn’t actually intend for it to be this long!

So you’ve heard what I’ve had to say about Jaaxy, but the beauty of it is, ou don’t even have to take my word for it. You can try it for yourself for free and see what you think.

Give Jaaxy a try…

My Personal Opinion

Keywords are so fundamental to the marketing of your website or blog, I think it’s vital we choose carefully the keyword research tools we use.

Without keywords, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo wouldn’t have a reason to exist. Nor would search engine optimization.

Keywords aren’t just important, they are the essential element of search engine traffic. Keywords attract visitors and visitors bring potential sales which means money.

This makes keyword targeting one of the most important parts of online businesses. Skipping the keyword research process is like throwing the dice to the success or failure of your online businesses.

I’m always on the lookout for the best blogging tools, for myself and for the readers of, but honestly, I’ve never come across a keyword research tool that even comes close to Jaaxy.

It just takes the guesswork out of making money online. I think with anything else in live that’s important, like buying a house, a car, we would always research well first. The same should be for our online marketing efforts.

So please, do yourself a favour and use a good keyword research tool. It’ll save you time, headaches and money.

Final Verdict

Based on the research I did on Jaaxy to write this review and from my experience using it, I can safely say it works.

  • It’s a reliable online keyword tool
  • It’s super easy to use and fun to work with
  • It offers you reliable results
  • It shows you detailed information on your keyword competition
  • And it’s really fast

Jaaxy was created and is maintained by the same team who owns and founded Wealthy Affiliate -an online affiliate marketing course and community. Wealthy Affiliate is my usual hangout so I know Kyle and Carson well.

It helps me to be confident in recommending Jaaxy, knowing that people like this are behind it.

But really, before I ever recommend anything they must meet these two criteria:

  • Do I use it myself? Yes.
  • Can you check it out for free before deciding whether to go for a paid plan? Yes.

So Jaaxy gets a positive thumbs up from me. Simply put, Jaaxy is not just a good keyword research tool, it’s the best one out there (by a mile).

Try Jaaxy for FREE!

Special Bonus

Jaaxy’s Pro and Enterprise plans now come with free bonus training material: two exclusive videos and a keyword riches PDF file with tons of golden nugget low-hanging keywords you an grab right away.

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Your Thoughts

Are you thinking about giving Jaaxy a try? Have you used Jaaxy or other keyword research tools? Which is the best keyword tool for you?

Tell me all about it, I want to read your opinions, personal stories and comments! 🙂

Thanks for reading my Jaaxy keyword research tool review, leave your questions or share your own experience with Jaaxy down below.

Here’s to never being stuck with keywords again!