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Million Dollar Replicator Review: 5 Sure Signs It’s A Scam

Million Dollar Replicator Review

Welcome to the only Million Dollar Replicator review you'll ever need to read.

Stick with me here because we'll look beyond the hype and clever marketing campaigns so you'll know without a shadow of a doubt whether Million Dollar Replicator is a scam or legit.

I applaud you for doing your research before getting involved with a program guaranteeing an effortless way to become a millionaire within 12 months.

This is the best way to skip the multitude of false get-rich-quick schemes out there and find genuine online income opportunities.

So what about Million Dollar Replicator? It's definitely being promoted heavily right now, especially through email. (That's how I found out about it.)

At first glance, the Million Dollar Replicator website looks suspiciously similar to others scams I've exposed like Explode My Payday and Real Profits Online. Nevertheless, I go into this review, as I do with every review – with an open mind.

The important thing to note is I'm not getting paid by Million Dollar Replicator to write this review. All I'm doing is giving you my honest opinion of whether or not I think this is a program worth your time and money. After that, it's down to you.

Sound good? Let's get started.

Million Dollar Replicator Review At A Glance

what is million dollar replicator

Product Name: Million Dollar Replicator


Created by: “Michael Sachs” (fake name)

Price: $37

Upsells: Up to $750

Quick Summary:

The crooks behind Million Dollar Replicator want to convince you they've developed moneymaking software that will turn you into a millionaire by this time next year.

Unfortunately, these bold claims are not backed up by their legal disclaimers.

Everything from hired actors pretending to be successful students of the program to the fake news endorsements points to the fact their website can not be trusted.

If you’re tired of wasting time with useless scams and you're ready to finally achieve your online income goals then check out my highest rated training course below.

Rating: 1/100

Recommended: No

Wanna Make Money Online But Sick Of Scams?

What Is The Million Dollar Replicator?

A guy calling himself Michael Sachs presents Million Dollar Replicator as the only done-for-you software you're going to need to free yourself of your car payments, loans and mortgage.

Watch the video and you'll hear him say the Million Dollar Replicator system has made him $36 million in 3 years and his team of beta testers $1 million a month.

what is million dollar replicator a scam

After years of research and development, he's finally come up with a proven method to live the life of his dreams and now he wants to share it with you… for a price.

How did he manage to develop this life-changing “Replicator” software? He hired top statisticians, mathematicians and programmers from top firms around the world.

“The Replicator” is so good, Michael says he's had to open 3 new bank accounts just so he's got somewhere to put all his money.

This mysterious software really is magical – all you have to do to see colossal amounts of money pour into your account is ‘turn the machine on and leave it running'.

million dollar replicator scam
It's foolproof!

How do you get access to the Replicator?

Easy, you just fill out your details and pay a small one-time fee for lifetime VIP access.

Under the video is a box to enter your email, hit the button and you're taken to the next page where you're asked to enter your credit card details.

get a free copy

They say the price is $37 but try closing the page and you'll see a pop-up offering a discounted price of $17. Something tells me they really want you to buy this…

My first question is:

If you have developed a guaranteed income-generating method then why are you selling it? Why would you even tell anyone about it for that matter?!

Second question:

Why charge a measly $17 for a system that turns ordinary people into millionaires?

I'll tell you why:

The scam artists behind Millionaire Dollar Replicator know they'll be able to bombard you with a long line of higher-priced upsells once they've got you inside.

As you're about to see, these upsells come at a total cost of $750.

Upsells you're going to have to buy to have even half a chance of making money.

For your $37 all you get is a basic short course made up of old and recycled videos thrown together from all the training programs they've sold in the past.

How Million Dollar Replicator Really Works

Million Dollar Replicator's sole purpose is to make money for the owners and affiliates promoting it, not the people buying it.

The more you believe this is a legit system the more money you will lose. The more you invest, the more they ask you to invest and before you know it, what started as a small one-time investment turns into $100's.

sales funnel
What a typical sales funnel looks like.

Million Dollar Replicator is a Clickbank product, meaning anyone can promote it and earn commissions.

The downside is, after reviewing 100's of Clickbank products, at least 95% of them are useless garbage and always come with upsells!

The upside is you have 60 days to get your money back.

You'll be ‘strongly encouraged' to hand over more money for a ‘completely done-for-you' upgrade to earn ‘even more money faster' and so on.

To see the true cost of this program you have to click on the ‘Become an affiliate' menu tab at the bottom of the website. Here's what you'll see:

If affiliates at a 60% commission rate are earning $450 per person, the total cost to you is going to be $750.

The front-end $37 payment is just the beginning of a sales funnel that's specifically designed to take as much money out of your wallet as possible.

Rather than help you become financially better off with a legitimate step-by-step training course packed with practical information, these guys are far more interested in peddling this crap to make a quick buck for themselves.

Can You Make Money With Million Dollar Replicator?

We already know the owner and his affiliates are making money convincing people to sign up, but can folks like you and me make money with this?

Honestly it's always possible, but highly unlikely.

Are you going to be making $1 million in the next 12 months?

Not a chance.

The only way you're going to make any money is if you can manage to sell this course on to others. And that's going to be a very hard sell when it's obviously junk.

You've got to count the real cost of this opportunity with the upsells and advertising budget you're going to need to drive traffic to their sales pages.

You can either spam social media with links or become an email spammer. Either way, there's a cost involved with no guarantee you'll get anything back.

5 Signs Million Dollar Replicator Is A Scam

Whenever you're considering a potential work from home opportunity it's crucial you know what common scam indicators to watch out for so you stay safe online.

Here's a helpful 2-minute video we'll use to contrast with Million Dollar Replicator to determine whether it's a scam or not

According to Ramit, you can spot a legit course because:

  • The person teaching it has an excellent track record
  • The student testimonials are verifiable
  • They don't make unrealistic promises

Now I'm going to walk you through how Million Dollar Replicator fails to meet these criteria at every level and is, in fact, a total sham of a scam:

1. Only God Knows Whose Behind This

We have no idea who the Million Dollar Replicator system creator is.

We know it's not Michael Sachs as we're led to believe. This is just a fake name with a random stock image from Pixabay:

michael sachs

Why hide your face if you discovered a genuine millionaire-making system? Unless of course you haven't.

2. Actors Were Paid $10 To Say They're Making $1,000's

Watching the promo video I instantly recognised the so-called students bragging about making life-changing amounts of money…

The truth is they're not students at all, but people reading off a script. I've seen these same actors promote dozens of online scams. They tell you they've made millions but really they've made $10 for shooting a fake testimonial video.

million dollar replicator is a scam

This would be funny if it wasn't so deceptive!

It's these kinds of tactics scam artists have to resort to when they're selling a system that doesn't get real results. No real testimonials here!

3. Million Dollar Replicator = A ‘Money-Making Machine'

Always be on guard when someone offers you profit pumping software or hidden secrets to making money on autopilot with little or no work.

I've heard it all:

Push-button systems, automatic profit machines, hidden back doors, secret software and even magical black boxes (special shout out to Prime Time Profits!)

Don't believe a word of it. Yes, if you build an online business you CAN become a very successful entrepreneur but like anything in life, you have to put the time and effort in before you see results.

4. Everything On Is Fake News

And I mean everything.

The earnings claims, video testimonials, names, images, endorsements, time limits, limited places, success stories, the fake social media feed… the list goes on and on.

This is all manufactured to make themselves look like a reputable and legitimate company when in truth they've pulled the images off the internet and have never been mentioned in any of the publications as they claim.

fake news 1

They use fake countdown timers, saying the site will be shut down at the stroke of midnight tonight and there's 655 people in the queue to try to fool you into giving them your money before you ‘miss your chance'. Don't fall for it!

time limit

Is Million Dollar Replicator A Scam?


Is Million Dollar Replicator going to deliver on their promise of making you a millionaire in the next 12 months?

HELL no!

Even in their earnings disclaimer they say:

“For all intents and purposes, you agree our content is to be considered “for entertainment purposes only”

The scam artists behind this program are also behind several notorious get-rich-quick scams that have conned 1000's out their hard-earned cash. They couldn't care less if you succeed or not, as long as they have money coming in.

Millionaire Dollar Replicator is 100% a scam and one of the scummiest I've seen.

Why Not Build A REAL Online Business?

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I realise this won't make me popular but it IS the truth. I know from experience that breaking free from the ‘get-rich-quick' mentality will put you in a position where you can actually replace your full-time income and become financially wealthy.

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5 thoughts on “Million Dollar Replicator Review: 5 Sure Signs It’s A Scam”

  1. Are you familiar with “Wealthy Web Writer” and AWAI, both the same outfit. They have many fraud earmarks, interminable bullshit before they tell what the program costs, the word “wealth,” promises of huge earnings, etc. Programs do require work. If you have a review of them, I’d like to see it.


  2. Good morning and thanks for your honest review. Its always very good to make research about any investment you do. Many of this scam sites have destroyed many people’s financial life. Many want to make money online and they like a shortcut and most of them will lead to cut short. The more help they look for the more failure. 

    How many people has made million in a few days without doing anything. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is great recommended online entrepreneur university that will help you become a better successful entrepreneur. You are not promised you will become millionaire overnight. But your success is 100% guaranteed. 

  3. Million Dollar Replicator seems interesting, I’ve had my share of “Get Rich” Schemes as you may of seen all around.As usual it is “possible” to make money, but as you discovered its not likely for it to be worth it.

    I like how you exposed it for the only income that you get is from selling the course to others, which doesn’t seem that great if it doesn’t help you market it in anyway.

    I thank you for letting more people know about this scam, as its a dangerous world out there in the internet, always some scam trying to take you money and rob you blind even after doing so.I like how you researched further to more evidence to expose it even further, I can’t believe people would go so far as to pay actors just to deceive people. Further more, I can’t believe people helped them

    I looked at your recommended program, are you able to tell me what kind of results I would produce as well as how long its going to take to see those results?

    • I’ve seen countless so-called systems where the only system is selling the system you just bought to others! This is the online pyramid scheme model and lots of this kind have been shut down.

      I would say nearly half of the scams I review use paid Fiverr actors to endorse their products. It’s the same 10-12 people over and over. I watch them and wonder how they feel about knowingly promoting a scam that’s going to rip people off… I don’t link directly to their Fiverr accounts because I kinda guess they’re just trying to make a living but still, I couldn’t live with myself.

      My top-rated program for beginners is Wealthy Affiliate for a few reasons: they have a free Starter membership so you test the whole system for free without handing over your credit card details. I like the transparency there.

      Also, the training is step by step and easy to follow and the community is very active and supportive.

      They’re going to be guiding you through the steps of starting your first online business so you should know going into it that it takes time and patience. There’s a lot of different skills you need to learn before you’re making a full-time passive income. You’re going to have to hustle for a while but it’s definitely worth it.

      How long it takes is different for everyone. There’s so many varying factors like how much time you can realistically put in and how competitive your niche is. 

      For me, I made my first sale 2 weeks after joining, at 6 months I was earning a pretty steady income which kept growing until at 12 months I quit my job and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand.

      Stick with it and it definitely pays off! I found Wealthy Affiliate when I was desperate and motivated enough to turn my financial situation around. It’s the action you take that makes the difference!

      Hope that helps, great question. 



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