The Fearless Momma Review: Can You REALLY Make $250 In 72 Hours?

The Fearless Momma Review Scam or Legit

Hi and welcome to my Fearless Momma review! I want to kick things off by applauding you for taking the time to do your research before diving in head-first and buying any so-called “automated profits system.”

This is the best way to avoid scams and find legitimate ways to make money online.

Right now Fearless Momma is being heavily promoted via email by people hungry to sign you up to get their commission checks. They'll say this is an easy way to make instant commissions even if you've never made a dime online before.

But here's the real question:

Is The Fearless Momma a scam or a legit income earner? 

This is exactly what we're going to find out in this review!

Unlike all the other fake Fearless Momma reviews out there, I'm not here to try and persuade you to sign up to make a quick commission. All you'll get from me is my honest opinion.

That being said, let's get into things…

The Fearless Momma Review At A Glance

About: Tammy Montgomery's Fearless Momma promises email marketing training to show you how to generate your first $250 online in the next 72 hours.

Price: $250-$1,000+

Pros: None that I can think of.

Cons: Their zero refund policy and pyramid scheme style compensation structure.

Verdict: Fearless Momma has now been shut down and replaced by the Secret List Hack; different name, same old scam and definitely one to avoid.


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How do you make money with Fearless Momma? 

By selling Fearless Momma!

The $250 cost is for reselling rights and limited training on how to promote Fearless Momma using spammy email marketing techniques.

Though they may claim they're an ‘educational platform', the whole training is based around reselling the program. Fearless Momma is definitely a pyramid scheme in my opinion and should be avoided.

Not only would you be buying a low-quality product, but you would then be forced to try and recoup your losses by selling that same low-quality product to other people.

What Is The Fearless Momma?

That's a great question because land on the Fearless Momma website and all you get is a random promise you'll make $250 in the next 72 hours…

what is fearless momma a scam

In typical scam-like fashion you're promised quick and easy cash with no explanation as to how you're going to earn it.

Hit the big orange button and you're taken to an email capture page. Already it's blatently clear they're after your email address so they can ram your inbox with spam.

Already this is not looking good… but despite my best instincts I went ahead and handed over my email address (so you don't have to!)

Update: Since entering my email address 24 hours ago SIX spam emails hit my SPAM folder. If you're determined to give her your email, make sure it's not your main email.

tammy montgomery spam emails

Inside Fearless Momma

Once you confirm your email you are redirected to this page:

inside the members area

There's a video from Tammy Montgomery, the Fearless Momma herself, telling us just how great this system is and showing us how many leads she's generated on autopilot.

Click on the right hand side and you're taken to a done for you email template you can copy and paste to generate sales.

fearless momma scam

Finally, there's a 3rd orange button which takes you to the main Fearless Momma sales page with a video showing ‘real video proof' what they're teaching actually works.

They say you can get leads and make money on demand… by spamming people's inboxes.

How do you do this?

By using what are known as ‘email solo ads‘ or swipes where you basically pay someone with 1,000's of email addresses to send your email promotion.

what is fearless momma review

Watch the video below to see Tammy give an inside look at the members' training area:

Please note: The price is now $250, not $37.

Tammy is quite open about the fact she's associated with another make money online scheme called 6 Figure Empire, a company known for their high-priced membership costs.

Members are ‘strongly encouraged' to pay out ever-increasing amounts with the promise of making higher commissions.

Making Money With Fearless Momma

The only way to make money with Fearless Momma is by promoting Fearless Momma!

This is by far my biggest problem with this program.

I'm honestly not making this up. Here's a screenshot taken from their FAQ's section:

the fearless momma pyramid ponzi scheme

3 Fearless Momma Ugly Truths Exposed!

1. You Make Money Recruiting REAL People Into The System

Remember, you're not promoting this scheme to robots – you are selling to REAL people. That's the only way you can make money using this method.

Not only is unethical, but it's also not sustainable in the long-term. Spamming people's inboxes with get-rich-quick schemes isn't going to get you very far for long.

You might get lucky and trick a few people into buying this program but the vast majority will hit the Mark As Spam button before you can say “Make an easy $250 in 72 hours”.

pyramid scheme SEC
Image Source:

2. Upsells Are A Comin'!

In the sales video the possibility of earning $1,000 per day was hinted at.

OK, it's time for a quick quiz!

If you pay $250 and make $250 per sale, guess how much you'll have to pay to generate $1,000 per sale?

Yep, $1,000!

Once they've got your email address and know you're already invested because you've paid $250 already, you're going to be pushed to pay out more with higher priced items.

These will be sold to you as a'unique and sure-fire way to increase your profits' and ‘chance to make it big' and so on…

Before you know it, you've been swindled for $1,000's.

For example, Six Figure Empire (which Tammy is also involved with remember) has membership levels that will cost you from $1,000 going up to $5,000.

The way Fearless Momma, Secret List Hack and Six Figure Empire makes money is by enticing members to pay out more for higher ticket items with the promise they can then resell in hopes of getting their money back. Please don't fall for it!

Making money online isn't complicated…

This video will show you exactly how to get started. Tap to watch now »

3. You've A Cat In Hell's Chance Of Getting A Refund

Normally you'd expect a 30-day money-back guarantee but with Fearless Momma there are no refunds. Period. This should raise a huge red flag!

Take a look at the official refund policy on their website:

the fearless momma refund policy
Easy translation: you can kiss your $250 goodbye.

Is Fearless Momma A Scam?

Yes, Fearless Momma is a scam without a doubt. They are an online pyramid scheme that probably won't be around for long and I definitely do NOT recommend you buy into this scheme.

Think I'm being too harsh?

The US Securities and Exchange Commission's definition of a pyramid scheme is when:

  • The promoter promises a high return in a short period of time;
  • No genuine product or service is actually sold; and
  • The primary emphasis is on recruiting new participants.

Sound like Fearless Momma much?

Pyramid schemes like Instant Postcard Wealth, 6 Steps To Freedom and Fearless Momma are just not a viable way to make money because they eventually collapse, leaving people worse off. The bottom line is you should NEVER have to pay to promote anything.

Build A Real Online Business

I've been generating more than $7,000 a month online for the last 5 years and no, I don't need to pay spammers to send out emails on my behalf!

Follow the same step-by-step training I did and you'll learn how to generate a full-time income online in the right way.

There's no dodgy schemes or crazy upsells and definitely no hype or ‘fluff'. Just a practical training course on how to build a real online business.

I'm talking about the kind of business where you don't need to pay for expensive ads because paying customers buyers come looking for you.

If you're ready to find out how you can make your online income goals a reality then go ahead and check out this 100% free beginners course.

28 thoughts on “The Fearless Momma Review: Can You REALLY Make $250 In 72 Hours?”

  1. I agree with almost all of the info in this REVIEW, because it is factually accurate. I also agree with most of the comments I read.

    The problem with marketing MLM’s and network marketing to friends and family is ASSumming they are interested in your passion. This review blog takes advantage of like minded people who are looking for info. Then they are converted to another opp. Kinda shady in my book. I do agree that the 100% commissions don’t benefit the owner, Tammy, thus removing the concept of pyramids for profit. You are selling a course as is Tammy with Fearless Momma. The videos and email and swipe copy are there to expedite the learning process for newbies. Even resources for solo ads are provided. They seem a bit high priced, but you are paying for traffic to visit the ‘offer’ then wait for conversions.

    Ultimately, it is pretty automated and when compared to gambling or investing in the stock market or your 401k, where you are subject to risk to market downturns, a 3 client conversion for me for $750 when I spent $250 sits okay in my book as far as risk tolerance. As a fellow affiliate marketer of Power Lead System (sustainable, free to start, +15 years), I do agree it sounds very much like Wealthy Affiliate. The concept is reselling rights, pure and simple. At least we don’t have to chase friends and family ala Amway. Product or service must exchange NOT profit for recruiting. Then it is not a pyramid. Tammy is selling the access to her training and recipe for online money making. That is all. She does NOT profit on the $250, so not a true pyramid at all.

    Still, finding like minded people who want to work in this niche is a short cut, and it seems you may be exploiting that for gain but with good research and factual sharing that precedes your offer. A true review site or blog maybe should not offer another platform or product. If I read a food critic review of Pizza Hut, they should not include a link for Papa Johns, lol. They should offer a 30-90 day guarantee maybe if they believe in the product, since you are just getting a link to access and everything else is virtual. Really it’s about applying the knowledge properly. I have not always done so in the past when trying new things. I also recruit people to be insurance agents. We make no money on recruiting as the sponsor, ONLY if a legit protection policy or annuity or rollover is attached to the prospect/client. The company PHP, makes money on recruiting. Here, Fearless Momma makes no money on the recruiting. Soooooooo. Go figure.

    It is about what you are comfortable doing and learning. I do not see it as a scam at all. Colleges don’t tell the recidivism rates, but people enroll and chase a degree with an implied promise they will get a job in their career field. hmmmm.

    That’s 80k-250k spent on a gamble unless medical, legal, engineering, software, educational, etc where a job is almost ensured but not guaranteed due to demand. Just Sayin.’

  2. Fearless Moma like most other online courses I have seen online is quite slippery. Hyped up marketing videos promising you a rose garden in heaven per se when in fact all your really gonna get is a trip to financial distress with nothing to show for it but frustration. Anytime you have to chase people down in whatever marketing method these so-called new and best methods of making money online use, you can bet one thing for certain, it’s a form of MLM or a pyramid. A lot of these so-called online courses that’s right, the typical pyramid.
    But the word “Pyramid” is not being used, instead, I’ve seen it where it’s being substituted with another word/term as this, “Receiving Line” I don’t care what term or word they’re using, it still represents the same darn thing, “Pyramid” they work up and down vertically well so does a receiving line, it takes people chasing people down to get them to join, right, ok, it’s still a pyramid. You can slice a pie 9 ways from Sunday and it’s still a pie whether it be in pieces or not.
    I’m in agreement with the individual making the comment about going to a casino and losing your money, at least you know upfront before you get there that you’re bucking the odds in playing because the house will generally win. No surprise in knowing that, at least they don’t try to upsell you for higher ticketed items like these so-called overnight online wonder courses that tell you can make money within 72 hours after you sign up. The operative term in that sentence above was this, “you can make money within 72 hours” they don’t tell that you will make money within 72 hours after you sign up. All it takes is one word to change everything. The reason they don’t say that and should never convey that is because of what a lot of these online courses say in their (TOS) Terms Of Service and disclaimer…”We do not guarantee that you will make any money” and they might even say something to effect of this as well, “Results will vary from one to another”. Yet they’re out on the net marketing whatever product they’re trying to sell to people to get them to sign up for it just to get that commission.
    Let me convey something to you here and now, If something reads or sounds too easy that doesn’t require a lot of time, work and effort, RUN!!! away from it and don’t look back plain and simple. Anything in life of substance worth doing is going to take work, time and effort before something of anything will produce.

    Hold on a minute here, where there’s a head side of the coin, there’s also a tales side. Let’s look into the tales side for a few, we know that a lot of these online courses are a rip off at least the majority of them anyway. Is it really there fault that they’re making money from people signing up with them and yet for the ones not making anything from the program they signed up for what do they get out of it, FRUSTRATION undoubtedly with zero profits. Why did that happen? How did it happen? Should it have happened? No, No and NO yet it occurs daily all over the world. Why you might ask, good question, unfortunately, there is no one right answer for it, why, people being whom they are in having varied indifferences from one to another, individuality is what separates each of us from one to another which in turn makes the motivation different that pushes people forward in getting involved with these scammy online courses.
    I could write a whole article on this topic, I think I have right here, sorry for being so long-winded in text…lol

    Great review, enjoyed it and look forward to reading more from you, keep up the good work sir.

  3. Hello, this is a great article, thank you so much.

    Yeah, I just looked into the Fearless Momma – I have a friend on Facebook who is a skilled marketer and has made lots of money but I have noticed over the last three or four years that we’ve been friends on Facebook that his likes are diminishing.

    He started out booming when he joined a new MLM and now I don’t see him promoting consistently for the last for five years but it looks like his followers have dropped and I was wondering what going on.

    He’s always got something new going on and he’s never consistent with what he’s doing so I kind of was wondering what the Fearless Momma was all about so I ran into your link and I’m reading it so thank you so much. 🙂

    Quick question on the programs that you offer: once a person joins is there anyway of being in contact with you asked me personally I’ve never done online marketing before and I’m a bit of a hand holder LOL until I get the concept and then I’m off and running but again is there contact information for you once a person joins and thank you so much for your information have a great day 🙂


    PS: The most annoying thing that I do hate is joining something and then feeling lost there after the monies been taken that is a horrible feeling so again thank you for the information that you’ve given and I’d like to focus on an I’m online opportunity with you if it all possible. Please let me know! Thank you so much and yes my email is open for you to email me back thank you so much have a great day!

    • Hey Mikki, thanks for getting involved in the discussion!

      If your friend is promoting Fearless Momma right now then I’m going to go ahead and assume he’s promoted similar pyramid schemes in the past. The reason you can’t promote these get-rich-quick scams consistently is that they’re very much ‘boom and bust’, meaning they pop up, do well for a little while and then fizzle out.


      Because pyramid schemes are just not sustainable in the long-term.

      So your friend’s followers might’ve given him the benefit of the doubt in the beginning, but seeing him jump from one scheme to another, they can clearly see he’s more concerned about about filling his own pockets than genuinley helping people reach their financial goals.

      On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate have been teaching people like you and me how to successfully create and build income-generate websites since 2005.

      I totally hear what you’re saying – I too have fallen for the hyped up scams before and there’s no worse feeling than getting your hopes up only to be bitterly disappointed when they inevitably don’t deliver the results you’re looking for.

      That’s why Wealthy Affiliate’s free Starter membership is so cool – there’s no need to get your wallet out to see the entire platform for yourself as all it takes to try it out is a name and email.

      You only become a Premium member if and when you like what you see and know that it’s right for you. Tell me that’s not smart 😉

      And in answer to your question: yes, absolutely I’ll be available for mentorship, advice and support every step of the way.

      Here’s a link to my personal profile.

      You can contact me anytime as I’m logged in most days answering questions, helping people get started.

      So yes Mikki – if you’re willing to learn and ready to put in the time, you will have all the step-by-step training, tools and amazing community support you need to be successful. See you inside the members’ area very soon!

  4. Do you accept comments from people who disagree with you or just from agree with you?
    For me it Seem a bit odd that everyone agrees on what you’re saying….

    • Agree with me and I’ll be your best friend, but you are free to disagree 🙂

      I always try to back up what I’m saying with screenshots and proof to show people why I’m saying what I’m saying.

      Hope this helps.

      • how is it a scheme when Tammy doesn’t get one cent of the money -we it benefits her in no way at all from us getting the continuous 250 commissions- you on the other hand is taking advantage of the popularity of this product to present your 1# suggestion so that you can make a commission. and you’re just handing out a sample of your course it is not 100% free- like we get 100% commissions with the fearless momma

        • Hi Patrisa, if you read my review then you’d know that Fearless Momma is a pyramid scheme because, as stated by the FTC, a pyramid scheme:

          “Promises consumers or investors large profits based primarily on recruiting others to join their program, not based on profits from any real investment or real sale of goods to the public.”

          How can you not see Fearless Momma matches this description perfectly?

          As for the accusation I’m somehow taking advantage of people by exposing scams and reviewing training programs, yes Wealthy Affiliate is one of my top picks and yes, if people take the free test drive and like what they see then they can become a Premium member if they want and yes, I get paid if someone signs up through my link.

          This is called affiliate marketing and something I cover extensively here on the blog.


          At least with Wealthy Affiliate’s free training courses you get to experience the community so you know whether or not it’s right for you. Seems pretty fair and open to me.

          Now compare that with someone duped into paying out $250 of their hard-earned cash, only to realise the only way they can make any money back is by getting others to join the same program they just signed up to!

          I guess the biggest difference between me and you is that I’m trying to put my readers first. Which is why I don’t think it’s wrong to point out there are tons of way better alternatives out there for people looking to make money online than Fearless Momma, when clearly there are.

          • Simon Crowe,

            I definitely have to agree with you just by reading over this article because it’s always “secret” or they have to say something but yet they leave out the very important missing link that keeps people believing the products at their selling so I would have to totally agree with you.

            One point I’d like to make is that I do like the way you have given out the information with proof and that something that some market is doing do not. They’ll do it in a deceiving way and then at the same time again like I just stated they leave out pertinent information you have laid out everything and regardless of you putting out information that you’re offering so what that’s a good thing because people can still either compare.

            Me personally, I don’t like to get overly saturated with information I like to get to the point and learn the basics of what I am interested in looking into as a online opportunity, though I am new but I do enjoy the information that you have simply completely and detailed laid out and that took time and effort.

            Thank you so much for that I’m going to be looking up to see if you are on Facebook as it’s now September 2019 I don’t know but I’m going to check you out most definitely want to be interested in what you’re doing thank you so much !

            Mikki ?

    • The reason so many here agree is:

      1. Because while there may be a couple of morons in every crowd who would argue otherwise – most people would agree the sky on a clear sunny day is blue – and water is wet – that’s why.

      2. They’re people with an IQ higher than that of a house brick – who took 10 seconds to type: “is big momma a scam?” Into a search engine – rather than listen to several minutes of hyped brainwashing, then opening their wallets to fund a scammer like mindless sheep. i.e. They’re posting they agree – because they’re THANKFUL someone went to the effort of warning others.

      If people want to GAMBLE, at least go where SOME people win SOMETIMES, like a casino. Or buy nearly ANYTHING in crytpocurrency or the stock market, and don’t resell it until it’s worth 5% more than the day you bought it. At least you don’t LOSE THE ENTIRE AMOUNT IN THE SAME INSTANT. ‘Big Momma’ is rewarding a THIEF for STEALING from you!

      • Right!!! John Briggs☺️

        Well Said!

        Exactly right because I was just on my messenger on Facebook and a friend of mine who is on Facebook is running this program and I was intrigued not interested but intrigued curious LOL so I went to the website I pulled it up and then I saw Simon’s blog and I put a halt to what I was doing because I always like to research before I do anything by opening my wallet LOL

        So yes, very wise to be wise and thank you so much for that comment because, yes it doesn’t make sense not to look into something before you jump in. Thank you so much have a great day 🙂 Mikki

  5. I never had experience with these pyramid types of online businesses, although I had with physical products. What I really did not like is convincing people to join to have a commission. Maybe it is not just my forte because I see people succeeding but I do not know how they do it.

    I have tried other legit online program but I can say that there is no easy way to earn that much in just 3 days. Just like in blogging, you can see other people saying that they are earning thousands of dollars a week, but if you happen to know their story, it took them time to be able to earn what they are earning now.

    A program promising that much earning in 72 hours, is another shiny object that must be avoided by newbie to online business.

  6. Hi, Many thanks for your thorough review on The Fearless Momma.

    A very good warning to stay away. Articles like yours are so important and a blessing enabling people to avoid being taken! As they say, if its too good to be true, then be wary!!

    Your review goes into detail showing what is on the other side and you are 100% correct, they are ONLY after your email, contact details. So when one gets to read an article like yours it is like fresh air!!! 

    In the past,  I have had experience with MLM and Pyramids, so I always do a great deal of research. Hence, finding you. 

    Thanks to you, I will certainly stay away from The Fearless Momma and I sincerely hope that many others will do the same!

    • You’re so right Aine, I’ve just added an update to this review showing how my SPAM inbox is getting hit with emails. I entered my email yesterday and received 6 emails already in the space of 24 hours.

      I guess this is the ‘automated’ lead generation she was talking about…

      Thank you so much, and if you could share this and help spread the word that would be a big help. Together we can help make the internet a safer place for everyone.

  7. When I went on the website I knew it sounded too good to be true so  of course I was hesitant. Now I can see the focus is mainly on recruiting other people to buy the product and then they recruit more people and so on and on.  A lot of products offer refunds so it is really not a good sign when they do not offer any type of refund whatsoever.

    • I agree Shy, the zero refunds policy is a huge red flag and should always be a cause for concern. It could indicate that either the people behind Fearless Momma are not confident about their product vs. the claims it makes or that their refund rate was way too high previously.

      Either way, not good.

  8. Thanks for the timely information. This opens my eyes to the many scams out on the Internet, and makes me wonder how many people are easily duped on a daily basis.

    The one point that caught my attention was the fact that pyramid schemes are doomed to fail at eventually, since the supply of participants is not unlimited.  

    I also liked the definition given by the USSEC, when you apply those three test measures; it’s fairly easy to identify potential scams.

    Thanks again!

    • You’re more than welcome Hugo 🙂

      In 13 Ways To Avoid Scams I tell people that no matter how irrestible or flashy an offer might seem, you should always take a step back for a second and listen to your gut before diving in head-first.

      I tell you, a lot of scammers would be out of business if we just took the time to do our research (like you have by checking out this review), speaking to family and friends about it and trusting your intuition – it’s normally right.

  9. Wow, another solo add scam site! There are so many scams out there. Thank you for doing an honest review, instead of trying to sell us on this garbage.

    Any site who just want you to promote them are most likely a scam. I know AWOL is like this although if you pay them enough, you can get some great training.

    Thank you for warning us about this scam.

    • I didn’t think about AWOL Academy when writing this review but you’re right… they have a similar type sales funnel that starts with $99 and then upsells you all the way up to $10,000.

      Thanks Curtis.

  10. As much as it pains me to say, I have been taken in a couple of times by companies that promised I’d make a lot of money and I didn’t need to be a salesperson. The way they put it was that I would be sharing their products and people would buy and I’d make money.  

    They were wrong, I either had to sale a lot of products to make a commission or I had to recruit people and they had to sell products and recruit people in order for me to make a commission from introducing them to the company. 

    Not that they didn’t have good products but I had to “socialize” and a salesperson I am not.

    • Hi Margarette, 

      What you’re referring to there is network marketing or multi-level-marketing (MLM) where the structure is slightly different to the what’s being offered here. Some people call MLMs pyramid schemes when the focus shifts too much from making money by selling products to making money by recruiting.

      I get what you’re saying, I was part of Amway years ago and I hated it. That’s why I make all of my money online through affiliate marketing – there’s no selling or recruiting and you’re not limited to just selling one limited (usually overpriced) product range.

      Fearless Momma are not an MLM company and they’re right about leveraging the internet as a way to reach a global audience and to some extent with the automation of email marketing, it’s just that the only way to make money with the program is by selling the program which is the very definition of a pyramid scheme in my eyes! 

  11. Articles like this one is so needed.  I know I have spent more money than I want to admit to on scammy products.  Im careful as to what opportunities I give the distinct title of a scam.  I usually say things are bad opportunities but in this case I absolutely agree that it is a scam.

    If you are reading this review you want to stay as far away from Fearless Momma as possible.

    Thank you


    • Yes, I’m not one to throw words like ‘scam’ around lightly but I felt it necessary in this review.

      In truth, most training products out there claiming to be the ‘ticket to sure and fast online earnings’ aren’t outright scams as such, just very low quality, over-hyped stuff that you can probably find for free searching Google.

      Thanks Dale.

  12. This is a fantastic review. Making money online is not easy. It takes persistence and hard work. Many programs try to fool people that they can make money in a very short time and without effort but it is not the case.

    There’s many scams out there and I don’t doubt that The Fearless Momma is a scam too. Taking people’s money is a very wrong decision on their part. They are not worth our trust.

    I can’t recommend people to join this system of liars. Thank you for exposing them, you are helping innocent people.

    • Thanks Julienne.

      One of the worst things about this for me is that the scammed become the scammers. Forced to try and recoup their losses by recruiting others whilst knowing full well that what they’re promoting is a scam.

      Add on top of that the levels of memberships that go up in price each time (sometimes up to the $10,000’s!) and you can only imagine the amount of pressure that can put someone under.

  13. Thanks for this awesome review. I’ve never understood what a pyramid scheme is before. I appreciate the breakdown. And according to that definition, it’s definitely a pyramid scheme. The worst part about schemes like this is when you feel forced to get into it by a family member who’s raving about it and what’s you to join them. Businesses like this make their money off of scamming the little guys who don’t have that kind of money to spare unfortunately.

    • That’s right Nicole, like most get-rich-quick programs out they target people in some of the worst financial situations who are desperate or naive enough to believe making money online is fast, easy and automatic.

      The more money you invest, the more you need to get out there and try generate sales. The Fearless Momma course says the best way is by paying for email marketing campaigns which requires an advertising budget, something they don’t mention until after you’ve joined up.


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